Monday, September 18, 2006

IL: Man shot, killed during home invasion : "Police say a man in his early 20s was shot once in the chest and killed Tuesday night after he allegedly broke into a home in the 1800 block of North Church Street. The man was taken to a Rockford hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said. Witnesses reported hearing three shots before squad cars descended on the neighborhood around 10 p.m. The shooting took place at 9:51 p.m., police said. Several people were taken into custody, apparent witnesses to the crime, officers at the scene said. Police had not yet decided whether charges will be filed in the case."

MS: Woman shoots carjacker: "Kennya Johnson is still shaken up. Saturday night she was leaving the pool hall in Copiah County when a man approached her, asked for directions, then pulled out a gun. 'I reached over to shut my door from my left, and he had a gun in my face, a silver gun in my face,' said Johnson. 'He told me to get out. I threw my hands up, and asked him what he wanted and he said, 'I want to have this car.'' Johnson says she offered to give the man her car, but as friends passed by, her attacker told her not to speak out. The gun was still at her chest. Johnson feared for the worst. 'I'm begging him and telling him that I have got kids,' said Johnson. 'He said, 'b***h do I look like I have got a heart.' So I knew it was serious at this time.' Luckily, her attacker, Vincent Fleming, 19, of Jackson, got confused. He misheard Johnson and assumed she had a child in the back seat. He allowed her to remove the baby, but she took that opportunity to get her handgun. She reached inside grabbed the gun and shot once. Fleming fell to the ground."

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