Thursday, September 07, 2006

OH: Robed ninnies repeal 2nd Amendment: "The city can ban firearms in city parks despite a state law that allows Ohioans to carry hidden guns, a state appeals court ruled on Friday. The 2-1 ruling from the 6th District Court of Appeals could affect other cities that ban concealed handguns in its parks. The court upheld the city's ban because it said the state law gives private property owners the right to ban handguns thus making the state law not a 'general' law."

UT: man shot in self-defense, prosecutors say : "He called it self-defense and prosecutors agreed with him. Two weeks ago, Ryan McManigal fired at alleged intruders at his home. He went outside in pursuit and fired more shots. Three stray bullets went into the homes of neighbors. 'I did what I had to do man, got to protect your house,' McManigal told ABC4 News. 'They were going to try and kill me.' This week the Salt Lake District Attorney determined that McManigal was justified in protecting himself."

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