Saturday, June 30, 2007

Alabama man captures intruder at gunpoint: "Three people apparently didn’t believe in the old saying “three strikes and you’re out,” or else they wouldn’t have attempted to burglarize the same Sardis City home Wednesday morning. Sardis City police Chief James Alverson said he believes three men were responsible for burglaries on June 21 and Monday of a U.S. 431 South residence and apparently were attempting a third burglary when things didn’t go as planned. Alverson said a friend of the homeowner was staying at the home Wednesday when he heard a vehicle pull up to the house and blow its horn. The unidentified friend told police he looked out the window and saw a black truck, with which he was not familiar, in front of the house. A short time later, the doorbell rang, but the friend did not respond. Alverson said the friend told police that, a few minutes later, one of the men popped open the lock on the back door with a screwdriver and entered the house. The man then started toward the basement door in what was believed to be an effort to let an accomplice into the house. The homeowner’s friend, who had a pistol, confronted the surprised burglar and told him, “Don’t you move!” Believing he might be shot, the man did not move. Then the friend proceeded to take the intruder outside, asking him, “Where’s your other buddy at?” A man in the pickup truck in the driveway saw his partner being held at gunpoint and quickly drove back to U.S. 431."

Indiana shooting could be self-defense: "A Hobart man is hospitalized after a fight ended with a shooting Tuesday evening that police believe could be ruled self-defense. Witnesses say Lawrence Halt, 43, was in an argument in front of his next-door neighbor's home in the 100 block of North Guyer Street when he put Michael Peco in a headlock. Police believe they were fighting over whether Halt would be allowed to do home repair work for Peco, according to police. Halt followed Peco into his home, where police believe he again put Peco in a headlock. During a struggle, Peco drew a .38-caliber semiautomatic pistol and shot Halt, once in the hand and again in the chest, said Detective Lt. Leo Finnerty. "He was in fear, and he shot him twice," Finnerty said. Halt was hospitalized but he was awake and alert Wednesday morning when he was interviewed by police, he said."

Florida: Thieves load boat; victim unloads gun: "A Mary Esther man had his boat stolen from his home, but the thieves didn’t get away before he had a chance to shoot at their truck. Three men went on the man’s property on U.S. Highway 98 and loaded his boat into the back of their truck on June 27, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. They left with the boat and the victim followed, and when the boat owner had the chance, he shot at the rear wheel of the truck with a Smith and Wesson. It’s not clear if he was able to hit the truck, but his aggressive response must have helped. Two of the men have been arrested. Christopher Clark, 23, and Elliott Stone, 20, both of Mary Esther, have been charged with burglary and larceny.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Florida: Subway Customer Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect: "One man is dead and another in critical condition after the duo was shot by a customer while they were attempting to rob a Plantation Subway shop Wednesday night, police said. Police said 71-year-old John Lovell II used a licensed gun to shoot the alleged robbers at the Subway on North Pine Island Road and Sunrise Boulevard. According to investigators, two armed men entered the restaurant, pointing guns and demanding money. Lovell turned around and saw a gun pointed at his face. Plantation police said that's when he took the law into his own hands. "As the customer was being forced into the restroom at gunpoint, the customer, who was in fear for his life and legally armed, shot the robbery suspects," said Plantation Police Department spokesman Robert Rittig. Police said one of the suspects was fatally shot in the head. He was identified as 22-year-old Donicio Ricardo Arrindell. The other suspect, 21-year-old Fredrick Gerard Gadson, was shot in the chest and was able to run nearly 300 yards into a nearby Bank Atlantic parking lot while trying to escape, police said. Gadson was charged with armed robbery and murder. Police said Gadson got charged with murder because, even though he did not shoot Arrindell, someone was killed while Gadson was allegedly committing a felony. Lovell's neighbor Wendi Hill said she spoke with Lovell several times Thursday morning. "He said everything happened in less than four seconds," Hill said. She said it didn't surprise her at all that Lovell took action against the robbers. "He's a very smart guy," she said. "I mean, retired pilot, retired ex-Marine." Police said Lovell will not be charged with a crime."

Ohio Resident Fights Back, Shoots Burglary Suspects: "Police are trying to determine the events that led up to an apparent home invasion and shooting on Thursday afternoon. According to neighbors, two armed men attempted to break into a home on Koebel Road at about 12:30 p.m. A short time later, neighbors said they heard gunshots, NBC 4 reported. Police said the resident was home alone when the alleged break-in occurred. According to police, the victim shot both suspects, striking one of them in the leg. The men fled the scene, but were later arrested and taken to Grant Medical Center in stable condition. Neighbors said the incident was the second attempted break-in at the man's home in less than a year. Police said the homeowner will not face charges because he was defending himself."

Tennessee man turns tables on teen burglar: "Sheriff's Investigator Julie Webb wishes every home invasion could have such positive results. "It worked out awesome," said Webb, the lead investigator on the case. It was a burglary where the occupants of a River Hills Drive residence awoke to find an armed burglar in their home, only to wrestle away his weapon, chase him from their home, and later identify him for the arrest. "We had wonderful victims that handled themselves as well as you could ask for," she said. At about 1 a.m., a male resident awoke at his usual time, but noticed that some things were out of place, Webb said. "He said it took him a minute to register," she said, but he quickly found a masked man with a rifle in a bedroom. The masked man, Craig Majors, 19, who gave a 211 Al Orta Drive address, pointed the rifle at him and "told him not to look at him, turn around, or he would kill him," Webb said. Majors then demanded money, to which the victim responded that they use debit cards and don't keep money in the house. Majors decided to take the victim to a nearby ATM to withdraw his money. Still holding the gun at the victim's back, Majors led him to the garage where he found some bungee cord to tie him up with. As he tied him up, Majors held the gun under his arm, which turned out to be a mistake. "(The victim) said to me he realized that was his opportunity," Webb said. "He turned around and jumped on this man, and the fight was on." The victim, who is in his 50's, yelled as he fought Majors, and his wife awoke to find them fighting in the garage. She then struck the burglar in the side of the head. The male victim was able to get an upper hand in the fight, Webb said, as the gun lay on the ground. Majors then got on top of the victim, but the victim was able to kick him off and down a staircase. He then picked up the gun and attempted to fire it, but it didn't fire, so he started swinging the gun at Majors who ran, Webb said."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New gun control: Shut down shops

Store says feds confiscating licenses for inadvertent trivia

The government is using paperwork errors as small as the abbreviation of a city name to shut down some of the nation's longest-serving gun shops, and 2nd Amendment advocates fear the right to bear arms will mean little if there's no way to obtain a gun. "No good deed goes unpunished," Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America, told WND while confirming that as recently as 15 or 20 years ago, there were 250,000 licensed gun dealers in the United States.

Today, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told WND, there are 108,381, and if more cases involving dealers such as Red's Trading Post of Twin Falls, Idaho, develop, that number will plummet quickly.

Ryan Horsley, a spokesman for Red's, which has been in business 71 years, said the store has been battling over its license because of rules infractions such as a missing poster for more than six years. He's launched an online petition asking Congress to intervene and halt the "blatant targeting of law abiding dealers." It also seeks a "fair, constitutional and speedy appeals process" and has attracted thousands of signatures. His company also has a federal lawsuit pending against the ATF over its announcement that Red's firearms dealership license was being withdrawn.

Attorney Mark Geston said the case asks the court to review the statute and the "propriety" of the decision that was made. Horsley said the reason Red's is facing a revocation is - at most - insignificant paperwork mistakes.

More here

Nebraska burglary. Race is mentioned. I wonder why? "A couple being robbed in their home Monday night was able to fire a shot at the burglars, police said. At about 10:30 p.m. Monday, police said three white men entered at home at 11029 Jones St. through an open garage door. The residents told police the robbers demanded money at gunpoint. One of the residents was able to grab a gun and fire. No one was hit and burglars got away."

California: Violent barber shop invasion (Race not mentioned this time): "Police are looking for a gunman in connection with a morning gun battle at a local barber shop that left at least one of the shooters injured. Officers on the scene found a 31-year-old Antioch man, who is a barber at the shop, bleeding from several gunshots to his legs. He is in stable condition at a nearby hospital, Addington said. The barber told police that he was alone inside the barbershop when a man walked in and started spraying gunfire. The barber pulled out a .45 caliber handgun that he had in his waist band, and returned fire, Addington said. The gunman fled and jumped into a Buick Park Avenue that sped away. Nearly two hours later, police received a call from an area car dismantler and salvage yard about a suspicious car that had just been left there. A man dropped it off minutes before wanting to buy windshields to replace the car's front and back windows, which had been shot out, Addington said. The car was also punctured by myriad bullet holes. The driver fled the scene before officers arrived at yard, Addington said. Detectives are actively investigating leads to the gunman's identity, Addington said."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nevada: Las Vegas jewellery store robber shot by clerk "A neighborhood is briefly on lockdown, following a shootout in a local jewelry store. Now one person is dead and police are searching for a possible suspect. The search is on for that possible suspect, but right now Metro has two people in custody. It was a crime that had police scrambling through several eastside neighborhoods chasing a suspected robber. It all started at a jewelry store. Police say two or three men and a woman went in with guns to rob the place. They say they were confronted by a woman working in the store, and during that run-in one of the suspects ended up shot. That suspect later died. People in the neighborhood saw the other suspected robbers run right by them."

Louisiana homeowner kills suspected burglar: "A homeowner shot and killed a suspected burglar this morning after finding him breaking into a car and a storage shed in his townhouse development. Police said the homeowner tried to hold the burglar at bay until officers arrived, but the burglar tried to attack him. The 49-year-old homeowner was questioned by police and released with no charges filed. The case will be sent to the district attorney for a decision on whether charges should be filed. Killed was Jonathan Sternitzky, 19, who lived on nearby Monet Drive in the same development. The homeowner said he saw the break-ins in progress, got a gun and went outside. He told police he tried to hold Sternitzky until officers got there but Sternitzky tried to attack him. Police said the homeowner fired one shot, hitting Sternitzky in the chest. Police said the mortally wounded man ran around the corner of the building before he collapsed and died.

An Australian absurdity: "A man has been charged after allegedly firing a shot through the front door of his home in southwest Victoria to scare off intruders. Police said the man, 43, fired one shot from a rifle through the front door of the home in McNeil Avenue, Geelong East, about 10pm (AEST) last night. Would-be intruders had allegedly thrown rocks through the front window and cut the home's power supply before trying to jemmy open the front door. They fled after the man, who was inside with a woman and young girl, allegedly fired the shot. Police recovered the rifle and charged the man with conduct endangering life and firearm offences. He has been bailed to appear at the Geelong Magistrates Court on August 9."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

South Carolina homeowner shot man during robbery: "Deputies say a Graniteville homeowner responded to the attempted theft of an all-terrain vehicle with gunshots. Officials say Leonel T. Sanchez, 26, shot Jack H. Cooper, 18, as Cooper was trying to steal the ATV from the Bettis Academy Road home on Saturday morning. At 1:15am, a motorist found Cooper lying on Bettis Academy Road, and gave him a ride to a convenience store, where deputies met Cooper. Aiken County Emergency Medical Services then transported Cooper to the Medical College of Georgia, in Augusta. He will be charged with attempted grand larceny and possession of a firearm under 21. An investigation also led to the arrest of Clarence W. Oglesby IV, 22. He's charged with attempted grand larceny. A 16-year-old juvenile was released to relatives. The homeowner won't be charged."

Texas robbery goes wrong; suspect shot repeatedly by store employee : "A convenience store employee shot one suspect multiple times during an attempted robbery in Port Arthur Sunday night. Port Arthur Police responded to a possible shooting at the Stop & Drive at 2500 Gulfway Dr. in Port Arthur at around 10 p.m. Sunday night. When they arrived, police found EMS and Fire Department personnel treating a wounded man in front of the business. Witnesses told police the suspect went into the store and demanded money from the clerk at the counter. A second store employee saw what was happening and retrieved a gun from somewhere in the store. The second employee opened fire on the robbery suspect, striking him several time. The suspect reportedly attempted to flee the store and collapsed just outside the door. At the last report, the suspect was listed in critical condition at a Beaumont hospital. The Port Arthur Police Department’s Major Crime Team continues to investigate the incident."

Florida man Not Guilty In October Jeep Shooting: "A jury ruled Monday that a Westgate man who shot into a Jeep, killing two men and injuring another, was acting in self-defense. After a six-day trial, the jury found Norman Borden not guilty of charges that included two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle. Borden shot at three men who were in the Jeep in October 2006. The shooting happened after the group confronted Borden as he walked his dogs. Christopher Araujo and Saul Trejo were killed in the shooting. The third passenger, Juan Mendez, was injured. Borden's defense argued he fired the shots because he feared for his life. Borden claims the three men had tried to run him over in the Jeep. But the prosecution said though Borden's first shots were in self-defense, he committed murder when he stepped in front of the Jeep and fired more rounds at the vehicle."

Monday, June 25, 2007

Louisiana burglar shot: "A morning robbery turned into a shooting in Crowley. Police say it happened at about 9:30 Friday morning when someone tried to rob a house on the 300 block of Ross Avenue. Cops say when the homeowners realized the house was being robbed; they tried to fight off the burglar. When that didn't work he shot him. Police say they've turned over their report to the district attorney, but don't think the homeowner will face charges."

ID: Deja vu all over again At Red's: "Red's Trading Post owner Ryan Horsley says agents from the BATFE paid him another visit yesterday. Agents last visited the store on May 23rd. That visit resulted in the alleged discovery of three paperwork infractions. Horsley said this visit was more of the same. During the May 23rd visit a Red's employee transcribed alleged comments of one agent. Horsley says supervisor Lori Young told the employee that they would 'be back again and again.' The latest inspection by the BATFE comes on the heels of last week's showing of the anti BATFE documentary, 'The Gang.'"

North Carolina: Intruder shot: "An intruder was shot early today after entering a home at 327 Vickery Drive in northeast Charlotte, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. Investigators say a burglary suspect, whose name was not released, was taken to Carolinas Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. The man was shot after he forced his way into the home on Vickery Drive shortly after 2 a.m., investigators say. Charges have not yet been filed in the case, officials said."

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Florida intruders: One shot and killed: "Polk County Deputies spent the early morning hours on the scene of a deadly home invasion in the Lakeland area. Deputies tell us around 9 p.m. Friday evening two gunman broke into an apartment on 534 Timberlane demanding jewelry and money. The man who lives in the apartment shot one of the suspects. James McArthur Johnson, Jr., who has a long criminal record, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other suspect who fled was identified as Elvin Tolliver. Deputies say Tolliver turned himself in this evening after seeing his face on news reports. He's charged with murder".

Pennsylvania: Dying ranger kills assailant: "Shot once in the chest during an argument at his sister's North Side home early yesterday, a former Army Ranger pulled his own gun and killed his assailant before dying of his wound, police said. "You've got a murder and a justifiable homicide, is what it looks like," said Lt. Dan Hermann of the major crimes unit. Killed in the exchange of gunfire were Gregory Grabowski, 29, a former Ranger from the North Side, and Timothy Beaman, 23, of Woods Run. Police responding to a report of shots fired at 2:39 a.m. at 25311/2 N. Charles St. found a bloody scene, with Mr. Grabowski lying just inside the front door and Mr. Beaman on the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps leading to the house. The two lay mortally wounded about eight feet from each other, remnants of their blood stains still visible after attempts to clean it up. The fight was apparently over noise after Mr. Beaman, along with two friends, showed up at the house, which is rented to Mr. Grabowski's sister. Mr. Beaman is the father of the tenant's child, police said. Mr. Beaman is also the father of another child whose mother lives in the row house. Angered by noise, Mr. Grabowski confronted the men in the kitchen, saying he had to get up for work in the morning, said Lt. Hermann. When Mr. Grabowski asked them to leave, an argument broke out, according to three witnesses. Mr. Beaman pulled a gun and shot Mr. Grabowski once in the chest. Although wounded, Mr. Grabowski pulled a .357-caliber pistol and shot Mr. Beaman twice in the chest. Mr. Beaman and his two friends ran for the door with Mr. Grabowski in pursuit until he collapsed at the front door. According to Allegheny County court records, both men were awaiting trial in separate cases. Mr. Grabowski was charged May 19 with forgery, theft by deception, receiving stolen property and acquisition by misrepresentation after being accused of passing a forged prescription at Giant Eagle. Mr. Beaman was awaiting trial on charges of illegal gun possession, receiving stolen property and other counts."

Guns, tears, tragedy and change: "He said he saw the men coming up the stairs with guns in hand but he couldn't do anything to stop them. So he quickly gathered his family and locked them in the master bedroom. He said they found them hiding there in less than a minute. ... [T]hey all were immediately tied up. Then they started leisurely burglarizing the home, seemingly in no hurry whatsoever. After they bagged-up everything they deemed worthwhile, things really got bad. They took turns raping both daughters in front of him and his wife. ... The father kept repeating that he just couldn't do anything to help them. Nervously he asked, 'Officer, please tell me, if I would have had a gun do you think I could have helped my family?'"

Saturday, June 23, 2007

NY: Ex-cop shoots attacker while serving divorce papers: "A retired Kent police officer who was serving legal papers to a town man in a divorce proceeding shot the man in the chest twice yesterday after the man attacked him with a police baton, state police said. Officers went about 4:30 p.m. to 33 Lincoln Road, where 66-year-old Dennis Illuminate had gone to serve divorce papers on Douglas Greenwich, said Capt. Keith Corlett of the state police. Greenwich, 52, who was at the house to pick up a dresser, became enraged at the sight of Illuminate, who had served him with legal papers on two previous occasions, Corlett said. Illuminate, who is also a former Kent councilman, fired his licensed .25-caliber handgun, striking Greenwich in the upper torso, but the men continued to struggle, Corlett said. Illuminate fired a second round, which also struck Greenwich in the chest, he said."

FL: Home invader gets a surprising welcome: "Jeremiah Swain probably thought he had it made early Thursday when he broke into a Coconut Grove home and found a man in a wheelchair inside. What Swain didn't know: The disabled man had three houseguests.As Swain tried to steal Edward Wynn's belongings, the houseguests swung into action, authorities said. They overcame the would-be robber, nabbed his blue steel revolver and held him until police came."

Why did it have to be ... guns?: "Over the past 30 years, I've been paid to write almost two million words, every one of which, sooner or later, came back to the issue of guns and gun-ownership. Naturally, I've thought about the issue a lot, and it has always determined the way I vote. People accuse me of being a single-issue writer, a single-issue thinker, and a single-issue voter, but it isn't true. What I've chosen, in a world where there's never enough time and energy, is to focus on the one political issue which most clearly and unmistakably demonstrates what any politician -- or political philosophy -- is made of, right down to the creamy liquid center."

Friday, June 22, 2007

Florida: Be prepared! "A home invasion suspect was killed and another injured early Thursday when victims scattered during the break-in, found stashed weapons and attacked, according to police. Orange County investigators said at least three people burst into a home located at 2672 Muscatello Street in the Hunter's Creek neighborhood early Thursday, fired a shot into the air and screamed, "We mean business." Deputies said the victims scattered to safe places in the home where they knew that they had weapons stashed and fought back, shooting one man and stabbing another. Officers said the victims seemingly did what they had to do during the crime. "All that we know for sure is that we have one black male suspect that has been shot and killed and one man who's been stabbed and fled the residence," Orange County sheriff's Cmdr. Tom Cockriel said. "(They) defended themselves. That's very possible that's what this turned out to be." One of the victims was hit in the head with a pistol, but no others were injured during the incident."

OH: Woman charged over shooting: "A Cincinnati woman is charged with felonious assault after police said she shot a man who came to her home. In court Wednesday, officials said that Janice Young had a protection order against Eugene Vassar. On Tuesday, officials said, Vassar came to Young's home on Beech Street. At some point, police said, Young pulled out a .38-caliber revolver and fired twice, hitting Vassar both times. She is being held on $10,000 bond." [Comment: Just great. She has a useless protective order against this guy, she defends herself, and SHE gets charged]

The Second Amendment and mental disorders: "Mainstream media made quite a 'thing' of the fact that this legislation was passed with the help of the National Rifle Association. Wayne LaPierre was shown, front and center, on CBS being interviewed about this new legislation which he deemed good for 'law-abiding citizens.' Really? In the aftermath of the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, a move is afoot nationwide to screen every man, woman and child for mental health. Ads abound on television encouraging people to be screened. Articles in parenting magazines advocate mental health screening and prevention to unwitting parents. Mike Wallace tells us to get help for depression, we won't be sorry. "

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guns UNbanned in the Philippines: "I RECEIVED lots of calls and e-mails from people over the weekend, asking about the gun ban and I am quite happy to reply that, yes folks, that utterly useless prohibition that bothered only the lawful is finally out the window. While the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has yet to issue a definitive statement—they are all probably busy with Sulu and Basilan—Comelec Resolution 7764-A did say that the ban covered only the election period between Jan. 14 to June 13, 2007. Thus, provided you get your respective transport permits from the PNP, all roads can lead to the firing range if you choose to. The Philippine Practical Shooting Association (PPSA), which by the way had its website redesigned recently, met the open season with a Level 2 match at the SEB Firing Range in Fort Bonifacio last Friday. The event was dubbed the Philippine Army Cub and sponsored by the Straight Shooters Club."

Florida: After Attack by 3 Dogs, Man Opens Fire: "Three dogs attacked Mauricio Garcia when he was walking near his home at 9343 SW 4th Lane, in Doral, late Wednesday morning. He pulled out a gun and shot one of them to death. He was scared, but when CBS4 later caught up with him, he said jokingly, "I'm alive". CBS Chopper4 flew over the scene soon after the incident happened, and the 74-year-old Garcia could be seen sitting down, the pants covering his left leg were torn. A woman was handing water to him. "I heard it," said neighbor Alice Villa. "He pulled out a gun and shot the dog right there." Miami-Dade officials said the three dogs belonged to a neighbor who others in the community said "is a nice guy", and no charges will be pressed against him. The dogs are miniature schnauzers, which can be trained to be aggressive, and some confirmed the dogs have a history of biting. Garcia, on the other hand is doing well, and no charges will be filed against him. He has a concealed weapon's permit."

Nebraska burglar foiled by man with B.B. gun: "An armed teenager was held at B.B.-gunpoint by the man he allegedly was trying to steal from at 23rd and Dudley streets early Wednesday. The resident of the home told police he was sleeping, when a noise startled him. He grabbed a B.B. gun in his room and went to investigate, then found a person he did not know in his hallway. The man was able to hold the suspected burglar until police arrived at the scene, Lincoln Police Officer Katherine Finnell said. Police arrested a 16-year-old on suspicion of burglary, and said they found a loaded .22-caliber pistol in his shoe. The teenager was taken to the Youth Detention Center."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NICS update proposal should offer more for gun owners: "A proposal that would reportedly update and strengthen the National Instant Check System (NICS) may not go far enough to protect the rights of American gun owners while apparently making it easier to prevent mentally ill persons from legally buying guns at retail outlets, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) said today. One tenet of the contemplated 'compromise' legislation, noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, would reportedly allow persons whose names are in the NICS database for minor infractions that should not be disqualifiers to petition the states to have those entries removed."

Florida: Armed man fends off robbers: "An Orlando man with a concealed-weapons permit successfully defended himself early Sunday against two armed robbers. Confronted outside Metro Place Apartments, the gun owner pushed aside a female acquaintance and drew his 9 mm pistol, according to Orlando police. The couple then fled. Another tenant heard the commotion and called 911 about 3:20 a.m. to report seeing two masked men armed with shotguns flee the area, reports show."

Florida Victim Wrestles Gun Away From Would-Be Carjacker: "It was a close call for an Orange County man who was targeted by a would-be carjacker. Instead of handing over his wallet and keys, he fought back and wrestled away a gun from the bad guy on Orange Blossom Trail. A swarm of patrol cars surrounded the 7-Eleven near downtown Orlando in response to a signal 43; officer needs help. "It could have been disastrous, but fortunately the officer was able to ascertain who the victim was. The victim remained calm and put the gun down," said Lt. Sue Brown of the Orlando Police Department. Around 2:00am Tuesday, a customer was confronted by a man with a gun who tried to steal his money and his car. But the victim didn't go down without a fight. Police said somehow he was able to take the .40 caliber gun away from his assailant. During the struggle, the gun went off, but no one was hurt. "I'm not sure I recommend this, but when you have a gun to your face you're gonna react. You're gonna do what you need to do to protect yourself. So he was able to struggle with the guy and disarm him," Brown said. The unidentified attacker ran off empty handed. Police said they will review surveillance video from the convenience store and a business across the street to see if they can get a good description of him. The gun was being fingerprinted to see if a possible match could be made to identify the attacker".

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Courageous Louisiana teen turns tables, shoots robber after taking away gun: "A 44-year-old man who was trying to rob a teenager and his mother in a fast food drive thru was shot several times after the teen grabbed the gun from him and fired back, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee. The incident occurred around 1:30 a.m. at the Arby’s drive-thru located at 3845 Veterans Blvd. in Metairie. According to Lee, the victims were in their car waiting to place an order when 44-year-old Carl Chestnut of Kenner walked up to the vehicle and pointed a gun at them. Lee said Chestnut tried to get into the car and was attempting to pull out the 53-year-old mother when the teen fought with him over the weapon, grabbed it away and then fired several times, striking Chestnut. Chestnut was hit in the head and torso, but the injuries aren’t believed to be fatal."

Tennessee: Robbery plan comes unstuck: "Monday morning police are looking for one of the teens involved in a botched robbery. Three teenagers plotted to rob a home of a 16-year-old peer and his mother. According to police, one of the teenagers asked to stay the night with the victims, saying that he was having problems at home. The mother and her son agreed to let the young man spend the night. Once invited into the home the teen left the front door unlocked, and in the middle of the night two other teens barged in with guns. They were armed with a shotgun and pistol. While demanding money, the parent sneaked away to call the police, and she also called a neighbor. The neighbor, who had his own gun, came over and held the teenagers at gun point until police arrived. The teen staying with the victims also had gun, but did not participate in robbery. Two of the teenagers are in custody as of Monday morning, but one got away."

Florida: Another aggressive "lover" shot: "Police are still trying to determine if a Jacksonville man should be charged with murder following a shooting in Murray Hill Sunday night. It happened in the 3600 block of Dellwood Avenue. A man, who police say was terrorizing his girlfriend, was shot and killed on the porch of a house. It all started Sunday afternoon after a man and woman, believed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, got into an argument. The woman filed a domestic violence-related report against the man but he continued threatening her. He showed up at the home on Dellwood Avenue. Police say the homeowner came outside on the porch and shot the man. "Basically, now we're just interviewing the witness and the person who did the shooting. The state attorney is on the scene and we're going to determine if this was a justifiable homicide at this point," said Sgt. Derrick Lewis, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. At this time, police believe the homeowner was acting in self defense. They have not made any arrests and have not said if any charges will be filed.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Washington State driver killed while trying to run man down: "Allan Turnipseed carries a gun with him at all times. But he'd never had to use it until Thursday. He says his life, and the lives of his family, were in danger. Thursday afternoon's shooting was a small incident that spiraled out of control. That is the story from Turnipseed, the man accused of shooting 24-year-old Joshua Smith. Turnipseed has not been jailed and is currently a free man. He declined to go on camera, but spoke from his home. He says on Wednesday evening, he witnessed two young men driving down 8th Avenue, one of them tossing a beer can out the window. He confronted the pair, and as he went to call police, they left. On Thursday, Turnipseed says he was driving down Ferrall when he saw the same Mazda, with the same men inside and Smith driving. Sensing trouble, Turnipseed says he moved his car to block the young men from coming near his home. He then alleges Smith drove up to the car and said he wanted to take a crowbar to his face, then took a crowbar out and began making threats. Turnipseed says he pulled his .380-caliber gun and tried to make a citizen's arrest. He then stood in front of Smith's car to keep them from leaving. Seconds later, Smith allegedly tried to run Turnipseed over. Turnipseed was hit, and as he clung onto the hood, fired two shots into the car. Turnipseed believes the men were drinking, and adds that he'll accept any charges that may come. Police say it is illegal to make a citizen's arrest in Washington. The shooting is still under investigation.

Oklahoma woman shot ex-husband in self-defense: "The Sallisaw woman who shot and killed her ex-husband early Friday morning after he broke into her home and assaulted the woman and her boyfriend with a bat may have thwarted her ex's alleged plans to kill her after police discovered that the man allegedly brought a bag of butcher knives into the woman's home. According to Sallisaw police, the man, Robert Wolfe, 49, broke into his ex-wife's home, located at 603 E. Zulkey in Sallisaw, between 1 and 1:35 a.m., knocking glass out of the back door. Wolfe's 33-year-old ex-wife, Kimberly Wolfe, and her boyfriend, Timothy Sizemore, were asleep in bed when Robert Wolfe allegedly began hitting the two with a baseball bat that he was swinging. Kimberly Wolfe retrieved her gun and fired three shots, two of which went through the bedroom wall and one which fatally wounded Robert Wolfe, police said. Sallisaw Police Chief Shaloa Edwards said they later discovered a bag of Dexter butcher knives that Robert Wolfe allegedly carried into the home. Edwards speculated that Robert Wolfe had planned to first torture his ex-wife before killing her."

New York: Black bear killed by homeowner: "A 29-year-old Town of Conklin man shot and killed a black bear that had been roaming through the Pride Manor Mobile Park neighborhood on Conklin Road in the Town of Conklin, according to Broome County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Eggleston. The man, fearing for the welfare of his children, shot the bear before law enforcement and environmental protection officers reached the scene, Eggleston said. The incident occurred around 9:55 p.m. Monday, according to a sheriff’s office report. Shane M. Wood told officers he got his shotgun and shot the bear when it was across the road from his driveway and turned toward him."

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bloomberg thinks NYC is America

It started as a small group of American mayors worried about gun violence. It has since grown into a vociferous national organisation that has challenged the powerful US gun lobby and boosted speculation about the presidential prospects of Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York.

The latest recruit to Bloomberg's coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns is Patricia Tucker, the widow of a North Carolina sheriff who was shot in the face by a teenager on probation for an earlier offence. He was found to have bought a shotgun from a dealer who allegedly should have refused the sale.

Tucker appeared last week in a new advertising campaign aimed at Congressional allies of the National Rifle Association, the defender of American gunowners' rights. Bloomberg's assault on one of Washington's most powerful lobbying groups has marked him out as both a target for right-wing critics and as a bold, energetic campaigner whose immense personal wealth might enable him to side-step the traditional primary-filled path to the White House.

As the billionaire founder and majority owner of the Bloomberg media empire, the mayor is considering spending $1 billion of his personal fortune on an independent campaign in the 2008 White House race.

More here

Oregon Intruder Held At Gunpoint By Homeowner: "A Depoe Bay homeowner took matters into his own hands Friday morning when he found an intruder in his house. Lincoln County Sheriff''s deputies responded to a home on Breeze Street shortly after 1:30 a.m. Friday after the homeowner called police to report that he was holding a suspected intruder at gunpoint. The homeowner told police he saw the man trespassing in the back yard and that the man entered his home without permission. There were three people inside the home, one of which was a small child. Authorities took 25-year-old Justin James of Portland into custody on charges of first- and second-degree criminal trespassing. Stewart is being held in the Lincoln County Jail on $10,000 bail."

Arizona homeowner confronts burglar: "A man is in custody after a homeowner found a suspected burglar inside his house near 16th Street and Maryland Avenue Wednesday morning. A neighbor became suspicious when he saw a man walking around his neighbor's property. The neighbor called the property owner, who returned home armed with a gun. The homeowner confronted the suspected burglar, whom he let go. Police say the homeowner did the right thing. The homeowner was able to provide a vehicle description and the suspect was arrested in a stolen car shortly after the incident."

Saturday, June 16, 2007

California driver who struck home was looking for his wife: "The man who shot and killed a driver who moments earlier intentionally rammed a car through his North Des Moines Road home late Wednesday feared for his life and may have acted in self-defense, a San Joaquin County sheriff's official said. Detectives believe that the driver, Ravi Batuk Vora, 39, of Burbank, was in a rage and was convinced his wife was hiding inside the Acampo resident's house before smashing his car through the home at about 9 p.m., Deputy Les Garcia, a sheriff's spokesman, said Thursday. But Vora already had been exhibiting bizarre behavior before his confrontation with the homeowner, Garcia said. As Vora searched for his wife, he saw a person arriving at a house in the 21000 block of North Des Moines Road and pulled his car up to the home, Garcia said. Vora confronted the homeowner and claimed his wife was inside. Vora left the man's house and returned three times to argue with the homeowner, Garcia said. As Vora stood outside, banging on the door and yelling, the homeowner grabbed a gun and called 911. Vora then returned to his car, drove away, and moments later slammed his car through the front entrance of the house, Garcia said. A dog inside the home was struck by the car and killed, Garcia said. Inside the house, Vora got out of his car and "advanced toward" the homeowner, who fired one shot and struck Vora in the upper body, Garcia said. Vora died at the scene.

Montana woman shooter gets no jail time: "A North Fork woman who shot her husband to death will serve no jail time. In a deal worked out between County Attorney Ed Corrigan and defense attorneys Patrick Sherlock and Sean Hinchey, District Court Judge Kitty Curtis sentenced Rebecca Braunig-Haag to a 10-year suspended sentence with 10 years probation Thursday. Originally charged with deliberate homicide, she pleaded “no contest” to an amended charge of negligent homicide in April. “She does have a claim for self-defense,” Corrigan said. “She, quite frankly, is unlikely to incur a further criminal history. I do believe the conviction for negligent homicide holds her accountable.” In a statement to the judge, Braunig-Haag said she was sorry and that she loved her husband. “I was so scared I picked up the gun to keep him from killing us,” she said. “More than anything, I didn’t want to shoot him.” Braunig-Haag was 51 at the time she shot her husband, Von Stanley Haag, 60, in the chest with a .44 caliber Magnum. She told investigators he had threatened to burn down their home if she didn’t accompany him on a trip to Texas to attend his father’s funeral. The Nov. 7, 2005, argument over whether or not to attend the funeral escalated to the point where Braunig-Haag said she feared her husband would burn the house down. He threatened her and poured gasoline throughout the house, she told police. That’s when she shot him and called neighbors for help, reports said."

California man shot in home invasion try is arrested: "Sheriff's deputies arrested a man shot by a woman late Wednesday after he allegedly entered her house in a botched home invasion, officials said. Authorities said Andrice Robinson, 21, of Fontana, is being treated in custody after being shot several times in the abdomen. He and one or two accomplices allegedly walked into a home in the 400 block of Charro Court at about 9 p.m. looking for drugs. "The victims had never seen them before," said sheriff's Sgt. Charles Jurcak. "They probably picked the wrong house." Jurcak said the men "entered the location, confronted the husband and demanded to know where the pot was." When the middle-aged couple told the suspects they didn't know anything about marijuana, the invaders began to beat them, he said. While the men beat her husband, authorities said the wife went for the couple's gun hidden in the bedroom. When Robinson confronted her in the hallway of the home, Jurcak said, "she fired the weapon several times, striking him in the body." The suspects fled, but the wounded man was found by deputies nearby, lying on the ground. Authorities said the incident is still under investigation and they are still seeking the other suspects, described only as African-American males."

Gutsy Texas Clerk Wrestles, Fatally Shoots Armed Robber: "A convenience store clerk wrestled a shotgun away from a would-be robber and then shot and killed him, police said. Balch Springs police said the attempted robbery took place at about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Big 5 grocery store on the 1400 block of Peachtree Road near Bruton Road. Police said an armed man walked into the store but was soon wrestling with the clerk. During the struggle, the clerk shot and killed the armed robber, police said. The identity of the suspected robber has not been revealed. Police said the investigation into the shooting will continue but that they do not expect to file any charges against the clerk."

Connecticut: Armed citizen patrol in New Haven: "One group armed with guns is ready to make their New Haven neighborhood a safer place by patrolling in the area around Edgewood Park. The Edgewood Park Defense Patrol will be patrolling the 16-block area from Whalley to Edgewood and Winthrop to West Park. They believe that the police are not doing their part to keep the streets safe. Their uniform is a black tee-shirt with Edgewood Park Defense Patrol and their mission is to keep peace on the streets with armed bike patrols. "It's certainly not the substitute that one would want but when you're missing what you're supposed to have and things are slipping out of hand then you're left with no choice but to do something about it," said Eliezer Greer. Members of Yeshiva New Haven decided to take matters into their own hands after Rabbi Dov Greer was physically assaulted Sunday night. They say they've been appealing to the city for years with no results and are tired of sitting by while the vandalism, robberies and muggings increased.... "Anyone who patrols with a gun in an attempt to use it as a deterrent is putting themselves and other citizens at risk and I absolutely discourage it," said Mayor John DeStefano. DeStefano says he has looked at the deployment levels in the Edgewood Park area and believes the police coverage is sufficient". [Sufficient for what?]

Texas Stepfather Fatally Shoots Stepson: "A stepfather shot his stepson to death in their southwest Houston apartment on Wednesday, officials told KPRC Local 2. Houston police said the stepfather fired multiple shots during an argument at the Briarwest Apartments on Winrock Boulevard near Del Monte Drive at about 8:30 p.m. Daniel M. Reed, 41, died at the scene. Investigators said Reed was at the apartment with his mother and son and began verbally abusing his mother. When he got home, the stepfather tried to calm Reed down. Police said the stepfather, fearing for the safety of he and his wife, got a handgun from a bedroom. Reed threw a nearly full can of beer at his mother, officials said. Detectives said the stepfather shot Reed when he followed his mother to her room when she went to change her clothes. The case will be referred to a grand jury to determine if charges will be filed."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bill to Keep Guns out of the Hands of Nuts

Just politicians making a show of doing something. Anybody who really wants one will get a gun. It is abolition of so-called "gun free" zones that is needed -- so responsible people can take out the nut

The deal to tighten up the nation's gun laws for the first time since 1994 is a proof that when the interests of a powerful lobby coincide with an equally powerful politician, Washington can do business.

The bill, brokered between Democratic leaders led by Rep. John Dingell (D) of Michigan and the National Rifle Association, would close some gaping loopholes in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). It would also provide $250 million in financial incentives to help states computerize criminal and mental-health records, and it outlines penalties for failing to do so.

Similar bills have languished in Congress over the past three sessions. But after the April massacre at Virginia Tech, in which a student who had been adjudicated as mentally ill killed 32 people, the issue gained new salience – particularly for Representative Dingell. One of Congress's most powerful Democrats, and a former NRA board member, he made improving the NICS system a top priority.

The NRA, which has been repositioning itself since Democrats took control of Congress, needed to show that it is reasonable and wants the current laws to work properly, say political analysts. It also hopes to stave off broader-based gun control.

Yet some critics say the compromise legislation doesn't go far enough because it does nothing to address the so-called "private gun-sale loophole." An estimated 40 to 50 percent of gun sales in the country are made at gun shows and by private individuals who are not required to perform background checks. Others are opposed because the legislation would create an appeals process that would make it easier for prohibited buyers to get their names removed from the NICS database.

Still others are opposed because they contend the appeals process is too cumbersome. But advocates of the compromise say that improving the current system is better than doing nothing, especially if it appears to have a chance of passage. "Anytime a congressman as powerful as Dingell and a lobby as powerful as the NRA can reach agreement, it has a pretty good chance of going through," says Larry Sabato, a political analyst at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. "They're quite a team."


Illinois attacker armed, but sleepy: "Police say that was what happened early Sunday when a suspect allegedly fell asleep on his victim's porch while waiting to attack him. A 26-year-old man told Will County sheriff's police he returned home around 3 a.m., turned on the light and saw a man lying facedown on the floor of his enclosed porch in the 200 block of Peale Street. The man appeared to be sleeping with a shotgun underneath him. According to reports, the man, who was later identified as Robert A. Cardona, woke up as the light came on and began struggling with the resident. But with the advantage of full consciousness, the resident was able to get control of the shotgun and reportedly struck Cardona several times in the face and head with the butt of the weapon. Police say the two men grappled out to the front yard where the resident removed Cardona's black T-shirt during the fight. The melee woke up the resident's girlfriend, who had been sleeping inside. She came outside to see the combatants just as Cardona's jean shorts fell off. The woman "attempted to help her boyfriend (by) jumping on the offender, but was unable to hold on due to his size," according to reports. Cardona reportedly fled west on foot, wearing only gray underwear. The residents told deputies they recognized the intruder from the neighborhood and have had several arguments with him recently. Deputies visited Cardona's last known address and learned he is living at 115 Jessie St. According to reports, deputies were allowed inside that house and found Cardona lying on the floor of a bedroom underneath a blood-covered blanket. Cardona, 21, was arrested and booked into the county jail on charges of home invasion, unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated assault and criminal trespassing."

Ohio fight in home involved ax and gun : "A father credits his 13-year-old son with shooting an intruder with his own gun late Monday at a South Side home. But the man who was shot, Dennis Pixley, 18, Woodcrest Avenue, told police he never had a gun. Adams told police Monday he and his son had returned to the home about 11 p.m. after an outing, and a man holding a gun came onto the front porch, demanded money and forced them inside. He said he was able to ambush the gunman when he went into a closet to look for something. Adams grabbed for a gun, which went off while the two were struggling, police said. Adams told police he also managed to dislodge the intruder’s bulletproof vest at some point in the struggle. Adams said the intruder fell down a flight of stairs and when he went into the kitchen, Adams grabbed the ax off a wall and the intruder grabbed a knife. Adams told officers he was stabbed in the chest, but continued swinging the ax, connecting with the intruder’s shoulder and chest, according to the police report. The intruder grabbed a larger knife and stabbed Adams in the hand, leaving a gash, the report states. As the two struggled over the ax, Adams said his son appeared with a pellet gun. Adams told police he was about to fall down the stairs and yelled at his son to get the intruder’s gun, which he did, firing a shot and wounding him. The pair continued struggling until the intruder ran out."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Britain: Another loony down: "A woman wielding a handgun in a rural town centre yesterday became the first female to be deliberately shot dead by British police. The woman, whose silver pistol was later found to be a BB airgun, died from a single shot to the chest in a car park in the centre of Sevenoaks, Kent, after she refused to put down her weapon. Armed police were called after the 37-year-old woman, who was white and lived locally, was seen in the High Street brandishing her gun at about 1.20am yesterday. Officers from the police district headquarters in Tonbridge arrived about 10 minutes later but were unable to locate the woman until about 3am, when she was discovered in a car park close to the town's police station. "The woman was known to the police and was from the Sevenoaks area," said a police source. "She was waving a silver handgun around just before she was shot. "She was ordered to put the gun down, but she refused and an officer opened fire. The weapon recovered from the scene turned out to be a ball bearing gun. It looked realistic and that is why the officers had to take direct action."

Arkansas meathead shot, killed: "Officials said a Crawford County man was shot and killed Monday night in front of his wife and children. Bobby Joe Freeman, 32, was killed at his home off Cartwright Mountain Road, police said. Freeman's family told police he became aggressive, so they hid in a bedroom. When Freeman barged into the room, investigators said, Freeman's stepfather shot him. Sheriff's officials said it appears the shooting was in self-defense."

Fatal shooting looks like self-defense : "A Texas man was killed Monday night in a shooting that investigators believe could have been self-defense. Crawford County sheriff's deputies were called to 17800 Cartwright Mountain Road near Chester around 9:30, where they found found 30-year-old Bobby Jo Freeman unresponsive with a single gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A few weeks ago Freeman, his wife, and their two children had moved to the residence, which belongs to Freeman's mother and stepfather, from Vernon, Texas. They were all present at the time of the shooting, but police won't say which family member shot Freeman. Deputies say they have been called to the residence before a number of times for domestic violence reports, and that could have played a factor in Monday night's shooting. From interviews, they know Freeman crashed his pickup earlier that night, and had to be given a ride to the house from someone in a white Extended Cab or four-door pickup. Now deputies are asking that person to come forward, so they can find out more about what state Freeman was in when he got home."

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

(Drunk?) student shot and killed early morning in somebody else's home: "Texas Tech student Ross Baker, 23, was shot and killed Saturday morning at a Tech Terrace home at 3006 24th St. Baker was a senior construction engineering major from Weatherford. The shooting occurred around 3:45 a.m., according to the police report. The homeowner, Charles Mire, told police he confronted Baker, and Mire said he then fired a warning shot into the ceiling above his head. Mire shot Baker after he did not leave following the warning shot. He was then transported to the University Medical Center, where he later died, according to the police report. Baker had no prior criminal record. Meg Carroll, a senior accounting major from Houston and a close friend of Baker's, said Baker was always great company and a peaceful person. "Nobody ever had any problems with him. (He was) very non-confrontational," Carroll said. "He would never wrong anybody. All he did was go hunting on the weekends or hang out with friends."

Texas man Fights Carjackers: "A Madisonville resident fought back after he says a man and a woman tried to carjack him about a mile from his home. It was an evening Mike Woycheshin will never forget. On Saturday, the Madisonville resident was on his way to a wedding when he came upon a car sideways in the southbound lane at the intersection of Old State Highway 75 and Spur 104, where a man was bent over in the street. "I proceeded, got close to the car, and rolled my window down six inches," said Madisonville Resident Mike Woycheshin. "The man was in the road as if he was crippled or had been hurt. He jumped up and stuck a 38 mm gun in my face through the window and said, 'you white so and so get out of the car. I want the car.'" Woycheshin says he then leaned back in his seat, stepped hard on the gas, and called 911. Only minutes later while driving past the same intersection, about a mile from his home, Woycheshin says he was shocked to see the same car up to the same routine. "I was very irritated when I went back and saw him in the spot. I didn't want the individual to get away," Woycheshin said. Madison County Sheriff Dan Douget says the suspects recognized Woycheshin's vehicle. "Whenever they saw him they fled, he followed them and he called his stepson and the stepson came out," Douget said. Woycheshin then proceeded to follow the vehicle, and the chase began. "It dead ended into a field and he waited until police got there," Douget said. "His stepson then went back to Highway 90 and observed them coming out of the woods, and at the point had a weapon with him and held them at gunpoint until the police officers got there." David Ray Bratcher, 21, and Tara Vatrice Pitts, 18, both of Houston were arrested. The Madison County Sheriff's Office says David Bratcher is wanted in Houston for attempted murder, several counts of carjacking and one count of kidnapping. Bratcher was out on parole. No bond has been set."

Confessions of a weakling; or, Why I own a gun!: "Pardon me for just a moment while I increase my oxygen ... This is an open letter to all gun-backed bureaucrats, gun-control advocates, gun-toting soldiers of the State, and criminals. Let me take just a small sip of my lukewarm green tea as I confess to you why I own a gun and could never give up my second amendment rights. It's because I'm a weakling."

Monday, June 11, 2007

NRA foe Jefferson ordered to surrender his Guns

Post lifted from American Thinker. See the original for links

When Rep.William Jefferson was arraigned on a boatload of corruption and racketeering charges on Friday, he was ordered to surrender his firearms. Apparently, while the Louisiana Democrat stores his FBI-marked bribe money in his freezer in Washington, he stockpiles his collection of rifles and shotguns in his home in New Orleans.

Of course, the confiscation of all those people-killing guns from a man who will likely be on a federally funded meal plan until our next visit from Halley's Comet should help Liberals sleep at night.

But the specter of a gun-toting gun opponent raises some rather curious questions, wouldn't you say? You might ask yourself, what does a man who, in 2005, voted against a bill to protect law-abiding gun dealers and manufacturers from litigation blaming them for criminal misuse of their products by others, need with rifles? Did he own them when he voted against similar law in 2003?

Why would a legislator with an anti-Second-Amendment voting record that earned him an NRA rating identical to that of Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi own multiple shotguns?

When asked about the Jefferson mini-armory by U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III, the congressman responded that the guns were for -- what else? Why, hunting, of course:

"I've been hunting since I was 10 years old"

Naturally, had the camo-clothed Liberal been involved in an accidental discharge while stalking gallinules on the Bayou one hot summer's morn', there'd have been no one to blame but Remington.

Florida supermarket gunfight ends with one dead : "Fort Myers police officers say two men were shot by a business manager after they allegedly tried to rob the Discount Supermarket located at 2130 Ford Street. Officials say when the two alleged robbers entered the store just before 12:30 p.m., one of them had a sawed off shotgun and the other had a handgun. They say one of the men started shooting at the manager - but the manager returned fire. The manager shot one of the suspects in the head and one of them in the chest, according to police. They say the man shot in the head was already dead when they arrived at the scene. "They fired one shot in the store. The store manager returned fire and shot one person in the head. He died immediately at the scene," said Shelly Flynn of the Fort Myers Police Department. About 30 minutes after the shooting took place, police received word that a person with a gunshot wound to the chest was being transported from Lehigh Regional Medical Center to Lee Memorial Hospital. Police say they believe that gunshot victim may be the second alleged robber. But they are still waiting to talk to him... Police also believe the two suspects are teenagers and they say juvenile crimes spike when school ends and summer begins. But they say this violent of a crime is very rare"

Texas: East Houston resident kills nutcase firing gun near home : "The fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man in east Houston Friday night will be referred to a grand jury, police said. Gerald Tyrone Butler had been threatening people with a handgun in front of a home in the 2200 block of Bringhurst around 7 p.m. when he fired a shot at a 45-year-old man, who then fired back, striking Butler once, police said. That man, unidentified, was not injured. Butler, of the 1400 block of Featherstone, was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital where he died. Detectives questioned the gunman and released him pending further investigation".

Sunday, June 10, 2007

FL: Supreme Court -- deadly force law not retroactive: "The Florida Supreme Court said a 2005 law allowing people to use deadly force to protect themselves and others against violence is not retroactive. The court ruled Thursday in the case of a taxi driver who had been charged with murdering a drunken passenger. The justices said a trial judge had erred by offering to instruct jurors that they could consider the law in deciding whether to convict West Palm Beach cabbie Robert Lee Smiley Junior of first-degree murder. The 2005 law created a new right of 'self-defense without the duty to retreat.' People could stand their ground virtually anywhere to prevent death or serious injury or the commission of a violent felony."

Texas homeowner kills Home Invader: "A home invasion suspect is dead, after being shot in the stomach by the homeowner. Police say the homeowner confronted a man who broke into his home around 3:45 Saturday morning in the 3000 block of 24th street. The homeowner allegedly asked the man to leave several times before shooting the suspect in the stomach. The suspect was taken to UMC. He died Saturday afternoon".

ID: ATF files new action against Red's Trading Post: "Federal agents for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are once again asking an Idaho federal judge to deny an embattled local gun shop permission to sell guns. The agency's latest request comes after agents found three new violations on May 23. U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge had granted relief to Red's Trading Post after the ATF revoked Red's license March 5 for numerous violations. The ATF had exaggerated some of its findings, the judge wrote in court records. Lodge delayed the ATF's sanction until he delivers his final ruling. According to the May 23 audit, Red's has not been filing its gun sales in an appropriate order. Agents also claim Red's did not seek proof that a resident alien buying a gun lived 90 days continuously in Idaho before the sale. ATF also claims Red's left out a mailing address from a box on the gun sales form in 34 applications."

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Texas shootout: "Two men were injured in Duncanville early Friday after a home invasion shootout. Duncanville police were called to the 200 block of Martin Luther Circle around 5 a.m. after resident Derrick Johnson, 35, told authorities he woke up to find someone ransacking his home. Mr. Jackson said he shot at the burglar and the suspect fired back. Mr. Jackson was struck in the lower abdomen and transported to Methodist Dallas Medical Center for surgery. A man was found about an hour later in a field at the 300 block of South Cockrell Hill Road with a gunshot to his pelvic area, police said. He was transported to Methodist in unknown condition. Police did not release the man's name, but said he was a possible suspect."

Alabama stepdad kills son in self-defense: "Athens police responded Friday night to a shooting at an Athens home and found one man dead in an apparent act of self-defense. Athens Police Chief Wayne Harper said Jason Bickerstaff, 38, of Athens came to the home of his mother and stepfather at 301 Gale Lane demanding a shotgun and threatening them with a double-bladed ax. The incident occurred at about 8 p.m., when a neighbor reported hearing Bickerstaff drive up and later heard Bickerstaff's mother, Linda Curtis, screaming. The neighbor said she did not hear any gunfire. Bickerstaff's stepfather, Dave Curtis, went into the bedroom to get the shotgun, Harper said. Bickerstaff followed and again threatened his stepfather with the ax and knocked him down. At that point, Dave Curtis retrieved a pistol he had in the bedroom and shot Bickerstaff, Harper said. Limestone County Coroner Mike West said Bickerstaff had two gunshot wounds in his chest, both from a .38-caliber pistol. After the shooting, Dave Curtis went outside to wait for Athens police to arrive, Harper said. Harper said police are not yet sure why Bickerstaff was demanding the shotgun, but he said police had received a report earlier Friday that Bickerstaff had been involved in an altercation with someone over money. Police were still investigating the case late Friday. Harper said there were no plans to charge Dave Curtis in the shooting.

NY: Court restricts gun sentences: "A federal appellate court just made it more difficult for federal judges in New York to impose stricter sentences for gun-related crimes. Recently at least one federal judge here has been citing the danger that guns pose to cities as a reason to impose lengthier prison terms on federal defendants who commit gun crimes. That practice will stop, following a 3-0 ruling by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday that instructs judges to not consider the level of local gun violence in handing down sentences. The court explained its decision as an effort to impose greater uniformity in federal sentencing across the country. Otherwise, the court said, it would 'open the door' to unequal penalties for similar crimes in rural and urban areas."

The history of gun control, part 1: "Over 200 years ago, when the Founding Fathers drafted the Second Amendment, no one questioned the need for private gun ownership. The Framers considered private firearms to be essential to protecting personal liberty, both as a means of opposing foreign threats and also as a check against excessive government power. The Framers were passionately devoted to the idea that a self-sufficient armed citizenry is the best means of preserving liberty. But many on the left do not want you to know this."

Friday, June 08, 2007

Australian police not interested in street crime

What do you expect of public servants? Get a gun!

POLICE Commissioner Ken Moroney has thumbed his nose at public opinion, defying calls for tougher action against street crime. His defiance came after The Daily Telegraph struggled to have a crime investigated by police despite having photographic evidence of a mugging in Sydney. Last night the victim, a 16-year-old TAFE student, revealed his fear over the attack on Tuesday night near Central railway station. His mother, Margaret Short, said her husband tried to report the crime to police but was "fobbed off".

"When my husband Don rang Central (Police Station) they wouldn't even take a statement, insisting it must come from our son. They just fobbed him off. "They said the victim has to report the crime and because our son didn't want to, they couldn't record it for him. But our son was too scared to do that." The boy told the Daily Telegraph last night: "The police said they know who it is, or have an idea, but can't guarantee anything. "I didn't want to go to police because I thought if (the culprits) found out who I was, I could get bashed or some of their mates would find me and make trouble." The boy, who last night revealed he was menaced with a knife in the attack, subsequently visited Surry Hills police yesterday.

Victims of crime said yesterday that they had given up expecting police to do anything about it. However, Mr Moroney insists his officers are doing the best they can. Figures reveal that hundreds of thousands of citizens who have been robbed, assaulted or who have had their homes invaded are not bothering to report it.

The Commissioner yesterday chose to dodge the issue by citing the state's falling crime rates. With hundreds of angry citizens inundating the Daily Telegraph website with reports of lazy police, Mr Moroney said last night it would be "unrealistic" to expect everyone to be happy. He said police internal research indicated that confidence in the police was high and that the community felt safe - but he refused to release the figures so the public can make up its own mind.

"I expect all my officers to do their best at all times. "They have an oath of office and that is their pact with the people of NSW. "Police are not perfect human beings. "Figures show the majority of crime categories are either falling or are steady. {Because people no longer to report stuff] "Does that mean that every individual who looks to police for assistance will be 100 per cent happy 100 per cent of the time? "That would be unrealistic, but I hope the public understands that we do have a committed police force who are doing the best possible job they can."

The annual Australian Bureau of Statistics survey of victims of crime for the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research for 2006 - the latest figures available - show 127,500 victims of assault did not report it in 2006, 22,800 people did not report that they had been robbed, 26,300 people did not tell police their house had been broken into and another 63,100 people did report an attempted burglary.

"The most common reasons why people don't report crime are that people don't think the police could or would do anything about it, the offence was too trivial, or nothing was stolen," BOSCAR director Dr Don Weatherburn said. Victims of Crime Assistance League executive director Robyn Cotterell-Jones said it was because they were sick of being given the brush-off. "Police are making a decision about whether a case is going to make it to prosecution and if not, they are simply not bothering to do anything with it," she said.


Louisiana attacker shot by ex-girlfriend: "Members of the DeRidder Police Department responded to a call from a residence on Bilbo Street last week, where Paul Lee Williams had been shot in the leg. According to the police Williams had been stalking his ex-girlfriend and earlier in the day threatened her outside of a local store. The ex-girlfriend, whose name was not released, immediately went to the Police Department and filed a report. Because she was afraid for her life members of the police department escorted her home and secured her house. After the police left she locked all of her windows and doors. The police described that sometime after dark the victim felt as if she were being watched and walked out onto her porch where she noticed that the skirting around her house had been disturbed. Williams then emerged from beneath her home and ran toward her. She immediately went back in to her home and retrieved a pistol which she had been carrying for protection. She allegedly fired at Williams and missed. She went back into her home and picked up the phone to call the police when Williams forced open the back door and entered her house. She shot at him two other times, hitting him once in the leg as she dialed the number for the police department. Williams fled the scene and the police found her at the end of her driveway near the road with the gun in one hand and the phone in the other. After searching the surrounding area the police found Williams in the garage of a nearby house. Williams was taken to a local hospital where his wounds were treated and then booked into the DeRidder Jail. He also has a criminal record with two other stalking charges".

New Mexico man shoots determined thug: "A man coming to the aid of his West Side neighbor shot an intruder, even as the intruder beat him with a crowbar, Albuquerque police say. Police said Gregory Lawrence Powers, 36, broke into the West Side yard around 10 p.m. May 26. After a neighbor arrived with a gun, Powers attacked him with a crowbar, according to a Metro Court criminal complaint. Powers continued beating the Good Samaritan even after being shot three times, the complaint said. Powers was taken to University of New Mexico Hospital and treated for gunshot wounds to the chest and groin. He was released into police custody Monday, a hospital spokeswoman said. Powers is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The neighbor was treated and released from UNMH."

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Maine man holds up burglars: "A LaGrange man used a 12-gauge shotgun Tuesday to detain two people who apparently tried to break into the home he is renting on the Bennoch Road. Guy Shuman, 18, of LaGrange has been charged with burglary and criminal mischief, and charges also have been filed against a juvenile involved in the incident, Sgt. Bill Birch of the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday afternoon. This is the second time in the past few weeks that Penobscot County sheriff’s deputies have responded to a report of a burglary at the home, according to Birch. Police confirmed that the rented residence previously was broken into in late May. No one was injured in Tuesday’s incident, Birch said. "[The resident] heard a noise out behind his house around 11:04 this morning when he noticed two people trying to break into his house," Birch said. He confronted the two men and held them until law enforcement officials arrived. Shuman was arrested and taken to Penobscot County Jail where he remained Tuesday afternoon. He is scheduled to appear on July 13 at Penobscot County Superior Court."

Texas man Shoots Car Thief: "A car owner shot a man who tried to steal his car early Wednesday, officials told KPRC Local 2. Houston police said the car owner saw his Chevrolet Camaro being driven out of his driveway in the 6700 block of Avenue H near Cesar Chavez Boulevard at about 4:30 a.m. The owner ran out of the home with his gun in hand, officials said. Investigators said the suspect lunged at the owner with a screwdriver and stabbed him in the head twice. Police said the owner fired seven shots at the suspect, striking him three times in the stomach and leg. The suspect and car owner were transported to Ben Taub Hospital. The suspect was last listed in serious condition and the car owner was stable. Detectives said the suspect could face charges of burglary of a motor vehicle."

Texas invasion leads to shootout: "Killeen Police don't know whether or not drugs or gangs were related in the shoot-out but they do know the victim received a knock on his door around 12:30 Wednesday morning. He thought he knew the two men on the other side of the door, so he opened it and was soon trampled over. The two men were wearing scarves over their faces, one running past the victim to the back bedroom and the other stabbing him multiple times. The second suspect, who headed toward the back of the apartment began shooting into the back bedroom, but unknown to him, shots were fired back at him by several men in that room. Both suspects then ran out the door and were gone before police got there. Just 30 minutes later, Metroplex Hospital in Killeen reported a patient with a gunshot wound. That man told police he had been robbed and shot by two men in Conder Park in Killeen. Carroll Smith with the Killeen Police Department says investigators are now trying to figure out if that victim is one of their suspects in the home invasion. "We've got two different incidents that happened in the same near area. Are they related? It's unknown at this time. Could they be related? Yes," said Smith."

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oklahoma prowler killed: "Oklahoma City police have identified a man shot and killed over the weekend after entering a home on the city's northwest side. Police say 27-year-old Eugene Drake was killed shortly before 8 o-clock Saturday morning after a gunbattle broke out at the house. Police say Drake was seen prowling outside the house on Northwest 121st Street before he entered the home and exchanged gunfire with someone inside. Drake was shot and killed, and the resident was wounded. The resident's name wasn't immediately released, while police determine whether to recommend any criminal charges."

Alabama high school intruder shot: "An alleged intruder was shot and killed this morning during a struggle with a Birmingham City Schools security officer at Hayes High School. Two school security officers were dispatched to the school at 3 a.m. after they were alerted to a break-in, said school system spokeswoman Regina Waller. When they arrived, they saw a man exiting the school through a window. As one of the officers was trying to handcuff the man, the suspect turned and tried to attack him, Waller said. They fell to the ground in a struggle, and the security guard's gun discharged. The intruder was taken to University Hospital, where he underwent surgery and died, Waller said. Birmingham police evidence investigators remained on the scene at 10:30 a.m. Jefferson County Chief Deputy Coroner Jay Glass identified the dead man as 24-year-old Alfonzo Turner of Birmingham. Waller said the school security officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation."

Texas Store Clerk Shoots Out Thief’s Windows: "Police say two men are under arrest after a robbery at a northeast side convenience store Monday night. According to officers, one of those suspects was shot by the store clerk. The robbery happened around 8:30 p.m. at the Ashkan Food Mart on Rittiman Road. Police say a robber came into the store and acted as if he had a gun. Once he got cash, he hopped into a waiting pick-up truck. The clerk ran outside and shot at the truck as it drove away. Officers were able to track down that truck at a nearby apartment complex. They say the vehicle's windows had been shot out and they noticed blood. Police found the injured suspect and a man believed to be his getaway driver. Both were placed under arrest. There is no word yet on the suspect's condition."

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

North Carolina man shot by homeowner: "A person who was allegedly breaking into a car was shot by the homeowner and was airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center. Police said that a homeowner on Church Street used a shotgun to shoot a man who was allegedly breaking into the homeowner’s vehicle around 4 a.m. The man who was shot was airlifted to CMC with non-life-threatening injures. Police plan to talk to him about their investigation. They spent most of the morning talking to the homeowner, who says his vehicle has been broken into before. According to North Carolina law, police say homeowners can shoot if they feel their life is threatened. Police are still investigating Monday morning’s shooting. At this point they say the homeowner used a shotgun, but they’re not releasing what type of ammunition was used. Investigators said the weapon could have produced life threatening injuries, but it did not. The Gaston County district attorney will now decide if the homeowner will be charged."

Alaska man shoots grizzly : "Another grizzly bear has been shot outside Fairbanks. It was the third killed in defense of property in eight days. A Fairbanks man shot the grizzly early Thursday off of Farmers Loop road north of the city. His property borders Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge. Don Young, an Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist, said the bear and a sibling approached the man at his backyard farm. "They were kind of nosing around where the guy had a cow and some geese," Young said. "He yelled at them and shot a couple shots in the dirt and they kind of ran off and split up, but one came back and he ended up shooting it." State wildlife troopers will investigate the shooting, Young said. He estimated the bear weighed about 200 pounds and was 3 or 4 years old. Two grizzlies were killed near here May 24. One was shot in Salcha, south of Fairbanks, after it got into a pig pen. The other was killed at Mile 13 Elliott Highway when it walked into a yard and confronted a barking dog. "This early in season, the end of May, three (shootings) around Fairbanks is definitely on the high side," Young said. The bear killed Thursday was shot in the same area where two grizzly siblings were reported last spring. One of those bears was shot and killed when it approached a horse corral."

Louisiana man shot, faces battery charges: "A Shreveport shooting is being considered self defense. Police say the man who got shot now faces battery charges. It happened in the 500 block of Kirby Street. Just after 6:00 p.m. Saturday, neighbors say a woman shot the man that she lives with. The woman says the man was beating her and she pulled out a gun and shot him in the leg. The man was taken to LSU hospital. At newstime, there were no charges against the woman."

Monday, June 04, 2007

Tennessee: Rough cop gets his due: "A 27 year-old Memphis police officer was killed Sunday, June 3, 2007, after he kicked open a door at the home of his former girlfriend, who is also a Memphis police officer. Deputies were called to the 1200 block of Breezy Gate Drive in East Shelby County near Cordova just after 8 a.m. They found 27 year-old Jeremy Kyle shot to death near a downstairs bedroom. The woman who lives at the house, 27 year-old Teresita Watson, told Sheriff's Detectives the intruder was her co-worker and former boyfriend. Watson says after Kyle kicked open the backdoor of her home, he walked to the bedroom and pointed a gun at her and another man who was with her, 22 year-old Justin Davis of Memphis. There was an exchange of gunfire. Kyle was shot in the chest. He died at the scene. Watson was also shot. The bullet grazed her stomach area. She was treated and released from the Regional Medical Center. Davis was not hurt. Watson's three young children, ages 3, 5 and 9 years-old, were upstairs in a bedroom. They were not hurt. Sheriff's detectives say Davis admitted shooting Kyle when he aimed the gun at him and Watson. No charges have been filed against Davis. Sheriff's Deputies had been called to the house before."

Texas owner shoots man trying to rob phone store: "The fatal shooting of an armed robbery suspect during a holdup of a southeast Houston cellular phone store will be referred to a Harris County grand jury, Houston police said Sunday. Quinton Jerome Randle, 21, died at the scene after he was shot shortly before 6 p.m. Saturday while he was robbing Ultra Telecom and Computers, 7134 Bellfort, Houston police said. Witnesses told police they saw Randle enter the store with a gun. The owner, Mohammed Hoque, was able to grab his own pistol behind the counter and chase Randle out of the store. During the pursuit in the parking lot, Hoque fired several times. Randle was struck and collapsed. He died at the entrance of the parking lot. For several hours after the shooting, his body lay covered by a yellow sheet, a black handgun on the pavement next to his right hand and a tan baseball cap by his feet. Homicide investigators questioned Hoque and interviewed several witnesses at the scene, including passengers on a Metro bus that was passing by at the time."

Texas burglar shot: "A Houston police officer shot a suspected home burglar Sunday when the man suddenly turned toward him while holding a dark object that turned out to be his wallet, authorities said. The shooting happened about 12:45 p.m. outside a home in the 5600 block of Hoover in northwest Houston. The man was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital, where he is expected to survive, Houston police said. The homeowner had flagged down the officer, a 17-year HPD veteran whom police have not identified, telling him someone was in his house. "They noticed the suspect at a window inside the house," said Sgt. Nate McDuell, an HPD spokesman. The man crashed through the window and tried to run away. Police said he was carrying a black bag in his hand. The officer, assigned to HPD's North Patrol Command, ordered the man to stop. He dropped the bag but continued running, police said. The officer then saw the man reach for a dark-colored object on the ground. "He had it in his hand when he turned toward the officer," McDuell said. Believing the object was a gun, the officer fired, striking the man in the leg. "The homeowner, as well as a third-party witness, also saw the object and believed the suspect to be armed," McDuell said. Charges are pending against the man, police said."

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The making of a gun believer

It was a night in 1982 when I was living alone in suburban Los Angeles. At about 3 a.m., I awoke to a sound at my front door. At first, I thought it was a raccoon rummaging in the bushes, but when I peeked through the peephole on the front door, I saw a man on my porch trying to break the lock with a screwdriver. All my lights were off, so I thought, "He must think no one is home." I pounded on the door from the inside and yelled, thinking he would run away when he knew the house was occupied. He straightened up for a moment, looked back at me through the peephole and, to my horror, bent down and kept working on the lock.

I dialed the number for my next-door neighbor, just 50 yards over the fence, but not one answered. I called another neighbor. Still no answer. I was afraid to leave the house and was beginning to panic. What did he want? What would happen if he got in? I called the police and told the dispatcher what was happening. "Is he in the house?" she asked. (I still can't believe she asked that before telling me that the cavalry was coming.) I said no, so she said, "Well, lock yourself in your bedroom. Someone is on the way."

I ran back to the peephole. He was still there. At this point I realized that a man still trying to break through the door with lights, noise and a person in the house would probably not just take my stereo and sneak away. I was in terrible danger.

Then, all of a sudden, the pounding stopped. I crept to the door and looked. He was gone. He couldn't break through the lock and had probably decided he'd been there too long. The police arrived … about 10 minutes later. I promised myself that I would never be defenseless again.


Australian political party wants gun training for kids

CHILDREN should start firearms training from age 10 and shooting programs should be reinstated at schools, says the NSW gun lobby. At present children as young as 12 can gain a gun permit, allowing them to shoot semi-automatic pistols, bolt-action rifles and other firearms under supervision.

NSW Shooters Party MP Roy Smith told the Sunday Telegraph his group would lobby parliament to allow 10-year-olds to gain two years' experience with air rifles before they sat for gun licences. "Kids these days get in trouble because we don't trust them with anything," Mr Smith said. "BB guns and air rifles now have to be registered when, in my day, all the boys were running around with them; we don't trust kids with pocket knives and we don't trust them with (fire) crackers. "So essentially the first taste of responsibility kids get in Australia nowadays is when we hand them the keys to the car - often with tragic consequences." Mr Smith said his party would also lobby for gun safety programs and shooting lessons to be reintroduced into school curriculums.

In contrast, the Coalition for Gun Control last week urged the State Government to abolish gun permits for minors. Spokeswoman Sam Lee said the law was "absurd". "It is dangerously ironic that a young person cannot possess a fake or replica handgun but that they can legally use a real one," she said. "We don't let them get a driver's licence until they are 17, because it's too dangerous, but we let them shoot with a semi-automatic handgun before they are even teenagers."

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia statistics show big increases across all ages - including minors - in its membership. Spokesman Adam Leto said in 2000, there were just 15 members under the age of 18. Last year that figure had jumped to about 400, with an average of 120 new members signing up every three months. "We now have about 1000 members under the age of 18," he said.

Western Sydney schoolboy Matthew Woolnough, 12, earned his gun licence two months ago and goes to target practice with his brother Aaron, 14, at an SSAA indoor range. "I enjoy it," he said. "It gives you confidence although the other kids say, 'you can't play soccer so you have to shoot guns instead'. "I have a disease which makes my cartilage disintegrate so I can't (run around on the field)."

Ashleigh Bell, 17, took up shooting initially because of her dream of becoming a policewoman. "You feel really strong and confident when you know how to use a gun and the other kids think it's pretty cool," she said. "It's relaxing, it improves your concentration and when you're feeling angry you can come here and shoot instead of taking it out on a person."

Her sister Rebecca, 12, currently has her temporary membership exemption - a precursor to a minor's permit, which she is due to receive next month. "I wanted to do it because I saw my sister liked it so much," she said. "I've been told I've got a pretty good eye so I'm pretty happy with that."