Wednesday, October 31, 2012

(AL)Home invasion suspect shot by female victim


A burglar got more than he bargained for when he targeted the wrong house in Jefferson County.

The woman he was trying to steal from fought back and shot him.

"I was awakened with a gun in my face hollering 'give me all yo money and give me all yo jewelry' and I screamed 'I don't have any money and I don't have any jewelry,'" the victim, who does not want to be identified, said. "That didn't satisfy [him]. Then he asked me about everyone in my house during this time I'm fumbling to get my gun. He pushed me down. I got up fought back."

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(IA)Police: Homeowner fires on intruder

DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines police said a homeowner fired a shot at someone trying to break into his home overnight.

Police said the incident happened in the 200 block of East Hart Avenue just before 4 a.m.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

(LA)Arms Race

Louisiana Could Have 'Strongest Second Amendment Law in the Nation' If Gun Law Ballot Question Passes

When it comes to the Second Amendment, Louisiana legislators are bringing out the biggest legal guns they can find.

For Pelican State voters, Amendment II on the Nov. 6 Ballot asks voters if they want to change the phrasing of the “Right to Bear Arms,” as it is defined in Louisiana's State Constitution.

Proponents of the measure say it will make Louisiana's defense of the Second Amendment the best in the nation. However, opponents are concerned that the new strict scrutiny measures could make it more difficult to limit gun trade, transfer or impose restrictions on concealed weapons at various venues in the future.

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(CA)Shasta Lake homeowner fatally shoots man, but victim's friend is charged in death

A 28-year-old Redding man was arrested early Sunday in the shooting death of his friend, even though he didn't fire a gun.

The victim was shot and killed early Sunday morning when his friend stirred a confrontation while looking for his ex-girlfriend in Shasta Lake, Shasta County sheriff's officials said.

But authorities make no secret they believe it was that friend, William Roy Thietje, who caused the death — not the shooter.

Thietje, 28, was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter and felony assault after he allegedly rammed his van into another parked car in a fit of anger while looking for an ex-girlfriend. That action, deputies said, prompted a homeowner in the area to shoot at the van to stop Thietje from hitting a nearby pedestrian.

"The actions by William Thietje caused the death of his friend," according to a sheriff's office news release.

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(AL)Bessemer woman shoots gun-wielding intruder in her bedroom

BESSEMER, Alabama - A 63-year-old Bessemer woman shot an intruder in her home when she awoke to find the man standing in her bedroom, wielding a rifle.

The incident happened just before 4 a.m. Saturday on Fourth Avenue S.W. in Bessemer, Jefferson County sheriff's Chief Deputy Randy Christian said today. The woman told investigators the gunman demanded that she give him her money and jewelry. She refused, and a struggled followed.

The intruder put the rifle down, and then pulled a small keyhole saw. He cut the woman on the arm and the stomach. A family friend staying at the home heard the commotion and intervened. While the friend distracted the suspect, the victim grabbed a handgun and fired on the gunman. He fled out the back door, Christian said.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

(IN)Store clerks fighting back against robbers

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — A string of shootings at convenience stores and other businesses across Indiana has left suspects dead and sparked a debate over whether clerks should be allowed to carry weapons — and use them.

At least four attempted robberies in the state have ended in fatal shootings in the past month. In all of those cases, the clerks fired back.

The shooting surge has left many wondering what to do if placed in a similar situation and police trying to provide guidance.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

(TX)Dallas homeowner shoots intruders; one dead

DALLAS — A Dallas homeowner said she opened fire on three intruders early Saturday morning, killing one of them and wounding another.

According to a police report, the 50-year-old woman came home to her residence in the 400 block of Bolero Avenue to find the front door had been kicked in. She observed one suspect inside.

Investigators said the homeowner got a handgun from her car and started shooting when two of the suspects exited the front door and a third jumped out of a bedroom window.

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(WI)Teen charged after robbery victim kills alleged accomplice

A Milwaukee teenager was charged Friday in a companion's shooting death, which allegedly occurred as they robbed an armed man.

According to a criminal complaint, the robbery target, who was wounded, told police he holds a legally issued concealed-carry permit and that his 5-year-old son was with him when the two robbers confronted him with a gun.

Jovan Williams, 18, was charged with felony murder in the Oct. 19 death of Zaire J. Burris, 18, who was shot in the 3100 block of N. 27th St.

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Weaponized Book

(Valparaiso, Indiana) A book donated to the public library was found to contain a gun.

"Somebody just opened it up and said, 'Oh my,' " said Assistant Library Director Phyllis Nelson.

The weapon was described by police as a gold, wooden handle, A.S.M. brand, .31-caliber, single shot, black powder gun.

Nelson said she contacted police and told them the book had been donated to the library. Thousands of books are donated each month, she said, and records are not kept, so there is no way of knowing who dropped off the book or when, she said.

Police have the gun as evidence. Exactly for what hasn't been disclosed.

The name of the book is "Outerbridge Reach."

(FL)Deputies: Man shot 1 intruder; 2 others jump from window to escape

A home invasion victim shot one intruder in a gunfight near the University of Central Florida, while two other intruders jumped from a second-floor window and escaped, Orange County deputies said.

The home invasion occurred around 8 p.m. Thursday at 3528 Khayyam Ave. in Orlando.

According to Orange County sheriff's deputies, the victims said three gunmen entered the back of their home. One of the victims retrieved his gun and a shootout took place, with one of the intruders being struck multiple times, deputies said. He was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical but stable condition.

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(AR)Harrison father shoots a man he found under his child's bed

Police say no charges will be filed against an Arkansas man who they say shot someone who tried to break into his home.

officers say a man who lives on Fick street came home today to find Ryan Gingerich hiding under his child's bed. Wtnesses say Ginerich had a wrecking bar and a screwdriver in his hands. The homeowner ran to get a gun and Gingerich jumped out a window. Police say Ginerich didn't stop when the homeowner told him to, so he was shot.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

(MT)Reported trespasser shot at Logan residence

LOGAN - A man was shot after reportedly trespassing at home near Logan this morning.

At around 5 a.m. Friday, Oct. 26, 911 received a call from the Trailways Bus Company from someone who said that a man had become disorderly on the bus and had been dropped off near mile post 282 on Interstate 90.

Then, at around 5:22 a.m., the 911 center received a call from a residence on Carpenter Lane near Logan of a criminal trespass in progress. Minutes later, 911 received a second call from the same residence from someone calling to report that that trespasser had been shot by a resident at that location.

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(IN)Indianapolis police say man fatally shot after breaking into ex-girlfriend's apartment

INDIANAPOLIS — Police have identified a man who was fatally shot after breaking into his ex-girlfriend's apartment as being a 31 year old from Indianapolis.

Indianapolis police say Clint Anderson was shot about 6 a.m. Friday in an apartment on a complex on the west side of Indianapolis near Interstate 465. Police said neighbors reported they heard someone breaking down the door.

Police Sgt. Linda Jackson says the woman had a protective order against Anderson requiring him to stay away since a January break-in.

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(DE) Alleged burglar handcuffed by homeowner

NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) — New Castle County Police say a homeowner with a gun confronted a burglar and handcuffed him.

Police say about 1:40 a.m. Thursday, a man entered a home through the front door. The residents were awakened by their dog barking, and one resident got a gun and confronted the burglar.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

(SC)Employee Shoots, Kills Man During Armed Robbery Of Greenville Co. Business


Erica Jameson is questioning just how safe she truly is in her own neighborhood.

"It scares me living so close and it kind of makes me scared to come out and get on the bus," Erica Jameson said. And she's not alone.

"My son was right close by getting his hair cut he could have walking down the street or something," Barbara Resmond said.

Deputies say an employee inside Precision Automotive saw two men with a gun walk in. That's when the employee pulled out his gun and shot and killed one of the suspects. Deputies heard what happened and rushed in arresting the other suspect.

You’re hearing more about gun owners defending themselves. It's incidents like this that have people ready to pack heat.

"It makes you want to get some more protection for yourself," Jameson said.

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(AL)Jefferson County man holds suspected car thieves at gunpoint until deputies arrive

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Alabama - Two men suspected of trying to steal a car near Forestdale were taken into custody after a Jefferson County man held them at gunpoint until sheriff's deputies arrived and took over.

On Wednesday afternoon, a woman got word from a friend that a tow truck was at her home on Republic Road near Forestdale loading up her car. She and her friends went to investigate and indeed caught two thieves in the act, said Jefferson County sheriff's Chief Deputy Randy Christian.

One of the friends pulled out his gun and ordered the pair to leave everything as it was until deputies arrived. When deputies got there, they found the car hooked to a cable behind the flatbed truck. The bed was in a tilted position, and ready to load.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

(TN)Suspect Killed, Victim Hurt in Home Invasion

(Memphis) Memphis Police are searching for two men who are on the run after a home invasion in the 3500 block Bigelow in Frayser Wednesday morning.

Dareese Lee was in the house with his mother and his brother when he says someone rang the back door bell, “My partner opened the door to see who it was. That’s when they forced their way in.”

Lee said there were three men with guns but no mask on.

He said he was forced to the ground at gun point and his younger brother Kenny Davis heard the commotion from the back of the house.

“My little brother came around the corner and that’s when they started shooting,” said Lee.

His brother also fired back, hitting one of the men in the head.

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(TX)Woman shoots, kills 1 of 2 burglars during home invasion in southeast Oak Cliff

One man was killed and another was at large Wednesday after a woman put her father’s lesson in firearms to use during a burglary in southeast Oak Cliff.

“I just hate that she didn’t get both of them,” said Charles Brown, the homeowner.

Dallas police say Brown’s daughter was upstairs about 11:30 a.m. when the two men kicked down the front door of the family’s home on Concordia Lane, southwest of Camp Wisdom and Houston School roads.

The woman, alerted by a home alarm, fired several shots at the men, striking at least one of them as they charged up the stairs.

Both men ran out the front door, where one of them collapsed. Isaiah Phillip Williams, 19, of Dallas was taken to Methodist Dallas Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The second man fled and had not been found, according to Dallas police Senior Cpl. Sherri Jeffrey. A blue Chevrolet Impala with temporary tags believed to belong to one of the intruders was towed from the scene.

Brown said he taught his adult daughter to use a gun after a string of burglary attempts at the family’s home.

(PA)State police: Homeowner shoots suspect during home invasion


State police said a suspect was shot during a home invasion Tuesday in Chanceford Township, York County.

Four suspects were involved in the home invasion in the 3700 block of Brownton Road, state police said.

Police say two of the men, including James Herlth, 20, of Red Lion, entered Douglas Downs' home on Brownton Road. Downs shot Herlth in the chest with a handgun he had in his recliner, state police said. The gunshot wound caused Herlth to fall down a flight of stairs, according to police.

Police said the other suspect in the house then exchanged fire with Downs, but no one was hit.

The third suspect helped Herlth from the home into a vehicle driven by the fourth suspect and left the home, police said.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

(SC)Police: Gaffney Store Clerk Shoots Robber Armed with Rifle


A Gaffney convenience store clerk fended off two armed robbers when he shot one of them with a handgun he had nearby, police said Tuesday morning.

Gaffney Police Chief Rick Turner said two men, one of them armed with a semi-automatic rifle and who had just been released from jail earlier that evening, walked into the Bargain Spot on Cherokee Avenue around 8:30 Monday night and tried to rob the clerk.

The man with the rifle stood at the door while the second man demanded the money bag, Turner said. But the store clerk was able to grab his handgun and fire at the man with the rifle.

Both men ran away from the store, and about an hour later police found one of the robbers who had been shot twice. Turner identified him as Lee Tate and said he was taken to the hospital, released, and then charged with armed robbery.

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(KS)Police: Warehouse Owner Shoots Burglars

For the second time in a month, a Kansas City business owner has shot and wounded people breaking into a warehouse he owns.

The Kansas City Star reports the latest incident occurred Sunday morning when the 74-year-old man responded to an alarm at the vacant warehouse. Police say the owner opened fire on two men who were inside, stealing copper.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

(LA)Alleged home invasion victim arrested on gun charge

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Shreveport Police say they arrested a homeowner who exchanged gunfire with intruders Monday night because the homeowner illegally possessed his handgun.

Rafeal Sinville, 29, was booked on one count of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

The arrest came after police responded about 9:35 p.m. Monday to a call of a home invasion at a home in the 2500 block of Dupont Street.

Authorities say the homeowner was inside his home, heard a knock at the door, and, when he opened it, found one man who was armed and another man trying to force their way in.

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Everyone has the right to self defense. A felon still should be able to defend his home.

Wisconsin 'Nam Vet Holds Thief at Gunpoint

George of Kenosha, Wisconsin, isn’t the type of guy you want to tangle with. His home may not be extravagant, but it’s all his. “This is my turf,” he told reporters, “from here up to the sky.” One would-be robber learned that lesson too late when he came face-to-face with George and his Smith & Wesson M&P pistol.

According to reports, 18-year-old Lorenzo Jones used a brick to break into his home. George, who asked that his last name be withheld, was asleep upstairs when he heard a noise. “I heard that,” George recalled. “I knew there was somebody in the house."

George grabbed his .22-caliber pistol, which he kept loaded and on his nightstand, and went to confront the intruder. He told the robber, “I got a weapon. It’s loaded. I’m prepared to shoot, come out.” He then ordered Jones to put his hands on his knees – that’s kind of an odd thing for a gun owner to demand, but when a gun-wielding gun owner catches you in the middle of a robbery you don’t have much choice. Jones complied, and from there it was a waiting game until the police showed up.

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(MI)Pontiac gun battle during home invasion leaves father killed, one suspect shot, injured

Adrian Contreras died in a Pontiac gun battle this morning inside his childhood home where he was raising his own family.

Investigators say two intruders broke into the home at 3:25 a.m. at 839 Inglewood, just north of Caesar Chavez, firing multiple shots. Contreras, 27, died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Oakland County Medical Examiner's Office said. A man suspected in the killing is in custody in a local hospital. He also was shot in the incident, according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. Two other suspects were caught after the shooting.

"He was a good guy," said neighbor Felix Almanza, 26, of Contreras. Almanza also grew up on the tight-knit street not far from GM's Pontiac powertrain plant. "It just sucks because he has a kid and another on the way. He knew his wife and kid came first." Adrian Contreras died in a Pontiac gun battle this morning inside his childhood home where he was raising his own family.

Investigators say two intruders broke into the home at 3:25 a.m. at 839 Inglewood, just north of Caesar Chavez, firing multiple shots. Contreras, 27, died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Oakland County Medical Examiner's Office said. A man suspected in the killing is in custody in a local hospital. He also was shot in the incident, according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. Two other suspects were caught after the shooting.

"He was a good guy," said neighbor Felix Almanza, 26, of Contreras. Almanza also grew up on the tight-knit street not far from GM's Pontiac powertrain plant. "It just sucks because he has a kid and another on the way. He knew his wife and kid came first."

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Monday, October 22, 2012

(PA)Taxi driver attempts to shoot robbery suspect in York City

YORK CITY— A gun slinging cab driver fires a shot at a man who robbed him in York City early Sunday morning. It happened around 3:17 a.m. outside of Mo Mo's Restaurant along the 1100 block of Loucks Road in York City. The victim, Dave Valente, told police that it all started when a man approached him and demanded money.

After Valente handed over the cash, the suspect pulled out a gun and pointed it at him, police said.

That's when Valente pulled out his own gun and fired a shot at the suspect, according to police reports.

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Pediatrician Organization Calls for Gun Control to Protect Kids

In a policy statement on Thursday, the American Academy of Pediatrics urged the public to support certain gun control measures as well as to provide more firearms safety counseling to parents who own firearms.

Researchers at the APP suggest that while gun-related deaths amongst children and teens have been on the decline since the mid-1990s more can be done to save lives.

Dr. Robert Sege from Boston Medical Center, who co-authored the statement, spoke to Reuters about the objective of the report, which is to remind the public that kids and teens are at risk if they have access to guns.

"Most children who get injured or killed from firearms get their firearms from home," he told Reuters Health.

Dr. Sege explained that the impulsive nature of teens and the curious nature of kids could get them into trouble when firearms are in the home. As such, it’s important that gun owners store guns safely in the home.

"There's new, better data that although the safest home for children is a home without guns, that parents can protect their child simply by keeping a gun unloaded and locked, with the ammunition locked separately," Sege said.

Kids-gunAccording to the report, a 2009 study showed that between 11 and 12 of every 100,000 older teens were being killed every year by gunshots. The study added that approximately two-thirds were homicides, with the remaining third being a combination of suicides and accidental gun deaths.

Guns were responsible for almost 85 percent of all teen homicides that year, the researchers added. They were also the most common method of teen suicide.

In delivering their findings, the AAP wanted to remind gun owners that they’re not “anti-gun.”

"We are not anti-gun, we are pro-child," M. Denise Dowd, MD, MPH, a pediatrician at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., said on a conference call with reporters.

Though, it may be hard for gun owners to reconcile those comments with what O. Marion Burton, MD, director of the division of community pediatrics at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia, had to say on the matter (specifically, the latter part of his comment).

"I think the best we can do is promote the safety of these items as much as we can ... as well as support legislation that will make certain that we have the strongest possible regulation, particularly of handguns that are sold in this country," he said.

Thoughts and Commentary

As responsible gun owners, we have to acknowledge that the mere presence of guns in a home does put children at greater risk of being injured or killed by a firearm than homes that do not have guns. It’s just common sense. Likewise, people who drive cars are more likely to get into an automobile accident than people who don’t drive cars. This is not groundbreaking information.

In this respect, we must teach children about firearm safety. What’s the best thing to do? In my opinion, take em shooting and show them, firsthand, how to safety use and handle a firearm. And don’t just do this once, do it over and over again. Over time, this will help them formulate good habits and get them on the right path to becoming safe and responsible gun owners. And it will also quell their meddlesome curiosity.

Of course, the AAP has it’s own guidelines, many of which accord with what responsible gun owners already do, such as safe storage and limiting access to guns in homes with youths who have mood disorders, substance abuse problems, or a history of suicide attempts.

Though, with that said, it’s also important to understand how the data breaks down. For example, it’s unclear if certain trends would emerge if AAP researchers isolated certain factors.

For example, with respect to gun-related deaths, how many of those were gang and/or drug related? Also, what age group (within the teen demographic) was most at risk?

From an earlier article, I cited 2009 numbers (from John Richardson) that indicated 2,420 out of the 2,966 deaths of children and teens killed by gun violence were aged 16 or older. This would include “self-inflicted deaths, gang violence, legal interventions by police, accidents, and murders.”

In other words, there’s more to the story then the AAP let’s on. And it’s important to make these distinctions because the AAP is casting such a wide net with respect to the gun control it supports.

The AAP advocates for, according to Medpage Today, “consumer product regulations regarding child access and the safety and design of guns, and regulation of gun purchases through mandatory waiting periods, closure of the gun show loophole, and implementation of mental health restrictions for purchases and background checks. Although the 2000 guidance included a call for bans on handguns and assault weapons, the updated document calls for a restoration of the ban on assault weapons only, leaving handguns out.”

The problem is readily apparent; none of these measures target what are presumably the main culprits of youth gun violence: drugs and crime. Which leads one to believe that if we’re going to confront this problem head on, we need to create real solutions for its primary causes.


We are doing an excellent job at reducing gun accidents, especially involving children. Fatal gun accidents (which are the only ones tracked nationally) involving children 14 or under, are in the one in 10 million range, about 30 or less per year. To put it in an easily understood perspective, swimming pools are about 100 times more dangerous to children than guns are.

The major reason that we are so obsessive about guns and children is that the MainStream Media has been pushing its objective to disarm the citizenry for decades. A large part of that effort is to convince women that they should never allow guns in their homes.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

(OH)Elyria homeowner shoots and kills intruder (with 911 audio)

ELYRIA — A resident shot and killed an intruder before 3 a.m. Friday at 112 Water St., according to a news release from Elyria Police Lt. Andy Eichenlaub.

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(OK)After shooting intruder, Calera girl speaks out

CALERA, OK - Yesterday we reported on a brave 12-year-old Bryan County girl who was home alone when she shot an intruder that broke into her house. She's been the talk of Texoma the past 24 hours, and today Steven Powell sat down with her to hear the story in her own words. "He opened the screen door and started pounded on the door. So I didn't answer it. And I called my mom. She said to go get the gun and hide in the closet."

Kendra St. Clair says she stayed in the closet until she thought the coast was clear. So she went to check the back door.

And he was standing there trying to open it. So I got really scared and I called 911."

She went back to the closet. That's when she heard the man in the house.

"When I was back there on the phone with 911, I heard the bathroom light turn on that was leading to the closet. And when I saw the door handle turn, I shot him. I guess it went through the door, went through him, and went through the wall."

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(CA)Rock-salt shooter acted in self-defense

While Jimmy Terry fights for his life at a hospital in Modesto, his uncle Robert will not be charged with felony assault, as the District Attorney’s Office deemed he acted in self-defense when he shot his nephew in the stomach from 15 feet away Sunday.

Sheriff’s investigators are aware Jimmy Blake Terry, 25, suffered significant injuries and is expected to have an extended stay in the hospital, Calaveras County sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Hewitt said, adding the hospital has not released any further information.

According to sheriff’s reports, Terry, who is wanted for parole violations, confronted his uncle Robert at a home on the 1800 block of Rawhide Road in Arnold Sunday morning and the two started arguing about Terry’s suspicion his uncle was “ratting him out” for crimes committed in the area.

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(NV)Police say homeowner shot intruder in North Las Vegas

A 34-year-old man wanted on several warrants was shot during an attempted home invasion Thursday morning, North Las Vegas police said.

Police said Shunta Hilliard was hospitalized in serious condition after being shot by a 66-year-old homeowner on the 2400 block of Sunset Hills Court, near Ann Road and Simmons Street.

Police said Hilliard was shot while attempting to break in. The homeowner did not alert police.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

(OK)CSGV Believes This Girl Was Wrong (12 year old defender)

BRYAN COUNTY, OK - A man who broke into a home near Calera got a surprise Wednesday morning, when he was shot by a 12-year-old girl who was in the home alone.

According to Ladd Everitt and the CSGV, this girl has a 'duty to retreat'. She locked herself in a closet. But Ladd and his fellow cultists would still believe she was in the wrong because, when the scum tried to get into the closet, the girl fired through the door, hitting him. And what do the say about that?

"'Using armed violence in any context is flat out wrong..."

Now according to Cook County idiot Prickwenkle, people like the girl and her mother should be punished via tax because he was taken to a hospital as a 'gun violence victim' while Joan Peterson and Ladd Everitt will light a candle for him.

Now me personally, I think this girl did everything right. She called her mom (who obviously trained her daughter in the safe use of firearms), called 911, got a gun, went to a safer location and then shot the POS when he kept pursuing. Gun control advocates, however, believe we should trust in the good intentions of a criminal while they're in a home alone w/ a 12yr old girl.

Which policy do you think makes sense?


(CA)Armed robbers, store owner exchanged gunfire in Traver

The Sheriff’s Department said one of the robbers took an undetermined amount of money from the register. The second suspect was standing by the front door, serving as a lookout, the Sheriff’s Department said.

While the heist was in progress, the store owner arrived and exchanged shots with the robbers.

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Obama's condemnation of 'cheap handguns' reeks of self-defense 'poll tax'

Yesterday, we briefly touched on the fact that in addition to reaffirming his wish to ban so-called "assault weapons," President Obama blames the out of control violence in Chicago on "cheap handguns." From Tuesday night's presidential debate (transcript by ABC News):

Because frankly, in my home town of Chicago, there’s an awful lot of violence and they’re not using AK-47s. They’re using cheap hand guns.

Granted, Obama was short on detail about what he proposes to do about the scourge of "cheap handgun" violence, but if his solution to "assault weapon violence" (which even he admits comprises a vanishingly small percentage of the violence) is an outright ban of "assault weapons," it becomes easy to imagine that he would favor a similar "solution" for "cheap handgun violence."

This approach, of course, would be far from new. Some of the very first "gun control" laws in the U.S. sought to disarm the poor in the Reconstruction Era South, as an ostensibly "race neutral" effort to disarm Blacks. Tennessee's "Army Navy law," of 1879:

Among these laws, the forerunners of so-called "Saturday Night Special" legislation, was Tennessee's "Army and Navy" law (1879), which prohibited the sale of any "belt or pocket pistols, or revolvers, or any other kind of pistols, except army or navy pistol" models, among the most expensive, and largest, handguns of the day. (Such as the Colt Model 1960 Army, Model 1851 Navy, and Model 1861 Navy percussion cap revolvers, or Model 1873 Single-Action Army revolver.) The law thus prohibited small two-shot derringers and low-caliber rimfire revolvers, the handguns that most Blacks could afford.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

(OH)1 Dead After East Side Home Invasion

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Columbus police said that one person was dead out of an east side home invasion Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, someone inside of a home, located in the 3000 block of Easthaven Drive South, shot and killed a 20-year-old who broke into the home at about 2 p.m.

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(WI)Kenosha homeowner holds burglar until police arrive

KENOSHA — A Kenosha County homeowner took matters into his own hands after he discovered a man allegedly trying to burglarize his home on Monday, October 15th. That suspect is 18-year-old Lorenzo Jones. Jones now faces a felony charge of burglary.

According to the criminal complaint, the homeowner involved in this case was asleep just before 8:30 p.m. on Monday when he heard a noise inside his home. The complaint indicates he “heard something fall and got up to investigate, taking a gun with him.” The homeowner then heard the sound of running footsteps in his kitchen followed by the sound of someone going down the basement stairs.

The complaint indicates the homeowner saw a light on in the basement.

“I said, ‘I got a weapon. It’s loaded. I’m prepared to shoot, come out,’” the homeowner told FOX6 News.

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(FL)Strengthen self-defense law, gun rights advocates tell panel

JACKSONVILLE -- Gun rights advocates Tuesday told a task force reviewing Florida's "stand your ground" law that the statute needs to be revised to take the burden off defendants trying to prove their use of force was justified.

The burden instead should be placed on prosecutors, and their offices should be required to pay the cost of a "stand your ground" hearing if defendants have charges dropped, said Eric Friday, lead counsel for the gun rights group Florida Carry Inc.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

(AL)Albertville man shot by homeowner, wrecks car, is arrested

An Albertville man accused of shooting into unoccupied vehicles, who later was shot by a homeowner and then crashed his car while trying to flee, is in the Marshall County Jail, according to a release from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

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(AZ)Mesa father fatally shoots man beating up his son

MESA, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities say a Mesa father has fatally shot a man who was beating up his son outside his family's home.

Mesa police say a fight broke out in the front yard of the home around 5:30 a.m. Monday.

Police say the homeowner came out of the house to see his son being attacked and fired a weapon at the person beating up his son.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

(NM)Police say man acted in self-defense to shoot offender

A man who was attacked with a knife after someone barreled into his parked car and then shot the aggressor apparently acted in self defense, police said Monday.

Santa Fe police say a 33-year-old man driving a red Toyota Tacoma pickup slammed into a parked car in the 100 block of Candelario Street at about 9:15 p.m. Sunday. The driver, who’s name was not released Monday morning, continued to the dead-end of the street, turned around and was confronted by the owner of the parked Nissan sedan, according to Sgt. Andrea Dobyns.

“He saw the red Tacoma trying to leave and told the driver he was going to call police,” Dobyns said.

The 67-year-old owner of the red Nissan sedan, which was totaled according to neighbors, heard the crash and went out to investigate like many of the other residents on the small street.

The driver stopped near where he had hit the car, according to Dobyns, got out of the truck and approached the older man. In the driver’s hand was a knife and he sliced at the man’s face, cutting him from his cheek to his ear, according to Dobyns.

The owner of the car was carrying a Glock handgun in his back pant pocket and pulled it after realizing he had been stabbed. Dobyns said the man fired a single shot into the driver’s abdomen.

more here

Victim Fights Back in Md. Home Invasion

(Photo: MGN) (Photo: MGN) MILLINGTON, Md.- Maryland State Police say the victim of a weekend home invasion fired gunshots at the suspect, who remains at-large after fleeing the scene.

The incident reportedly occurred shortly after 3 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 14 at a home on the 31000 block of River Road in Millington.

more here

(IN)Pizza Owner Fatally Shoots Robber

Police say an eastern Indiana man has been shot dead while trying to rob a pizzeria. Richmond police said 30-year-old Freddie McCoy of Richmond was shot by an employee of Mercurio's Pizza about 10 p.m. Saturday.

Capt. Jim Branam tells the Palladium-Item that McCoy died at Reid Hospital after being treated by medical personnel at the scene of the shooting. It's not clear from the report if McCoy had a weapon.

more here

Right to Self Defense Also Extends to the Elderly & Handicapped

We reposted a full article on the above topic from Ammoland but the author objected;  So below are just the introductory paragraphs:

Yesterday I posted the picture of this device over at Gunway… it is designed to help individuals who have hand problems to more easily manipulate the slide of a semi auto pistol.

The comments section created a bit of a backlash that didnt sit very well with me personally.

I will say upfront that perhaps I took things out of context or perhaps the people commenting simply didnt get their point across effectively enough… that can certainly happen on the interwebs.

However, what was said really touched a nerve with me… mainly because the comments completely wrote off anyone who needs this device as being unfit for gun

 More HERE

Monday, October 15, 2012

(IA)King raises 'Red Dawn' specter of tyranny in America

The urgency in Congressman Steve King’s words sent me searching for a 1984 movie I hadn’t seen since, well, 1984 — on VHS.

If what the Kiron Republican insisted in Orange City the other night is not mere campaign clutter but skin-shivering clairvoyance, we need to be locked and loaded, our eyes trained to the horizon for intruders, our suspicions piqued for the confederates among us, in our schools, our Rotary Clubs, and most especially, within Obama for America county headquarters.

The reason we have guns isn’t for mere hobby, the hunting of deer, or even to protect ourselves on the streets of Carroll where the most dangerous thing most people do in a day is leave the popcorn unattended in the microwave. We need guns, goes King’s reasoning, so we can collectively function as an ad hoc militia against potential tyrants.

“We hunt, we target shoot, we do self-defense,” King said in a 4th District congressional debate at Christ Church on the Northwestern College campus. “Those three with guns that are Second Amendment guarantees, those aren’t the reasons why we have the Second Amendment. They’re the benefits we get from the Second Amendment. The reason we have the Second Amendment is to guard against tyranny because our Founding Fathers understood that if you did not have an armed populace, a tyrant could take over America so we have a responsibility not just to defend the Second Amendment in words, but do so in deed by hunting and target practicing and also self-defense.”

So your family hunts Christie Vilsack? Big deal.

You once had to pre-sweep your own house of shotguns, Mrs. Vilsack, so Vice President Al Gore’s protective detail wouldn’t toss your sons or husband, Tom, up against a refrigerator when the Secret Service spied the barrels and bullets in your closets. Hah, what do you know, lady?

No, the King household is armed, with AR-15 semi-automatic weapons, as the congressman told us the other night in Sioux City, for a more revolutionary reason: a tyrant is coming. Hunting pheasant is just spring training for the real shooting.

Which is why any patriotic Iowan will rush to their Netflix account and immediately start streaming the movie “Red Dawn” to absorb potentially life-saving tips from Patrick Swayze’s Jed or Charlie Sheen’s Matt, the fictional Colorado high school students who battled Soviets and Nicaraguans and Cubans as they came from the sky in remote rural reaches in this imaginative Cold War-era film. The movie must still be an inspiration for King.

Where will the attack come in western Iowa? Perhaps that odd Loess Hills formation in Turin? It’s surely a good place to parachute and hide before marching on Onawa or Dow City.

Maybe the tyrant won’t be an outlander but a Manchurian president or some real-life incarnation of Sgt. Brody on Showtime’s “Homeland.”

King spent a couple of years in Maryville, Mo. Does he know something we don’t about the Show-Me-Staters, who were, after all, represented by a star on the Southern flag? Is Missouri looking to resurrect resentments from 1863 and move on Clarinda, occupy Red Oak?

I can’t get over that terrifying insistence in King’s voice that seemed to suggest the imminence of an attack on our freedom, the rise of a tyrant — whom King not so subtly suggested is already in the White House.

So is King serious? Is civil war coming? King’s passion on the subject warns that those of you who don’t own guns should think again. And quick.

“I wouldn’t suggest that at all, and hopefully that isn’t a message taken from here,” King said in an interview after the Northwestern debate.

The cheering in Christ Church from what King termed a “Second Amendment crowd” told us otherwise.

You could sense the fingers itching for triggers.

Reader Comments

Posted: Sunday, October 14, 2012 Article comment by: Bambi Buchowski

During the course of the 20th Century, over 170 MILLION PEOPLE were slaughtered BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS.

In each case, the victims were first disarmed by government edicts - then gassed, gunned down into mass graves, hacked to death with machetes or otherwise killed... not by invaders... but BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS.

King may sound paranoid until one understands that these wholesale slaughters did NOT take place against ARMED populations, but against people who had given up their right to bear arms.

Historically, King is precisely correct. The Founding Fathers had just won a war against the world's reigning superpower. The war was started when British troops marched to confiscate cannon, powder and shot at Concord. In short, the match that touched off the fuse in the Revolutionary War was a British attempt at gun control. Our Second Amendment was a protection of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms that the Founders viewed as absolutely essential to restraint of government.

During the Revolutionary War, only 3% of the population ever took the field against the British. Today, if 3% of American gun owners were to actively oppose a feral Federal government, they would constitute the largest army in the world and would outnumber America's Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard - combined - by 2:1.

An armed citizenry is America's best guarantee against government savagery. Attempts at gun control may as easily trip the wire today as it did in 1776.

Posted: Saturday, October 13, 2012 Article comment by: Barry Hirsh

The author laughs it off at his own expense. I am reminded of the Twilight Zone episode about the prescient dude who built a fallout shelter amid the mocking ridicule of his neighbors, only to have them beating at his bunker door in psychotic panic when the sirens went off. No laughing THEN, nosiree.

The First Principle of the societal right to cast off a tyrannical government is just that - a principle, and principles are timeless. This one happens to be at the core of this nation's soul.

Unfortunately, too many people ignore the obvious.

(typo correction)

Posted: Friday, October 12, 2012 Article comment by: Peggy Staley

Did Obama ignore our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion with his HHS mandate? Did he violate the Constitution by enacting the DREAM Act? Did he vote four times to withhold medical assistance to babies who survive abortion, snuffing out their right to life? The answer to all of these is a resounding yes.

The US Constitution obviously means nothing to Barack Obama, a mere document to which he chooses to adhere, or not, based on his personal whims.

Steve King has a keen intellect he is neither shortsighted nor naive. Our Libyan ambassador, who begged for increased security and was ignored, is dead at the hands of terrorists. Joe Biden claims that he and Obama knew nothing of the request. Just who is it who's living in the land of make believe?

IF Biden's claim is true, what does it say about their ability to lead?


This shows the power of the new media. The reader comments make the snarkey opinon of the writer appear silly and short sighted. If a source does not allow comments, it discredits itself

ATF whistleblower site posts Fast and Furious manager’s OK to work for JPMorgan

Why would ATF management let a 'Gunwalker' figure cited as vulnerable for prosecution do this? Credits: US DOJBATFE

A question asked almost two months ago in this column was answered yesterday by a post on CleanUpATF, the website established by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives whistleblowers to expose agency waste, abuse, corruption and fraud: Who approved “double-dip” employment for former Assistant Director William McMahon, a central Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking’ figure, going on paid leave while accepting private employment and an overseas assignment with financial giant JPMorgan?

The approval document, posted as a pdf file on CUATF, reveals the approving authorities were Assistant Director Julie Torres, Deputy Director Thomas Brandon and Deputy Chief Counsel Melanie S. Stinnett. Gun Rights Examiner posted an exclusive report in September presenting allegations that the Chief Counsel’s Office is still running the show at ATF, organizational appearances notwithstanding, and was later informed by an insider source that report raised hackles.

more here

Sunday, October 14, 2012

(WV)Elderly woman takes punch to face, chases off home intruder with revolver

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Undeterred by a punch to the face, a 70-year-old Fayette County woman greeted a late night intruder in her home with several rounds from her .38-caliber revolver, authorities said.

Deputies were dispatched to a potential burglary just before 2 a.m. Thursday at a home in Dothan.

While driving to the scene, deputies were told the homeowner called 911 and reported someone breaking into her home. She told dispatchers the intruder fled after she shot at him, according to a statement by the sheriff's office.

She told deputies her burglar alarm woke her just after 2 a.m., and she grabbed her gun and went to look for the cause of the alarm.

more here

(IN)Bicknell Man Shoots Neighbor In Self Defense

(BICKNELL — The Knox County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to 7746 N. SR 159 at about midnight following a report of a man being shot.

The Jasper Herald reports, when police arrived, deputies discovered David M. Erdmann, 24, with a shotgun wound to the abdomen.

An investigation revealed Erdmann had been involved in a domestic battery situation with his girlfriend and, during the course of the battery, Erdmann entered an adjoining apartment where he accosted the tenant, 43-yaer-old Andrew L. Jackson.

Erdmann was armed with a knife, according to a KCSD press release, and Jackson shot him. Preliminary results of the investigation, which included witness statements, indicate self-defense, the release stated.

more here

Saturday, October 13, 2012

(TX)Owner of South Side Grill catches, holds man at gunpoint to prevent robbery at restaurant

Dallas police say the owners of South Side Grill on 2nd Avenue caught a man attempting to rob their business, took his gun and then held him at gunpoint until police arrived late Thursday night.

Police responded to the 4500 block of 2nd Avenue around midnight after they received a call from an alarm company, informing them that the alarm went off. The owners received the same call.

more here

(OK)Broken Arrow woman fires at burglars

Broken Arrow police say around 9:30am Friday, a homeowner shot at two men who were attempting to break into her home in the 500 blk of N. Aster Ave.

Police say the woman heard a knock at the door, and peeked out a window and spotted two men she didn't know. She heard one of the men say dogs were in the house, which she said made her uneasy. Police say she grabbed a gun. Then, one of the men kicked in the door.

more here

Friday, October 12, 2012

(TX)Theft Suspects Held At Gunpoint By Neighbo

HILL COUNTY - Two theft suspects were arrested October 5 after a neighbor held the two suspects at gunpoint until authorities arrived. The incident occurred around noon on Farm Road 339 between Mount Calm and Birome.

According to Deputy Tim Westmoreland, neighbors spotted suspicious activity at a nearby building. One of the neighbors approached the suspects and held up their progress at gunpoint with a shotgun until authorities arrived on the scene.

more here

Thursday, October 11, 2012

(TX)Store Owner shoots at Robbers who Threaten his Mother

CONROE, Texas -

A jewelry store owner fired shots at three people who tried to rob him and threatened to kill his mother on Wednesday.

Conroe police said two men and a woman walked into Wilkins Jewelry, 1712 N. Frazier St., about 10:30 a.m. One of the men asked Mitch Wilkins about getting a ring cleaned while the other man and the woman asked Wilkins' 77-year-old mother for help picking something out.

Detectives said the men pulled out guns. Wilkins said he was pistol-whipped.

more here

Fortune Magazine Fails to Retract False Story on “Fast and Furious” Whistleblower

Charlotte, NC --( A key figure in the “Fast and Furious” scandal is now fighting to clear his name against a discredited media attack.

Special Agent John Dodson of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was one of the whistleblowers who came forward to tell the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about the operation, which helped funnel thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels. His testimony provided vital information that has helped shine a light on this scandal.

In spite of the mountain of evidence that firearms were allowed to be trafficked to criminals without any effort to track or interdict them, Fortune magazine published a story in June written by Katherine Eban that made the implausible claim that it never really happened.

The story –conveniently published the week of the House vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over the scandal– attacked Dodson’s character and argued that his account was a fiction created by infighting among agents.

However, the facts detailed in the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report last week confirm that Dodson was right. Now, in light of the report, Dodson has called on Fortune to retract the story because it clearly is “demonstrably false in many respects.”

Eban (a one-time campaign operative for former President Bill Clinton) continues to claim she got it right, claiming that the inspector general simply came to a different conclusion than she did. But her claims do not stand up against the facts uncovered by the Congressional investigation or the findings of the inspector general’s report.

The House Oversight and Government Committee agrees with Dodson and has also called on Fortune to retract the story. “The DOJ report ‘firmly rejects Eban’s conclusions,’ according to committee spokesman Frederick Hill.

Hill went on to characterize the Eban article. “If they gave out Pulitzer prizes for understatement, Eban’s admission that her story’s conclusions ‘differ’ from the reality other investigations found about Operation Fast and Furious would win. This kind of misleading and highly opinionated narrative masquerading as objective mainstream journalism is an example of why many Americans distrust what they’re told by the media.”

Without the courage of Dodson and the other whistleblowers who came forward, this scandal would have remained hidden from the American people. Eban’s article is not supported by the facts. Fortune should retract the story and regain a small measure of its integrity as a financial publication.

About: Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Security Tip: Lock the Electric Panel

Home invasion bad guys use numerous ploys to gain entry into occupied homes. Since kicking the door in makes a lot of noise and may result in having to face an armed homeowner some bad guys prefer to use a ploy to get the unsuspecting homeowner outside, overcome them with force and enter the home the easy way – through an open door. Various methods can be tried but one we are hearing about more frequently involves sneaking up to a home, opening the power panel, and tripping the breakers to turn off the lights.

I’m assuming most of you are multiple gun owners and I would be willing to bet you have a collection of padlocks the manufacturers have thoughtfully included with your gun purchases. Why not lock up your breaker box with a logo padlock? I’m thinking this could have a double deterrent effect as the bad guys might get the hint and go elsewhere if they see a ”gun lock” on the power panel and you will deny them easy access to the circuit breakers.

If your power suddenly goes out in the night there are some steps you might want to consider instead of going outside to look at the breakers. First, look out the windows and see if power is out in the neighborhood or just at your house. Make sure the doors are secured, arm yourself with your weapon and flashlight of choice, fort up (that means stay inside) and call the police.



(IN)Prosecutors rule clerk acted in self-defense in fatal shooting at Indianapolis liquor stor

INDIANAPOLIS — Prosecutors have decided not to file criminal charges against an Indianapolis liquor store clerk who shot and killed a would-be robber.

The Marion County prosecutor's office determined that Zach Rogers acted in self-defense on Sept. 30 when he shot 47-year-old Donald Crenshaw of Indianapolis at a 21st Amendment Liquor Store on the city's south side.

More Here

Disruptions: With a 3-D Printer, Building a Gun With the Push of a Button

It has long been possible to make a gun at home. But what happens when it no longer takes knowledge and skill to build one?

It won't be long before a felon, unable to buy a gun legally, can print one at home. Teenagers could make them in their bedroom while their parents think they are "playing on their computer." I'm talking about a fully functional gun, where the schematic is downloaded free from the Internet and built on a 3-D printer, all with the click of a button.

Hit print, walk away, and a few hours later, you have a firearm. There are no background checks. No age limits. No serial numbers etched on the barrel or sales receipts to track the gun.

More Here

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Perspective: No Body Count from Watergate but Hundreds Dead from Fast and Furious

Watergate is arguably the most sinister crime a Democrat can find to present to the American people when trying to silence a Republican. But it pales in comparison to the lies, illegal gun sales, weapons trafficking, and wholesale slaughter of innocents we've seen as a result of Fast and Furious.

Think about it -- Watergate was a break-in, the goal of which was secure some "dirt" on Democrats to help Richard Nixon during his re-election bid in 1972. Nixon, the man vilified for it, didn't even know about it until after the break-in had already happened, and his crime was covering it up once he learned of it.

He had to resign to avoid being impeached for covering up a break-in in which no one was physically harmed.

Now, jump to 2009 and the launch of operation Fast and Furious under President Barack Obama; 2,500 guns were sold to criminals or to straw purchasers who knowingly intended to pass the guns to criminals. Background checks for the purchasers were done away with and in some cases, the money to buy the guns was supplied at taxpayers' expense.

Because of this, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has relayed tales of individuals on food stamps coming into a gun store in the Phoenix area with brown bags full of money and purchasing hundreds of guns.

The vast majority of these guns were then smuggled across the U.S./Mexico border while the ATF and DOJ looked the other way, ostensibly hoping the guns would be passed to Mexican cartel members so the U.S. government could make arrests.

For the record, we're still waiting on those arrests.

Over a year after Fast and Furious began, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down by men armed with Fast and Furious weapons on the southwest border, and hundreds of Mexican citizens have been killed with weapons smuggled into Mexico during the operation.

Moreover, early on in the operation (January 30, 2010), 14 teenagers at a birthday party near Juarez were massacred by men armed with Fast and Furious weapons.

And at every turn in the road, as Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) have tried to investigate Fast and Furious, there have been cover-ups, changes in testimony, and withheld evidence.

The bottom line -- Watergate was less than child's play compared to Fast and Furious.

Nixon lied but hundreds have died under Obama and Eric Holder.


(DE)Business owner who thwarted robbery says he's no hero

Georgetown, Del. -- Douglas Hitchens insists he's not a hero, despite having single-handedly caught a suspect who allegedly attempted to rob his used car dealership last week.

"People keep using that word and I wish they would stop," the 50-year-old owner of Hitchens Auto Sales said. "It wasn't anything that I set out to do. I was just reacting off of pure adrenaline."

Hitchens said he was in the auto shop about 2:45 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 1, when he first noticed the man getting out of a car that had pulled onto the shoulder of Seashore Highway.

As the car drove off, the man began walking across the gravel lot toward the sales office, which is separated from the auto shop by only by a few black plastic sheets.

"I figured he was coming in to make a payment or something," Hitchens said. "I didn't really pay it much attention because that kind of thing happens a lot."

As expected, the man entered the sales office, where Hitchens' lone employee, a 54-year-old woman who has asked not to be identified, was doing title work.

"Once he came in, I could hear him say 'Give me all the money you have,' and at first I thought it was joke," Hitchens said. "When I heard her reaction, I knew it wasn't a joke no more."

According to state police, Aaron R. Jefferson, a 27-year-old Millsboro resident, pointed a handgun in the woman's face while demanding cash. She then began to scream, prompting Jefferson to tuck the gun into his waistband before attempting to flee, police said.

"I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, so when I heard what was going on, I ran to my truck to grab my gun," Hitchens said. There was only one problem.

"She had taken my truck to the bank earlier that day and locked it when she came back," he said. "She still had the keys in her purse, so I looked around and the only thing I could find was a 3-foot long piece of galvanized pipe, so I grabbed that and ran around to the front door."

As Jefferson exited the front door, Hitchens grabbed him, threw him to the ground and held him there until police arrived.

more here

Monday, October 08, 2012

GRPC Fast and Furious presentation promises further revelations

A series of recordings posted yesterday on the Tindeck upload website provide an audio record of last weekend’s Gun Rights Policy Conference, with a special segment featuring Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman discussing the unfolding Operation Fast and Furious gunwalking story.

Recorded by activist and gun rights supporter Russell Smith, who posts online as The Armoured Porcupine, 11 tracks have been uploaded at this writing for the Second Amendment Foundation-sponsored conference Workman kept his readers apprised of in exclusive reports as the gathering warmed up and cooled down.

Workman shared with the audience how the story got started, including the foundational work published in this column and by citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh of the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog, and told them of his early and continued role in reporting on Fast and Furious, the abdication of most of the press in providing coverage, and the likelihood that further developments will unfold following release of the Office of Inspector General’s report, as well as if the Obama administration is replaced in the upcoming election.

He then introduced filmmaker Fleming Fuller, who shared with the audience news of his in-production documentary, “Fast and Furious: Under the Radar and Above the Law,” a development reported on last Monday in this column, which included a six-minute preview reenactment of the night Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed.

more here

I met Fleming Fuller at the GRPC, and I was impressed with his work. The reenacted gun fight appears authentic.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

FL: Robbery suspect shot by own gun in Tampa home:  "Teresa Martin was having trouble sleeping early Saturday morning when she heard a loud crash at her front door.  Moments later, she said, a man with a gun stood before her in the bedroom and demanded cash.  "Give me all you've got now or you're going to die," she said he told her before he pushed her face first into the bed.  In the struggle that ensued, the gun would fire. Only it was Martin's alleged robber who would crumple to the floor, a bullet wound to the head.  Police would identify him as Leonard Denard Porter, 34, of Tampa, a man who also goes by the alias "Kool Aid" and was already sought in another home invasion. They also arrested two other suspects.  Porter remained in critical condition at a local hospital Saturday night. Acevedo and Steadman are being held without bail in the Hillsborough County jail."

Gun Microstamping: Democrat Ignorance Threatens Manufacturing Jobs
The expensive, useless technology may drive gun plants out of New York and Connecticut

Remington Arms has already moved much of their skilled operations and management to North Carolina because of the tax policies of New York state, and now it appears to be on the verge of moving the rest of its facilities, all due to microstamping legislation:

Microstamping, or ballistic imprinting, is a patented process that uses laser technology to engrave a tiny marking of the make, model, and serial number on the tip of a gun’s firing pin to allow an imprint of that information on spent cartridge cases. Supporters of the technology say it will be a “game changer,” allowing authorities to quickly identify the registered guns used in crimes. Opponents claim the process is costly, unreliable, and may ultimately impact the local economies that heavily depend on the gun industry, including Ilion, N.Y., where Remington Arms maintains a factory, and Hartford, Conn., where Colt’s manufacturing is headquartered.

“Mandatory microstamping would have an immediate impact of a loss of 50 jobs,” New York State Sen. James Seward, a Republican whose district includes Ilion, said, adding that Remington employs 1,100 workers in the town. “You’re talking about a company that has options in other states. Why should they be in a state that’s hostile to legal gun manufacturing? There could be serious negative economic impact with the passage of microstamping and other gun-control laws.”

Microstamping tooling is extremely expensive, prone to breakage, easily disabled, and ineffective on entire families of weapons. Let’s take a deeper look at what microstamping does, and how easily it is beaten.

Microstamping is a series of letters and numbers reverse printed on the firing pin of weapons. In theory, when a gun is fired, the firing pin will leave a mark on the cartridge’s primer (the rim of a rimfire cartridge), and the shell casing recovered at the scene will provide law enforcement information about which gun fired the cartridge. Cops will enter the microstamping code into a computer, which will check it against a database, and the police will know who the shooter is within minutes.

At least, that is the theory. Reality is another matter. For starters: microstamping fails to work on any firearm that already exists, something in the neighborhood of more than 300 million firearms. As firearms last indefinitely, it would be decades before they became a significant number of total firearms — even if the technology was foolproof.

But microstamping is not foolproof. Let’s look at the ways microstamping fails, beyond the numbers:

* Microstamping does not work if shell casings aren’t automatically ejected from the crime gun. Revolvers, derringers, double-barrel shotguns, pump shotguns and rifles, and semi-automatic firearms that can be equipped with inexpensive brass catchers (common among some shooters) would leave no cartridges at the scene of a shooting.

* Microstamping does not work because firing pins are inexpensive and easy to replace. The firing pin for most weapons are easily replaced by someone with a minimum of ability to read and follow the basic cleaning directions for his firearm. The expense of millions of dollars in retooling is thwarted by the purchase of a $12 part.

* Microstamping does not work because the stamping is easily defaced. It would take a matter of a half-dozen passes of a standard diamond file, and less than a minute, to eradicate the microstamping.

* Microstamping is incredibly fragile. The stamping would wear out over time through simple use of the firearm, or be thwarted by the normal powder residue that builds up on small parts.

* Microstamping could easily be spoofed and waste police time — or worse, send the wrong people to jail. Most shooters do not reload their own ammunition, and leave their shell casings at the range.

All it would take to turn microstamping to a criminal’s advantage would be for a criminal or one of his associates to pick up brass from a firing range in the same caliber as the weapon he carries. After he uses a microstamping-free weapon in a crime, he would merely drop the brass he recovered from Joe Citizen at the range at the crime scene. Joe will wake up with a SWAT team crashing through his door at 5:00 a.m., and if he’s lucky, innocent Joe won’t be gunned down along with his family pets.

Easily thwarted and capable of being used to a criminal’s advantage, microstamping is a horrible idea as well as an expensive one.

Remington and Colt are right to threaten to leave New York and Connecticut if ignorant Democratic politicians push forward with their demands for microstamping legislation. As for Colt and Remington, I’d merely offer that North Carolina is a much more gun-friendly and intelligent state, and they would be more than welcome to relocate here.


Still plenty of "banned" guns in Britain:  "A trio has been jailed for a total of 33 years for supplying firearms to south London gangs after huge haul of guns was uncovered.  Christopher McKenzie, 26, Hume Bent and Carlo Moncrieffe, both 47, were charged after police recovered six firearms, 47 rounds of ammunition, 100 shell casings, lead shot and tools associated with making ammunition were recovered from Moncrieffe’s house in Lewisham.  Bent of Thornton Heath, south London, was sentenced to 17 years in jail after pleading not guilty, only to be found guilty of conspiracy to supply firearms with intent to endanger life following an extensive trial.  Moncrieffe and McKenzie both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply ammunition and firearms.  Moncrieffe of Bromley, south London, was sentenced to four years in jail.  McKenzie of Thornton Heath, south London was sentenced to 12 years."

Florida’s AG Pam Bondi suffers a bout of Foot-In-Mouth disease.

Florida AG Says Carrying a Gun is Always Presumably a Crime | All Nine Yards.

“Given the small percentage of the population that is licensed to carry a concealed firearm, the overwhelming majority of firearms, or 95%, are not licensed to be concealed. Thus, an officer’s suspicion that a firearm is not licensed would be reasonable because, in any given case, there would be, statistically speaking, a 95% likelihood of illegality.”

Wait, what? Oh Jesus Lord, what a dumb statement! Are we to assume that since about 50% of Florida’s population have unregistered, unlicensed vaginas, they should be suspects of the crime of prostitution? The Stupid, It hurts!


Many logical fallicies in the above statement.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

VA Tech professor touts radical new advance in weapons technology

The self-described "progressive" Democracy Now! news program recently interviewed Virginia Tech professor Nikki Giovanni, who taught a class in which VA Tech mass murderer Seung-Hui Cho was (briefly) a student, before she demanded that he leave the class. In the interview, Professor Giovanni advanced some rather startling notions about guns:

I think that guns are not one of our good ideas. I read the Constitution, and I didn’t see anything that said that any fool that wants a gun should have one. What did I miss?

Well, one thing she seems to have missed is that the Constitution does not say that "any fool that [sic] wants a" vote should have one, but prospective voters are not required to prove their intelligence. This, of course, is exactly as it should be, because among other problems, such a system would make virtual kings out of those on whom was conferred the power of determining who the "fools" were. Exactly the same problem would apply to restricting firearms in that manner.

She also claimed that if Virginia Tech ever permitted students to carry concealed firearms in class, she would enact a class rule requiring that she and every student "drop [their] clothes outside the door, and we’re going to come in in underwear that is form-fitting," for every class session, so no guns could be concealed (good luck getting that rule to withstand legal scrutiny). She claims the reason for that rule would be that "I’m not going to try to teach somebody that I don’t know what’s in his pocket." How she knows now what students have in their pockets is left unexplained. She certainly did not explain how wearing only their tight-fitting underwear would have helped any of Cho's victims.

Perhaps most startling, though, was her next claim:

Guns are an idea whose time has passed. It’s that simple. Cars and guns are two things you don’t need.

Without even trying to explore her opposition to cars, if guns "are an idea whose time has passed," what weapon will now be replacing them? Star Wars "lightsabers" seem rather a long way off, and besides, Star Wars characters used plenty of guns (although not projectile weapons powered by chemical combustion), lightsabers notwithstanding.

She must know something about some imminent advance in weaponry, because obviously she cannot be contending that weapons themselves are obsolete. As long as the strong continue to prey on the weak, the large on the small, the numerous on the few, weapons, with their ability to make predation even by the strong risky, will be necessary.

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(FL)Just before Fast & Furious, Florida had Operation Castaway

A sensational election-season report into the botched Operation Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation has cast new light on a simultaneous Florida firearms investigation linked to violence in Colombia, Honduras and Puerto Rico.

Called Operation Castaway, the Florida case has received far less attention than Fast and Furious. The latter became an embarrassing distraction for Obama’s administration when it was implicated in the death of a federal agent and Mexico massacres, according to federal documents and a new cross-border investigative report by the Spanish-language network Univision.

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(GA)Burglary suspect shot by woman at Atlanta apartment

A burglary suspect was shot late Wednesday after she allegedly kicked in the door of an apartment in southwest Atlanta.

The incident happened just before midnight Wednesday at an apartment complex on Continental Colony Parkway.

A woman inside the apartment got a gun and fired several shots, striking the suspect three times in the chest, Channel 2 Action News reported.

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(TX)Man outside gun range says he shot at burglary suspect

Police are checking area hospitals for a man who may have been shot while allegedly burglarizing cars at a local gun range.

A man told Harris County sheriff's deputies he saw someone breaking into his car about 6 p.m. on Thursday outside a shooting range in the 11300 block of the Eastex Freeway.

The owner told deputies he fired at least four shots at the stranger because it appeared he had a weapon in his hand, authorities said.

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

(KS)Armed business owner thwarts attempted robbery

Steve Yager saw him approaching from two blocks away.

Even though it was awfully warm for the first morning of October, the pedestrian had his sweatshirt drawn up tight against him and the hood up over his head.

“Well, here comes trouble,” Yager thought.

Sure enough, the man came up to him and asked him for the time.

“There was a clock right there in the antique (store) window” right next to where he was parked in the 900 block of West Douglas on Monday morning, Yager said. “It was just a ploy.”

The man turned and walked to the front of the antique store, then returned to where Yager was waiting in his truck for an employee to arrive at about 10 a.m. so he could open the Club Billiards that he owns next door.

“Well, why don’t you just go ahead and give me your billfold and I won’t have to pull my gun?” Yager said the man told him.

“I said, ‘Really?’ ” Yager said. “I reached over like I was going to get my billfold and grabbed my gun and stuck it in his face and said, ‘You mean like this?’ ”

The would-be robber’s eyes grew wide and his demeanor suddenly shifted, Yager said.

“He says, ‘Oh, I was just kidding! I was just foolin’ with ya, ya know?’ ” Yager said the man replied.

“Man, you don’t need to do that,” Yager said he told the man. “You was lucky you didn’t get shot. What you need to do is get the hell out of here before you get hurt.”

The suspect removed his hands from his pockets and told Yager, “You have a nice day. I don’t really mean this. I’m just foolin’. I’m going to leave.”

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(FL)Homeowner shoots home invasion suspect

MIRAMAR, Fla. (WSVN) -- A homeowner shot an injured one suspect after an attempted home robbery.

Miramar Police responded to an attempted home invasion and shooting at 5234 SW 149 Ave., shortly before midnight Sunday.

According to police, the homeowner heard something or someone entering his house and fired at one of the suspects. "When he opened the front door, these men who were masked, by the way, at least one of them was carrying a firearm, rushed at him, and at that point, he was in fear and started firing his gun," said Miramar Police spokesperson Tania Rues.

At least two suspects ran away, one of them was struck multiple times. Police said the homeowner had the right to fight back. "He was basically in fear for his life," said Rues.

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(MI)Clerk, 73, repels second robbery at Livingston County store

The clerk of Venture Corners could be called the Dirty Harry of Deerfield Township after he once again drew his weapon to defend the store.

The Monday incident ended with the customer — identified only as a 49-year-old Deerfield Township man — behind bars for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

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(VA)Police: man killed in attempted home invasion

Roanoke City Police say two men who tried to force their way into an apartment late last night were met with a struggle and gunfire. It happened at the Westwood Village Apartments just off Salem Turnpike near Fairview Elementary School. Roanoke Police say someone knocked at the door, and when a man inside answered, two people tried to force their way in — one showing a gun and wearing a ski mask. Police say a struggle followed, and someone else inside the apartment fired a shot that killed the masked intruder and leading the second suspect to flee.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

(KS)Wichita business owner foils robbery attempt

A robbery attempt went awry when a local business owner pointed a gun at the suspect's head.

The owner of Club Billiards was getting out of his truck around 10 a.m. Monday in the 900 block of W. Douglas when a man came up to him.

"He had his hands in his pockets. He stated he had a gun and wanted the victim's wallet," said Wichita Police Lieutenant Doug Nolte. "The victim stated that he also had a gun, at which time he produced a handgun and pointed it at the suspect's head."

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(FL)Police: Wounded shooting victim uses gun to fire back - again


For the second time in 18 months, a club concert promoter used his legally concealed gun to fend off an attacker, police said.

This time, however, he was shot first and wounded.

In April 2011, Denard Joe was justified in killing a would-be masked robber, officials said.

Early Tuesday, Joe was again targeted but was shot in the chest before he fired back and chased away two attackers, police said.

Joe, 24, was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center in stable condition. Officials said he is expected to survive.

Just before 4 a.m., Joe got out of his vehicle on the 1200 block of North Virginia Avenue when the men approached him and asked for a cigarette, police said.

Investigators said one of the men pulled out a gun and shot Joe, who was struck by a bullet in a lung and rib. A wounded Joe, who carries a concealed weapons permit, then hid behind his vehicle and shot back at the pair until they fled, police said.

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - It was exactly two weeks ago, when police say a customer opened fire inside Don's Guns on the city’s west side, shooting a clerk. That clerk shot back, killing the customer.

42-year-old Ben Chance was that clerk, and spoke with 24-Hour News 8 inside his hospital room in Methodist Hospital.

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This article gives considerably more detail than the original report.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

(OH)Man with concealed-carry gun permit foils Akron robbery attempt

Two would-be robbers reversed course when their intended victim pulled out his own gun, Akron police said.

The man, 23, told police he had just parked his car in a lot in the 800 block of West Market Street about 11:30 p.m. Saturday when two men in a nearby car donned masks and approached him.

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Filmmaker creates full-blown re-enactment of Brian Terry’s Fast and Furious murder [VIDEO]

Documentary filmmaker Fleming Fuller has produced a full-blown re-enactment of the events the night Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed. Terry was murdered in 2010 with Operation Fast and Furious weapons that the Obama administration allowed to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

The re-enactment, shot on location in the stretch of Peck Canyon, Arizona, where Terry was killed, offers viewers a glimpse into what likely happened that night.

The scene is part of a larger documentary that’s in the works called “Fast and Furious: Under the Radar and Above the Law.”

It opens with actors portraying Terry and the rest of his Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) team on location in the dark canyon late on Dec. 14, 2010. The group is seen staking out their positions in the desert with full tactical gear.

“It had been a long night, and they had been working this area for several days,” retired U.S. Border Patrol chief Ron Colburn – a founding member of BORTAC – narrates.

One member of the re-enactment BORTAC team says: “Alright, guys, let’s call it a night.”

“When suddenly they heard movement coming up the canyon,” Colburn says.

“Stand by, stand by,” says one BORTAC agent.

Another replies: “Bodies.” “Five,” another agent says.

“Guns,” responds another. “Everybody hold,” the BORTAC team leader says.

As the five drug cartel operatives – members of a “rip crew” – get closer to the group of BORTAC agents, one jumps up and yells: “Policia!”

Another shouts: “Border Patrol, don’t move!”

Almost instantly, a firefight ensues. One BORTAC agent fires a bean-bag weapon at the rip crew first. Then, the agents and the rip crew members exchange fire from real guns.

After the quick firefight, one BORTAC agent shouts: “Brian’s down!”

The actor portraying Brian Terry lays paralyzed on the canyon’s floor. “I can’t feel my legs,” Terry says.

An agent rushes to Terry’s side to comfort him. “You’re going to be okay,” the agent tells him. “You’re going to be alright.”

“Brian, come on buddy, come on,” the agent says, shaking Terry as he fades.

The other two agents dip down from their cover to take into custody the rip crew member who was shot and injured.

“After a very brief and violent exchange of gunfire, Brian was hit once,” Colburn narrates. “The bullet just missed his ballistically-protected vest. Within minutes, he had no pulse.”

“This area is so rugged, and so steep, that no Medivac helicopter could evacuate him from here,” Colburn continues as one of Brian’s fellow BORTAC agents fireman-carries him out of the canyon. “His teammates had to body carry him through rugged terrain in the dark of night for well over a mile to get to a Medivac site.”

“At the crime scene, at least two AK-47-type rifles were recovered – dropped by the Rip Crew. Within hours, they were traced to the covert operation known as ATF’s Fast and Furious.”

At the end of the clip, Fuller – the filmmaker – poses a few key questions about Fast and Furious that have never been answered, even by the recently-released Department of Justice Inspector General report: ATF “justified,” Fast and Furious “as a tool to indentify and bring down the cartel kingpins by following the weapons to their final destination, yet the ATF field agents were ordered not to track the guns or arrest the straw buyers and the program was kept secret from the government of Mexico.”

“If this covert project was not to stop guns being smuggled into Mexico, what was the true purpose?” he asks.

“There is a widespread belief that the actual intent was to place American guns at crime scenes in Mexico to justify highly restrictive new US gun laws,” Fuller suggests as an answer, pointing out that Terry’s murder brought an “abrupt” end to the program but more people continue to die as a result.

“The Department of Justice has obstructed the congressional investigation of these crimes by erecting a formidable wall of lies, non-compliance and intimidation,” the next screen reads.

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A short review of the book Unintended Consequences

A short review of the book “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross, c/r. 1995 Accurate Press. 861 pages. ( Note: This posting is in no way in fact, inferred, or implied to be a submission in MD’s contest! )

This tome came with a dust cover depicting a swat clad fella man… handeling Lady Liberty… the poor lady was in the midst of a wordrobe malfuncition. Rather tacky dust ‘cover’ on this book. But I would be the last to judge a book by… a tacky dust cover, so I threw it out and took a dive into this one.

What turned out to be the ‘Hook’ in this work for me is page 9s “Author’s Note – A warning and Disclaimer”. It sounded rather trite and hype until I finished on page 861. I had no idea how this work would draw me into it. John Ross (here after, JR) ties “Unintended Consequences” together with a well done mix of historical fact. JR builds fictional characters around the personas of people we all have known in our lives both present and past. His License in this is never poorly done and only enhances the reader’s view of the true person’s character to the reader. Adolph Topperwein and his wife Plinky, the Bowmans, Irwin and Magda Mann, the who’s who of Guns and Ammo lore. So many others you will, at times, be amazed at how the time lines of history are peopled by those you yourself remember. JR takes the reader all over the United States and parts of Europe while connecting the ‘dots’ for you in ways that make you feel … sense .. that you have been there… done that. JR’s work will quickly make you that ‘Fly on the Wall’.

We all have mental ‘triggers’ that send our ‘mind’s eye’ back to places and events. Smells, sounds, sights ‘trigger’ real time emotion in us all. For me, it is the smell of wet… new cut grass or the sounds of rain in the trees. Poof … it is a time not long enough ago in a ‘galaxy’ not far enough away with the crackle of small arms fire and bad fitting.. damp.. green cloths. Think through your life … what are your ‘triggers’? JR has a knack for prose that flash you back even if it only the history that you… have… read. As I wrote above, couple that with his blend of people you do know… and you quickly begin to live inside this story.

Do be warned that JR has included more than enough gratuitous sex in this book. Am I to old and boring… or was it too much… you decide. These injections of sex seem more like commercial breaks than plot line and are one of two things that mar this books continuity. JR does get rather ‘preachy’ when he covers a point of view… opinion. Not as prolific as Ayn Rand’s philosophy, but you’ll see what I mean. Oh… that was the other one.

Many a short chapter is more instructional that prose. Page 479 and the story of “Joe Columbo’s attempted murder”. Irwin Mann and his actions in the Warsaw Ghetto. The FBI shoot out with Michael Platt and Matix. There is a problem here for me as I could go on… and on with these examples. You will be able to take a name and date and Google more information than I (for one) know any ‘right thinking bureaucrat’ would care to have you know. I always read a book once for affect and twice for detail. If it is that good a work I take my tabs and highlighters to the couch with it the third time. My shelf copy resembles a Pharmacy Majors Organic Chemistry text. I was asked to loan it to a work mate … I bought a second copy and the fella didn’t return it. I have picked up a hard to find and pricey third copy and have loaned this one to the point of ‘Dog Eared’ condition.

I get excited about any work that ‘excites’ the mind and stimulates conversation … otherwise left to ‘myself’… or with my special friend. That is to say conversations far… far right of political correctness. This book by John Ross is not something you would want found on your slush pile should the Federalies kick in your door. This book has an unbleached bias with regard to the gun culture and the role of Government in our lives. This work has had “Unintended Consequences” in my thinking. This work IS considered Sedition by a good number of the Federal Agencies and Departments depicted in its 681 pages. If you doubt my ‘warning’ then read up and I’ll be happy to discuss any suggestions, comments, questions or death threats you may care to tender. Another Warning here. Current copies are listed at over $700.oo new and nearly $300.oo used.

One really must ask themselves why this is? You will have to hit the shows or the web to find one……….. unless… and finally.. I get my ‘loaner’ back.


I bought and gave away a case of this book. What struck me was the price. I emailed my children and told them that now might be the time to sell their signed copies.

(IN) Indy liquor store worker shoots armed robber dead

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Police say an Indianapolis liquor store employee has killed an armed robber in the city's second shooting death in two weeks of armed gunmen at businesses.

Police say a robber armed with a gun was holding up a 21st Amendment Liquor Store on South Keystone Avenue early Sunday when an employee armed with a handgun shot the robber, who died at the scene.

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Iowa man, 18, acquitted in shooting of another man

An 18-year-old Keokuk man has been acquitted for shooting another man while trying to protect his mother during an argument this summer.

The Hawk-Eye reports ( a jury found Colton Dobson not guilty on Thursday after a three-day trial. He had been charged with willfully injuring 27-year-old Tim Mondon with a shotgun on July 14.

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Monday, October 01, 2012

Mohammed Arif

Despite Britain's gun bans, those who want them seem to get them:  "A man has been jailed for six years after police discovered his loaded gun next to a sleeping baby.  Midlands Police said they were called to a house in Birmingham in the early hours of the morning following reports of a domestic dispute between a man and a woman.  They found an antique Russian Smith and Wesson 44 revolver wrapped in a blanket in the child’s cot near where he was sleeping on a bed.  The gun was loaded and fully operational. Alongside it officers also found a machete.  Mr Arif, aged 42, was arrested nearby and charged with possession of a firearm."

Univision Network Coverage of Fast and Furious Intensifies

Univision will bring a fresh set of eyes to the Fast and Furious gun walking operation put in place by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in 2009.

Perhaps the Spanish-language television network's move to air an exclusive, in-depth investigation of the scandal on Sunday night, September 30 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT (6 p.m. Central) will counteract allegations from the White House that the congressional investigation into the operation was politically motivated.

The deadly consequences of Fast and Furious will be presented in a special edition of Univision Network's newsmagazine "Aquí y Ahora."

Univision's award-winning Investigative Unit, Univision Investiga, released a video clip to news media on Friday showing the massacred bodies of Mexicans killed with guns trafficked to drug cartels through the Fast and Furious program.

After two years of what amounts to collusion between the U.S. media complex and the Obama administration, Univision which consistently outranks other major networks among adults 18-34, will turn up the volume on Fast and Furious.

Univision's Investigative Unit identified massacres committed with guns from the ATF operation, including the killing of 16 young people attending a party in a residential area of Ciudad Juárez in January of 2010.

The video excerpt puts human faces on the pain and grief endured by the families of the slain.

In one scene a devastated mother desperate for closure cries out to former President Calderon, "Answer me."

A source familiar with the congressional hearings suggested the Univision expose is "the Holy Grail" some in Congress have been looking for.

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