Tuesday, September 05, 2006

TX: Tale of 2 robberies: "A would-be robber was critically wounded and an apartment resident died during two separate home robberies. The first happened at an apartment complex in the 4500 block of Cedar Springs. According to reports, three suspects forced their way inside a unit at the Tecali Apartments. Officials said the resident jumped out of the window of his upstairs apartment and died at the scene. ... About two hours later and 20 minutes away in the 9400 block of Royal Lane, another man forced his way into an apartment. This would-be robber was met with an armed tenant. The alleged suspect was shot multiple times and transported to Baylor Hospital in extremely critical condition."

Don't be a victim: "My second motto for living is 'Don't be a victim.' I adopted it in the early nineties when a mob of anti-gunners was pushing to disarm peaceful, law-abiding U.S. citizens. I'd heard about the experiences of people who had been disarmed in other countries. After their guns were turned in, they became instant cash machines for hoodlums. Burgling, robbing, and mugging went from being very risky stints (as in risking one's life for each attempt) to highly profitable enterprises (as in raking in cash with no resistance). So I figured if anti-gunners had their way, predators would automatically assign me the rank of 'victim.'"

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