Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PA: Cop allegedly draws on 7-year-old girl: "What was supposed to be a typical drive through a peaceful Shadyside neighborhood, turned into a standoff with a police officer threatening the life of a 7-year old girl, according one local mother. ... a Pittsburgh Police cruiser signaled for her to pull over ... What Lawton said happened next was beyond anything her initial fears predicted. ... Lawton says Tatusko refused to take her identification, never told her why she was stopped and never left the passenger side of the vehicle. She said at one point the officer got so angry he cocked his gun and said if Joshalyn moved again he would 'blow her brains out.'"

Anti-gunners: World-wide conspiracy?: "Think about it. Great Britain, and to an extent our neighbor to the north Canada, have literally given up their guns. The same is true of Australia. The anti-gunners -- organized groups, certain U.S. politicians, select members of Congress, many foreign governments, plus the United Nations -- continue to hack away at the U.S. Constitution's 2nd Amendment every chance they can. These determined gun-haters have popped up in every free and civilized country in the world. Their aim: to rid the world (they say) of any and all deadly weapons by first forcing restrictions, then eventually banning every gun -- rifle and pistol alike -- belonging to hunters, sportsmen, and decent citizens -- those of us who only keep a gun for self defense."

There is a great article here called "Chicks Carrying Guns and Kicking Tail". It is full of good stories so there would be no point in me trying to put up excerpts from it. And it recommends this blog! Definitely a fine article.

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