Saturday, August 03, 2013

TN:16-Year-old Girl has Gun Snatched after She Stops Burglary

An unusual case in Tennessee shows the utility of guns for home defense, as well as the danger of pursuing criminals alone.  A 16-year-old girl used her mothers pistol to prevent a criminal from entering the house. From  WKRN:

Harvell eventually tried entering through one of the home's windows, that's when Davasha Chambers, 16, grabbed her mother's pistol and pointed it at him as he was halfway through the window. 
 The criminal left, and then is when the young woman made a tactical error.  She not only pursued the home invader, but she allowed him to get too close to her with the following result.

 While outside, Harvell snatched the gun and Chamber's cell phone from her and took off in a car.

"He took the gun pointed it at us and told us to get in the house," Chambers recalled. 
 Fortunately, the burglar did not shoot the brave girl.  Criminals are at a disadvantage because they do not know if or when the police will arrive, and the entire weight of the criminal justice system is against them if they commit murder.   A citizen, however, in most states, has the law in their favor if they are acting in defense of self or home.

It is very rare that a criminal snatches a gun from a home defender, but it does happen.  It is even more rare that a criminal actually shoots the defender with their own gun.   It appears to be much more common for the innocent citizen to snatch a gun from a criminal and shoot them with it.

In this case, the police captured the criminal a short time later and recovered the pistol and the cell phone.  Harvell has a long criminal history at age 21.

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