Friday, September 08, 2006

PA: Elderly man fights off armed robber: "An attempted armed robbery recently occurred at the residence of Harry Lewis, 81, of Covington, Pa. At 12:50 a.m. Saturday, an unknown male knocked on Lewis' door and said he needed help, state police said.When Lewis opened the front door, the unknown male pulled a white, knitted scarf over his face and forced his way into the residence, according to state police from Mansfield. The intruder had a claw hammer and threatened to hit Lewis if Lewis did not give him his wallet and money, police said. Lewis tried to hit the robber with a flashlight, and a struggle between the two ensued, police said. Lewis wrestled the robber to the floor and then went to retrieve a gun, police said. While Lewis was retrieving the gun, the robber fled the scene in an unknown direction, police said."

TX: Homeowner shoots, kills burglar: "As most families were sleeping soundly early Labor Day morning, a local homeowner shot and killed a man who smashed through the back door of his home. 'The homeowners, who were asleep, awoke to a living nightmare,' said Seguin Police Department public information officer Aaron Seidenberger. 'A person had broken into their home, and now they were violently struggling to get the suspect to leave.' After breaking into the home at 798 Renee St. at 5:20 a.m., the man made his way down the hallway to the homeowners' bedroom, where the husband and wife awoke. The male homeowner physically struggled with the burglar, who had armed himself with a wooden club-like object he found inside the home, police said. The homeowner retrieved a gun from his bedroom and yelled for the man to leave. When the burglar charged, the homeowner shot the man at least once in the upper torso with a .40 caliber handgun, said Police Chief Luis Collazo. ... He was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace Darrell Hunter."

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