Sunday, September 10, 2006

GA: Would-be victim scares off carjacker: "Cobb County SWAT officers shot and killed a robbery and carjacking suspect early Tuesday evening, after a four-hour-long standoff with the suspect as he sat in someone's back yard in Smyrna. After the suspect allegedly tried to rob the person at the Publix shopping center, at South Cobb Drive and East-West Connector, police say he tried to carjack a man in a car with two children inside. Police say the man in the car fired at the suspect, forcing him to run off, with police in hot pursuit."

Meaning of Lieberman's defeat to gun owners: "Both Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) and Ned Lamont who defeated him in the Connecticut Democrat primary are anti-gun. Nevertheless, gun owners should pay attention to the outcome of this race. Indeed, anyone interested in survival should pay attention. From all that anyone can determine, the only issue that separated Lieberman and Lamont is the war against terrorists. Lieberman, although an enemy of personal self defense, was an unabashed supporter of defending America from Muslim crusaders intent on killing every man, woman and child on earth who does not proclaim themselves to be Muslim... The Democrat Left's support of terrorists derives from self-hatred. They are convinced that Americans, and Westerners in general (but also including African Christians who were slaughtered without a peep from the Left), are the source of violence and resentment in the world. Because we have caused the problem, they believe, we deserve to be attacked. This belief is so deep set that the Left believes self defense and retaliation are morally unacceptable.... If Lieberman's defeat is a harbinger of future elections, any Democrat who believes in self defense, be it personal or national, can expect to get the same treatment. And of course, Republicans can expect to get more of the same as long as they support self defense. The issue of our age is self defense. The Democrat Left has drawn a line in the sand in Connecticut. They are against survival.

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I wish you had the entire article. I clicked the link, but it was no longer available.