Friday, September 29, 2006

Danger on campus: "A few days after the Utah Supreme Court ruled that the University of Utah's ban on concealed weapons was unconstitutional, a gunman killed one and wounded 19 students at Montreal's Dawson College.Why are the 'progressive,' 'educated' elitists at the University of Utah so scared of law-abiding, responsible citizens carrying a concealed weapon on campus? How many more stories must we read of students being gunned down on their campuses because they have no means of self-defense? Columbine, Dawson College, Pearl High School, Moses Lake, Jonesboro -- how long before it's Hillcrest High School, Granite Elementary or Salt Lake Community College?"

Canada: Guards walk off job at BC border crossings: "Canadian border guards at four crossings in the Lower Mainland of B.C. have walked off the job in response to a security scare. ...The situation started in the afternoon when U.S. Homeland Security officials told the RCMP that a suspected killer from California, who should be considered armed and dangerous, might try to cross the Canadian border. ... The RCMP informed the border guards, who walked off first at Huntington at 2:15 p.m., then the other three crossings. About 60 guards are believed to be off the job. Canada's border guards are currently unarmed -- the Conservative government has promised a 10-year program to change that -- and have the right to walk off the job if conditions are dangerous. The guards exercised that right." [It takes TEN YEARS to issue guns to border guards????]

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TripleNeckSteel said...

Oh, Perfesser Ray...

I e-mailed you once about the moonbat theory that the Whitlam government was brought down by the CIA- which you assured me was merely more moonbat tripe (You said "Tis moonbat stuff to be sure!", or something to that effect.)

We can be sure that this abandonment by Canadian border guards is representative of the differences between free peoples and those laboring on under the gauzy illusion of freedom, like Canadians.

Americans, and certain others, would surely die before being overrun, much less would they abandon their posts as a means of protest. Anyone with an ounce of bollocks would rather go down fighting, as evidenced by generations of Aussie and Canuckistani soldiers.