Monday, September 25, 2006

WY: National groups watch gun lawsuit: "Wyoming's legal challenge against the federal government could serve as a national test case on whether people convicted of domestic violence can expunge their records and regain their right to own guns. In a lawsuit that has attracted support from national gun groups, Wyoming in May sued the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. U.S. District Judge Alan Johnson is scheduled to hear arguments in the case on Oct. 6 in Cheyenne. The state is asking Johnson to rule that the ATF acted illegally when it threatened to disallow the use of the approximately 11,000 concealed weapons permits the state has issued to its citizens as a substitute for federal background checks for firearms purchases."

Switzerland: Magazine petitions for gun ban: "A women's magazine has collected 17,400 signatures in a bid to rid Swiss households of hundreds of thousands of weapons. The petition comes amid discussions in parliament over whether to scrap the country's militia army tradition requiring guns and ammunition to be kept at home. ... The petition, 'No weapons at home,' is calling for a ban on shotguns at home, for army rifles to be kept in military storage instead of at home and for people not to be able to hold on to army guns after their period of service expires. It is also campaigning for a national weapons register to be created as soon as possible.

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