Thursday, September 21, 2006

NC: Self-defense shooting case handed to DA: "The case of a homeowner who shot and killed a suspected burglar in Waxhaw has been handed over to the Union County district attorney. One piece of information, that's just been released, about the fatal shot could weigh heavily the DA's decision to file charges against the homeowner. ... Deputies said the homeowner got up early Monday morning to see if someone was breaking into his car. Police said he went outside his home and confronted Mobley. By going outside, Kirkley left the safety of his home and that might get him in trouble because the law does not allow people to use deadly force to protect property."

CT: Outcry killed victim disarmament law: "Mayor Joseph Jaskiewicz said the controversial gun ordinance proposal was well written, but the outcry against it did it in. Town councilors voted unanimously Monday to remove the proposed gun ordinance from their agenda.Jaskiewicz recommended pulling the proposal last month when a furor arose regarding the perception it was infringing on the right to bear arms."

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