Saturday, September 09, 2006

AZ: Court rules self-defense law retroactive: "Ruling on a legal issue at play in cases across the state, an appellate court ruled Tuesday that a new law on self defense applied retroactively to pending cases in which alleged crimes had already been committed.Overturning a ruling by a Pima County Superior Court judge, a three-judge Tucson panel of the Arizona Court of Appeals said a murder defendant awaiting trial in a 2004 homicide can cite the new law in his trial.The issue is already pending before the state Supreme Court because of an appeal filed in a Maricopa County case. The same issue is also being appealed in a Coconino County case.The new law, which took effect immediately upon Gov. Janet Napolitano's signature on April 24, is more favorable to defendants than a now-replaced statute."

Stop the McCarthy gun grab: "Because of the recent Labor Day holiday, you might have missed an important alert that GOA sent out on August 29. The House Judiciary Committee is getting ready to vote on H.R. 1415 -- a gun grab bill that was introduced by New York anti-gun liberal [sic] Carolyn McCarthy (D). The anti-gun forces are asking their members to call their Representatives in favor of McCarthy's bill, so it's important that your Congressman hears from you. Moreover, GOA is the only gun lobby on Capitol Hill opposing McCarthy's bill -- which is all the more reason that your action is crucial!"

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