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Many in Media continue to Misidentify Pistol Used in Dayton Shooting

When the mass murder in Dayton Ohio was conducted by a leftist drug addict, most in the media jumped to the conclusion that he used a rifle. It was not hard to do for those ignorant of firearms and the arcane classifications created by the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 and its follow on legislation. The logical contradictions of the NFA have become more and more obvious, partly through legal holdings of the BATFE, and partly from Court decision. It takes a serious understanding of the law to know what is a pistol and what is a rifle. Some study is required to know when a $200 federal tax stamp, and processing through the Byzantine BATFE bureaucracy is mandated,  and when it is not.

There are understandable reasons why some media outlets were confused.  Here are a few that have not corrected their misunderstanding of the technology, more than a week after the killing:

From August 12: 
Betts, armed with an assault rifle, opened fire in the Oregon District, a trendy nightspot neighborhood, early Aug. 4. He killed nine people in 30 seconds before police officers shot him dead.

From August 12: 

Ten weeks ago, documents said, Betts and Kollie assembled the rifle in the latter's apartment. Six to eight weeks ago, Betts returned to retrieve the rifle and to pick up the body armor and the 100-round magazine, prosecutors said.

 From August 12:

Armed with a .223-caliber high-capacity rifle with 100-round drum magazines, Betts fired 41 shots in fewer than 30 seconds, killing his sister, Megan, and eight others in Dayton’s entertainment district, police said.
Dayton Ohio, WKRC August 12

Betts used a .223 rifle with drum magazines containing 100 rounds. Police have said he legally bought the gun online from Texas and picked it up at a local gun dealer.

I wrote an article about the firearm being a legal pistol on August 5th. It was posted on Ammoland on August 6th. I wasn't the only person who saw what was clear from the photographs the police released. The Washington Post, about as mainstream (Progressive) a media outlet as can be, noted the firearm used was a pistol on August 5th. From the August 5:
Wearing body armor and a mask, Betts opened fire with an AR-15-style pistol outside a bar in Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday, killing nine people.
 The Daily Beast used the correct nomenclature on August 12th. From August 12:

Betts, 24, legally purchased the AM-15 pistol used in the attack, authorities previously said. The pistol has a shorter barrel than the AR-15 rifle variant, but uses the same ammunition and magazines.
We are making progress when the Washington Post correctly identifies a firearm.

What should come of this, but probably will not, is an understanding of the irrational, unsupportable nature of the restrictions and artificial distinctions between pistols and rifles that have been built into the National Firearms Act and the BATFE interpretations of it.

All those legalistic distinctions between a short barrelled rifle and a pistol with an arm brace, and a firearms that was designed to be fired without a stock, really are silly.

It would be better to do away with the NFA altogether.

I do not think we have the media power to do that, at least not this year. It makes wonderful sense, with logic and reason, to do so. But public perception is tremendously influenced by urban elites who know almost nothing of firearms and are proud of their ignorance.

An intermediate step would be to reform the NFA to only differentiate between concealable (anything that can be fired in a configuration of less than 26 inches in length) and long guns, anything longer than 26 inches in length. Suppressors, also known as silencers, should never have been in the NFA. They are primarily safety equipment, are seldom used in crime, and were not regulated for decades in many countries which otherwise heavily regulate firearms.

I do not see machine gun regulation being reduced to that of ordinary rifles, at least in the near future. It should be possible to remove the 1986 freeze on any new guns. Legal machine gun owners are the most lawful of the lawful. They should not be punished for being extremely law abiding.

It is easy to make full automatic firearms. It is easy to make silencers/suppressors. Yet both are seldom used in crime.  The law ought to take that reality into consideration. There is no point of having heavy regulation of short barreled rifles and shotguns when pistols and revolvers are protected by the Second Amendment.

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Gun Watch

NJ; Man Disarms Home Invader, Fires Gun, Invaders Flee

The woman said the two men were dressed all in black and wearing masks. She said that they demanded money, and in the struggle, her fiance grabbed one of the guns and shot off a round at the intruders.

She said that caused the men to run off.

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MO: Man Enters Wrong Apartment by Mistake, is Shot

Authorities say a man was shot and wounded when he accidentally tried to enter the wrong apartment in suburban St. Louis.

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IL: 54-Year-Old Homeowner with CCW permit in Chicago Shoots 49-Year-Old Intruder

Police said a 49-year-old man intruded into the backyard of the home at about 4:59 a.m. in the 2900-block of West Walnut Street. The intruder was then shot in the upper thigh by a 54-year-old man who owns the home, police said.

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FL: Armed Volusia Homeowner Holds Felipe Silba at Gunpoint for Police

She told the dispatcher her husband -- wearing only a T-shirt and boxer shorts -- was holding Silba in the driveway until Volusia County deputies could arrive.

"My husband has him in the driveway at gunpoint," she told the dispatcher. "The guy is not moving. Yeah, he said, 'I have him at gunpoint. '"
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30 percent of Confiscated Califorinia guns are Homemade


Several media outlets in California have teamed up with the anti-Second Amendment organization, The Trace, to investigate and write about homemade guns in California. They claim that BATFE sources say 30 percent of guns confiscated in California are homemade. Given there are over 400 million guns in private hands in the United States, and the border between California and other states is porous, and only lightly regulated; it seems an extraordinary number. From
An Investigation by NBC Bay Area in partnership with NBC San Diego, NBC Los Angeles, and the non-profit journalists at The Trace found that law enforcement agencies across California are recovering record numbers of ghost guns. According to several ATF sources, 30 percent of all guns now recovered by agents in communities throughout California are homemade, un-serialized firearms, known on the street as “ghost guns.”
Guns have been made at home and in small shops for the entire history of the USA.  From
Individuals in this country have been making their own guns for centuries. The practice is deeply rooted in our constitutional history and tradition. Legal scholars have recognized that the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms would be meaningless in practice unless the state afforded individuals the ability to exercise that right—which includes making their own guns.

For the past almost half-century, however, the sale and subsequent control of firearms have been heavily regulated by federal law. It may come as somewhat of a surprise that even in this era of regulation, it is still completely legal to make and own a homemade gun. Even more surprising is the fact that a gun made wholly or even twenty percent at home need not be registered and its owner is not required to be licensed.
The individual manufacture of guns has not been illegal or regulated at all until very recently, and then only ineffectively. California recently required people who wish to make guns at home apply for a state supplied serial number before they make the gun. The law has been largely ignored.

Government regulation of individual making of firearms is probably unconstitutional under the Second Amendment, as applied to the states by the fourteenth amendment. It should be unconstitutional for the federal government because of lack of jurisdiction, but with the promiscuous application of the commerce clause to all activities, that remains to be seen. 

In the world at large, the making of guns at home has been criminalized in nations with fewer Constitutional protections than the United States. That has not stopped homemade and small, clandestine shop manufacture. From Beyond State Control, published by the Small Arms Survey:

Improvised and craft-produced small arms account for a sizable proportion of weapons seized in domestic law enforcement operations in several countries. In the UK, some 80 per cent of all guns used in crime in 2011 and 2012 were improvised, craft-produced, or converted; in São Paulo, Brazil, 48 per cent of the sub-machine guns recovered during the same period were homemade; and in Indonesia, 98 percent of the guns confiscated from robbery suspects in 2013 were homemade.
The approach pushed by those who wish for a disarmed population is not reasonable or achievable. The FGC9 shown in the picture does not use any parts considered to be "gun parts" in the European Union, which has far, far stricter restrictions on firearms than any being considered in the United States.

The magazine is a homemade version of the Glock magazines. The barrel is homemade from a steel tube, with the machining done by a homemade, inexpensive, electro chemical machining apparatus that cost less than $100. The homemade machine created bore, chamber, and rifling that are fully functional. Other parts were printed on inexpensive 3D printers.

I have my doubts about the 30% figure. It seems quite high. While the article about "Ghost Guns" harps on the lack of any ability to trace homemade firearms, the utility of tracing guns in preventing crime has, at best, been minimal. Tracing guns only allows someone to determine to whom the first retail sale of the gun was made.  That results in a few guns being returned to their legitimate owners each year. Otherwise, it has almost no effect.

Most guns move through many hands before they are used in crime. Determining the first retail owner results in a dead end, once the gun is stolen. The totalitarian impulse is to restrict the law abiding access  to gun parts; then to restrict information on making guns, then to access to machine tools. It never works to reduce crime.

As shown in other countries, limiting access to firearms parts or even to machine tools has been spectacularly ineffective. Homemade/small shop guns are being made in Australia, India, Brazil, China, Canada, and now, in spectacular quantities, California.

The United States is a first world country with easy access to metals, machine tools, electricity, and computing power. Making guns is 15th century technology. Making an unregulated gun in the United States is a weekend project any hobbyist is capable of. 

The attempt to reduce the access to legal guns has resulted in a burgeoning culture that creates guns beyond state control.  There are physical limits to what California laws can accomplish. It appears they are bumping up against those limits in their zeal to disarm their population.

At what point do the proponents of disarming the public admit their scheme is counter-productive, ineffective, and does nothing to stop crime?

Never. It is not criminals they wish to stop from having guns.

It is you.

Failing that, they wish to make you into a criminal.

©2019 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

Gun Watch

FL: Neighbor Fires Shot at Suspect who Hurled Paver through Window, Holds Him for Police

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WFLA) – Police say a suspect was held at gunpoint by neighbors on Monday after they witnessed him throw a brick into the window of a Polk County home.

Winter Haven police were called to the Lake Howard area just after 12:30 p.m. Monday for the man, identified as 32-year-old Brandon Patterson, being held at gunpoint.
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MS: Victim Shoots Aggressor with gun from Truck

Rigel said several witnesses who saw the fight told deputies the victim was the aggressor. They said the fight started at one location. The shooter left the scene but the victim followed him to another location and continued the fight.

"(Johnson) kept beating up on him," Rigel said, adding there was a gun in the glovebox of the truck the shooter was in. "The guy came running at him and he told him to stop but he wouldn't so he shot him twice — and then performed CPR on him."
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IN: Domestic Defense, 1 Wounded, 1 Dead, Men Attempted to Break into Home

They say an ex-husband showed up at the home of his ex-wife, accompanied by a friend. The duo tried to get into the home, where the ex-wife lives with at least one other person. There was a struggle as they tried to gain entry to the home, and someone inside the house shot at the ex-husband and friend, police say. Both victims shot were the two men who attempted to gain entry to the home, investigators say.
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TX: Nacagdoches Homeowner on MLK drive Shoots at Burglary Suspects

A Nacogdoches homeowner shot at two suspected burglars early Monday morning and might have injured one of them, according to Brett Ayres with Nacogdoches PD.

The burglary took place just after 5:30 a.m. in the 1800 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The homeowner stated that two people were breaking into the home.
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GA: Armed Homeowner Shoots Suspect, Stops Crime Spree

When the two teens suspects tried to commit a home invasion in Peachtree Corners, things didn’t go as planned, according to officers.

Gwinnett County police say someone inside the apartment shot one of the teens before they could steal anything.
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Senators Threaten Supreme Court on New York Second Amendment Case

Senators Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Richard Durbin of Illinois and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York have filed an amicus curiae brief to have the Supreme Court dismiss the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc., v. City of New York..
The brief is an amazing example of chutzpah and comes very close to being a direct threat to the Court.

A little history is in order. It has been Progressives that have blatantly politicized the Court for most of a century. It was Progressives that claimed the Constitution is only what the Court says it is. It is Progressives that claim the Constitution is a living document. It has been primarily Progessives that have created political projects to bring actions before the court to overrule the legislature.

It is the height of brazen presumption for Democrat senators to chide Conservatives for bringing political cases to the Supreme Court, especially about the Second Amendment.

The first Supreme Court case testing a federal gun control law was Miller.  Miller was a blatant political case brought by an extreme proponent of federal gun control, who was appointed by FDR to the bench
in 1933, Democrat Congressman Heartsill Ragon.
A prominent Democrat, Ragon endorsed Roosevelt in 1932 and helped push the New Deal through the Ways and Means Committee. In return, Roosevelt made him a district judge. The NFA was part of Roosevelt’s New Deal program, enacted with broad support shortly after Ragon took the bench. But the Federal Firearms Act of 1938 (sic) was stirring up popular opposition, much of it based on the Second Amendment. The government needed to silence the complaints, and Miller was the perfect vehicle. Ragon had presided in an O’Malley prosecution, so he knew Miller was a crooked, pliable snitch, who wouldn’t cause any trouble. And Gutensohn was a comer who knew the game and got his due. Ragon’s memorandum opinion presented no facts and no argument. With no defense muddying the waters, it was the government’s ideal test case.
The decision in Miller was poorly written. It upheld the Second Amendment as an individual right, but was muddy enough that later decisions by appeals courts completely reversed its meaning, creating the myth of the Second Amendment as a "collective right" of government controlled militias. For 75 years, Progressives dominated the Supreme Court, and the court refused to hear any Second Amendment appeals.

It has been Democrats, leftists and Progressives who have created rights to abortion, homosexual sex, and "gay marriage" out of thin air.  It has been Progressives that have used the "commerce clause" to claim the federal government has the power to regulate everything in the United States.

These Democrat, Progressive, senators attempt to chide the Supreme Court for taking a case to prevent actual, obvious, infringements on the Second Amendment.

The Senators note much of the public considers the Court to be highly political. What do Progressives expect, after three generations of politicizing the Court at every turn? Do they expect the public to forget Judge Bork, Clarence Thomas, and the recent attempt to derail Justice Kavanaugh? From the breif:
Today, fifty-five percentof Americans believe the Supreme Court is “mainly motivated by politics”(up five percent from last year);fifty-nine percent believe the Court is “too influenced by politics”;and a majority now believes the “Supreme Court should be restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics. ”Quinnipiac Poll, supranote 2.To have the public believe that the Court’s pattern of outcomes is the stuff of chance(or “the requirements of thelaw,”Obergefell, 135 S. Ct. at 2612 (Roberts, C.J.,
18dissenting))is to treat the“intelligent man on the street,” Gill v. Whitford, No. 16-1161, Oral Arg. Tr. at 37:18-38:11 (Oct. 3, 2017),as a fool. 
The senators do not stop there. The threat to the court is thinly veiled. From the breif:
The Supreme Court is not well. And the people know it. Perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be “restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.”Particularly on the urgent issue of gun control, a nation desperately needs it to heal.
The implication is obvious: Nice little Court you have there. Be a shame if something were to happen to it. Rule the way we want, and you may keep your Court.

This, at the same time the senators speechify about maintaining separation of powers of the three branches of government!

I have seldom seen such brazen doublespeak! The Orwellian ability to believe in contradictory things by party members, is much in evidence in these senators.

The ability of the Party Organs (otherwise known as the mainstream media) to control the information flow is dwindling. It remains to be seen if the power has decreased enough to prevent the Progressives from regaining control of the Presidency and the Senate in 2020. In 2016, the Media showed enough power to regain control of the House.

©2019 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

Gun Watch

GA: Video of Gunfight Outside Fat Boys Bar and Grill, McCoy Believed to Stop Mass Shooting

- Deputies in Coweta County say an armed off-duty employee may have stopped a mass shooting at a crowded bar in Newnan Saturday morning.

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NY: Disarm, PIstol Whipped Resident takes Gun, Shoots, Kills Intruder

POUGHKEEPSIE – A resident of an apartment at 107 North Bridge Street in Poughkeepsie shot and killed an intruder late Saturday night.

Police responded and found one victim with a fatal gunshot wound and a second victim with wounds consistent with being pistol whipped.
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Update:Unintentional Firearms Fatalities: Accident Rates in the USA 94% Reduction 1933 to 2017

Unintentional Fatalities with Firearms, Accident Rates 1933-2019 USA

This article is an updated version of the article published in January of 2017. Since then, the CDC corrected the number of fatal firearm accidents for 2014, the error being found and pointed out by Dr. John Lott.

The reduction of fatal firearms accidents is one of the great, unnoticed success stories of the last 85 years. The rate has of unintended firearm fatalities has been reduced by 94% since 1933.

It is not simple to determine the rate of fatal firearm accidents in the United States over the long term.  In the chart above, three sources were used. The first precise numbers were collected in 1933.

Rates and numbers from 1933-1987 are  available from Kleck, Point Blank Page 306 Table 7.1.

The numbers for 1981-2000 were found in An Analysis of Firearm-Related Accidents in the United States(pdf). Rates were calculated using Census figures. 

From 1999-2017 numbers were available in WISQARS, population for per capital rates was taken from U.S. Census figures.

For the overlap cases, the later source was used.  The overlap from 1981 to 1987 only had one anomaly. In 1982, Kleck listed 1757 accidental firearm fatalities; the Analysis of Firearm-Related Accidents listed 1756.  The 1999 and 2000 numbers for the Analysis and WISQARS numbers were the same.

The 1967 data point stands out as slightly bucking the long term trend of lower and lower fatal firearm accident rates.  Curiously, it was the year before the Gun Control Act of 1968 went into effect. The slight uptick may have aided in passage of the law.

The numbers are sparse in the early years. Before 1933 the numbers were estimated. There are gaps in the data. The first precise number is from 1933, then 1935, 1940, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1960, and 1965.  After 1965 the data is available for each year.

Between 1945, (the earliest figure available for per capita firearms, Kleck) to 2017 ( the latest figure, using BATFE numbers and Kleck's methodology), the number of per capita firearms has risen from .35 to 1.28. There are more than 3.6 times as many firearms per person in the United States today, than there were in 1945.

During the same period, the per capita rate of fatal firearm accidents has declined from 1.84 per 100,000 to .15 per 100,000, over a 91% drop.  Using the earliest number, form 1933, the drop has been 94%. 

In comparison, fatal vehicular accident rates have dropped from 23.687 per 100,000 in 1933 to 11.40 per 100,000 in 2017, or a drop of 52%. That is a substantial drop, but not as impressive as the drop in fatal firearm accidents.

We know that the number of miles driven has increased significantly; we do not have similar figures for the amount of ammunition consumed.

In 2014, the CDC record shows a coding error. The number was stated as 586, but John Lott, who detected the error and informed the CDC, said the number should be no more than 486. The actual number corrected by the CDC, has been determined to be 461. That is now the lowest number and the lowest rate on record for the United States. The rate is .14 per 100,000 population.

The rate of fatal firearms accidents in 2015, 2016 and 2017 was flat at .15 per 100,000.

For those who wish the individual numbers by year, to create your own graphics, the numbers for all three sources may be found at the link below.

Data for Rate of Fatal Firearm Accidents.

There is considerable misinformation about how many fatal firearms accidents occur per year, especially for children. For children (less than 18 years old), it is a very small number, less than 96 per year.

©2019 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

AZ: 21-Year-Old Shot, Killed, while Breaking into Apartment

Phoenix police said they were called to an apartment complex around 2:40 a.m. near Seventh Street and Camelback Road where a 27-year-old male resident told police he awoke to someone breaking his rear glass door. He told police he shot the victim with a handgun after he saw the man remove the screen door from its hinge and kick the glass door.
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IL: Gunfight,, Bullet to Police Department Window, No one Injured

No one was hurt Friday after a bullet pierced a window of a police station in the Austin neighborhood when multiple people in a dispute fired shots at each other.

Two males were in custody after their group of four argued with a concealed carry license holder and one of them fired shots, CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

The concealed carry holder took out their own gun and returned fire, he said.

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CA: Knife to Gunfight, Suspect Drops Knife, Money, and Money Bag, no One Injured

The man approached a Brinks Armored security guard in the area of Third Street and Arizona Avenue around 11:15 a.m., according to the Santa Monica Police Department.

He then tried to stab the guard, who responded by shooting at him three times, police said in a news release.

The assailant, who was not hit by the gunfire, fled the scene and was apprehended around 12:10 p.m.
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Al: Gunfight, Jewelry Store Owner Drives Masked, Armed, men from Store

It was lunchtime Wednesday when two men came through the front door of Custom Jewelers wearing masks and with guns in hand.

Gorman spotted them right away and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Video was captured by surveillance cameras inside the store where you see Gorman come upon the robbers, shoot at them, and chase them out of the store.
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TX: Three Armed Samaritans Stop Attack on Young Woman

In a state of disbelief, Paxson said she rolled down her windows, started screaming and honking her horn.

Shortly after, three men got out of their cars and intervened.

"Some had guns, and at that point in time, it really became a cross between the Wild West and Gotham City," Paxson recalled.

Paxson called 911 as she drove away for her own safety.

"One of the good guys separated the girl and the dog and they seemed like they were OK and safe," Paxson said.
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AZ: Man Shot, Killed, Outside Club after Pointing Gun at People

While in the parking lot, Kariker retrieved a gun from his vehicle and pointed it at several people in the parking lot, police said. A 22-year-old man also retrieved a gun and fired multiple rounds, striking Kariker, police said.

He was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead. The shooter was detained and cooperated with investigators, Samudio said.
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FL: Father Justified in Fatal Shooting of 27-Year-Old Son

The father of Amos Lee, 27, was questioned and released, and he was not charged with a crime, according to investigators. Lee's mother said his father shot the gun because he told her he feared for his life.
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IL: Gunfight, Off Duty Police Officer and Robbery Suspect Excange Fire

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - New video released by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability shows an off-duty Chicago officer engaging in a brief shootout with an armed robbery suspect on the Far South Side.
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Missouri Walmart Open Carrier 1st Degree Terrorist Threat Rejected by Prosecutor

At about 4:10 p.m. on 8 August, 2019 Dmitriy Andreychenco parked in the parking lot of the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Springfield, Missouri. He took an tactical ballistic vest out of the car, put it on, and slung a AR type rifle. He walked into the store. He was open carrying and testing his Second Amendment rights, as confirmed by his wife and his sister. He had his phone in his hand and was recording himself as he pushed a cart through the store. He never pointed the firearm at anyone or made any verbal or written threat. The Walmart manager stated he heard an employee say that Dmitriy was coming into the store with the vest and the rifle. He observed Dmitriy walking in the store aisles. He told an employee to pull the fire alarm in order to get people to evacuate the store.

Dmitriy evacuated the store with the rest of the customers. As he left the store, another armed citizen pointed a gun at him and held him for police.

The police took Dmitry into custody without incident. A video shows him acting calmly and carefully following police commands. Police quickly determined he was not a threat, as the store manager had assumed.

  Link to video

Shortly after his arrest, a police officer claimed Dmitriy deliberately decided to cause chaos, a claim not supported by the facts. Police should avoid making claims about a suspects frame of mind, absent evidence.

The police arrested Dmitriy on suspicion of  making of a terroristic threat in the first degree

I predicted the Green County Prosecutor would not file a formal charge of a terrorist threat in the first degree. The facts did not support such a charge.

Dan Patterson, the Green County Prosecutor, rejected the charge of terrorist threat in the first degree.

Instead, he charged Dmitriy with a terrorist threat in the second degree. The second degree charge is still a felony.

Here is the felony complaint. From
The Prosecuting Attorney of the County of Greene, State of Missouri, upon information and belief, charges that the defendant, in violation of Section 574.120, RSMo, committed the class E felony of making a terrorist threat in the second degree, punishable upon conviction under Sections 558.002 and 558.011, RSMo, in that on or about August 8, 2019, in the County of Greene, State of Missouri, the Defendant recklessly disregarded the risk of causing the evacuation of a building, the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 3510 W. Republic St., Springfield, Missouri, by knowingly communicating an implied threat to cause an incident or condition involving danger to life, or, in the alternative, by knowingly causing a fear that a condition existed involving danger to life.
Prosecutors routinely overcharge, as a starting position for plea bargains. Dmitriy is being held on $10,000 bail.

Here are the Missouri statutes for second degree and third degree terrorist threats. From

574.120. Making a terrorist threat, second degree — penalty. — 1. A person commits the offense of making a terrorist threat in the second degree if he or she recklessly disregards the risk of causing the evacuation, quarantine or closure of any portion of a building, inhabitable structure, place of assembly or facility of transportation and knowingly:

  (1) Communicates an express or implied threat to cause an incident or condition involving danger to life; or

  (2) Communicates a false report of an incident or condition involving danger to life; or

  (3) Causes a false belief or fear that an incident has occurred or that a condition exists involving danger to life.

  2. The offense of making a terrorist threat in the second degree is a class E felony.

  3. No offense is committed under this section by a person acting in good faith with the purpose to prevent harm.
(L. 2014 S.B. 491)
Effective 1-01-17
An important element of the offense is that the action is performed knowingly. The Supreme Court recently ruled on a case involving Second Amendment rights  and what "knowingly" means. From the decision:
As this Court has explained, the understanding that an injury is criminal only if inflicted knowingly “is as universal and persistent in mature systems of law as belief in freedom of the human will and a consequent ability and duty of the normal individual to choose between good and evil.”
The prosecution will have to convince a jury that (3) Dmitriy knowingly caused a false belief or fear that an an incident has occurred or that a condition exists involving danger to life.

That will be a difficult case to make. Dmitriy consistently told the story that we was testing his Second Amendment rights, and he expected Walmart management to talk to him, not pull a fire alarm. The Third  degree terrorist threat is probably the prosecutor's target. Here is the statute:

  574.125. Making a terrorist threat, third degree — penalty. — 1. A person commits the offense of making a terrorist threat in the third degree if he or she, with criminal negligence with regard to the risk of causing the evacuation, quarantine or closure of any portion of a building, inhabitable structure, place of assembly or facility of transportation, knowingly:

  (1) Communicates an express or implied threat to cause an incident or condition involving danger to life; or

  (2) Communicates a knowingly false report of an incident or condition involving danger to life; or

  (3) Causes a false belief or fear that an incident has occurred or that a condition exists involving danger to life.

  2. The offense of making a terrorist threat in the third degree is a class A misdemeanor.

  3. No offense is committed under this section by a person acting in good faith with the purpose to prevent harm.
(L. 2014 S.B. 491)
Effective 1-01-17

It is still a high standard. Criminal negligence would be what a jury would need to be convinced of, most likely of  (3) Causes a false belief.

Much will depend on surveillance video and the phone video that Dmitriy made. Did Walmart shoppers start running from Dmitriy before the Walmart management pulled the fire-alarm? It is not clear if that happened. The manager says he pulled the alarm to get customers to leave the store. If the manager believed that Dmitriy was a threat, even though customers were not panicking, the case for criminal negligence becomes harder to make.

Dmitriy faces considerable legal fees for his Second Amendment activism. Perhaps he could have shown better judgement. Maybe someone will create a gofundme account to help with his legal fees. It may be that gofundme will refuse to allow a fund to be set up.

They have taken down other conservative funding efforts, such as the one by Israel Folau, a Christian Rugby star who was sacked for quoting a bible verse, or the private effort to fund a border wall, where gofundme refunded $20 million, rather than allow the effort to proceed.

I do not believe the NRA legal defense fund will be of any assistance.

It is clear Conservatives need an alternative funding site, that will not take down their charity efforts, because the site disapproves of Conservatives.

This case will be followed closely.

Email for  the Green County Prosecutor, Dan Patterson, can be found at this link.

©2019 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

Gun Watch 

OK: Church Member uses Shotgun to Shoot, Wound, Church Burglary Suspect

TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police say a church member shot a suspected burglar at the Church of Christ near Pine and Sheridan. Officers say this church has been burglarized several times for copper in the past two weeks.
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NM: Home Invaders Claimed to Be FBI, One Shot, Wounded

The city of Española had its first fatal shooting of the year Aug. 8 when a homeowner shot an armed intruder.

Darell Padilla, 31, of Española was transported to the hospital where he later died.
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TX: 78-Year-Old Woman Stabbed, beaten, Suspect Shot, Wounded

From the crime scene, it is apparent that the victim fought the suspect.

The suspect was arrested after jumping from a window at the residence and chased down. He was treated for a gunshot wound to the leg and released to arresting officers. He is currently being held in the city jail.
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MS: No Charges Filed for Man who Shot Car Burglary Suspect

The victim is alleged to have been burglarizing a vehicle and was caught by the owner when the shooting happened.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

July 2019 NICS Background Checks Highest on Record, Sales Steady

The number of National Instant background Checks (NICS) done by the FBI for July, 2019, is up dramatically. There were 2,030,661 background checks done in July of 2019. That is the second highest July on record, with only July of 2016 being higher. July of 2016 had 2,197,169 NICS checks.

The 2019 number is positive for gun retailers and gun manufacturers, even after we take into account the changing nature of the type and numbers of background checks done through the FBI system.

When the system was started in 1998, over 20 years ago, most of the checks done were for retail gun sales. In 1999, the number of people with carry permits was only 2.7 million, according to the NRA. The NICS system did not track how many checks were done for carry permits.

The number of people obtaining carry permits has soared, as have permit rechecks. There are now close to 18 million people with carry permits. Illinois and Kentucky conduct large numbers of permit checks and rechecks monthly, skewing the system.

As the federal government does not charge for the NICS checks, there is little incentive for states to use the system judiciously. In a bureaucracy, the more the system is used, the better. More use means more personnel, equipment and budget. Everyone in the bureaucracy wins. The taxpayer loses.

To connect the NICS numbers closer to firearm sales, the permit and permit rechecks need to be subtracted. When this is done, the remaining number is 853,963 for July of 2019. This is higher than the 849,837 for 2018, but substantially lower than the 1,220,710 in the record setting year of 2016. The number for 2017, after permit and rechecks were subtracted was 916,586, also higher than for 2019.

Permit and permit rechecks continue to account for more than half of the NICS checks done.

While July 2019 had the second highest number of NICS checks for July on record, it had the third highest number of NICS checks after the permit and permit rechecks were subtracted.

That is a good showing, but it is substantially below the fevered buying that was happening in July of 2016, when most people thought Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for President.

I expect next month to show higher sales and higher carry permit and recheck numbers. The left has become strident in their push for more infringements on the Second Amendment. That usually pushes sales up substantially. There are excellent deals out there on modern semi-automatic rifles. Excellent quality pistols can be had for very little money in historical terms.

In 1955, a Colt .45 Automatic pistol cost $64.60, or $617 in constant dollars. Today you can buy many different versions of the 1911 style pistol for that price. The minimum wage was $.75, so the number of hours is about the same. But more efficient manufacturing processes mean excellent pistols can be manufactured for much less money. The Smith & Wesson M&P .45 can be had for as low as $320, and the Taurus ST45 runs as low as $300.  Glock .45 models can be had for as little as $502.

In rifles, a S&W  M&P15 Sport has been seen at $520, with free shipping.

I do not expect the deals to last for long. Sale numbers are going to rise again, driven by the media push for infringements on the Second Amendment.

I suspect President Trump will hold firm to protect the Second Amendment, in the end. But the President's style includes making noises that sound promising and conciliatory to the left, without committing to details.

Those words will not be reassuring to Second Amendment supporters and nervous potential firearms buyers. That will work to increase sales.

©2019 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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VA: Burglary Suspect Shot by Resident

Investigators learned the man was attempting to commit a burglary at a home and was shot by someone inside the home. Police also say the burglary suspect and victim in the home knew each other.
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TN: Man Shoots Pit Bull that Charged Him

“Mr. Burrage advised that the dog first charged at him on the mower then ran back toward his neighbor’s residence. Mr. Burrage advised that the dog then turned and charged at him again while he was on his lawnmower,” Deputy Nick Robinson reported. “Mr. Burrage advised that the second time the pit bull charged at him, he fired two rounds at the dog,
striking it once in the neck.”
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Followup SC: Domestic Defense, No Charges for Austin Mendex who Shot, Killed Father

A 27-year-old Greenville County man will not a face a manslaughter trial in his father’s killing after a judge ruled Austin Mendez acted in self-defense when he used deadly force to save his mother from a brutal beating.
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TX: Armed Family Friend Shoots Armed Suspect accused of Puppy Theft

Later, the couple say they saw a vehicle pull behind Gibson’s home and saw him loading the puppy into the vehicle, police said. When the couple took their stolen puppy from the car, Gray allegedly assaulted the 39-year-old woman.

Then, Gibson retrieved a gun from his vehicle and threatened to shoot the couple, police said. That is when the couple family friend, who has a license to carry a handgun, pulled his own gun and shot Gibson once.
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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Senator Schumer Proposes Unconstitutional Infringements on Body Armor Sales

Chuck Schumer at Gay Pride Parade (wikipedia)

Senator Chuck Schumer (D) New York, has proposed radical new infringements on the Second Amendment.   He proposed that body armor be prohibited to citizens, and that body armor sales be metered out by the FBI. 

None of his proposals were in the form of a bill or written proposals. The proposal is blatantly unconstitutional on its face. Body armor is legal to purchase in all 50 states and is in common use. It is clearly a portable arm, even though its use is primarily defensive in nature. From the
Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday proposed new legislation to require the FBI to sign off on body armor sales to civilians.

The announcement comes one week after mass killer Connor Betts — clad in body armor — opened fire in a trendy Dayton, Ohio, neighborhood and killed nine people before he was gunned down by police.

The standard is clear from the Heller decision, clarified in a unanimous decision in Caetano.

Bearable arms are protected by the Second Amendment. They are not unusual if they are in common use. Arms may be regulated to keep them from being used to terrify the population if they are both dangerous and unusual.  Arms that are in common use are not unusual, as per the Supreme Court.  From Caetano:

The Court has held that “the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding,” District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U. S. 570, 582 (2008), and that this “Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States,” McDonald v.Chicago, 561 U. S. 742, 750 (2010). In this case, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts upheld a Massachusetts law prohibiting the possession of stun guns after examining “whether a stun gun is the type of weapon contemplated by Congress in 1789 as being protected by the Second Amendment.” 470 Mass. 774, 777, 26 N. E. 3d 688, 691 (2015).
The Left in the United States has not respected the Constitution in a hundred and ten years, since Progressivism became a serious force in American politics. It would be folly to expect them to respect the Constitution and the principle of limited government it is designed to implement. They claim to respect the Constitution by claiming it is infinitely malleable, that words can be twisted to mean their precise opposite, thus allowing Leftist to rule the country without limit.  Their deception, promoted by an ideologically Progressive media, is now widely understood.

Armor has been considered a part of bearable arms since before the historical record, as long as man has existed.

The idea of restricting body armor from the population is so obviously forbidden by the Second Amendment so as to wonder at the purpose of Senator Schumer's proposal.

I suspect it is a "bargaining chip" to be used as leverage to obtain a ban on the private sale of firearms, also known as "universal background checks". A gun sale is not private if it is required to be approved by a public entity.

Body armor is used by criminals occasionally. It has been used in two instances of mass murder that I know of, at the Aurora theater mass murder and at the Dayton, Ohio mass murder.

It is more commonly used by police and others for legal defensive purposes. No arms commonly carried by police should be denied to the citizenry.

If an arm is useful to the police, it is useful to citizens.

Use of a single event that arouses public passion, to pass legislation that would never pass otherwise, has been well understood for centuries. The founders understood it and guarded against it.  In the modern parlance, it has been called the "Overton Window", or as Rahm Emanuel was quoted:
You never let a serious crises go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.
The concept is a direct attack on good and prudent government. It presupposes the people in power know best, and thus harness the emotion of a moment to pass legislation that could never pass if considered rationally and judiciously.

It is exactly what the limits on government power were designed to prevent.

One of those limits is the Second Amendment of the Constitution. If Senator Schumer succeeds in his unconstitutional desire to deprive American citizens of body armor, the Courts should quickly and clearly rule it as an unconstitutional infringement.

©2019 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.
You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

NH: Homeowner reports he shot at Suspect who Made Threatening Move

Northwood police are investigating after a homeowner says he shot at someone trying to break into his car.

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AL: Shooting Death of Tremanie Howard Ruled Justified

Howard appeared to have suffered an apparent gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene. According to authorities, a handgun was located on Howard.

After detectives interviewed the person involved in the shooting, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office ruled the shooting as justifiable.
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IL: Armed 75-Year-Old Homeowner Shoots, Kills Teen involved in Robbery Attempt

The homeowner said two of the suspects approached him and one appeared to be holding something. He fired shots at them fearing for his safety, hitting a 14-year-old boy from Chicago in the head, police said.

Police said a bowie knife was recovered at the scene. The homeowner has a valid FOID card and is cooperating with authorities.
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TX: Gunfight, Returning Son Exchanges Gunfire wtih Home Invader

Police say the husband ran out onto the street to get help.

At that time, police say the couple's son was returning home and saw the suspect run from their yard down the street.

Police say the suspect fired at the son and the son fired back, but the man ultimately got away.
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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Update: Handgun or Pistol Against Bear Attack: 73 cases, 96% Effective

Photo Courtesy Todd Orr, 1 October, 2016, Gallatin National Forest, text by Dean Weingarten

In January, 2018, I published some original research on the efficacy of pistols in stopping bear attacks. It started with this observation:
On the Internet, and in print, many people claim that pistols lack efficacy in defending against bear attacks. Here is an example that occurred on
“Actually, there are legions of people who have been badly mauled after using a handgun on a bear. Even some of the vaunted magnums.”

OK, give us a few examples. As you claim “legions”, it should not be too hard.
I never received a response. I believe the claim was made in good faith. There has been much conjecture about the lack of efficacy of pistols for defense against bears. A little searching will find a plethora of fantasy, fiction, mythology, and electrons sprayed about the supposed lack.
In the original article, there were 37 instances of bear attacks where people attempted to defend themselves or others from a bear or bears, with a pistol. Of the 37 attacks, there was only one failure, giving a success rate of 97%.

The criteria for inclusion in this study is a pistol had to be fired to defend against a bear or bears. If a pistol was not fired, the incident was not included. If the use of the pistol stopped the attack, it was a success whether the bear was killed immediately, or left the scene, as long as it stopped attacking.

All methods of defense against bears have similar problems of access. A handgun or bear spray in a pack, or a rifle slung over the shoulder without a round in the chamber, should not be counted as a use of the method to defend against bears.  All of the methods can be carried for easy access. It is not a fault of the method if the user did not have them available for use, or if the attack was too quick to allow use.

I and colleagues have searched for instances where  pistols were used to defend against bears.  By the time of the original article I and my associates found 37 instances which were fairly easily confirmed.

By March of 2019, our renewed efforts had found another 26 instances. The 63 incidents had 3 failures, for a 95% success rate. The incidents are heavily weighted toward the present.  The ability to publish and search for these incidents has increased over the years. By August of 2019, we have found ten more cases. The total is now 73 cases, with three failures, for a success rate of 96%.

In addition to the pistol defenses, there are two instances where pistols were used in combination with rifles, one where a pistol was used on an aggressive bear hit by a vehicle, two examples where pistols were present but not used, one indeterminate case, and two examples of unconfirmed incidents. Those incidents are referenced, but are not included in the 73 cases or the 96% success rate.

You need not rely on my judgement or that of my colleagues. Read of the successes and failures for yourself. Make your own judgements. Some links may not work. Sources on the Internet often go dead after a few years.

Bear and human populations have increased.  Reliable and powerful pistols have become more popular, legal, and commonly carried.

The pistol calibers, when known,  range from .22 rimfire to .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum. The most common are .44 magnums with 23 cases, all successful.  Here are the cases, sorted by caliber and date. For this update, additions are referenced with the word "addition" after the number. There were two additional .357 magnum cases, one additional .40 caliber case, one case in a new caliber, .44-40, four additional .44 magnum cases, one additional .45 ACP case and one case where the caliber was unknown. All 73 cases are referenced below.

We found five cases involving a .22 rimfire pistol. Four were successful, against black bears. One failed against a polar bear

1. 1936, Alaska: From More Alaskan Bear Tales Page 267 .22 Rimfire  Reference January 31, 1936 black bear
 A black bear with cubs had chased Mr. Nutter up a tree. When the sow came after him, he was able to shoot and kill it with a .22 pistol.

2. 1971, Idaho: From Guides tales of Adventure,.22 rimfire page 62 black bear

Walt Earl was a government trapper and hunter who also guided hunters. He had to kill a black bear and cubs in a depredation hunt.  The hunter forgot his ammunition for the hunter's .44 magnum. Walt took refuge on the trunk of a huge pine that had blown down. The sow came after him.
She climbed up and walked straight down the trunk toward me and my pea shooter.

Her head swaying and teeth popping, I held my shot. From behind the flimsy barracade of twigs, I took aim for her throat, and yelled for the dogs to take her. They moved by didn't answer the challenge.

She stood 20 feet away, with all her attention focused on my throat. I had, in a way, brought a knife to a gunfight.

With eight rounds left in my 10 round clip, I pulled the trigger with my sights on the swaying bruin's throat.

One. Two. Three. Four. If anything, these rounds just angered her more.

Five. Six. Seven. Eight.


On the eight shot, something happened. Rocket, that old redbone hound, charged up into the bear, sinking his teeth into the sow's side. They both went flying. from the log, claws flying and teeth snapping in midair.
As the dogs fought the sow, Earl reloaded. Then, as the sow came at him again, he fired 10 more shots from his Ruger .22 pistol. The dogs distracted the sow once more. The fight moved into a thicket. The sow was found there, dead from two .22 rounds that had reached her vitals. There were 14 .22 caliber holes in her. A bio of Walt Earl is included at the end of the book.

3.  1 September, 1995, Norway, Svalbard Island, .22 rimfire, Failure Polar Bears:  Proceedings of the Twelfth Working Group
On 1 September, 1995, two male tourists were attacked by an adult male bear on a remote island in eastern Svalbard. The two tourists defended themselves with a .22 calibre pistol which proved ineffective. One man was killed, the other injured. Police later shot the bear.

4. 24 June 2012, Arizona,  Pondorosa Campground, .22 rimfire, black bear, (caliber previously unknown)
The bear had entered the man’s tent and attacked him. His fiance’ and a one-year-old child were also in the tent and were able to escape unharmed and sound the alarm to other campers in the nearby area.
Reports indicate that another camper at a nearby campsite shot at the bear several times with a handgun at close range after the attack. The bear left the area, and it is unknown at this time if or how many times the bear was hit.
.22 caliber mentioned at fox10phoenix story

5. 25 July, 2016, New Mexico, Silver City, .22 Rimfire, black bear.
The startled cubs bawled out for their mother, which came running around the corner. The woman fled into her house, but her dogs slipped out the open door. A fight ensued between the adult bear and the dogs, during which the woman attempted to scare the bear away. The woman’s husband arrived armed with a .22-caliber pistol and fired a single shot in the bear’s direction, Peralta said.

The bear ran off and collapsed about 40 yards away, dead from the gunshot wound, Peralta said. One of the cubs was found near the house and the other was found in a tree.

We found one case involving a .380 pistol. It was successful.

1. 14 April, 2006, Tennessee: From .380 defense against 350 lb+ black bear    The bear had killed a six year old girl and mauled her mother and brother. The attack occurred on Friday, 14 April in 2006, in the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee.

The bear bit the boy’s head, then went after the child’s mother after she tried to fend off the attack with rocks and sticks, Hicks said. The animal picked up the woman with its mouth and dragged her off the trail.

The girl apparently ran away, and almost an hour passed before rescuer Danny Stinnett found the bear hovering over her body about 100 yards off the trail.

Stinnett, a county fire and rescue chief, said he approached and was about 25 feet away when the bear charged him on all fours. He said he fired at the bear twice with his .380-caliber pistol, scaring it off.

“I know I hit it,” Stinnett said. “It reared up on its hind legs. It was as big as you and me.”

 We found five cases where 9 mm pistols were used to defend against bears. All were successful.

1. 17 August, 2002, Alaska, Russian River,  Grizzly Charged Fishermen, 9mm
But then the bear turned, looked up at Brenner and lunged, said Lewis, who interviewed the three men Saturday.

Brenner fired twice at the center of the hulking shape closing to four or five feet away. The sow, estimated at 400 to 450 pounds, went down. Brenner then put three more bullets into her head.

He used a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. Lewis said such a low-caliber gun ordinarily doesn't pack enough punch to kill a bear. But Brenner loaded the pistol with full-metal-jacket bullets that penetrated to the bear's vital organs, he said.

2. 31 August, 2004, Colorado: Black Bear Charged  John Tiebohl, 9 mm, Bachelor Gulch
BACHELOR GULCH – The Aug. 31 shooting of a bear in Bachelor Gulch still echoes among residents in the upscale enclave.The Colorado Division of Wildlife continues to investigate the incident, in which homeowner John Tietbohl shot and wounded a bear outside his Daybreak Ridge home. Tietbohl told officers the bear had been trying to get into his home, then charged him as he was getting into his car that evening. Tietbohl, who had been carrying a 9-millimeter pistol as a sidearm to protect himself from the bear, shot and hit the animal, which left a trail of blood as it ran off.Earlier in the day, Bachelor Gulch security officers had repeatedly sprayed pepper spray at the bear near Tietbohl’s house, but the animal stayed around. The bear also reportedly slipped into Tietbohl’s garage in the days before it was shot.

3. 20 April, 2009, Germany, Kassel, Brown Bear, 9mm Sig is police issue
However, one of the bears attacked the cop and bit him twice on the left calf. The injured policeman shot the 180-kilogram (397-pound) bear five or six times with his service pistol. The circus director was sharply critical of the police action, which he described as "out of proportion."

4. Last week in July, 2016, Alaska: Guide Kills Attacking Grizzly with 9mm
In the last week in July, 2016, Phil Shoemaker had use a 9mm pistol to kill a grizzly that was threatening his clients and himself.  It worked.

5. 6 October, 2017, Montana:  Bowhunters, Spray Failed, 9mm, Grizzly , account from two sources, Todd Orr, and Eye-witness, Beaver Creek

I interviewed both sources. The attack was reported to Fish and Game, but was not published.  Consistent incident recorded in USGS data base.

It was at the end of the day, and was getting dark. Two bow hunters, were returning from their bow hunt. They both had bear spray and pistols. They had agreed that if forced into defending themselves, one would use spray, the other would back up the spray with his pistol.

The grizzly bluff charged several times, blocking their return to camp.

Warning shots were fired in the air with a 9 mm pistol. The bear ran off, then came back. Bear spray was utilized but only extended 10 feet into a light head wind and did not reach the bear. The bear would not disengage. It kept coming back and getting closer.  The aggressive bear was finally shot with the 9 mm pistol at close range. It ran off. The report was made to Fish and Wildlife, and the bear was found dead the next day. Eye-witness believes it was one shot to the chest of the bear.

We found one case involving a 9.3 x 18 Makarov pistol, in Russia.

1. 2010, Russia:  9.3 mm Makarov (most likely) Police attempting to control bear.
Brown bear shot by policemen  after attack on veterinarian police s uses that time (2010) 9mm Makarov, I'm pretty sure about 95% it was basic FMJ (Full metal jackets) They shot around 8-9 shot, no one can tell how many actually hit the bear

Link to video
We found two cases involving a .38 revolver against black bears. One was a failure, one a success.

1. May, 2013, Missouri, Rodgersville, .38 revolver,, black bear
"The bear was being really aggressive and foaming at the mouth," something a game warden told him happens when bears become angry. "At that point I shot the bear."

The bear was hit three times in the chest and then ran away, climbed up a tree, and the fire department had to cut the limbs to get him down. The bear eventually died.


"I brought a 38 pistol to scare it more than anything."

When it fought back and became aggressive, he knew he had to take action, "it was self defense."Since the incident he's gotten angry emails.

2. 6 September, 2015, New Mexico: Failure, .38 revolver  Ocate, black bear
The hunter received bite injuries to his foot through his boot as he climbed a tree to try to escape the bear. He was taken to Alta Vista Hospital in Las Vegas, N.M., where he was treated and released.


In Thursday’s attack, the hunter told officials he was eating lunch under a tree when he spotted the bear and her cub in a watering hole. He took photographs and started shooting video of the animals when the mother bear got angry and charged. The hunter, who officials did not identify, climbed the tree to escape.

At one point, the hunter fell 15 feet from the tree and then managed to climb back up. He fired his pistol into the air and at the female bear in attempt to scare it, but the animal didn’t leave. He then radioed for help. His guide told officers he found the hunter clinging to the tree nearly 50 feet from the ground.
Investigating officers did not find any blood at the scene. Two bullets were recovered at the base of the tree. I interviewed  Clint Henson, one of the investigating officers. In the official report, obtained by a public information request, the revolver was identified as a .38. Only five shots were recorded. The revolver was placed in the archery hunter's pocket, so it was likely a 2" barreled 5-shot revolver.

One warning shot was fired in the air as the bear approached. The bear continued to advance, so the defender put the pistol in his pocket and climbed the tree. The bear came up the tree and bit him in the foot.  He fired four more times at the bear as it climbed the tree toward him. Two of the times, the bear backed down the tree. He continued to yell at the bear, and it eventually left with the cub.

We have found five cases where .357 revolvers were used to defend against bears. Four were successful, one was unsuccessful.

1. addition September of 1956 or 1957 Highland Valley, Geologist Alex Burton, Highland Valley, British Columbia, .357 Colt revolver, Black Bear. 

I interviewed Alex Burton. The details of his cases are at the link on Ammoland.

When Alex arrived at the scene, the Cook had gone back to the dump. Alex had to retrieve his 357 Colt revolver, unlock the box it was in, retrieve ammunition from another box, and load it. While he was doing this, the Cook came running back from the dump, with the bear chasing him. Alex shot the bear from about 100 feet away. The bear ran into the dense woods. Alex was obligated to follow it up, and, fortunately, found it dead a short ways into the woods.

 2. 26 June, 1987, Montana: Grizzly Bear Killed After Biting Warden in Montana Forest  .357 Magnum

Pictures at Field and Stream Article here
‘’I wouldn’t want to have another go-round,’’ the 60-year-warden, Lou Kis, said from his hospital bed after undergoing surgery for the bite, which was so powerful that it broke the leg bone below the knee.

Mr. Kris, a warden captain here for 22 years, killed the 400- to 500-pound bear with six shots from his .357 caliber Magnum revolver as it bit him.

3. addition June or July, 1991, Ontario, Canada, Garden Lake, black bear, .357 magnum (Colt Python) Mentioned in Comments on Ammoland.

I interviewed George Scott in 2019.
Government geologist George Scott had an ATC (Authority to Carry) while in the performance of official duties. A black bear raided coolers and ate steaks and pork chops, punctured all coke cans. The next morning, it was foggy and Scott went out fishing, leaving his Colt Python Stainless steel revolver in the holster, loaded, in the cabin. He heard gunshots and returned to the cabin. His partner had fired at the bear, but had missed. The next morning, approached the outhouse with toilet paper in one hand and the Python in the other. The bear came out from behind the outhouse when he was 20 feet away. He fired one shot, and the bear ran 40 feet and expired.

 4. June 20, 2010, Alaska: Geologist Pistol Defense failure  Grizzly Bear, .357 Magnum
Miller managed to pull out his .357 Magnum revolver and squeeze off a shot, possibly grazing the animal. Then he fell onto his stomach, dug his face into the dirt and covered his neck.

The bear went for his exposed right arm, gnawing and clawing it and chipping the bone off the tip of his elbow. The attack lasted 10 to 15 seconds, then the animal lumbered away.

As Miller rolled over and was getting to his knees, the bear, only about 40 yards away, came at him again.

He managed to fire two more shots, but with his right arm badly injured he thinks he missed the bear. Then he lay still as the animal gnawed and clawed at him.

After the second attack, Miller played dead again, lying still for three to five minutes. He tried to move and realized he couldn’t. He was too badly injured.

“I was just hoping my radio was still in my vest pocket and it was,” he said. “I got it out and started radioing mayday, which nobody answered.”
5. 26 July, 2014, Montana: Glacier National Park: Bear first sprayed, then shot with a .357, grizzly bear
Murphy first sprayed bear spray at the bear when it was 15 to 25 feet away, firing one shot from his .357 revolver when the bear had approached to within 7-10 feet.  The bear was charging uphill at the time.     He only fired one round at the bear, which fell back and stopped moving when shot.   Many have suggested that he should have continued firing, but it is hard to argue with success.
We have found four cases where .40 caliber pistols were used to defend against bears. All were successful.

1. 2 June, 2006, Alaska:  Black Bear broke into Anchorage home, AK Glock .40

A large black bear broke into an Anchorage home early this morning, rummaged around like a burglar and feasted on a box of chocolates before the homeowner shot him dead with a Glock.


Knowlton said the bear started back up the stairs toward his son. He shot the animal multiple times and it went back downstairs.

2. addition, 23 September, 2008 .40 caliber  Black bear bit deputy in Morrow County Ohio, near Gilead. 500 lb Black Bear.

 MOUNT GILEAD, Ohio, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- Authorities in Morrow County, Ohio, said a deputy shot and killed a 500-pound black bear that had bit him on the leg.
Another mention, Deputy Stuart Mattix the deputy.
One of his deputies was bitten on the leg by an escaped bear in September. Deputy Stuart Mattix shot and killed a nearly 500-pound black bear that had been kept at a home on County Road 24, just south of Mount Gilead.

           email from Sgt Lance Plough/964 Morrow County Sheriff's Office
 Deputy Mattix is the one who shot the bear while it was biting his leg. He was carrying a Glock 23 .40 caliber with Winchester Ranger hollow points. He shot 9 rounds which were mainly to the bears head and neck. A few of the rounds glanced off the head. This particular incident took place early afternoon.

3. 20 October, 2011, Ohio: Zanesville, escaped bear, duty pistol,   .40 caliber (from Muskingum County Sheriff's Office)
But soon, he was facing another, much larger, problem. His commanding officer told him a lion had been cornered back at the Thompson home. He headed back, but instead of finding a lion, he was confronted by an angry bear.

“The black bear turned in my direction and ran directly towards me,” Merry told ABC News. “I fortunately was able to pull my duty pistol, fired one shot, killing the animal instantly. The black bear fell approximately fell seven feet in front of me.”

Fred Polk watched in disbelief as he watched the bear charge Merry and a lion leap over a fence into his yard about 5 p.m. Tuesday night.

“One of the bears charged the deputy and the deputy shot it. After that one of the lions jumped the fence come down here and the deputy shot it in my front yard,” Polk said.

4. May 13, 2017, New Hampshire:  Bristol, Officer shoots, kills Aggressive Black Bear with .40 cal Glock
Police Chief Michael Lewis said Thursday that, on May 13 at 12:25 a.m., officer Thomas Seager responded to a 911 call from a resident on Riverdale Road about a bear breaking into a garage.

When the bear advanced toward Seager, he fired a “scare” shot, causing the bear to leave the area, Lewis said.

Seager reported the incident to the state’s Fish and Game Department but, nine minutes later, the property owner called to say the bear was back and up in a tree.

The second time the officer responded, the bear came down out of the tree and advanced on Seager again, according to Lewis.

“One round was fired, terminating the bear,” Lewis said.

The animal was killed with the officer’s .40-caliber Glock handgun.

We have found two cases where a 10 mm pistol was used to defend against bears. Both were successful.

1. 29 July, 2016, Alaska: Kim Woodman Kills Charging Grizzly with 10 mm
On 29 July, 2016, about 4 p.m. Kim Woodman was attacked by a sow brown bear at Humpy Creek.

Kim had a Glock model 20 10 mm pistol with him. He was able to stop the attack by shooting the bear as it charged at him. While backing away from the charging bear, Kim tripped and fell backward. He instinctively attempted to fend off the bear with his foot, while he concentrated on firing the shots that saved his life. The last shot was just short of contact. It probably hit the bear in the chest, but also took off the tip of one of Kim's toes.
 2. 25 July, 2018, New Mexico:  Man stops New Mexico bear attack with 10mm Glock 20

Bridger Petrini is attacked by a near 400 lb cinnamon Black bear. He kills the bear with his Glock 20 10mm during an extended fight. I interviewed Bridger. The case is detailed at the link.

We have found two cases where .41 magnum revolvers were used to defend against bears. Both were successful.

1. last week of June, 2003, Montana: Grizzly Bear attacked, man mauled, used .41 Mag to stop second attack

Bozeman daily Chronicle
Then the bear attacked again, he said, moving incredibly fast, and that's when Johnson, still on his back, reached for the pistol he wore in a holster on his belt.

"I had my hand by my side," he said. "I pulled the gun and went boom. Tell me how fast that is."

The bullet struck the bear just below the snout and it collapsed immediately and almost landed on him, he said. Then he rose to his feet and put three more 240-grain slugs in it.
2. 19 July, 2009, Wyoming: Clark, .41 Magnum, Grizzly
Jerry Ruth saw the grizzly for just a fraction of a second before it was on him.

Within seconds, the 275-pound animal had crushed the Wyoming man's jaw when it bit him in the face, fractured his rib and punctured his lung and left deep bite wounds in his calf and scratches across his back.

After the attack, the bear left him for her three cubs that Ruth saw for the first time as he lay bleeding on the dirt. When it reached the cubs about 15 yards away, the bear turned toward him again, "squaring off" as if to charge, Ruth recalled Friday.
Ruth grabbed for the .41-caliber magnum revolver he was carrying in a hip holster and relied on his training and experience as a police officer to save his life. He fired three times, saving three bullets in case his first shots failed.

But the bear dropped and didn't move, ending the furious encounter as swiftly as it started. 
We have found one case, which was successful, where a .44-40 Ruger revolver was used to defend against a bear.

1, addition 16 July, 2002, Seneca Lake, San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona, .44-40 Ruger Vaquero, black bear.

My name is Rod Black. Last month I was fishing with my brother at Seneca Lake Arizona, on the San Carlos Indian Reservation. Just after midnight on the 16th of July, 2002, a bear wandered into my camp and attacked me while I slept. He clawed my head open, severing a small artery, and bit me on the back before throwing me off my cot onto the ground.
I found myself on the dirt, in the dark, with blood gushing and literally squirting from my wounds. I was in a state of absolute panic and horror. I had a Ruger Vaquero by my cot, but in the chaos and confusion I could locate neither the revolver nor my glasses, and could see or hear nothing. I was paralyzed by fear and terrified that the bear would come back from out of the darkness and resume his attack on me at any moment.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was perhaps less than a minute, my brother could see the dark form of the bear moving and began to scream. I realized that we were going to die if I didn't come to my senses, and I fell to the ground and located my shooter in the dirt. I asked my brother to try to make it to the pickup and turn on the lights. (He could not find the flashlight, as the bear had knocked it on the ground before the attack.) Without my glasses and in such darkness, I was nearly blind.

After repeatedly asking my brother to go, he somehow made it to the truck and turned on the lights. (Later, I realized that by asking my brother to go into the dark to turn on the lights, I might have sent him to his death - that will haunt me forever.)

The lights came on and revealed my worst nightmare: Not three to four feet away and looking straight at me was the bear. The bogeyman. The thing that goes bump in the dark. This thing had come to kill me and eat my flesh that night... and I knew it.

When he turned for an instant to look at the light, I wiped the blood from my eyes and fired my first shot from the caliber .44-40 Vaquero. I was painfully aware that if my first round was not a good one, I may not have a chance for another. In all my life, I will never forget the sound of the blast or the acrid smell of the gunpowder. The bear was knocked from his feet and hit the ground hard. He thrashed about while I fired again and again - and cursed him while I did - until I was hammering on empty cartridges.
 Article from The Blue Press November 2002 Issue #125.

We have found twenty three cases where .44 magnum revolvers were used to defend against bears. All were successful.

1. late 1960s, Alaska: From More Alaskan Bear Tales Page 270, .44 magnum,  Alaska Magazine, January, 1980 black bear
The bear started to enter his shed. He took an aggressive stance and told her to get out. The bear showed no signs of leaving, so he stomped on the floor toward her. . Vic said, " Her front bows moved like black lightning... the staccato of her claws rebounding off the door and frame.... The speed at which she could move was frightening. She was too fast for me to see the movement."

She ground her teeth, and in a blur she came for him. He poped a cap and dropped the bear. What would have happened had Vic not had a pistol?

2. Spring of 1969, Alaska: Grizzly killed in self defense by "Dolly" Walker 
  Spring of 1969 as detailed in Year of the Bear. Nizina Valley east of McCarthy in Alaska. Shot by Beverly "Dolly" Walker. Picture of Dolly with bear that attacked her. She is holding the Smith & Wesson .44 magnum she used to defend herself at the Alaskan homestead.

3. Fall, 1970, Alaska: From More Alaskan Bear Tales Page 269 grizzly
In the fall of 1970, Al and his hunting partner Ron Trumblee had gone waterfowl hunting with their shotguns. Knowing there were bears in the area, they packed their .44-magnum handguns as defense against a possible bear attack.

The men heard brush breaking nearby and were soon face-to-face with an angry mother brownie. As she charged, Albert leveled his pistol and fired. He said, "She shook her head and kept coming. When she was about ten feet away, Ron drew and fired his pistol from the hip and the bear fell dead four feet in front of me." Alaska Magazine, September 1971.

 4. additon, 1978-79, summer, Cootenays Mountains, British Columbia, Grizzly Bear, .44 magnum, Alex Burton

I interviewed Alex Burton. The details of his cases are at the link on Ammoland.

 Alex rounded a turn in the trail he was on to see a grizzly bear only 25 feet away. Alex drew his revolver as the bear stood up and roared. The bear dropped down and started running toward him. Alex fired a shot into the ground in front of it. The bear stopped, turned around, and walked away.  Alex reloaded his revolver to ensure he had a full six rounds available and gave the bear a chance to put some distance between them.  After a few minutes, Alex continued down the path.
 5. additon, 1978-79, summer, Cootenays Mountains, British Columbia, Black Bear, .44 magnum Alex Burton

About 15 minutes later, Alex heard crashing in the brush and woods above the path. He thought he had crowded the grizzly bear by following too closely, and wished he had waited a more extended period. It wasn't the grizzly. It was a black bear sow with cubs. The cubs were some distance off and above the trail. The bear ran between the cubs and a bank above the trail. Alex fired a shot in front of the sow as it approached the bank. That was sufficient. The sow turned around and took off with her cubs.

6. 28 July, 1996, Arizona:  .44 Magnum used to stop black bear attack, AZ Republic, page 39,
Comprehensive article from Gun Watch published in 2017

Jul 28, 1996  The 16-year-old counselor, Anna - Knochel, was in critical condition. Brett Kramer drove away the 340-pound male bear by shooting it twice with a .44 Magnum pistol.

7. addition July-August 2000, Dawson City, Yukon, Geologist with Authority to Carry, Black Bear, .44 Magnum

I interviewed Alex Burton. The details of his cases are at the link on Ammoland.

 Alex was setting up a tent to be used in the exploration. Other members of the team were sent ahead to clear a trail for smaller vehicles.  While encumbered with the tent and ropes, in the process of finishing setting up the tent, he saw a black bear stalking him, low to the ground, about 20 feet away.  Alex was in a tent. He said if he had been armed with a rifle or shotgun, he would have left it hanging at the entrance to the tent.  He drew his pistol and shot the bear when it was only 5-6 feet from him. The bear was knocked down, then jumped up and climbed a large aspen tree, where it died.
Upon examination, the bear was old and in poor condition.  It was thin, its teeth were black and broken.

8. addition July-August 2000, Dawson City, Yukon, Geologist with Authority to Carry, Black Bear, .44 Magnum
A month later, in another tent erected a short distance away. Alex found himself spending the night alone close to the location of the first shooting. He had disrobed and was in his sleeping bag next to the tent wall. His revolver and a light were laid nearby, easily available. In the middle of the night, he heard heavy breathing and felt a body press against him from the outside of the tent. He exited the sleeping bag, naked, accessed his revolver and light, and crept to the tent entrance. Upon exiting, he saw a black bear at the corner of the tent, less than 10 feet away. The bear sat down, as a dog sits, facing Alex. Alex admonished the bear not to disturb his sleep. The bear started to move toward Alex, and he shot it with the S&W 629 .44 magnum. The bear was knocked down, then ran off. It was found, dead, the next morning.

9. 24 September, 2004, Alaska: Muldoon, Hiker Kills Charging Brown Bear from 20 feet with .44 Magnum, 

Original story from Anchorage Daily News

"I fired the first shot, and I aimed at its shoulders. When the first shot didn't faze it, I fired the second time, and it turned into the ditch, and I shot three more times, and it went down," said Boyd.

Boyd was down to one remaining bullet in his .44-caliber Magnum when he called Anchorage police for assistance. State trooper Kim Babcock helped Boyd finish off the bear with her shotgun.
10. 7 September, 2006, Alaska: Grizzly attacked Moose Hunters,  Alaska, .44 magnum, The Longest Minute
 When Reed distracted the bear from its attack on me, I had time to concentrate on the holster. I saw a buckle with a strap running through it. I could not figure out how it held the gun in place, so I grabbed the buckle and attempted to rip it off. To my surprise, the buckle was actually a snap and the strap peeled away. As I pulled the revolver out, a sudden calm came over me, and I knew everything would be fine. I looked in the direction of Reed only to once again see the bear charging at me. He was about ten feet away coming up and over the initial log that I had tripped over. That was when I pointed the revolver and fired at center mass. The .44 magnum boomed in the night and the boar fell straight down, his head three feet away from where I stood. As he fell, he bit at the ground and ended up with a mouthful of sod. I stood in a dumbfounded stupor. I had no expectation that the pistol would kill the bear. My hope was that the shot would sting the bear and help scare him away along with the flame and loud report. As his head sagged to the ground, I shot him three more times in quick succession, out of fear and anger.

11. 17 September, 2007, Wyoming: Flying H Ranch, Bowhunters Attacked by 600 lb Grizzly, Stopped Charge with .44 Magnum
Byrum started to pull his .44 Magnum pistol out of his holster. After bumping into Byrum, Hambelton dove to the ground and curled into a ball, with his backpack facing the bear.

"I just gritted my teeth expecting the bear to bite me," Hambelton said.

With the bear closing to within six feet, Byrum fired a shot into the bear's neck.

"I kept telling myself, don't shoot in the head," said Byrum, fearful that a bullet to the head would glance off the bear's skull.

As the pistol fired, Byrum tripped over a tree stump behind him. With Byrum on his back, the bear fell in front of his hunting boots.

"I thought, 'Oh no, this is going to be bad,'" said Byrum, who could see smoke coming out of the bear's fur where he had shot him.
12. October 6, 2007, Montana: From (Tom Miner Basin), .44 Magnum grizzly
It attacked a pair of bow hunters early Saturday afternoon. One of them used bear pepper spray and halted a charge within nine feet, but the grizzly turned and charged a second time. That’s when the second hunter shot it twice with a .44 magnum pistol.

13. 2009 Nevada City Nevada, .44 magnum, black bear, 

Reported by Nevada Bear Biologist Carl Lackey
Lackey said one resident reported shooting the bear right between the eyes with a .44 Magnum after the hungry giant lifted a sliding-glass door off the tracks and started toward him. The bullet glanced off and sent the bear whirling around the kitchen, and a second shot prompted him to scramble out the back door, according to local newspaper accounts.

14. June 2010, Canada, British Columbia: A Grizzly Bear, a .44 magnum, and a brush with death

Link to video on Youtube
He kept one hand on the tripod and drew the other to his holster, pulling out the gun he'd never had to use. The grizzly zigzagged toward him, roaring the whole time.

Mr. Lorenz lifted the gun and set it off, just four feet above her head. The shot was enough to startle the bear and make her turn in the opposite direction.

"This was something that she wasn't expecting, to get blasted in the face; that was enough to put a damper on killing me," he said. "If I didn't have the gun, I would have been dead."
15. 2010, Wyoming, Paint Creek, Shoshone National Forest, Bow hunter shot Charging Grizzly with .44 magnum

Paint Creek reenactment

A bow hunter reenacts for investigators how he fired a .44 Magnum revolver at a grizzly bear near Paint Creek in the Shoshone National Forest in 2010. Investigators followed a blood trail for half a mile, but could not located the wounded bruin.
16. July 24, 2014, Alaska:  Eagle River, 200 pound Brown Bear Sow, .44 Magnum Revolver

"This is not in an Anchorage subdivision," Battle said. "This is out in the big woods."

Battle said the sow attacked the man, who in turn fired at it three times with a .44 Magnum.

"The last time, I think, he got it through the lung," Battle said. "It ran back into the alders and he could hear it wheezing."

17. 19 March, 2015, Norway: Polar Bear attack stopped in Svalbard island, with .44 magnum handgun.
On Thursday, 19 March, 2015, a woman with a .44 magnum stopped a polar bear from attacking Jakub Moravec, 37, in the Svalbard archipelago. Polar bear attacks are expected there, and tourists are not allowed unless they carry a high powered firearm. In this case, the rifles were left outside the tents, but inside the protective alarm wire. The armed woman, mother of Zuzanna Hakova, shot the bear three times with the revolver.

18. 21 June 2015, Alaska: Details on Charging Kodiak stopped with a .44 Mag Revolver
The bear was roughly 9 feet tall and started its charge at about 20 yards away. The man shot the bear by the time it moved half that distance, Svoboda said.

"It all happened in really tight quarters," he said. "He shot at it five times before it finally stopped and then once it was on the ground, it was still moving. So he shot it one more time and then it died."

19. August 15, 2015, Wyoming: Grand Teton National Park: Fisherman fires warning shots with .44 Magnum, Deters Grizzly Bear Attack
According to the angler's report, he was fishing when he heard a noise behind him. He turned around to see three grizzly bears, one adult and two cubs, coming toward him. The adult bear stood on its hind legs, at which point the fisherman fired one shot into the ground to the side of the bear. The bears then turned around and departed the area. The fisherman noted that he was near the "worm hole" area of the Snake River located approximately three quarters of a mile downriver from the Jackson Lake Dam.

20. 31 August, 2015, Idaho: Bear Attacked Bow Hunter, Could not  Reach Bear Spray, Drove off Bear with .44 Magnum pistol shots grizzly
The hunter reportedly was carrying bear spray, but apparently couldn’t access it when the attack occurred. Fish and Game officials said the man was able to scare the bear off after he tried to shoot her several times with a .44 magnum revolver pistol at point-blank range.

The archer sustained injuries to his hand and wrist, but hiked out under his own power and was transported by ambulance to Madison County Hospital in Rexburg.

21. 7 August, 2016, Alaska: Successful Grizzly Bear Attack Defense with .44 Magnum
“We immediately found ourselves in a confrontation,” Kluting said. “She ended up turning around and for a split second we thought she would leave – but then she turned back and came at us full charge.”

Kluting fired off a warning shot into the creek. At that point the sow was 15 yards away.

“She ran through that without even flinching,” he said.

So Kluting aimed in the middle of the brown blur, now about 3 yards away.

“I barely had time to get the hammer back for another shot before she reached me,” he said.

She collapsed in the river about 5 feet – two steps – away from them.

22. 24 September, 2017 Montana: Father Uses .44 Magnum to Shoot Grizzly Bear off Son 
Dave had closed to within six feet of Rory and the bear. Not wanting to hit Rory, hoping to get the bear to release his son, he shot the bear in the hip.

It worked. The bear dropped Rory and spun toward him. His next round was meant for the bear's shoulder. The situation was dynamic. The 240 grain slug went through the bears neck.

With the bear coming at him, the bear's mouth was within two feet of his .44 Taurus when he fired the last shot. The bullet went alongside the bear's head, into its neck, penetrating the chest cavity.

23. 24 September, 2018, Montana:  Bow hunter used handgun to stop grizzly bear attack .44 Magnums
Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Director Dona Rutherford says the man killed the moose on Monday and was preparing to move the animal when he was attacked by the bear.

Rutherford says bow hunters are allowed to carry guns and the hunter shot the bear with a handgun.
 Detailed article From Rural Montana Magazine December, 2018

We have found seven cases where .45 caliber pistols were used to defend against bears. All were successful.

1. Alaska: Skilak Lake, Kenai Peninsula, From More Alaskan Bear Tales page 271, Maurice Goff and Jack.
Between bear raids, both men yelled and frantically sought the pistol (having forgotten the shotgun). Finally, Maurice found the pistol, pulled it from its holster and emptied the gun into the charging hulk.

The bear altered its course, and Maurice scrambled for a tree. He begged Jack to do likewise, but Jack refused to do so until he got his hands on the scattergun. Moments later Maurice felt the barrel of the shotgun and discovered Jack was on his way up the foot-thick cottonwood.

2. August 22, 2009, Montana: Grizzly shot with 9 rounds of .45 from a Glock 21 from reported
There was not much news coverage of my friends incident up on his place in Marias pass area here in Montana. The proper agencies investigated and found him to have defended himself against this 400 lbs sow grizzly with 2 cubs. 
Roy was up on the edge of his property tending his fence line, when out of the brush she was a coming straight at him with her ears back. Roy drew and put 3 rounds of 230-gr FMJ in her neck shoulder area, then took off away from the trail about 5 yards. Roy said the bear was still coming at him, and he fired 3 more rounds into her frontal area. And again took off another 5 yards off in another direction. The sow continued to follow coming at him, so Roy fired 3 more rounds into her frontal area and she dropped taking a dirt nap.
Roy called to report the incident, and they came out and brought a metal detector to locate spent extracted shell casings. Roy was found acting within his right to protect himself against the grizzly bear attack. But they said, they wished he would have used Counter Assault Bear Spray. Roy did not have any, so they gave him a can, plus some 12 ga cracker shells, and some other 12 ga shells will rubber bullets in them.
Roy came into town and purchased a Glock 20 10mm auto now.
I'm glad Roy is okay.

3. May 28, 2010, Alaska: Denali National Park: Backpacker Stops Grizzly attack with .45 pistol
A grizzly bear that emerged from a thicket and charged two backpackers in the backcountry of Denali National Park and Preserve was shot and killed by one of the two who was carrying a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol, according to park officials.

The killing Friday is believed to be the first instance of a hiker killing a grizzly in the park's wilderness. The killing occurred in the original Mount McKinley National Park portion of the Denali, which was expanded by two-thirds in 1980.

4. 2 July, 2010, California, Yellow Jacket Campground (.45 ) ktvn.comh black bear

Officials say the camper woke up to hear the bear going through an ice chest. He confronted the animal, and it charged and scratched the man's face.

The man shot the bear, but it got away.

Wildlife rangers tracked the bear down and killed it late Friday.
Department of Fish & Game leading the investigation attack at 2 a.m.
From pirate4x4 quote:

The man went out with a gun and tried to shoo the bear away, Macintyre said. The bear charged the man, knocking him to the ground and scratching his face.

The bear left with food, Macintyre said. The man tried to shoo it away again, but the bear charged and knocked him down again.

Macintyre said the man then fired a shot from a .45-caliber pistol, and the animal ran away.

5. 7 July, 2014, Alaska: .45 vs 9-Foot Brown Bear, .45 semi-auto

Many people claim that handguns are useless for protection against bears.   Numerous examples have shown that this is a false notion.   Handguns may not be ideal as defensive weapons for bears, but they can be effective.  In a defensive situation, you have to use what is available.   In this case, a homeowner in Alaska used a .45 against a brown bear that was trying to get into his house on July 7th of this year.  He and his son were in the home.   He had scared off the animal with some warning shots just three hours before.

 6. 6 September, 2015, Colorado,  Winter Park .45 handgun (Mike Porras) and Mike Porras CO Fish and Game, black bear
 According to Mike Porras with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the bear came into the family’s campground while they were present and went after some food that was out.
An armed adult attempted to scare the bear by firing two shots but the bear didn’t show any fear and wouldn’t leave. The camper then shot and killed the bear and immediately reported the shooting to wildlife officers.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has determined the shooting was justified and no charges or citations will be brought against the camper.

7. addition 25 June, 2019, Washington State, Petit Lake, .45, Glock 21

U.S.A. –-( On 25 June 2019, a black bear charged a man, chased his dog, then pursued him up a tree until he shot and killed it with a pistol. The attack occurred in Pend Oreille County, Washington State, near Petit lake. The defender fired a shot in an attempt to scare the bear away, but that did not work.

We found that one of the previous .45 cases was done with a .45 Colt/.410 revolver, the Taurus Judge.

1. October, 2015, Idaho: Bear Attack on Sleeping Man Stopped with a .45 Colt/.410 revolver, black bear
Steven Vouch reached for his gun when he realized he was being attacked, but it wasn't there.  That is when his friend shot the bear with a .45.  Vouch is on the left in the Cowboy hat.
More extensive account in Field and Stream Here. The pistol was a Taurus Judge
I yelled and started reaching for my pistol, but the bear had shoved it out of reach while rummaging around. But then Bobby woke up and saw him standing over me and grabbed his Judge revolver. He lifted the tarp to see and then, sticking the gun right above my head, shot the bear in the face from, like, a foot away.

We have found one case where .45 Super pistol was used to defend against a bear. It was successful.

1. 6 Oct. 2017, Wyoming: .45 Super Stops Grizzly Bear Charge
The hunters jumped up and separated. The bear momentarily halted. Kelley fired a warning shot from his .45 Super. The bear moved away a little, behind some fire killed trees and brush, then came in again, fast. Kelly fired again, and the bear went down, rolled down slope and came to a halt, motionless.
We have found two cases where .454 Casull revolver was used to defend against a bear. They were successful.

1. About 1993, Alaska, Kenai peninsula, .454 Casull, Craig Medred Grizzly Field & Stream February, 2003 Letters. (numerous mentions in Medred's columns) 

And here I thought the Kenai Penisula brownie I shot off my foot with a .454 Casull about 10 years ago got the worst of it.

2. 2 August, 2009, Alaska: Kenai Peninsula, Charging Brown Bear Stopped with Ruger .454 Casull,
Because of many bear-related incidents in this area, Brush always has brown bears on his mind…even when walking a well-maintained road. On just such a road, less than 500 yards from his house, Brush stopped when he heard a twig snap behind him. Turning his head toward the sound, Brush saw a monstrous brown bear charging toward him. "There was no warning," he stresses. "None of the classic teeth-popping or woofing, raising up on hind legs, or bluff-charging that you read about. When I spotted him he was within 15 yards, his head down and his ears pinned back. He was coming like a freight train…in total chase-mode."

Brush instinctively back-pedaled to avoid the charge, drawing the Ruger from its holster. "I fired from the hip as he closed the distance," Brush recalls. "I know I missed the first shot, but I clearly hit him after that. I believe I fired four or five shots. "

Brush finally fell on his back on the edge of the road. Miraculously, the bear collapsed a mere five feet from his boot soles, leaving claw marks in the road where Brush had--only seconds before--been standing. The bear was moaning, his huge head still moving, as Brush aimed the Ruger to fire a finishing shot. "By then my gun had jammed," Greg says. "I frantically called my wife on my cell phone and told her to bring a rifle. When she arrived I finished the bear."
We have found one case where a .460 Smith & Wesson magnum was used successfully.

1. May 18, 2018, Wyoming: Cora, 460 Smith & Wesson magnum   Grizzly.
 The two men with bear spray had fallen 50 yards behind. The dog alerted on something. Noah thought it was some sort of big animal. Then he saw the bears, a grizzly sow and cubs, uphill. He yelled at the dog, but it was too late. The dog came running back. The sow grizzly charged, moving extremely fast. His friend from Chicago bolted back down the trail. Noah had his revolver out, as the bear came to a stop, just a dozen feet away

We have found nine cases where the handguns used to defend against bears were not identified. All were successful.

1. 2 August, 2005, Maine, Rangeley, Unknown pistol, black bear

 On Saturday night, a bear wandered into town and wouldn't leave, even after Officer Brian Hughes tried to scare it away by clapping his hands and firing his gun into the ground, Weymouth said. The bear then snarled and hissed before charging Hughes, who shot it with a handgun.

The animal ran off and was found dead the next day behind the town offices.

2. October 6, 2007, Montana: (Tom Miner Basin) and pistol defense of Roman Morris From grizzly bear:
‘‘It charged down the hill and just drilled me,’’ said Morris, 21, of Whitewater.

Over the next 30 to 45 seconds, Morris fought with the bear as it bit and clawed, severed his left hamstring, punctured his shoulder, chomped at his head and tossed him around.

‘‘I thought the whole time, This is so messed up. I’m going to die, I’m going to die,’’’ said Morris, a pre-med major.

The bear ran off after a friend fired a pistol. Morris underwent surgery at a Livingston hospital and was recuperating Monday at his brother’s house in Helena.

3. December, 2010, Alaska: Video of the event posted

Described as an archery float hunt in Alaska. Video posted in Dec. 2010. A revolver was used to stop a charge by a sow with three cubs. The muzzle blast and splash from the bullet stopped the charge from 8 feet out.

4. Nov 2014, Massachusetts: Unknown Handgun, Defense against black bear
 WEST SPRINGFIELD - A Sikes Avenue man shot and killed a black bear with single pistol-shot to the head Friday night after it started to go after his small dog, police said.

5. October, 2015, Colorado, Rockrimmon, unknown pistol, 550 pound black bear

But likely not an incident that will result in any charges: officials say that based on the investigation, the man who fired the weapon acted in self-defense.

According to CPW spokesperson Kyle Davidson, a man living in the Rockrimmon area shot the bear after it broke into his backyard. The man told authorities that he tried to shoo it away by banging pots and pans and throwing things at it, but nothing worked.

That's when he said he grabbed his pistol.

"It was a very small backyard. The bear broke through his fence...the homeowner tried to scare the bear away, get the bear away from his house. When those efforts didn't work, he felt he needed to protect his home and his family at that point," CPW Wildlife Officer Steve Cooley explained.

Cooley said the homeowner fired at the bear once, fatally injuring it. After the shooting, the man called 911 and reported the incident.

6. Arizona: Bow Hunter Uses Handgun to Stop Unprovoked Bear Attack In Sept, 2016

PAYSON, AZ - Authorities found two bear cubs after an archery deer hunter fatally shot an adult female bear with a handgun when it charged him in the Payson area.

7. California:  14 December, 2016, Deputy Shot Aggressive black bear in Live Oak Canyon
The family exited their vehicle and were walking up the driveway when they rounded a corner of the home and saw three bears near trash cans. One of the bears began to charge at them, according to the release.

“Fearing for his life, and the lives of his children, the deputy fired several rounds from a handgun toward the bear,” the release stated.

The apparently injured bear and the two other bears fled into the nearby brush.

8. Montana: 26 September 2018, bow hunter stopped attack by sow grizzly and nearly grown cub
A spokesman for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks told the Associated Press that the bow hunter was in thick brush on Montana's Rocky Mountain Front when he came across the bears at the Blackleaf Wildlife Management Area.

The hunter shot both with a pistol. The adult female bear was killed and the 2-year-old cub was wounded and had to be put down. It was unclear what led up to the shooting

9. 27 May, 2019, Alaska, Turnagain Arm Trail, Pistol, caliber unknown, Black Bear

“Just coming straight at them with its head down, not phased by yelling, waving arms, or even the dogs barking at it. It just kept coming,” Battle said. “Didn’t have any vocalizations or anything that would indicate defensive behavior. And that’s the kind of thing that concerns us with black bears.”

The second report happened on Monday, closer to McHugh. Battle says in that case, hikers reported seeing a bear above them on a hill. It reportedly circled around and got close to their dog. One of the hikers fired a warning shot with a pistol, driving the bear off.

There were six cases where combined arms were used to defend against bears. The four with both rifle and pistol calibers are included in the interest of complete data reporting. They are not used in the calculation of the success rate. One was hit with an automobile, then shot with pistol. The one case with .357 and .44 magnum pistols is included in the 72 pistol cases. All six cases were successful. 

1. Alaska: 26 April, 1993, combination 30-06 rifle and .44 magnum revolver
Rifle jammed, pistol did not.  From

The hunter, now very much the hunted, shot into the bear’s body, but the grizzly continued to attack him, breaking Bagley’s jaw.

I could feel bones popping and breaking in my head, but I didn’t feel any pain

Dale Bagley, attack victim

It bit him again, crushing Bagley’s cheekbones, ripping out his entire top row of teeth from his head, and puncturing behind his right eye. Another bite pulled away at the top of Bagley’s skull, and wrenched his entire body upwards.

That gave Bagley just enough room to let off more shots, and mercifully, the bear ran off.

2. Oregon: Black Bear, wounded with .338 rifle; Glide, 31 May, 2008 .45 pistol and .44 magnum revolver
GLIDE, Ore. — Aaron Wyckoff didn’t start to panic until his .45-caliber pistol quit firing, and the bear kept chewing on his arm.

So, he recalls, he tried to pull the bear’s jaws apart. Then he tried to roll down the ridge where he and the bear were wrestling. But the bear grabbed his calf, pulled him back and went for his groin.

Wyckoff said he countered by shoving his pistol and his hand into the bear’s mouth. But by then, the struggle in the Cascade Range in Southern Oregon attracted the attention of Wyckoff’s party, and other hunters rushed over.

Justin Norton fired a round from his .44-caliber pistol into the black bear’s stomach, to no avail. He approached the bear, put the gun behind its ear and fired again. It finally rolled away.

“I walked right up to his head, and he didn’t even look at me,” said Norton, 26.

With the dying bear still struggling, a final round finished him off.

“He was dead. He just didn’t know it,” Wyckoff said. “It was just all adrenaline.”

Wyckoff was helping friends track a wounded bear May 31 on the last day of the hunting season.

Fifteen-year-old Chris Moen of Glide, who had drawn the tag, hit the animal in the shoulder with a .338-caliber rifle round, but he and his father couldn’t pick up a trail of blood.
In this account, the pistol is revealed to be a Llama .45 with a 3.25 inch barrel. From

3. June 2010, Louisiana,  Walker, Bear shot by officer with a .40 cal (9 mm?) after being hit by car. (combination)
A Walker Police Department officer arrived on the scene at Burgess Ave. near Tiffany St. around 11 p.m. to investigate the auto incident and determine what kind of animal the vehicle had struck. The driver was not able to identify the animal before it moved into a wooded area near the accident site. While searching the wooded area for the animal that was struck, the officer came upon the black bear, startling the injured bear and forcing the officer to react in self defense.

Dr. Jim LaCour, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) veterinarian, determined the bear had moderate to severe internal injuries from the vehicle accident, but could not determine if the bear would have survived those injuries.

The bear was an adult male weighing between 350 and 400 pounds. LDWF records indicate the bear was previously captured in 2008 in Patterson, but had not been reported as a nuisance bear since. Nuisance bears are captured, tagged and released using aversive conditioning in an effort to dissuade them from returning to residential areas.
The Walker Police department said the pistol at that time was most likely a .40 caliber, but might have been a 9 mm.

4. Wyoming: September 2010, Elk Hunters at Bruin Creek, Thorofare Country .44 magnums, .45-70 rifle
Ten minutes later another grizzly approached.

“The grizzly bear appeared to be heading towards the elk carcass and them, but they did not shoot at the time, instead they watched it in the hope it would go by the three of them,” the investigation said.

But the second grizzly, also a boar, didn’t veer away, the hunters reported. When it got within 10 feet of one of the men the entire party opened fire, letting loose nine rounds from two .44 magnum revolvers and the .45-70 rifle.

Only two of the shots connected, a necropsy would later determine.

5. Wyoming: Thorofare Country south of Yellowstone, Grizzly at 10 feet, .44 magnum and .357 magnum, September, 2013 (report from 2015)
Then at about 2:45 p.m., a collared boar grizzly identified as bear No. 764 came uncomfortably close. The group’s canister of bear spray was in a backpack by their horses. A warning shot went off, but the big grizzly didn’t turn back. “The bear stood up and growled, like something you would see in a movie,” an eyewitness later told investigators. From less than 10 feet away, the guide and camp worker drew their .44 and .357 magnum revolvers and together fired four times, ending the 17-year-old bear’s life.
6. Oregon, May 22, 2016 Shane Thomas, 30-06 Rifle, and semi-automatic pistol.
Finally, Thomas said he was able to kick the bear hard enough to knock him back and grab the pistol. Just as the bear went for his leg again, he fired two shots: the first did nothing, but the second pierced the animal’s gut and forced it to retreat.

Battered and bloodied, Thomas got to his feet and scrambled back to the top of the ridge where he could use his cellphone, which still worked despite being damaged.

To summarize, we have found 73 verified cases where pistols were used to defend against bear attacks. In addition, for complete data reporting, are four cases where bears were shot at with both rifles and pistols, and one case where the bear was hit by a vehicle, making it difficult to determine the efficacy of pistols alone.

Of the 73 strictly pistol defense cases, three classify as failures. There was the use of a .22 handgun against a polar bear in 1995, in Svalbard, Norway. There  the use of a .357 against an Alaskan grizzly by a geologist on 20 June, 2010. It is likely the bear was not hit in that incident. The third was the 6 September, 2015, New Mexico incident with a black bear sow and cubs, where the defender climbed a tree and used a .38 revolver. An official reported the defender said he shot in the air and at the bear. The bear backed off twice, but did not immediately leave.

There were four successful defenses with .22 rimfire. Three black bears were killed. One ran off and was later killed by officials. One defense with a .22 rimfire against a polar bear was unsuccessful.

There was one successful defense with a .380 pistol. The black bear ran off.

There were five successful defenses with 9 mm pistols. The four grizzly bears were killed, the black bear was wounded and ran off.

There was one successful  defense with a 9.3X18 Makarov. The grizzly was killed.

There was one failure and one successful defense with a .38 revolver. One black bear was killed, the other was not captured or recovered.

Four of the five uses of the .357 were successful. One was against a grizzly that was stopped with one shot, but then escaped. Another grizzly was killed with six shots fired. One was a failure against a grizzly bear. Two were  successful against black bears; both were killed.

There were four uses of .40 caliber pistols, all against black bears, all successful, all of the bears were killed.

There were two uses of a 10 mm pistol, one  against a grizzly, one against a black bear (cinnamon color phase). They were successful and the bears were killed.

There were two uses of .41 magnum revolvers. Both were against grizzly bears, both were successful and the bears were killed.

There was one successful use of a .44-40 revolver against a black bear, which was killed.

There were twenty three uses of .44 magnum revolvers. All were successful. Six were against  black bears, one was mortally wounded but finished off with shotgun slugs, three were killed, a fifth ran off, superficially wounded, the sixth ran from a warning shot. Sixteen were against grizzly bears.  Nine were killed without assistance. Three were driven of with "warning shots". One was driven off, without evidence of being wounded.  Two were wounded and not recovered.  One was wounded and finished off at the scene with a shotgun slug.  One was against a polar bear. It was wounded and driven off, then euthanized by local authorities (most likely with a rifle).

There were seven uses of .45 caliber semi-auto pistols against bears. All were successful. Three were against a black bears. One was killed, one was killed later,  with additional shots, by responding authorities.  Four were against grizzly bears. Three were killed with multiple hits from the .45 caliber pistols. One was driven off at night and not recovered.

There was one successful use of a .45 Colt/.410 revolver, the Taurus Judge.  The black bear was driven off, fled up a tree, and was finished off with a rifle (the pistol was a Taurus Judge).

There was one use of a .45 Super pistol. It was successful. The grizzly bear was killed.

There were two uses of a .454 Casull revolver.  One grizzly was killed while biting the victims leg. Another grizzly was shot while charging. It was finished off at the scene with a rifle brought by the defender's wife.

There was one successful defense with a .460 Smith & Wesson magnum revolver, against a grizzly. The bear was killed.

There were nine cases of pistol defenses against bears where the pistol caliber was not identified. All were successful. Six were against black bears. Four of those were killed, one ran off and was not recovered, one fled after a shot was fired. Three were grizzly bears. Two ran off and were not recovered. It was not determined if they were wounded or not. A grizzly sow was killed and the two year old juvenile with her was wounded and later euthanized.

There was one case where both .357 magnum and .44 magnum revolvers were used. The grizzly bear was killed.

Including the combined arms cases, there were 35 defenses against black bears, 41 defenses against grizzly bears, and 2 defenses against polar bears.

Three failures out of 73 pistol cases where pistols (not pistols and rifles) were used to defend against bears translates to a 96% success rate for the use of handguns against bears.

Successful bear defenses with a pistol are probably under reported, much like successful firearm defenses against criminals. If a predatory black bear is shot and runs off, there are strong incentives for the shooter to avoid reporting the incident.  Incidents where no human is injured are seldom considered news. This creates a selection bias against successful pistol defenses against bears. There are numerous anecdotal accounts of successful pistol defenses against bears, which cannot be verified.

Predatory black bear attacks are the most common fatal black bear attacks in North America.  31 of the pistol defenses listed above are defenses against black bears, or 42%. In March, I stated it was reasonable to expect the actual number to be 30 or more. The new numbers confirm the prediction. I expect the percentage to continue to rise.  Black bear predatory attacks often give potential victims good opportunities to use a pistol effectively. There is considerable incentive not to report such incidents.

I have two reported instances of successful bear defenses with a .38 special revolver. One against a black bear, and one against a grizzly. I have not been able to verify either. I have found two more reported cases of the successful use of the 10 mm pistol, and one more for the .357 magnum, but have not been able to verify them.

Even in the age of the Internet, reports can become difficult to find after a few years. I recall an incident where an Alaskan State Trooper killed a grizzly bear with his duty pistol, while an associate with a 12 gauge shotgun did not fire. I have not been able to find that report. It may have been the 2013 incident where unarmed Thomas Puerta was killed and eaten. I am not certain.

The often cited Efficacy of firearms for bear deterrence in Alaska by Tom S. Smith, Stephen Herrero, and others, included 37 instances with handguns.

The study includes incidents when handgun use was attempted, even if the gun were not fired, when a bear attacked a human.  The instances collected were from 1883 to 2009.  They recorded 6 failures to stop the attack out of the 37 instances. That is an 84% success rate.  The different selection criteria (pistol fired v. pistol attempted to be used) can explain some of the difference. The Efficacy authors limited their data to cases in Alaska. Our study looks at all cases that can be reasonably verified in print or video, or by interview. Pistol and ammunition technology have greatly improved since 1883.

The authors of the Efficacy of firearms have not released their data.  There could be as many as twelve instances of overlap between the Efficacy of firearms data set and our collection.  A combination of the data is not useful unless the Effficacy of firearms data set is released. We cannot know how many of the six failures of the efficacy study were because the handgun was not fired, for any of numerous possible reasons.

Because the problems of accessing long guns, handguns, or bear spray apply to all of the defensive methods, the most reasonable comparison is to only consider those cases in which the firearm was fired or the bear spray sprayed.

All of the instances cited in this article can be verified independently.

Here are three famous cases which were not included in this study. Two were not included because no shots were fired. The third case (Sommers) was not included because it cannot reasonably be determined if it was a successful defense with a pistol.

The Todd Orr case was not included. It is likely Todd would have avoided injury if he had prioritized using his pistol instead of bear spray. He did not fire his Rock Island 10 mm or attempt to do so.

 Tom Sommers attempted to use bear spray but was unable to make it work. The bear attacked him and he was unable to fire his pistol.  His friend used bears spray and the bear stopped the attack. Tom fired a shot, and the bear did not come back. Not classified as either a pistol failure or a success.

The Mark Uptain case was not included. Mark Uptain's Glock 10mm was never fired because Cory Chubon did not know how to operate it. It was holstered without a round in the chamber.

The Orr, Uptain, and Sommers cases might have been considered pistol failures if they had been considered in the Efficacy study. They were not in the Efficacy study, because they did not happen in Alaska.

Here are two examples of cases that sound authentic, but were not able to be documented. No date or location was included, or name of person involved. Several others have been found. Numerous other examples exist.

 from S&W forum, includes a picture:
Originally Posted by grasshopper

It was many, many years ago, but a chance encounter I'll never forget, and meeting a bear was the last thing on my mind at the time. No way out so I had to pull the trigger.

.45 Colt Single Action loaded with 255 gr. lead SWC and 8.5 grains of dirty old Unique powder.

One lucky shot between the running lights & it was all over. And yes, I was scared shi*less.

I GUARANTEE you the trigger pull & recoil will be the LAST thing on your mind in an actual Griz attack! I lived AK bush for 27 yers & was bear attacked 4 times. When the SHTF your adrenalyn levels spike & your attention is on the BEAR, not the gun! You'll never feel the recoil nor hear the report. TOTAL focus is ON the BEAR!! BTW, my backup handgun was a 44 mag redhawk w full length bbl (7 1/4 inch) shooting 320 grain WFN Hard Cast @ 1200 FPS & THAT WAS MARGINAL!! Only shot one small 6 ft black bear directly in the chest w the muzzle pushing it back when the gun went off. Flipped it out of my video stand w the sternam, heart & backbone blown out its back. Hit the ground dead w the entire muzzle blast INSIDE the bear. Her jaws were 2 inches from my nose when the gun went boom. NOT a fun experience. When bears attack its FAST!
We are continually working to increase the data set of pistol defenses against bears. If you have information about an incident outside of those shown, with locations and dates, please send it to us. There are obvious gaps in our data. There are likely many cases documented in books or local sources that are not easily available on the Internet. If you know of such a case, or one that can be supported with witnesses and/or pictures, but was not published, please submit it.

I urge people to send in all documented cases of pistol defense against bears, including all failures.  If you have additional details about cases in this article, please contact us.

All cases we have been able to document, since 1936, where a pistol was fired in defense against a bear, have been included in this article.

As of this writing, one case of defense against bear attack with handguns is being investigated in Montana. It was not included in this update.

Three  failures out of 73 incidents is  a 96% success rate for pistol defenses against bears.  Using a pistol to defend against bear attacks is a viable option.

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