Wednesday, May 27, 2020

DC: Armed DC Resident Shoots Suspect in Self Defense

“The Fourth District officers responded to a sounds of gun shot call in the 800 block of Randolph Street, NW (11:21am). A preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect pulled a handgun out and threatened the complainant. The complainant, who has a Firearms Registration Certificate and Concealed Carry Permit, drew his weapon and fired two shots striking the suspect twice,

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NV: Highly Trained Competitive Shooter Survives Gunfight

Excellent article by The Firearms Blog, good detail.

In this situation, with a weapon pointed directly at him and his GF, BJ decided to take action and drew his handgun. The armed attacker started shooting right away, firing a total of 8 shots, and hitting a tire of BJ’s car. BJ fired back 10 shots and got all ten hits, 9 in the body and one in “the central nervous system.”

The distance between the attackers and BJ was very significant, which was even noted in a police report. According to BJ himself, who kindly answered my questions when I was working on the article: “Fight started at 14 yards, ended at 23.” Despite the relatively long distance to the attackers, low light conditions, and the fact that the threat was moving and shooting back, BJ “saw the sights at all times” and did not miss a single shot.
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FL: Elderly Homeowner Shoots Man who Broke in and Attacked Woman

The stranger then followed, beating on the door to the house. Later busting in the glass door and breaking in.

The stranger knocked the woman to the ground and began beating her on the head. The homeowner stated he felt he could not physically stop the intruder so he went upstairs to get his firearm.

He shot the firearm multiple times, ending the threat, deputies wrote.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

AK: Armed Resident Stops Attempt at Mass Shooting in Kwethluk

According to state troopers, a 19-year-old man, Brian Nicolai, broke into the village public safety building dressed for combat. He staged rifles inside, and activated the fire alert system. When village police officers responded, the officers say that Nicolai shot at them. But no one was hurt, largely thanks to an armed resident who got Nicolai to give up his weapon and lie on the ground.
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Monday, May 25, 2020

Lawsuit in Missouri against Academy Sports for Selling Ammunition

On 1 May, 2020, Attorney Craig Heidemann filed a lawsuit against Academy Sports, contending they contributed to the unlawful death of Aaron "Josh" Hampton, who was one of the roommates of Luis Perez. Perez is an illegal immigrant accused of murdering Hampton, another "roommate" and a woman, Sabrina Starr. Starr is said to have supplied Perez with the gun, while another woman, Nyadia Burden, is accused of purchasing the ammunition for Perez. From AP via
The lawsuit alleges a worker at Academy Sports in Springfield should have realized the woman who bought the bullets, Nyadia Burden, intended to give them to Luiz Perez. The 24-year-old Perez couldn't buy ammunition because he was in the country illegally, had no driver's license and was facing felony charges, according to police. The lawsuit also names Burden.

Perez is facing the death penalty in the Oct. 31, 2018, deaths of his ex-roommates, 38-year-old Steven Marler and 23-year-old Aaron “Josh” Hampton, and the wounding of two others. Prosecutors allege he fatally shot Sabrina Starr, 21, the next day. She had provided him with the gun he used, police said.
Perez is reported as having been kicked out by the other roommates. Revenge may have been a motive.

Perez should have been deported in 2018, but was released by New Jersey. It is reported there were multiple warrants for Perez arrest:
Greene County prosecutors said Perez had an arrest warrant from Middlesex County for third-degree terroristic threat.

Neudauer said Perez had previously been a recipient of the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program, or DACA, in 2012 and 2014. It's not clear whether he did not apply in 2016 or was no longer eligible.
“Yet again, an ICE detainer was ignored and a dangerous criminal alien was released to the streets and is now charged with killing three people,” said ICE Acting Executive Associate Director Corey Price. “Had ICE’s detainer request in December 2017 been honored by Middlesex County Jail, Luis Rodrigo Perez would have been placed in deportation proceedings and likely sent home to his country – and three innocent people might be alive today. It is past time that localities realize the perils of dangerous sanctuary policies and resume their primary goal of protecting their residents.”
 The shooting was reported as occurring on 31 October, 2018.  From
In November 2018 Aaron Hampton was shot more than 25 times by a repeat offender,criminal illegal alien in Springfield, Missouri. ICE had a detainer on Luis Perez and had requested Middlesex County,New Jersey hold him for deportation proceedings following his arrests for felony crimes including assault, aggravated assault and child abuse. Had the ICE Detainer been honored, as every detainer should be, Aaron Hampton would be alive today.

Missouri state laws, as listed by the BATFE, do not require a store to check people to see if they may legally purchase ammunition.  It is likely unconstitutional to do so, as indicated by a recent ruling in the Ninth Circuit.

Perez was prohibited from legally purchasing ammunition because he is an illegal immigrant, and was facing felony charges.

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) prohibits people from suing ammunition sellers if the ammunition seller did not break laws while selling the ammunition. There are a couple of exceptions. This lawsuit appears to be using  negligent entrustment. From
Although the PLCAA defines “negligent entrustment” as “the supplying of a qualified product by a seller for use by another person when the seller knows, or reasonably should know, the person to whom the product is supplied is likely to, and does, use the product in a manner involving unreasonable risk of physical injury to the person or others,”14 a plaintiff’s claim of negligent entrustment will be asserted under state law. For example, Washington state courts have held that a common law tort claim of negligent entrustment can be brought against both retail firearms dealers and manufacturers.15
The heart of the lawsuit seems to be an assertion the store clerk should have been able to read the mind of Burden and Perez, and refused to sell to them.

Both Perez and and Burden have dark complexions. A clerk who refused to sell to them might well be accused of racism, sexism, and discrimination, and be fired.  A male handing money to a woman to buy ammunition might simply be someone who does not speak English well, having an acquaintance help them.

It is clear the Missouri legislature took steps to protect arms and ammunition dealers.  From Missouri Statutes:

2. No county, city, town, village, municipality, or other political subdivision of this state shall adopt any order, ordinance or regulation concerning in any way the sale, purchase, purchase delay, transfer, ownership, use, keeping, possession, bearing, transportation, licensing, permit, registration, taxation other than sales and compensating use taxes or other controls on firearms, components, ammunition, and supplies except as provided in subsection 3 of this section.
Section 5 shows the legislature commands political subdivisions  to refrain from filing lawsuits against arms and ammunition makers.

5. No county, city, town, village or any other political subdivision nor the state shall bring suit or have any right to recover against any firearms or ammunition manufacturer, trade association or dealer for damages, abatement or injunctive relief resulting from or relating to the lawful design, manufacture, marketing, distribution, or sale of firearms or ammunition to the public. This subsection shall apply to any suit pending as of October 12, 2003, as well as any suit which may be brought in the future. Provided, however, that nothing in this section shall restrict the rights of individual citizens to recover for injury or death caused by the negligent or defective design or manufacture of firearms or ammunition.

Academy Sports sells ammunition through the mail. It is perfectly legal. No I.D. is required.

The lawsuit hinges on whether a jury can be convinced a store clerk would have reasonably known that Perez was not legally allowed to purchase ammunition, because he picked out the ammunition in a store, and handed money and the ammunition to his woman companion to pay for it.

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CA: Pepper Spray Fails, Handgun Effective in Humbolt County Self Defense Case

The resident attempted to use pepper spray to deter the subjects, with no success, as he entered back into his home, police said. At least one subject entered the residence and attempted to assault the resident, according to the EPD. Officials said during the altercation inside the home, the resident fired multiple shots from a handgun, which he had retrieved from inside the residence, striking the subject who was assaulting him.

This subject was pronounced deceased at the scene, according to the captain. A second subject, who was on the porch, was struck in the leg by gunfire, the EPD said. This subject was transported to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment. This injury is believed to be non-life-threatening," Stephens said in a press release. "Officers were able to locate and detain everyone who was involved at the scene, including the shooter."
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Sunday, May 24, 2020

PA: Man who Shot Attacking Dog was Justified

New Castle police were called about the incident, and an officer who questioned people at the scene reported that the pit bull, which had been was tied to a leash at a nearby house, broke free and attacked the walking couple’s dog.

The owners of the shepherd screamed for help and tried unsuccessfully to physically get the pit bull off their dog, police reported. Ward, who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, fired a .380 pistol at the pit bull’s hind end, trying to wound it, the police reported said.

During the investigation, the police interviewed both animal owners along with independent witnesses who all told similar version of the events, they reported.

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CA: Executors of Estate Shoot Intruder in Neck

Two executors of an estate on the 400 block of 10th Street in the Noma neighborhood entered the home to prepare it for a sale when they encountered a man inside and shot him in the neck, said SMPD Lt. Joseph Cortez.
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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Suicides not impacted by gun control laws

Top 2 lines, blue, total suicides and suicides with guns. Bottom 2 lines, purple, total homicides and homicides with guns

It is only the last decade or two when those who want a disarmed population in the West have started to stress "suicide" as a reason for disarming the population.  The early pushes for population disarmament were predicated on the excuse of reducing violent crime, particularly homicides. The actual motivation had nothing to do with crime. The original motivation was to reduce armed rivals. In New York, to reduce armed resistance to organized crime, particularly the Tammany Gang. In England, to reduce armed support for a potential revolution. Originally, the push was to eliminate handguns from almost all the population. There was some talk of accidents, but suicides were almost never mentioned.
As gun control policies were implemented in various countries, it became clear violent crime and homicides were not reduced by gun control.  The push to ban handguns in the United States had failed, and those pushing for citizen disarmament moved on to semi-automatic rifles. The famous quote by Josh Sugarman of the Violence Policy Center was near the start of this phase. This push did not depend on homicide or violent crime for its existence. Semi-automatic rifles are seldom used in violent crime. Rather it is the similarity in appearance to military firearms which is used, under the pretext that military firearms are not useful to the ordinary citizen, and most citizens are not familiar with them. From the Violence Policy Center, 1988:
..handgun restriction is simply not viewed as a priority. Assault weapons—just like armor-piercing bullets, machine guns, and plastic firearms—are a new topic. The weapons' menacing looks, coupled with the public's confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons. In addition, few people can envision a practical use for these weapons.
The homicide rate topped out in 1993. As more and more handguns and semi-automatic firearms were sold in the United States, and more and more people obtained carry permits and used them, the homicide rate dropped in half. During the same period, fatal firearm accident rates fell to record lows.

What to do? The idea that "more guns = more homicide" had been demolished. Those pushing for population disarmament created a new pretext. As the homicide rate had dropped, the suicide rate had risen. An Orwellian term was created. "Gun violence".  "Gun violence" was defined as all deaths associated with guns; homicides, whether justified or not; legal intervention, or not; suicides, and accidents. Most people think of "gun violence" as homicides. Over two thirds are suicides. Only a tiny amount of fatalities with guns are accidental.  While the suicide rate had risen, the percentage of suicides with guns had fallen.

Intuitively, people do not think restrictive legislation on guns will reduce suicide. There are many alternatives out there. George Orwell, in 1984, in the last page of PART ONE, foresaw the distopian vision in which control over guns would be claimed to reduce suicide.
It was at night that they came for you, always at night. The proper thing was to kill yourself before they got you. Undoubtedly some people did so. Many of the disappearances were actually suicides. But it needed desperate courage to kill yourself in a world where firearms, or any quick and certain poison, were completely unprocurable.
George Orwell, (Eric Blair), was a socialist. For all his brilliant understanding of the totalitarian mindset, Orwell did not consider how easy it is to commit suicide. 

Most of the theory predicting a reduction of suicides is based on the concept that suicide ideation is temporary, and access to firearms provides a unique ability to commit suicide quickly and decisively.  If a person can survive the temporary desire for suicide, the theory is, they will not commit suicide.

There are several problems with the theory. The first is alternate quick and decisive methods of suicide are easily available. Hanging is almost as quick, easy, and decisive. In a word with electrical appliances, wire, clothesline and rope, hanging has been the substitution method of choice in Australia. Quick access to suicide does not depend on firearms.
However, it should be noted that different studies produce different results of the fatality of different methods. For instance, JJ Card2 estimated the lethality of suicide by guns as only 91.6% effective, and Farberow and Shneidman3 had it as low as 84.7%. The Hawaii Department of Health (1990) had it even lower at 73%. The same studies showed the effectiveness of hanging to vary between 77% and 88%.
The second is the time-scale of suicide ideation varies considerably. Survivors of suicide attempts will naturally be biased toward those who are less motivated and determined to commit suicide.

A third is suicide rates around the world have no correlation with access to firearms.  The highest suicide rates are in countries with very few firearms.

How can the theory that suicide rates will be reduced, if access to firearms is highly restricted, be tested?

It has been tested in the real world. When more restrictions were put on access to guns, overall suicide rates were not affected.

The suicide rate did not go down in Australia, with some of the most severe and restrictive gun laws, drastically and dramatically implemented in 1996-1997.

As more restrictive laws on access to guns have been implemented in California, there has been a clear substitution effect. From the large study comparing gun show regulation in California v. Texas:
The results of our study generally indicate that gun shows do not have substantial impacts on either gun homicides or suicides. While there is some evidence of statistically significant effects in both California and Texas, these effects are relatively modest in size. For example, our findings indicate that in the average year from 1994 to 2004, there are four additional gun suicides in the entire state of California resulting from the 102 gun shows occurring in the average year. Moreover, this increase is offset entirely by an almost identical decline in the number of non-gun suicides, suggesting that gun shows influence the method but not the number of suicides. We find no evidence to suggest that gun shows increased the number of homicides in California during our study period.
The study found a statistically significant effect that relatively unregulated gun shows in Texas decreased gun homicides by 16 per year.

When the Brady law was implemented in 1994, scholars in favor of restricting guns did a rigorous study of homicide and suicide rates, comparing states which already had background checks to those where they were recently required by the new law. From the abstract by Cook and Ludwig:

Based on the assumption that the greatest reductions in fatal violence would be within states that were required to institute waiting periods and background checks, implementation of the Brady Act appears to have been associated with reductions in the firearm suicide rate for persons aged 55 years or older but not with reductions in homicide rates or overall suicide rates.

When Canada instituted strict new gun control laws, there was no significant effect on suicide rates. From Mauser, 2007, p. 38:
While some public-health researchers claim that the unique deadliness of firearms means that substitution effects are not important in suicide [e.g. Gabor,1994], this is belied by the empirical evidence. Unfortunately, the public-health literature generally ignores the relevant criminological research. As shown above, the evidence is consistent with strong substitution effects. As seen in figure 1, as firearm suicides declined over the past decade, hanging suicides increased in Canada
In a large study from 2018 on the changes in firearms laws in California, found no effect on homicide rates or suicide rates.  The study looked at changes in comprehensive background checks (CBC) and the addition to the prohibited person list of those with violent misdemeanors (MVP).
CBC and MVP policies were not associated with changes in firearm suicide or homicide. Incomplete and missing records for background checks, incomplete compliance and enforcement, and narrowly constructed prohibitions may be among the reasons for these null findings.
An Rand corporation update in 2020 on gun control policies, surveying studies of gun control policies, downgraded the effects of both background checks on suicides and violent crime.  From NSSF:

There are a couple of notable changes from the first edition of the report. For example, the authors concluded in 2018 that there was “limited evidence” that background checks decreased total suicides and “moderate evidence” they decreased firearm suicides. Upon re-evaluating the earlier reports and considering additional studies, the new, downgraded conclusion is that there is “inconclusive evidence” for either. The same downgrade was found for the impact of background checks on violent crime.
The restrictive laws being pushed hardest by those who desire a disarmed population, would have no effect on suicide.

Reducing magazine capacity? Only one shot is needed.

Banning semi-automatic guns? Only one shot is needed.

Restricting the carry of guns? Suicides are generally conducted in private.

Suicide is being used as an ideological "hook" to support the policy choices of those who want a disarmed population. Facts matter little to those with an agenda.

In nations where violence of any kind is very low, such as in Switzerland, those who desire a disarmed population hang their desire on the very rare events of a few suicides or homicides in a year. The fact that these are very rare never bothers them.

When you actively dislike the idea of firearms in any hands outside of government, and see no positive function for firearms in private hands, you do not see any cost from disarming the population by force.  With zero perceived costs to ban guns, the cost/benefit ratio is infinite with a tiny perceived benefit.

This is an insane way to view the world. People would not own firearms if they did not perceive benefits.  Hundreds of years of history would not show those with firearms ruling those without.

In America, suicides with guns are common because guns are common. Guns are common, because people find guns to be useful for numerous purposes. Large numbers of people actively value guns, as seen by the sales figures.

There is no persuasive evidence the overall suicide rate would decrease with more restrictions on gun ownership.

Focusing on suicide with guns is simply another way to define a social problem as a gun problem. It is a way to define a solution to fit a desired policy.

It is not an honest way to deal with social problems and policy decisions.

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Gun Watch

OH: Resident Jailed after Shooting Fleeing Burglary Suspect

Claude M. Hill III, 19, was charged with one count of felonious assault, a second-degree felony. He remains in Holmes County Jail without bond until he can be seen by the Holmes County Municipal Court.

According to the release, the gunshot victim and another man entered Hill’s residence without permission. When the two men attempted to flee the residence, Hill obtained a handgun and began firing rounds at both men.

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Friday, May 22, 2020

GA: Homeowner Wounds 1 of 3 who Attempted Break-in

AIKEN COUNTY (WFXG) - Aiken County authorities say one man was arrested and two are still wanted after a morning burglary on Cobblestone Rd.

According to authorities, on Thursday, May 21, at 8:30 a.m. deputies responded to 407 Cobblestone Rd. after a homeowner reported he fired shots at three men attempting to break into his home.

Authorities say after they arrived at the scene, the homeowner said while walking his dog, he saw at least two men and two vehicles on his property. The owner said as he approached the suspects, he yelled and fired his weapon at them. The suspects then fled to their vehicles, one of which stalled on Cobblestone Road.
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Thursday, May 21, 2020

10 Second Amendment Cases Scheduled for Conference Again, No Orders Yet

Dean Weingarten in Front of Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court has re-listed the ten Second Amendment cases it has previously distributed for conference.  From

This morning the Supreme Court issued orders from the justices’ private conference last week. The justices did not add any new cases to their argument calendar for next term. Perhaps most significantly, they did not act at all on the 10 gun rights cases that they had considered for a second time at last week’s conference.

The gun rights cases have all been on hold, some for over a year, presumably until the court issued its decision in the challenge to New York City’s ban on the transport of handguns outside the city. The justices dismissed that case as moot at the end of April, and a few hours later the court had distributed the 10 petitions for consideration at the justices’ May 1 conference. The justices normally only grant review after they have considered a petition at two consecutive conferences, so it was no surprise that they did not act on the petitions when they issued orders on May 4. There’s no way to know whether the justices are still trying to choose among the petitions, have not yet decided what to do or have some other reason for waiting to act on the petitions.

Ten Second Amendment cases have been re-listed for the Supreme Court conference to be held Friday, 15 May, 2020.  As noted in the SCOTUSBLOG post above, a writ of certiorari is usually not granted until a case has been heard at conference at least twice. The ten Second Amendment cases have now been to conference at least three times each. Perhaps, because of the number of cases, the Supreme Court Justices are taking more time on this issue.

No orders for any of the Second Amendment cases were issued as of Monday, 18 May.

It is noted in each case whether the Department of Justice has submitted a brief in the case. 

The cases are shown in the list below. The link on the name of the case is to the Supreme Court case history and assignment to the conference. The second link is to documents showing the particulars of the case. The ten cases are:

Mance v. Barr

 The DOJ has filed a brief claiming the law is Constitutional.

A challange to the ban on out of state handgun purchases in the 5th Circuit (Texas).

Rogers v. Grewal

A challenge to the NJ may issue carry permit scheme in the 3rd Circuit.

The DOJ has not filed a brief in this case. 

Pena v. Horan

A challenge to the microstamping and restrictive “approved” handgun roster in California in the 9th Circuit.

 The DOJ has not filed a brief in this case.

Gould v. Lipson

A challenge to the restrictive Massachusetts may issue ownership and carry permit scheme in the 1st circuit.

 The DOJ has not filed a brief in this case.

Cheeseman v. Polillo

A challenge to the NJ may issue carry permit scheme in the 3rd Circuit.

 The DOJ has not filed a brief in this case.

Ciolek v. New Jersey

A challenge to the NJ may issue carry permit scheme in the 3rd Circuit.

 The DOJ has not filed a brief in this case.

Worman v. Healy

A challenge to a ban on common firearms described as “assault weapons” and magazines with capacity of more than 10 rounds in the 1st Circuit.

 The DOJ has not filed a brief in this case.

An amicus brief was filed by 94 members of Congress, asking the Court to uphold the Second Amendment and to strike down the law as unconstitutional.

Malpasso v. Pallozzi

A challenge to the Maryland extreme may issue carry permit scheme in the 4th Circuit.

 The DOJ has not filed a brief in this case.

Culp v. Raoul

A challenge to the Illinois refusal to issue carry permits to residents of  some states, in the 7th Circuit.

The DOJ has not filed a brief in this case.

Wilson v. Cook County

A challenge to an on ban on common firearms described as “assault weapons” and magazines with capacity of more than 10 rds in Cook County, Illinois, in the 7th Circuit.

 The DOJ has not filed a brief in this case.

The ten cases above were appealed to the Supreme Court from November of 2018 through November of 2019.  Some of them have been held for conference, waiting on the resolution of the New York Rifle and Pistol case, which has now been ruled moot by the Supreme Court.

Six of the ten cases are about permits to carry. Two are about bans on widely owned and popular firearms, variously defined as “assault weapons”. One is about federal restrictions on the purchase of handguns across state lines, the other about numerous and prohibitive restrictions on what handguns may be purchased in California.

In addition to the ten cases above, the Supreme Court has asked the City of San Jose to submit a brief in Rodriquez v. City of San  Jose. The is not due until June 22, 2020.

No one knows how many of the ten cases will be granted a writ of certiorari, if any. Several of the cases could be lumped together.

The Supreme Court has scheduled a conference each week until the end of June. There is an opportunity for the Court to issue orders after each conference. There is a reasonable possibility the Court will decide to take one, several, or all of the Second Amendment cases before the end of the term.

However, oral arguments would not be heard until next fall, possibly after the election.

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Gun Watch

TX: Homeowner Shoolts 1 of 3 Men Attempting Break-in

A homeowner shot one of three men police say were trying to break into a house in north Fort Worth on Sunday morning.

At 6:22 a.m., a homeowner called police and said men dressed in black kicked in the front door and tried to come into the house in the 2700 block of Northwest 34th Street, police officer Jimmy Pollozani said.

Read more here:

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

WY: Man, Gathering Antlers, Shoots, Kills, Attacking Grizzly Bear

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department are investigating a grizzly bear attack on a man who was hunting shed antlers.

According to a release, the man was attacked on Saturday, May 16, east of Dubois and taken to a hospital. The release didn’t specify injuries, but said they were not life threatening.

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MD: Security Guard Shoots Suspect During Struggle

The armed security guard confronted the man and noticed he had what appeared to be a gun, police said. The security guard shot the man in the ankle during a brief struggle, police said.

The suspect suffered non-life threatening injuries, Fennoy added.

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LA: Gunfight, Homeowner and Burglary Suspects Trade Shots

When a homeowner in the neighborhood confronted the burglars in the early morning, the burglars allegedly fired shots and ran away on foot. The sheriff's office said the homeowner returned fire but no one was hit.

The three then got into a vehicle with the keys inside and used that to speed away from the area.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Extend the Range of .22 Shotshells with Reverse Paradox Tubes for a Garden Gun

In a previous article, I commented on the usefulness of .22 LR shotshells and their limited range. Their use is severely hampered by the poor patterns produced by these shotshells out of rifled barrels.

The effective range of these shells can be doubled or tripled with the use of a reverse paradox tube.

The Ball and Shot gun, more commonly known as the Paradox gun, was invented by Col. George Fosbery, VC, and patented in England in 1885. The patent was sold to Holland and Holland who marketed the guns under the Paradox name.  The idea was simple: put shallow rifling in the choke of a shotgun to spin bullets, and give decent accuracy to bullets from a shotgun bore.

The reverse paradox tube solves the opposite problem. I believe this is the first publication of the concept. Normally, smooth bore tubes work very well for shot charges, and rifled tubes very well for bullets. There are rare circumstances where a firearm is called to use both effectively.

There are dedicated Garden Guns that have smooth bores and give decent patterns with the .22 shotshells. Addition of a second smooth bore, after the .22 bore, twice the diameter of a .22, is claimed to give tighter patterns.

In 1937, Frederick.J. Routledge filed a patent, which was granted in 1940, #2,185,523. He claimed doubling the bore diameter of a .22 smoothbore for about 18 inches, greatly increased the pattern density of the shot at 10 yards and further.

Several thousand of the Routledge bore guns were produced, and are said to work well. Such dedicated .22 shotguns/Garden Guns work. They are expensive, compared to a box of .22 shot. They do not work well with single bullets.

There are likely less than a hundred thousand smoothbore .22 rimfire firearms in the United States, of which perhaps 10,000 have the Routledge bores.  There are about a hundred million rifled .22 rimfire firearms in the United States. Many of those firearms are produced with a threaded barrel for muzzle attachments.

Reverse paradox tubes work well and shoot close to point of aim with rifled bullets and shot charges. If properly aligned, the bullets never touch the tube.

Adding anything to the muzzle of a rifle may change the point of impact. Firing a few shots to test the point of aim is simple.

Aluminum, steel, and pvc (polyvinyl chloride) tubes were tested. Aluminum and steel were either threaded or had an adapter machined, so as to be easily attached to the end of the barrel. Tubes of up to 1 inch inside diameter worked well. Both sch 40 and sch 20 pvc were tested.

30 inches of 3/4" sch 20 PVC and a threaded/slip coupling weigh 5.6 ounces. PVC  reverse paradox tubes work surprisingly well. The pressures out of the muzzle of a .22 LR are much lower than chamber pressures. Pressures are lowered dramatically when the gases leave  the muzzle, into the larger diameter reverse paradox tube.

The tubes double to triple the effective range of the .22 LR shotshell, compared to most rifled barrels.

The test patterns shown were shot 10 yards from the muzzle of the tube or the muzzle of the gun.  The pattern on the left has 20 pellets; the one done with the reverse paradox tube has 71 pellets. They are typical patterns. Testing showed the maximum effective range with the tube to be about 45 feet (15 yards) from the muzzle of the tube. The tube and rifle extend about five feet from the shooter's shoulder.

Sch 20 pvc is considerably lighter than sch 40 pvc. Because of the geometries involved, a thin tube is stiffer than a thick tube of the same weight. Stiffness is a desirable quality in reverse paradox tubes.

Testing for the 3/4 inch pvc showed the optimum length to be between 25 and 31 inches.  CCI 31 grain shot shells were used in the test.  Five shot averages of pellet counts inside an 8 inch circle at 45 feet (15 yards) from the muzzle of the tube were as follows:

Tube length  Pellets inside 8" circle

33 inches      39.6 pellets
30 inches      45.6 pellets
28 inches      42.6 pellets
26 inches      43.6 pellets
24 inches      38.2 pellets
22 inches      35.8 pellets
20 inches      31.8 pellets

Early comparisons of the CCI and Federal loads show patterns to be very close. 

At 45 feet, the tiny #12 pellets are near their maximum range for fatal penetration on small pests. They should be traveling a little over 600 feet per second at that range. One commentator at the shotgun world forum stated, in his experience, they were adequate for pigeons at 15 yards.

By 120 feet (40 yards) the energy of the #12 pellet has dropped to 2.3% of the energy of a common BB gun at the muzzle.  The purpose of such small shot is to prevent damage to property and persons while dispatching small pests at relatively short ranges. Pigeons or rats are about the largest pest that can be easily dispatched with the shot shells at more than 10 feet. Some shooters have reported good results for larger insect pests. They work very well inside of structures and areas where energetic shot would be inadvisable beyond 40 yards. 

Anything less than 40 pellets in an 8 inch circle leaves considerable holes for small pests. The combination of pellet count and pellet energy means 45 feet is about the maximum range for this load, with the reverse paradox tube.

The energy of the .22 LR shot cartridge is a little less than a standard velocity .22 short. The report is similarly low. This is positive for a load meant for use inside structures or with nearby neighbors.

The report of Aquila Super Colibri cartridges out of a rifle is similar to that of a BB gun.  They could be used for pests if backstops are available at short ranges. It does not take much of a backstop to stop  the Super Colibri. However, the 20 grain projectile of the Super Colibri renders it dangerous at further distances than #12 shot. A Super Colibri is unlikely to put a hole in a barn's roof, but it could break a window. A standard velocity .22 would almost always put a hole in the roof.

It is not necessary to have a threaded barrel to experiment with reverse paradox tubes. The tubes can be attached by friction, or taped onto a barrel, or non-threaded adapters can be made. Alignment of the tube with the barrel is important. A 1/8th inch misalignment at the muzzle of a 30" tube can move the center of the pattern a couple of inches at 10 yards.

Threaded barrels make the addition of reverse paradox tubes easy. Tubes can be taken off and replaced in a minute. There are cheap adapters for pvc tubes available, for nearly all threaded .22 muzzles. The adapters are sold as automotive accessories. They adapt 1/2-28 female threads to male 3/4" National Pipe Threads (NPT)  (and others). NPT threads are commonly used to attach pvc couplings.

The cost of the thread adapter and the PVC material is less than a box of shot shell ammunition.  A thread adapter can be had for about $3.50, a threaded/slip 3/4"  pvc coupling for less than a dollar, and sch 20 pvc pipe is less than $2 for ten feet, enough for four tubes! $3.50+$1+$.50=$5.00. Many people already have pvc and couplings from previous projects.  For $15, a hobbyist can purchase three thread adapters and the materiel for several reverse paradox tubes.

Thread adaptor with .22 shot cartridges for scale
The ends of reverse paradox tubes should be cut square, then deburred. A band saw worked well for cutting the ends of pvc pipe square. The end was deburring by rubbing with finger and thumb. Sandpaper can be used for those so inclined.

Sources for thread adapters:

1/2-28 x 3/4" NPT thread adapters, steel, made in the USA, for $12.99.

From  the adapter is out of stock.

They are available on Ebay from $3 to $10 in numerous ads.

From Ebay: Free shipping from Taiwan/Hong Kong.

Here is a 5/8-24 version for $3.29 for barrels in that thread pattern. It also offers free shipping.

If ordering from Hong-Kong/Taiwan, out of Ebay, it might be wise to order two or three adapters, because shipping may take a few weeks.  The adapters work well as thread protectors, yet cost only a third of what common thread protectors cost.

A straight tube is important. Some pvc tubes come with gentle bends acquired from transport or storage.  A friction fit to the pvc coupling works adequately, but glue could preserve proper alignment. It might be possible to adjust the alignment in the short period while pvc glue is setting up. A reference mark on the tube could help to maintain the proper alignment.  Testing showed that patterns from individual firearms can vary considerably.

It is best to shoot a test pattern or five to see how an individual rifle does with a reverse paradox tube.  Because the patterns are small, users need to know if the tube is patterning to point of aim.

The light weight of the reverse paradox tube makes the rifle easy to handle. The length of the rifle, with tube mounted, takes a little practice. Striking the muzzle of the tube on door frames or bushes is likely to affect the alignment. It is not as awkward as it might appear. Many muzzle loaders were of similar lengths, overall.

Experimental set up with pvc tube marked for cutting.

While performing these tests, there were tantalizing indicators better performance might be possible. The pvc tube delivers cylinder bore performance. Improved cylinder performance would add enough pellets at 15 yards to fill holes in the existing patterns.

Investigation of those possibilities awaits future articles.

The cost to thread the barrel of a .22 at the factory is minimal, probably less than a dollar.  The usefulness of muzzle accessories means more manufacturers will be offering models with threaded barrels in the future. 

All safety measures must be observed. Ammoland and the author publish the information for academic interest, and cannot assume any responsibility for actions taken by readers.

©2020 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

AR: Domestic Defense Gunfight in Fayetteville, Intruder Wounded

Officers were told Navarro went into the house because his girlfriend refused to come outside. Once inside, Navarro pulled a handgun from his waistband and he and the caller exchanged shots, according to the release.

Navarro was shot on the right side of his body and fled the area, according to the release. He arrived about 45 minutes later at Washington Regional Medical Center where he was arrested.
More Here

Monday, May 18, 2020

MO: Escaped Dog Attacks Goats, is Shot, Killed

One owner discovered one of the six escaped dogs on their property, though. “One of them ended up attacking some goats in the area and was killed by the property owner,” explained Major Erik Holland with the Platte County Sheriff’s Office.
More Here

TX: Armed Homeowner Subdues Man Attempting Break-in

When officers arrived they found the homeowner holding down the would-be burglar. Police said the occupants of the house were sound asleep when they heard someone breaking into their front door. The homeowner said he grabbed his gun and confronted the person breaking into his home. The gun went off during their scuffle, but nobody was shot.
More Here

Sunday, May 17, 2020

MI: Warning Shot Scares off Tresspasser/Stalker

According to a sheriff’s report, the man was highly intoxicated and taken into custody on charges of stalking, trespassing and resisting and obstructing police officers when the woman’s husband called 911 to complain that the man was trespassing on their property and harassing his wife about 8 a.m. in the 4000 block of W. Temperance Rd.

While her husband was trying to convince the man to leave, the woman fired a 9mm handgun into the air to scare him off. The couple told deputies that the man had been trespassing on their property since he moved next door seven months ago.
More Here

AZ: More on Shooting Death of Naked Intruder in Scottsdale

The homeowner was reportedly doing work on the property when the family dog alerted him to some type of disturbance. When the father of the family entered a room to investigate, he found that one of his children had been confronted by a naked man, identified Friday as Cameron Yoe.

Police say Yoe was holding a large piece of wood in a threatening manner and charged at the resident. The resident then pulled out a gun and shot Yoe twice, killing him.
More Here

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Bear Biologist Makes Hyperbolic Claim about Bear Maulings

In a March 15, 2020 article about a bear encounter by Caroline Wellbery, a bear biologist makes a hyperbolic claim. It is not unusual for people to make hyperbolic claims about bears, which are not founded in facts or data. It is irresponsible for experts in the field to do so. From the
There is a bigger chance of getting hit twice by lightning, Craighead says, than being mauled by a bear.
As with any statistical assessment, it depends on a number of assumptions. If you are talking about the United States as a whole, Craighead's claim is false.

Over the last decade, the number of people killed by lightning per year, according to, has been 26. The number of people struck by lightning is about 10 times that number, or about 260 a year, or about 1 out of 1.27 million in a year. The number struck by lightning has been falling.  The expected lifespan in the United States is about 79 years.

Assuming that each person has half of their life to live after the first strike, at any one time, there are about 79/2 x 260 people who have been struck by lightning once, or 10,270 living in the United States. Each of those, in a given year, has a chance of being struck by lightning again. Because the odds are so small, they are, essentially, additive, so, for a given year, they are very close to 10,270/1.27 million, or .008 per year, or about 1 person every 123 years. 

There are a couple of people in existence who have been struck by lightning more than once, so the odds may be a little greater.  Then again, the number of people struck by lightning has been falling, while the number of people mauled by bears has been rising.

There are many times as many people alive who have been mauled by a bear, as have been struck by lightning twice.

According to research in Alaska, there are about seven bear attacks requiring at least one day in the hospital for each fatal bear attack. There are other people who only need stitches and are released, or who have other, minor injuries.

There have been 18 fatal bear attacks in the United States in the last decade .
7 x 18 is 126, or about 12 bear maulings requiring at least 1 day in the hospital each year, on average. That does not count the people attacked by a bear who can be released from the hospital the same day. Over the same time period, the number of people being hit, twice, by lightning would be .008 x 10 or about .08 people per decade.

In the United States, your chance of getting mauled by a bear is about 1500 times as great as being struck by lightning, twice.

Craighead is not just wrong in his estimate, he is off by three orders of magnitude.

The comparison of lightning strikes to bear attacks is a frivolous, Orwellian exercise. All risks should be taken in context. In some contexts, bear attacks are a serious risk. In most, they are not. In the backwoods of Yellowstone park, the chance of being in an automobile accident are very small, but the chance of being killed by a bear is significant, about the same at that of being in a fatal automobile accident in the rest of the United States.

Where most bear attacks occur, deaths by bear can be more frequent than deaths by lightning strike. They are clearly more common than being hit twice by lightning. Seven of the eighteen fatal bear attacks in the United States in the last decade, occurred in Alaska. There were no recorded deaths by lightning in Alaska during that decade.

Humans are, generally, far more dangerous to other humans than are bears. Bears may kill, over the entire world, a dozen humans or less in a year (there are more bear attacks in Asia than in North America, and almost as many in Europe). Humans kill about half a million humans in a year.

In the back country of Yellowstone park, bears kill more humans than humans do.

Humans learn from others and learn how to prevent attacks and exposure to lightning strikes. A person who has been struck by lightning may be careful to expose themselves less.

Long experience with bears has resulted in people knowing how to effectively avoid and/or stop a bear attack. It is likely about 10 bears are killed for each bear that attacks and injures a human. The chance of a bear mauling is not the same as the chance of a bear attack. Bear attacks occur much more frequently. They mostly fail, and the bear is killed or driven off.

In my research, handguns are shown to be about 97% effective in stopping bear attacks.

©2020 by Dean Weingarten: First publication rights are granted to Ammoland
Link to Gun Watch

NV: Security Guard Shoots, Wounds Suspect

One of the suspects was possibly armed with a gun and the security officer fired shots, police said.

Metro officers responded to the shooting and followed a trail of blood that led them to a tent where the shot man was found in a tent.
More Here

MO: Armed Homeowner Shoots, Wounds 1 of 3 Childen Breaking into Home

St. Louis Police say that a 23-year-old man heard banging and glass breaking from the rear of the home. He found the three boys coming into the home through a broken window. Police say the man fired a shot from his weapon in the direction of the suspects, fearing for his safety. The three boys started to run away.

More Here

Friday, May 15, 2020

NICS Background Checks for April, 2020, Breaks Record

April 2020 was another record breaking month for the National Instant background Check System (NICS).  The numbers for the month were:

Handguns - 984,872, almost a million!
Long guns - 508,122 over half a million!
Other - 68,746
Multiple - 34,778 (multiplied by 2.5 to approximate the number of firearms, 86,948)

The new format for the graphics shows last year's numbers in the blue, green, yellow and red lines. The blue, green, yellow and red bars show this year's numbers. 

Total firearms sold, as recorded by NICS - 1,648,688.

The numbers are not as high as for March, but are significantly higher than last year.  They are the highest numbers for April on record. 

The sales happened in spite of a significant number of gun shops being shut down by decree by state governors, then re-opened after protests, lawsuits, and the Trump administration declaring them essential businesses.

In the period of dropping economic numbers and record level unemployment, over 1.6 million Americans voted with their credit cards and wallets to support, in a very concrete way, the reality of the Second Amendment.

Perhaps because of social distancing, the number of permit checks and rechecks were only 42% of total NICS checks, while the recent trend has been over half of all NICS. In April of 2019, permit checks and rechecks were 58% of total NICS, a reversal of the proportions.

This is in stark contrast to Canada, where the right of Englishmen to Arms has been effectively abolished over the last 85 years.

In Canada, with considerable effort, you can obtain a permit to allow you to take your unloaded, and double locked pistol to the range, directly, without stopping. For the vast majority of pistol owners, the range is the only place the pistol is allowed to be loaded or fired.

The Prime Minister banned a list of 1500 models deemed to fall into the rather fluid definition of "assault weapons", without a vote of Parliament.

In the United States, with its Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment, those sort of bans are not allowed.

According to Larry Keane at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a large percentage of the firearm purchasers in the United States were first time buyers.

The Trump Bump in gun sales has continued two months now, with many popular models being temporarily difficult to come by. Handguns accounted for a bit less than two thirds of the total sales, although precise numbers are not known. This is because the category of multiple sales and other sales could be either handguns or long guns, or both at the same time. It is likely the proportions are close.

Ammunition sales are also up, according to a local gun shop, particularly for pistol cartridges. A quick visit to a local WalMart showed a lot of empty space on the ammunition shelves. WalMart had been liquidating its handgun ammunition before the Chinese Virus lock-down heightened customers awareness of societal vulnerabilities.

It is possible the deadlock at the Supreme Court about the Second Amendment has also contributed to record sales. It is much easier to hang on to a firearm you already own, than to get permission to own one once restrictive legislation is passed.

The American gun culture is alive and well. Most gun owners own guns for defense of self and others, as well as for hunting and target shooting.

In the rest of the Anglosphere, there are two foundational deceptions used to restricting gun ownership.

First, define guns as illegitimate for self defense. This removes the most powerful argument for moral gun ownership.

Second, make ownership of guns a privilege, instead of a right.

Both deceptions have been used as powerful arguments for heavy restrictions on gun ownership in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

©2020 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

Gun Watch

ND: William Dittmer was Justified in Shooting Duane Turchin

Dittmer claims the shooting was an act of self-defense.

“Mr. Turchin was a considerably larger man. He had presented himself as a challenge to Mr. Dittmer,” explained State’s Attorney Birch Burdick. “He was present on Mr. Dittmer’s property and challenging him right there at his car. The evidence indicated that when Mr. Dittmer got out of his car, Mr. Turchin put his hand around his throat and was squeezing his throat.”

The evidence includes Sheriff’s Office photographs that show a spilled drink on the drivers side window of the vehicle, which Dittmer Jr. said was thrown at him. Photographs also show faint, red scratch marks on Dittmer’s neck. This was corroborated by Dittmer’s girlfriend, Adrienne Johnson, who saw the altercation from inside the couple’s home.
More Here

UT: One of Six Home Invaders Shot and Killed in Targeted Attack

VINEYARD — An attempted home invasion robbery in Vineyard resulted in one of the would-be robbers being shot and killed by the resident and at least six others arrested, according to police.
More Here

David Chipman Mocks new gun owners; Pushes them into the Gun Culture

Screenshot from C-Span Video

David Chipman is a former ATF agent. He found a new gig as a spokesman for those who want the population disarmed. 

David Chipman's latest attempt at scaring Americans away from exercising their Second Amendment rights seems rather ham-handed.

David Chipman, Senior Policy Advisor at the Giffords organization said hopelessness, anxiety and fear might cause people to try to use firearms to control some aspect of their lives as they are inundated with concerning news about COVID-19, “but there are risks to that choice.”

“They might think that they’re die-hard, ready to go, but unfortunately they’re more like Tiger King and they’re putting themselves and their family in danger,” he said, referencing the popular new Netflix series and its central figure’s love of guns. Particularly without proper gun training, Chipman worries new gun owners are putting people at risk. Unintentional shootings makeup 1.3 percent of gun deaths and 18 percent of gun injuries.

He suggested first-time gun owners secure unloaded firearms. “Hide it behind the cans of tuna and beef jerky that you’ve stored in the cabinet,” he said.
Chipman said he’s concerned about an increase in domestic violence cases and the possibility of a gun becoming part of that equation. Experts have warned quarantine may lead to more domestic violence incidents sprung from anxiety, loss of jobs and more time at home.
Fortunately, there is no evidence of a national spike in domestic violence. The has some numbers from some cities.

Dallas showed an increase of 21% of calls from from February to March; Los Angeles reported a 12.4% decrease, then a 7.6% increase of calls; and New York showed a 15% decline in calls from last year. There is no good evidence the lockdown is increasing or decreasing domestic violence. Those who make and industry of domestic abuse find a way to conflate any reporting with an increase. For example, a sociology professor speculated that lower reporting might be because of higher abuse rates.

Domestic violence may increase; it may not. It is difficult to know. It is difficult to know if an increase in reporting means an increase in violence or not. It is hard to believe having more gun owners means having more domestic violence.

Comparing the new gun owners to convicted criminals and bizzare adrenaline and meth addicts in the Netflicks docudrama "true crime" series, Tiger King, won't win points with new gun owners.  Very few new gun owners will be polyandrous gay men who obsess with and own tigers and lions.

Missing from the Cheddar article is a call for the new gun owners to get trained up. Instead, Chipman advises them to store guns in such a way as to render them unusable for immediate defense of self and family.

People seldom purchase firearms as an impulse buy. They are not offered next to the checkout at your local convenience store, along with the candy.

What seems like an impulse buy is usually a long simmering and considered desire, set off by events which crystallize the decision to be prepared.

Trying to shame these new gun owners into giving up the guns they just paid top dollar for, is not a way to endear yourself to them.

Those who are attempting to push the national population into disarmament, have convinced themselves they are smarter than the people they are attempting to disarm. They have had success, because they have had the Media on their side for 50 years.

Expert is a label which no longer carries much weight. The public has come to know experts can be found for any side of an argument.

To evaluate an expert, people have to consider their arguments and data. When you find an "expert" who resorts to emotional arguments, or who refuses to show you their data, you know to discard that persons advise.

Nicolo Machiavelli was a political expert on the use of power, who the left has idealized for 500 years.  He wrote that armed people see the world differently than unarmed people.

The famed political philosopher states it well in The Prince:
Because there is nothing proportionate between the armed and the unarmed; and it is not reasonable that he who is armed should yield obedience willingly to him who is unarmed, or that the unarmed man should be secure among armed servants. Because, there being in the one disdain and in the other suspicion, it is not possible for them to work well together.
David Chipman is attempting to convince recently armed people to place themselves back into the category of unarmed people. It is rather like convincing someone to forget what they have seen.

It has not been working. America is better armed today, in spite of the scare mongering and propaganda, than it has ever been.

People in the gun culture need to welcome these new members. They need training and support. Put aside past judgements. Many were only believing what "experts" told them. They have much to learn, when they are seeing the world through the eyes of an armed citizen.

©2020 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

NY: More on Shooting of Andre Tiwo Hair (Domestic Defense by Neighbor)

EMS was called to the scene and medics were unable to revive the man later identified as 27-year-old Victor De Andre Tiwo Hair of 1202 Main St., Buffalo.

Taylor said deputies found Hair lying on a weapon when they arrived. Hair had been shot while inside the home after he kicked open the front door brandishing a weapon.
More Here

AL: Domestic Defense, Justin Tyler Bland Shot by family member

Police say a Dothan man shot twice Monday by a family member is now in jail on burglary charges.

Justin Tyler Bland, 31, of Dothan, was arrested Monday, and charged with first-degree burglary.
More Here

Followup KY: Woman Shot as Police Execute Warrant at Wrong Address

The family says the police did not knock, and did not announce themselves. The police say they did. I hope there is video.

Breonna Taylor, an EMT worker, died on March 13 after officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department executed a search warrant at the wrong home, the suit states.

Police at the time said the officers knocked on the door several times and “announced their presence as police who were there with a search warrant.” The officers forced their way in through the door and “were immediately met by gunfire,” Lt. Ted Eidem said at a March 13 press conference.

Taylor's death gained national attention this week after the family hired attorney Ben Crump, who is also representing the family of Ahmaud Arbery, the black man in Georgia who died on Feb. 23 after being pursued and shot by two white men.
More Here

Followup ID: Fatal Shooting of Zachary Stinson by Jesse Peterson was Self Defense

When police arrived, they discovered Jesse Peterson, one of the men involved in the fight, shot Stinson once in the neck, killing him. After Idaho State Police finished their investigation, they turned the case over to the Lemhi County Prosecutor’s Office.

Peterson said he was involved in an argument with Stinson. He admitted to firing the shot that killed him. But, according to investigative documents, all of his actions were taken in self-defense. No charges were filed against Peterson, and he was never arrested.

Peterson’s claim of self-defense is valid under Idaho law.
More Here

TX: Homeowner Fatally Shoots 1 of 2 Burglary Suspects

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A burglary suspect was fatally shot by a homeowner on North Beach.

Police say a man and a woman entered the home on Snug Harbor Driver overnight, forcing the homeowner to shoot at least once.
More Here

Horrific Murder and Felony Firearm in Flint, Michigan: Three Family Members Charged

Raymonyear Trayvon Bishop and Larry Edward Teague

Image from Genessee County Prosecutor Office

On Friday, 1 May, 2020, at about 2 p.m., Calvin Munerlyn, 43, a security guard at a Dollar Store in Flint, Michigan, was shot and killed. 20 minutes earlier, at about 1:40, he had confronted a woman, Sharmel Lashe and her daughter,  and ordered her daughter to wear a mask in the store, as required by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Stores are allowed to refuse service to customers if they are not wearing a mask.  The daughter left, but Sharmel got into an altercation with Calvin Munerlyn. Sharmel is reported as spitting on Munerlyn, then leaving in a red GMC Envoy.

Detroit News reports the event is recorded on surveillance video.

20 minutes later, security cameras showed Sharmel's husband, Larry Edward Teague, 44, and her son, Ramonyear Travon Bishop, 23 arriving at the store in what appears to be the same vehicle. They confronted Munerlyn. The video is reported to show Bishop shooting Munerlyn, who was shot in the back of the head, and killed.

Genesse Count Prosecutor David Leyton has filed charges against the three suspects.

Sharmel Lashe has been arrested on a first degree murder charge and a firearms felony charge.

Her son, Ramonyer Travon Bishop, and her husband, Larry Edward Teague, are being sought. They have been charged with first degree murder charges, felony firearms charges, and carrying a concealed weapon charges.

Larry Edward Teague is additionally charged with possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, a felony, an additional felony firearms charge, and violating the Governor's order, a misdemeanor.

Michigan's felony firearm law is somewhat unusual. It carries a mandatory minimum sentence of two years in prison for a conviction of possession of a firearm in the commission or attempted commission of a felony, any felony. The mandatory prison term is extended to five years for a second conviction, and ten for a third conviction. from
 750.227b Carrying or possessing firearm when committing or attempting to commit felony; carrying or possessing pneumatic gun; exception; “law enforcement officer” defined.

Sec. 227b.

  (1) A person who carries or has in his or her possession a firearm when he or she commits or attempts to commit a felony, except a violation of section 223, 227, 227a, or 230, is guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment for 2 years. Upon a second conviction under this subsection, the person shall be punished by imprisonment for 5 years. Upon a third or subsequent conviction under this subsection, the person shall be punished by imprisonment for 10 years.
Prosecutors routinely overcharge in order to have material to plea bargain with. It does not seem necessary in this horrendous crime, captured on video; but I am not the prosecutor in this case, nor am I a lawyer.

This was a nasty, unnecessary murder. No testimony has been released as to what was said between Sharmel, Ramonyer, and Larry Edward Teague. 

So far, only one firearm is mentioned in this case. As a juror, I would want to know if two people could simultaneously be convicted with possessing a concealed weapon, and if a person some distance away from the crime scene could also be convicted of possessing the same weapon. It would depend on Michigan statutes, case law, and precedent.

Perhaps there is video of one man passing the firearm to the other; it is not said. Notice how the charge stacks. The first charge is a mandatory two years in prison. The second firearm felony is a mandatory five years in prison. In the case of Larry Edward Teague, that is seven mandatory years in prison before the concealed carry and first degree murder charges, and felon in possession of a firearm sentences start.

The first question a good lawyer might ask Larry Edward Teague:  Did he know his stepson had a pistol in his possession?

AP reporters Corey Williams and Mike Householder worked hard to tie the murder to peaceful protests by Second Amendment supporters at the Michigan legislature. From
On Thursday, gun-carrying protesters and other demonstrators rallied inside the state Capitol, calling for coronavirus-related restrictions to be lifted. Some protesters with guns — which are allowed in the statehouse — went to the Senate gallery. Some senators wore bulletproof vests.
There is no evidence the murder had any political motivations, yet David Leyton, the Democrat prosecting attorney for Genesee County, Michigan, attempted to tie the crime to politics.
“The hostile tone that we have seen in recent days on television and in social media can permeate our society in ways we sometimes don’t fully realize or anticipate,” Leyton told reporters Monday. “Decisions like staying home when we can, wearing a mask when going to the store and staying a safe distance from those around us — these should not be political arguments. They don’t necessitate acts of defiance, and we simply cannot devolve into an us versus them mentality.”
Leyton says wearing a mask should not be political, implying the murder was politically motivated, when there was no evidence of political motivation.

A person has to twist their logic in pretzel shapes to smear peaceful protestors with an irrational murder.

It has become fashionable to have enhanced sentences for possession of a firearm in the course of a crime.

There are downsides to that policy. It singles out firearms for demonization; it increases the legal liability of firearms ownership; it conveys the message that, somehow, firearms are intrinsically "bad".

As surveillance cameras become evermore common, it becomes more and more difficult for criminals to avoid being convicted for serious crimes.

This may be one reason the crime rate has been on a downward trend, overall, over the last two decades.

©2020 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

Gun Watch

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

SC: Domestic Defense, Armed Neighbor Shoots Ex Attempting Murder of Former Girlfriend and Baby

The woman had run across a busy street to Moore’s home, looking for help, after 26-year-old Victor Hair broke into her home and started shooting.

“They were in a relationship and we had answered a domestic call over here a few days ago,” Union County Sheriff David Taylor said. “We had active warrants on the suspect.”

“I didn’t ask her anything. Just as long as she was safe, it was none of my business,” Moore said.

Sheriff Taylor said another man in the home fired back at Hair.

When emergency crews arrived on the scene, Hair was found lying in the front yard. He died from his injuries.

More Here

AZ: Armed Samaritan Shot and Killed by 17-year-Old

Police said after DeLegge turned his attention back toward the other three, the 17-year-old removed a revolver from his pants pocket, approached DeLegge and shot him through the right cheek. DeLegge was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

More Here

SC: Domestic Defense, 16-Year-Old Shoots Step-Dad to Defend Mother, with Pistol he Handed Her

North Charleston police said they’re not planning to a charge a 16-year-old girl with shooting her mother’s husband after hearing she did so in self-defense.
More Here

KY: Armed Homeowner Shoots 1 of 4 Home Invaders

It happened Friday at a home in the Keavy community.

Deputies with the Laurel County Sheriff's office tell WYMT the group attempted to rob the homeowner, who ended up shooting one of them.
More Here

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ky: Man Justified in Shooting Deranged Driver who Weilded Ratchet

In this altercation, the shooter thought the aggressive man had a gun, when he had a ratchet. After an investigation, officers believe he was justified in shooting and wounding the aggressor.

The driver told officers the unknown male got out of the car. He tried to as well but could not open his door. He said the unknown male appeared to have a handgun and was approaching his vehicle.

The driver of the Camaro said he feared for his life and pulled out his gun and shot the unknown male, using all three rounds in the magazine.

More Here

MD: Body Camera Video of Man with Gun Charged by Man with Knife

Police late Friday released video of the shooting, which happened Thursday evening in the 1500 block of Hadden Manor Court in White Oak:

Police say they first responded to the scene on a call of a disturbance involving a man with a knife in a residential parking lot.

More Here   The video requires watching an ad

MD: Man with Handgun Wounds Attacker who Fired on House with Rifle

Diane Richardson, a spokeswoman for the Charles County Sheriff's office, says Dr. De Quang Tran walked onto the front lawn of a home on Spring Oak Drive on April 26th and began shooting at the house with a rifle.

The homeowner inside, who has not been identified, returned fire with a small caliber handgun, wounding Dr. Tran, Richardson said.
More Here

Monday, May 11, 2020

Canadian Cops Take Down Star Wars Storm Trooper During Restaurant Promotion (video)

Link to video

On 4 May, a small restaurant in Alberta, Canada was using a person with a Star Wars stormtrooper costume as a promotion.  The Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina is located at 531 13th St. North, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The promotion was on the unofficial Star Wars Day, "May the 4th be With You".

The police in Lethbridge decided to do their own interpretation of stormtroopers.

The 19-year-old woman who was employed by the Cantina as a draw, was assaulted by the police at gunpoint for having the temerity to wear her Storm Trooper costume with a plastic blaster.  Most of the interaction was caught on video.

In the police completely overreact. They draw guns on the young woman in the Star Wars costume and order her to get down. This is difficult to do in a hard plastic costume, as she attempts to explain. The Canadian police will have none of it, even after the restaurant owner tries to tell them it is a promotion.

There was no reason to require the woman to get down on the ground and be handcuffed after she puts down the toy gun.

When the videographer comes up to video, they one of the police tells him to leave, or  he will be arrested. He backs off, but continues to video. Then a police officer in police truck drives between him and the victim, and blocks his recording angle.

The Canadian police appear to be carrying Sig equipment. The long gun used by the officer confronting the Storm Trooper looks like a Sig 551. The sights, flash hider and fore end are distinctive.

Lethbridge police rifle, side view, twitter

Sig 551 from wikipedia

The police firearm has a flash hider, short barrel, pistol grip, folding stock, and standard 30 round capacity magazines. How do the Canadian police find all those things useful, when they are precisely the things Americans who want the public disarmed, find abhorrent? 

The Lethbridge police use Sig P226 pistols in .40 caliber, according to wikipedia.

The incident has drawn international attention. One commenter on the Lethbridge police facebook page, Chris Laidlow, posted a clip of a Star Wars movie and made this comment:
You people are so pathetic and stupid. You humiliated our entire country and you dint even have the bells to apologize.

You are simply the worst.
Canadian police are considered to be more familiar with firearms than Australians. It made the news when Australian police took down a man walking on the beach with a 1/3 scale plastic, toy rifle.   The Australian incident happened a year ago. The Australians had the excuse of a law requiring replica guns to be registered the same as real guns.

Perhaps that is anticipated in Canada.  In the United States, those pushing for a disarmed population have been pushing for a ban on toy guns for decades. New York City banned black, blue, and silver toy guns in 1955.

It is reasonable for police to respond to a "man with gun" complaint. Requiring a promotional actor to get on the ground and be handcuffed after they have been disarmed of a plastic toy, and have been told it is a promotion; seems beyong reason.

The incident is being investigated by the Lethbridge police. 

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