Sunday, September 24, 2006

"What can we do to stop lunatics with guns? "Those who continually cry for more 'gun control' refuse to learn the fundamental truth these heinous crimes teach those of us with the ears to hear: Society cannot legislate sanity. There is nothing government can do to stop someone from going crazy and going on a murderous rampage. All we can do is stop them once they've already gone mad and started killing. Who do we call when this happens?Someone with the means and ability to stop the killer ... someone with a gun."

One little, two little, three little gun laws ...: "One little, two little, three little gun laws. Four little, five little, six little guns laws. Seven little, eight little, nine little gun laws, we have 10,000 gun laws now! Catchy jingle, huh? Maybe, but a very sad testament to what was once an America that respected the absolute natural Right of the individual to protect themselves, their families, their communities, and yes, even their country."

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