Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FL: Police identify armed robbers killed in home invasion: "Miami-Dade police on Friday identified two armed intruders who were killed during a home invasion on Thanksgiving Eve. Dead in the robbery attempt: Derrick Fussell, 28, and Gustavo Perez, 23. Police say the two men burst into the apartment at 17255 SW 95th Ave. at about 10:20 p.m. on Wednesday. The homeowner, Antonio Luis Delpino, 27, fired at the men. Perez was felled by the gunfire. Fussell jumped from the third-floor apartment in an attempt to escape, and died from his injuries at Jackson Memorial Hospital.”

Army to review murder conviction of Edmond soldier: "Two U.S. Army panels are set to review the case of an Edmond soldier convicted of unpremeditated murder for shooting and killing an Iraqi detainee during an interrogation in 2008. Prosecutors have said Behenna took Mohammed to a secluded railroad culvert near Beiji, Iraq, and shot him execution- style after interrogating him at gunpoint. Behenna said he acted in self-defense after Mohammed stood up and tried to reach for Behenna's gun. Behenna said he defied orders to release Mohammed because he wanted another chance to question the detainee he believed was involved in a roadside bombing in April 2008 that killed two men under Behenna's command."

Monday, November 29, 2010

OR: Barista in Eugene shoots, kills robber: "Two men tried to rob a Dutch Bros. coffee shop Wednesday and police say one of them may have been shot dead by a barista acting in self-defense. The shooting took place about 9 p.m. at a Dutch Bros. near the University of Oregon campus at Franklin and Walnut. Police said at least one of the suspects was armed. The dead man was in the entryway of the drive-through coffee stand, police said. The second suspect got away. He was described as a white man with blonde hair, wearing jeans, brown hiking shoes and zip-up 'puffy' coat with fold-down collar."

Claims Say Safety Bullet Disables Loaded Gun: "Makers of a gun safety device say their product can save lives. The Safety Bullet is said to disable a loaded gun. Distributors tell us it allows an owner to have access to the loaded gun within seconds should an intruder break in. The Montana Shooting Sports Association fears the Safety Bullet gives a false sense of safety and recommends other gun safety measures. "Children check guns by pulling the trigger. Should a child pull the trigger with safety bullet, it will disable the gun and your child is alive." Barrow says Safety Bullet also is an added disabler should an intruder steal your gun and try to use it on you or your family members."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

FL: Convict killed during home invasion: "Manatee County Sheriff's deputies say a 19-year-old convicted drug dealer was killed when he and another man broke into a home Thanksgiving morning. Officials Friday identified the dead man as Brooklenn Gargar of Palmetto. Detectives say Gargar and another suspect forced their way into a home and fought with Aaron Curry, who then shot and killed Gargar. The second intruder, who has not been identified, fled. Gargar was convicted in 2009 on drug charges. Corrections department records show he was sentenced to a year and nine days in prison but was released May 29 of this year. Detectives don't think this was a random incident.

Ark.: Home invader shot and killed by homeowner: "Police say a Fort Smith resident fatally shot another man during an attempted home invasion robbery. Police spokesman Sgt. Daniel Grubbs says the incident occurred about 7:30 p.m. Friday. Police say 69-year-old James Kennel told them that 27-year-old Chad Cancel entered the home through an unlocked front door, wearing a mask, brandishing a gun and demanding prescription medication. Kennel told police he was forced into a bedroom at gunpoint and was attempting to get the medication when the crying of Kennel's 5-year-old grandson in another room distracted Cancel, who left the bedroom. Kennel told police he armed himself with a handgun and shot Cancel twice when Cancel returned to the bedroom. Grubbs says no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed as a result of the shooting."

Pennsylvania governor vetoes expanded gun use: "Claiming the bill advanced a "shoot first, ask questions later mentality," Gov. Ed Rendell on Saturday vetoed legislation expanding self-defense protections. The bill would have provided the same right to use lethal force in self-defense outside and inside the home. Kim Stolfer of McDonald, chairman of Firearms Owners Against Crime, was optimistic the bill can still become law in 2011 under Republican Gov.-elect Tom Corbett. "I believe by summer it will be law," said Stolfer, citing broad bipartisan support. Corbett has said he would support the legislation. But the bill must start anew in January, after a six-year effort by Western Pennsylvania gun owners to get the legislation to the governor's desk."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

IN: Who shoots first wins: "A 38-year-old southern Indiana man is dead after a shooting late on the afternoon of Nov. 24 and the person who fired the gun that killed him is free. Now that Billy Bledsoe's family says they don't think they're getting justice in his death. Indiana State Police say preliminary indications show Bledsoe was armed with a shotgun when the two men arrived and they shot him in self defense. Adams says even if Bledsoe had a gun, he's not buying self defense claims. "If he pointed the weapon at them, he never had a chance to pull the trigger," Adams said. "These two guys come over there and he had a right to defend his home and they just out drew him and shot him in the chest." He's outraged the two men weren't arrested while his son in law ended up dead."

Ark: Home invader killed: "Fort Smith police said at 7:30 Friday night a man wearing a mask entered the home at 8401 S. 30th Circle in Fort Smith demanding prescription medicine. Police said he came in through the front door, which was unlocked. The homeowner told police the suspect flashed a gun, causing him to pull a gun of his own. The homeowner shot and killed the suspect. There were three other people in the home at the time of the incident, police said. Detectives said the investigation is still in its preliminary stages, but as of now they are not anticipating any charges against the homeowner."

Nasty Canadian cops arrest man who confronted prowlers: "A Burton, N.B., man who confronted prowlers with an unloaded shotgun was charged Monday with possessing a weapon for a purpose dangerous to public peace. Manzer was awoken in the early hours of March 28 by a phone call from a neighbour warning him three prowlers were in the area. (At the time, there had been repeated incidents of vandalism in Burton.) The prowlers had been spotted in the yard of Manzer's neighbour, Brian Fox, around 2:30 a.m., and Fox had gone out to try to catch them. That was when Manzer heard the shouting and went to help Fox. "I grabbed my firearm and went out onto the step," Manzer said. "There was a lot yelling. It was dark; it was hard to see." "I stepped out front with the firearm for my protection and told everyone to be quiet, the police are on the way, don't anybody move," Manzer said."

Friday, November 26, 2010

TX: Homeowner kills man who wouldn't leave: "The visitor was at a home in the 12800 block of Westleigh for the Thanksgiving holiday, said Houston Police Department spokesman Kese Smith. Around 2 a.m., the man allegedly became belligerent and assaulted the homeowner, which led to a struggle, Smith said. The homeowner then removed the man and locked the door, Smith said. The man stood outside yelling and tried to re-enter the home, Smith said. After the homeowner repeatedly asked him to leave, the visitor allegedly broke a front-door window and reached inside to unlock the door. Fearing for the safety of his children, the homeowner retrieved his gun and continued to tell the man to not enter, Smith said. Ignoring the warnings, the man opened the front door and charged toward the homeowner, who then fired his gun once.
The man was struck in the chest once and died."

MI: Arrested for self defense?: "Investigators said they believe the victim was pursuing the woman and he and the suspect had traded text messages before the victim went to the home on Post Avenue and confronted the suspect on the porch. Police believe the victim punched the suspect and then the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the victim once. The shooting was reported at 4:11 a.m. after the victim drove to the police station. He was taken to Battle Creek Health System for treatment of his chest wound. Police went to the home and found the suspect, who told police he shot the man in self defense. He gave officers a revolver police believe was used in the shooting. The man, 22, was arrested on a charge of assault with intent to murder."

Thursday, November 25, 2010

TN: Wife shoots and kills home invader: "The search continues today for the would-be robber who escaped two nights ago after his partner died breaking into a South Knoxville home. Joshua Dexter Watson, 24, died Monday night when Jamie Franklin, 21, came to her husband's rescue with a .357-caliber revolver inside their home at 210 Colonial Drive. Watson and another man had knocked, kicked in the door and struggled with her husband, Jonathan Franklin, just before 8:50 p.m., Knoxville police said. One of the men shot Franklin, who wasn't seriously wounded. Police haven't said whether that shot came from Watson, who had a long history of arrests, or from the other robber, who apparently got away unhurt."

CA: Open carry group to hold toy drive: "Opponents of a group that advocates the right to openly carry unloaded guns plan to protest during the group's meeting and toy drive at a Pleasant Hill restaurant Friday. Contra Costa Open Carry plans to hold a meeting at a Nation's Giant Hamburgers restaurant on Friday afternoon, organizer Alany Helmantoler said. California gun owners can openly carry guns as long as they are unloaded, holstered and are not carried near schools or government buildings. The open carry movement, whose members say they aim to inform the public about Second Amendment rights and the importance of self-defense, regularly holds meetings at restaurants around the Bay Area. For the open carry group, the event will double as a toy drive for children in need."

Former U of K student appeals dismissal of lawsuit over gun on campus: "A former University of Kentucky graduate student and employee has appealed the dismissal of a lawsuit he filed against UK over his firing for having a gun in his parked car on school property. Michael Mitchell has asked that the case be reviewed immediately by the Kentucky Supreme Court because it involves the right to bear arms granted by the Kentucky and the U.S. constitutions. "This case presents a question of great and immediate public importance to the citizens of the commonwealth because, without a swift resolution of this case, more than 300,000 students and employees of the various colleges, universities, technical schools and other postsecondary education institutions will be unable to exercise their right of self-defense and possession of firearms in support of that right,"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Low Support for Gun Control

A public opinion survey indicates continued low support for stricter gun control measures.

According to Gallup's annual Crime Poll conducted in October 2010, 42% of Americans are satisfied with the current level of gun control, up from 17% in 1990, while the percentage of Americans wanting stricter gun control has decreased dramatically in the same time period.

More data are at the link. Heh.

MO: St. Louis shop owner shoots teen who pulled gun: "A teenager pulled a gun on the owner of a corner grocery Tuesday afternoon, only to have the owner pull her own gun and shoot him in the buttocks, police said. The boy entered Myrt's Northland Market at 2814 North Kingshighway with two other teens, Lt. Ken Lammert said. The owner, Myrtle Dunn, saw the teens take some potato chips and try to leave the store without paying. Dunn demanded they return the goods, and two of the teens did so, Lammert said. But the third pulled a gun on Dunn. She grabbed her own gun from under the counter and fired two shots at the teen, hitting him once, Lammert said. He ran from the store and collapsed on a nearby corner. Lammert said a gun was not recovered from the injured teen, but said one of the other teens might have taken the gun. He said it appeared Dunn's actions were justified."

Landmark SAF Gun Rights Case Against State of NJ: "The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) yesterday filed its case against the State of New Jersey for violating the Second Amendment rights of its citizens in the form of its arbitrary and capricious permit scheme and its narrow definition of “justifiable need”. The New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense (NJCSD), an in-state Second Amendment rights group, plans to submit an amicus brief in support of the case. “We fully expect the typical anti-gun hysteria predicting Wild West shootouts and streets running with blood,” said Robert Kreisler, President of the NJCSD. “But those fear-mongering predictions have been dragged out every time gun laws are relaxed, and have never come true – ever.” Instead, what has actually happened in states adopting shall-issue policies is that they have experienced a real, measurable decrease in both property crime and violent crime.”

NH: New law to permit brandishing: "A state lawmaker has filed a bill to explicitly permit residents to ward off trespassers by exhibiting a firearm. "We want to make it very clear to the courts that protecting our property is an absolute right," said state Rep. Betsey Patten, R-Moultonborough, who filed the bill at the Statehouse Monday while group outside the Capitol protested the imprisonment of a Moultonborough resident for criminal threatening for brandishing a firearm when a woman trespassed on his property. Patten acknowledged that if the bill were to become law it would not help Ward Bird who is serving a three- to six-year sentenced in State Prison... Bird's supporters claim he never leveled the gun at the woman, but rather took it out of back holster and checked it to assure the safety was on."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TX: Homeowner and robber both shot: "A homeowner in northeast Houston was involved in a shootout Sunday evening with two suspects who were attempting to rob him for drugs, according to Houston police. Police said the homeowner, a known drug dealer, was in his home on Spaulding at Firnat when two suspects burst in around 9:30 p.m. The armed suspects were demanding drugs when the homeowner grabbed his gun and opened fire, hitting one of the suspects. The suspects returned fire before fleeing the scene, striking the homeowner. HPD found the injured suspect near Wayside and HFD transported him to the hospital for treatment. The homeowner was also taken to the hospital. Both are said to be in stable condition."

The police are under no legal obligation to protect you: "Opponents of the private ownership of firearms always claim there is no need for individuals to own a firearm for self-protection because the police are entrusted with that duty. Nothing could be further from the truth. Courts throughout these United States have consistently held that police have no legal duty to provide police protection to any individual citizen.”

Monday, November 22, 2010

CA: Open carrying of firearms comes to RPV : "Gun activists clashed for and against the open display of firearms Thursday night at Dominick’s Pizza House in Rancho Palos Verdes. Inside, about 20 members of the Second Amendment rights group South Bay Open Carry ate Italian food with unloaded guns on their hips. Their goal was to exercise their right to carry clearly visible, unloaded firearms and educate the public in the process.”

IN: Some say “Black Friday” open carry walk is too provocative
: "Agitation to restore the Second Amendment right to open-carry legally permitted firearms continues to surface in the form of proposed legislation in state houses nationwide, as well as in public demonstrations. Among those demonstrations is one planned in downtown Indianapolis on the day after Thanksgiving in which gun owners will openly carry rifles and handguns around Monument Circle and the Circle Centre Mall to ’see how long it takes to get asked to leave.’”

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Obama Nominates Anti-Gunner To Regulate Guns & Ammo: "Obama has nominated gun-grabber Andrew Traver as the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives! Traver is currently special agent in charge of Chicago's BATFE field division, where he has a history of working with gun prohibitionists. He served as an advisor to the International Association for Chiefs of Police on that group's 2007 "Gun Violence Reduction Project," in cooperation with the anti-gun rights Joyce Foundation. Putting Andrew Traver in charge of an organization that decides whether we can buy, sell or transport guns is the first of many steps Obama and his anti-gun zealots are taking to crush our Second Amendment Rights."

Sharpie wants your gun: "Civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton, often a vocal critic of the New York Police Department, is teaming up with the department to help get illegal guns off the streets as the city tries to stem an increase in shootings. Sharpton and police Commissioner Raymond Kelly on Friday announced they would host a summit on gun violence in December, and Sharpton pledged to support the NYPD's Gun Stop program, which offers a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone with illegal weapons. The department, the nation's largest, also gives $100 to anyone who turns in a gun at a police station _ no questions asked. City officials say gun violence remains a serious problem, even with tighter weapons laws [Odd, that!] , and shootings are up this year. So far there have been 1,590 victims of gun violence reported, about 60 more than through the same time last year. Kelly said most of the shooting victims are black men, as are most of the shooting suspects.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Montana: Woman shoots would-be robbers: "Banda died after being shot in the head, shoulder and stomach near a residence at 515 S. 35th St. Statements from the 24-year-old woman and the 15-year-old indicate that Banda and the 15-year-old were walking down an alley near the woman's home at 2:40 a.m. Saturday. The 15-year-old told police that he and Banda were going to break into a vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe, on the woman's property. The woman claims that the two men were walking down the alley yelling profanities and that she felt threatened by them. Shortly after that, both victims were shot. The woman apparently used a semi-automatic pistol. One of the men was armed with a semi-automatic rifle. Police are still unclear on whether Banda or the 15-year-old used the rifle, or who fired the first shot. According to court records, Banda had a criminal history involving partner-family member assault, misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor theft and criminal trespassing to a vehicle in Billings Municipal Court."

FL: One robber shot; One escapes: "Twenty-four-year-old Kyree Edwin Wallace was charged with armed robbery and attempted murder for his part in a shooting at The Grand apartment complex in downtown Miami. But police are looking for another suspect. According to Miami Police, Wallace and another man were in front of room 2852 when Wallace pulled out a gun and pulled a shank from the witness' right pocket and motioned that he was going to rob the victim of his marijuana. The victim was allegedly selling pot to the shooter and a co-defendant, Rakif Kamal Gardner. Police said the victim pulled out his weapon and at that point the shooting began. The victim shot the defendant five times, while the victim was shot once in the leg. Police said Gardner ran from the scene with the guns and the drugs."

AZ: Jewelry Store Owner Shoots, Kills Thief: "The owner of a Phoenix jewelry store was forced to open fire on three men who attempted to rob him Thursday morning. According to the owner's son, three men walked into the store and jumped the owner. The owner was struck in the face several times before pulling a gun from his belt and shooting. Phoenix police said one robber was pronounced dead at the scene. The two other robbers fled the scene, police said."

Friday, November 19, 2010

GA: Two robbers shot: "An attempted armed robbery ended very badly for two robbers at a west Albany home early Thursday morning just before 1 AM. Police say five people were playing cards and pool inside a small house behind the main house at 4412 Woodcrest Drive when two men with guns stormed in and demanded money. Without hesitation one of the five victims pulled out his own gun and started shooting! He successfully shot the first suspected robber then shot the second suspected robber as he was running away. The first robber shot was taken to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. The other injured robber later showed up at Palmyra Medical with gunshot wounds. Brian Hatcher lives at 4412 Woodcrest Drive and police say he was one of the victims. We are not sure if he was the one who actually shot the robbers."

OH: Bystander shoots robber: "A bystander who took matters into his own hands may have helped save the day after an attempted supermarket robbery. The man was sitting in his car in front of the M & K Supermarket on Walnut Road in Massillon when he saw a would-be robber pistol-whipping a store employee. The man ran to help, pulling his own gun and wounding the suspect. Massillon police later arrested the suspect, 20-year-old Andrew Robinson. Police said the bystander was not charged in the shooting. They are still looking for a second suspect."

NV: Homeowner 'did the right thing' shooting robbery suspect: "Officers got the call reporting the break-in around 10:30 am Thursday morning. Metro says the three suspects were probably under the impression no one was home. But it turns out they were completely wrong. The suspects knocked on the door and, when the homeowner refused to open, they kicked it in. The homeowner grabbed his gun and, after a series of warnings, shot one of the suspects in the leg. "He didn't come out of the home or chase after the suspect. He maintained his ground," says Metro Officer Jay Rivera. "The weapon is registered, and he did the right thing." The wounded suspect is currently recovering at UMC; the other two suspects fled the scene. Police don't have much to go on other than describing the suspects as two African-American males in their mid-20s."

NV: Righthaven will stop filing frivolous lawsuits over news excerpts: "Copyright troll Righthaven this week promised to narrow its lawsuit campaign in the face of a courtroom defeat, when a judge ruled that a real estate website made ‘fair use’ of a newspaper article from the Las Vegas-Review Journal. … Righthaven no longer plans to sue websites for posting brief excerpts of newspaper articles, the company told a different federal judge in a separate case this week.” [These are the guys who prosecuted Clayton Cramer over his "Armed Citizen" website. Clayton is still not out of the woods however as young Dave posted WHOLE articles on the site on several occasions. With its short extracts, this site should now be in the clear, however]

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Va.: Kid shot mother's boyfriend in self defense: "The 15-year-old acted in self defense on the September night when he fired pistol blasts at his mother’s boyfriend, Augusta County Judge Charles L. Ricketts III found. She testified that she handed her son the weapon and instructed him not to let the man inside. Gary Wayne Ralston, 54, of Waynesboro, was critically wounded in the shooting outside the home where the boy and his siblings and mother live just north of town. Ralston survived. More than 10 people took the stand, including the teen’s mother, who said Ralston ignored her request earlier that evening to stay away from her home. The mother described Ralston as abusive, controlling and jealous of the time she spent with her children. The woman testified she locked the gate to her driveway, but fell into a frenzy when she heard the sound of Ralston’s car approaching. She said she handed her son a Glock .45 handgun. “What did you instruct [the teen] to do?” Weidner asked. “Don’t let him in the house,” the woman answered. The boy didn’t." As Ralston stepped onto the porch, the teen fired three times, hitting the man in the back, leg and arm. The shots knocked Ralston to the ground"

WA: Evidence suggests self-defense in fatal shooting: "Prosecutor Dave McEachran said the evidence indicates that David H. Baily was acting in self-defense when he fired the fatal blast, which struck William C. Clement, 30, in the abdomen. Jorge Salazar, 19, brought a shotgun over to Baily's house early the morning of Aug. 19 and stored it in an upstairs bedroom. Baily remained upstairs while Salazar returned downstairs. When he got downstairs, Salazar began fighting with Clement. To escape the fight, Salazar ran back upstairs, and Clement pursued him. Once Baily heard the fight, he grabbed the shotgun and ran to the top of the stairs, where he met Clement.
Clement attempted to wrestle the shotgun away from Baily. During their struggle it fired, striking Clement."

Ex-cop shot, killed armed robber: "A former Detroit police officer -- who was acquitted in 2004 of federal civil rights violations -- shot and killed a man on Detroit's east side Wednesday morning during a robbery near his home, police said. Detroit police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens -- who did not confirm the identity of the former cop -- said two men, one armed with a gun, robbed the former officer at gunpoint. As one of the suspects fled, police said, he fired shots and the former officer returned fire, killing the man. The dead man was identified by the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office as Prez Holmes, 20, of Detroit. Michigan Department of Corrections records indicate his first name may be spelled "Perrez," and that he may have a criminal history of felony firearm and receiving and concealing stolen property."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FL: Armed homeowner is cleared in electricity company face-off: "FPL employees Bruno Berrio and Timothy Pyke traveled to Vino's trailer home at the Jones Fishing Camp. Pyke and Berrio, both in FPL uniform, told police that Vino confronted them and they immediately identified themselves as FPL employees. Then Vino -- still pointing his gun -- ``marched them" off his property, slapping the helmet off Pyke before shooting the rifle in the air. But the judge discounted the FPL employees' version. "Mr. Vino, upon recognizing that Mr. Pyke and Mr. Berrio were FPL employees, lowered his weapon and asked [them] why didn't they call him before entering his property," Judge Thornton wrote in his ruling, adopting the defendant's more benign version of events. Vino ``escorted" them to the fence before he fired ``one shot, not at Mr. Pyke or Mr. Berrio, but up in the air," Thornton wrote. The judge ruled that Vino was immune from prosecution ``up to the point where he realized the two reasonably believed burglars were in fact FPL workers," meaning the shot fired in the air could still be an unlawful discharge."

“Winning firearms freedom, one lawsuit at a time”: "Ten years is a very long time, during which a political landscape can change, and so can the judicial arena. Ten years ago, if someone had suggested that the politically-fashionable handgun bans in Washington, D.C. and Chicago could be struck down on Second Amendment grounds, he might have been laughed out of town. Today, a herd of municipal attorneys for cities and towns large and small are paying a lot closer attention to firearms regulations.”

Concealed carry for modern America: "My wife is forcing me, against my will, to get a CCW. I don’t acknowledge the right of the state to grant this right, as the 2nd Amendment states ‘The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not be Infringed,’ and being forced to buy a license IS infringing. But she’s tired of my bitching about the license, and thinks I need to carry as the society deteriorates, so we’re gonna get the licenses together.”

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TX: Suspected intruder shot, killed by resident: "Residents living along the 1300 block of Belmont Drive in San Marcos were stunned to learn that a teenager was shot multiple times in an apparent home invasion on their quiet street. ‘I’m just shocked that there would be that type of criminal and crime going on in this neighborhood and in San Marcos,’ Evelyn Johnson said. The suspected intruder was 19 year old Elijah Espinoza. Commander Chase Stapp with the San Marcos Police Department says Espinoza was shot by a resident as he tried to enter the back door of the home around 3 a.m. Sunday.”

NC: Pipe mistaken for gun leads to shot fired as warning: "A pickup driven by David Dunnigan of King cut off another pickup driven by Ricky Lee Stanley of Advance about 1:30 p.m. near the westbound rest area on I-40, about 8 miles east of Mocksville, said Sheriff Andy Stokes of Davie County. Both vehicles then continued to travel west on I-40. As the vehicles approached the Farmington Road exit, a pipe that Stanley thought was a gun was pointed at him from Dunnigan’s pickup, Stokes said. Stanley then applied his brakes and tried to pull over, trying to avoid Dunnigan’s pickup, Stokes said. But Dunnigan stayed with Stanley’s vehicle. Stanley then fired a shot from his .44 caliber handgun in the air to warn Dunnigan and Brandon Dodson, a passenger in Dunnigan’s pickup, Stokes said. No charges have been filed against Stanley or Dobson, Stokes said, adding that he will discuss the matter with the Davie County district attorney’s office. “Once he (Stanley) saw what he thought was a barrel of a gun, he was placed in the position of self-defense,” Stokes said."

SCOTUS OKs longer prison terms for druggies: "The Supreme Court has upheld longer prison sentences for people convicted of carrying or using a gun while committing drug trafficking crimes. The court voted 8-0 Monday to affirm lower court rulings involving defendants who had five years tacked onto their drug trafficking prison terms because they had a gun with them."

Pa.: State House approves 'stand your ground' self-defense bill: "By a more than 4-1 margin, the state House tonight sent to Gov. Ed Rendell a bill that expands the use of self-defense in Pennsylvania. Called "stand your ground" legislation, the bill enables people to use lethal force to defend themselves without retreat outside their homes. Currently the law allows those protections within one's home. The bill was approved by a 161-35 vote. Gun groups, many of them from Western Pennsylvania, pushed for the bill's passage over the past five years. Rendell on several occasions has said he will have to review the bill before deciding whether to sign or veto it. The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association opposed the bill. But Rep.Mike Vereb, R-Montgomery County, a former police officer, noted that the Fraternal Order of Police and Pennsylvania State Troopers Association did not oppose the bill."

Monday, November 15, 2010

IA: Concealed Carry Law Changed

(Des Moines, Iowa) Effective January 1, 2011, a revised law for concealed weapons permits will take away discretionary authority from county sheriffs.
Changing the language of the law from "may" to "shall" in Senate File 2379 "standardizes the issuance of concealed weapons permits across the state," according to state Rep. Clel Baudler, R-Adair, who was active in the bill's construction.

"The law was drafted in a way to keep some groups of people from keeping weapons concealed - a certain class of people," Baudler said. "Hopefully, now there will be no room for discrimination. The old law was highly discriminate."

Baudler said, in its early years, the concealed weapons laws in this state were primitive compared to today's qualifying standards. The sheriff of each county could essentially pick and choose who was fit for carrying concealed weapons and who was not - sometimes based on personal and discriminatory points of view, he said.

The level of difficulty in obtaining a permit depended, for one thing, on the county in which the applicant lived. Laws were not consistent or balanced across the state, Baudler said.
It's possible that some of the sheriffs won't like the change.

WA: Man Kills Brother In Self Defense: "Spokane County Sheriff's Sgt. Dave Reagan said when deputies arrived at the home they found a 41-year-old Riverside man dead from a single gunshot wound. The victims brother told detectives he was attacked by an unknown man with a club when he stepped outside of the home earlier in the evening. The man told deputies he went back inside the house and grabbed a gun and fired a single shot at his attacker, later realizing it was his own brother. During the interviews, detectives determined the man acted in self defense when he fatally his brother."

National Ammo Day is November 19th : "The next National Ammo Day is November 19 2010, National Ammo Day has been an unofficial grassroots holiday since 2002 and is growing in celebration each year.”

Why did ATF issue — and then rescind — a ruling declaring air guns “firearms?”: "The fact remains — ATF has the testing conclusions to execute this aborted ruling if and when they wish to — in fact, if their analysis about what constitutes a United States Code-defined ‘firearm’ is ‘correct’ — and if they don’t know, who does? — this could be a Sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of airgun dealers and owners that could be dropped at any time.”

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Orleans homeowner shoots intruder who allegedly tried to attack, burglarize him: "Lewis said he was inside his FEMA trailer about 7:50 a.m. when he heard someone outside kick down a wooden board restricting access to the space below his two-story house in the 1900 block of Desire Street. Lewis feared someone was after the house's copper pipes. He grabbed his cell phone and a handgun from his trailer and stepped outside to investigate. As a school bus rumbled down the street, he slowly approached a doorway leading into the home and saw Thomas. "Don't move," Lewis said. The intruder was surprised, but he did not obey. He reached for a nearby two-by-four, charged Lewis and swung. Lewis ducked the blow. Thomas raised the piece of wood again; Lewis aimed his gun at Thomas' leg, fired and wounded him. Lewis scurried back outside and called 911. Police and paramedics soon arrived; Thomas was arrested and taken to the LSU Trauma Center"

AL: Liquor store robber killed: "According to Florence Police, 41-year-old Christopher Wade Martin walked in, purchased a soft-drink, then asked for a single beer. Police say when Martin returned to the counter, he attempted to strong-arm the clerk. "He had been in twice before," said Florence Police Investigator Craig Blasingame, "he came in a third time and attempted to take the money out of the register." Police say the package store clerk struggled with Martin over the money and then produced a gun. As Martin tried to escape with what he could grab, the clerk stopped the would-be crook in his tracks. "The robber was shot several times," said Blasingame, "2 or 3, possible all three, but at least twice that we know about." Florence Police say Christopher Martin had been formerly convicted on felony robbery and burglary charges, and was on probation. The case will be presented before the Lauderdale County Grand Jury, but the Chazz Package Store clerk will likely face no charges."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

OH: Robbery suspect charged with murder of alleged accomplice: "Akron police have filed murder charges against a robbery suspect whose alleged partner was shot to death by their intended victim. Larry V. Adams, 24, of Cleveland, is being held in the Summit County Jail on charges of murder, aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, tampering with evidence and receiving stolen property. Akron police contend that Adams and Delwin Isaac Jr., 21, of Richmond, Va., went to a Wilson Street home in Akron on Nov. 5 intending to rob suspected drug dealer Darnell Roper. During a confrontation inside the home, Roper, 21, drew a gun and opened fire, striking Adams and Isaac. Adams recovered, but Isaac, who was hit in the neck with a bullet, died later at Akron City Hospital. Roper has not been charged in the death."

WA: Near-fatal attempted robbery: " Shortly after 4 a.m., Slanaker came to the door displaying a gun and allegedly pistol-whipped Landacre before shooting him multiple times, according to court documents. Landacre grabbed a nearby handgun and fired back, hitting Slanaker multiple times. Slanaker’s injuries were described as life-threatening at the time. A check of four major hospitals in the Vancouver-Portland area indicated that Landacre was not a patient at any of them. A deputy prosecutor said it wasn’t immediately known what, if any, charges he could face."

FL: Buy A Truck, Get A Free AK-47

(Sanford, Florida) Nations Trucks is offering a free assault weapon with each used truck purchase. According to general manager Nick Ginetta, customers will "have to jump through all the usual hoops of buying the weapon according to state laws."

Ginetta acknowledges that it's a publicity stunt and he doesn't have a stockroom full of AK-47s, rather each customer will receive a voucher worth $400 at a local gun store. Heh.

Friday, November 12, 2010

AL: Robber shot in self defense by Church's Chicken customer: "It was business as usual Thursday at Church's Fried Chicken on Michigan Avenue. A much different scene from the night before when Mobile police said the tables were turned on a would be robber. Authorities say 46-year-old Randall Ford went to the restaurant on Michigan Avenue just before 11 p.m. Wednesday, and tried to rob a man who was leaving the store. Police say Ford was using a box cutter as a weapon. That's when the 32-year-old potential victim pulled out a gun and shot Ford in the neck. Ford was taken to USA Medical Center and treated for the non-life threatening injury. He was arrested and charged with first degree robbery."

TX: One man is dead after police said he was shot by his landlord: "Police were called out to an apartment complex off West Cypress around 3:00 a.m Thursday morning. Investigators told us the landlord called them and admitted to shooting a tenant who was making racial slurs in the courtyard area of the complex. Police had already been called to the complex earlier in the night because that same man had been playing music loudly and yelling in the courtyard. Investigators said the man broke into the landlord's apartment, the two struggled over a shotgun, and the landlord shot the man in the chest. Police told News 4 WOAI the landlord acted in self defense and will not face any charges."

Caretaker and burglar shootout. Both killed: " Investigators are still on the scene of a home in Oakleaf where a burglary suspect and the caretaker of a home were killed during a shooting Wednesday night. When the deputy arrived, he found two armed suspects, and the home's caretaker shot and injured. Shots were fired and the deputy was able to capture one suspect who was injured, according to the sheriff's office. The caretaker/victim and the other suspect died at the scene. The caretaker is being identified by the CCSO as Leroy McDonald, 33, of Orange Park. The suspect is Todd Bradshaw Jr., 24, of Jacksonville. The surviving suspect was taken by medical helicopter to Shands Jacksonville with non life-threatening injuries. The sheriff's office said the female owner of the home is deployed overseas."

FL: Open Carry advocates gear up in five states: "Having held five events over the weekend, Second Amendment advocates continue to promote changing laws in Florida to allow citizens to openly carry holstered handguns. Open carry was legal in Florida until 1987 when Janet Reno, then an assistant state attorney in South Florida, lobbied the Legislature to ban the practice save in some situations — namely hunting, fishing and at firing ranges. … Right now, there are seven states that do not allow open carry — and there is a chance that number will decrease soon.”

Thursday, November 11, 2010

SC: Poker game killing was Self-Defense: "A man who shot and killed another during a poker game acted in self-defense, according to the Anderson County Sheriff's Office. Investigator Chad McBride said the two men were with four others, playing poker inside a building at 115 Commerce Blvd. just before 7 a.m. Tuesday. McBride said Jermaine Scott pulled a handgun, trying to recover lost money and rob the others. McBride said another player, who had a concealed weapon permit,pulled his own gun and the two men opened fire. Scott later died at the hospital. The coroner said the cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds. McBride said another man was shot in the hand and treated at the hospital.

MS: Store clerk acquitted on murder charges: A Jackson convenience store worker has been found not guilty in the 2008 shooting death of a shoplifter. A Hinds county jury found Sarbrinder Pannu not guilty in the murder of 36 year old James Hawthorne. Pannu shot Hawthorne after he stole a case of beer from the J and S Food Mart on Medgar Evers Boulevard. Prosecuting attorneys argued that Hawthorne was unarmed when he was gunned down. In closing arguments defense attorney Tom Fortner said Pannu feared for his life when he saw Hawthorne reaching for what he thought was a gun. Defense attorney Tom Fortner told reporters leaving the courtroom, "I think this verdict sends the message that people are tired of the crime, they are saying stop the robbing, stop the stealing."

FL: Self-defense law gets man released from jail: "Gunfire erupted on a Newtown street in May, leaving Patrick Barbour dead on the road and Alphonse Gallo in jail facing a murder charge and the possibility of life behind bars. But a judge listened to the details of the killing and ruled that Gallo, 35, should not be prosecuted for murder because of Florida's stand-your-ground law, which allows people to use deadly force to defend themselves. Gallo testified that Barbour and several other men confronted him May 15 near the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Pershing Avenue about 2:30 a.m. The two had a minor fight about 30 minutes earlier. Gallo testified that Barbour, 24, threatened to rob him and then pulled a handgun from a pocket. Gallo, who had a concealed weapons permit to carry a handgun, said he drew his own gun and fired at Barbour three times."

AZ: “Guns save lives educate your kids” officially censored: "After rounds of meetings and phone calls, the city of Phoenix, perhaps prophetically on Election Day, Tue., Nov. 2, passed final judgment and decided that censorship of our bus-stop advertisements would remain final. ‘Educate Your Kids’ with the big red ‘Guns Save Lives’ heart, which they tore down more than a week ago, were deemed unacceptable and would stay down. They blamed CBS Outdoor with the ‘error’ for having put them up.”

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AL: Shooting at bar leaves robber dead: "The shooting happened in the upstairs part of Humphrey's Bar & Grill on Washington Street around 2:15 a.m., 15 minutes after the bar's posted closing time, said police spokesman Harry Hobbs. A robber walked up to two maintenance men upstairs, pulled a gun and shot one of them, Hobbs said. The second maintenance man struggled with the robber taking his gun and fatally shooting him, authorities said. The robber, identified as Damian Marcos Antony King, 32, died at the scene, and the wounded maintenance man, John Joseph Mullins, 40, is being treated at Huntsville Hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, Hobbs said. The second maintenance man is in the custody of Huntsville police but has not been charged with a crime."

Guns on campus mean safer campuses 2011: "Guns on campus is in the news again. In my ongoing series on Guns On Campus, I answer issues that somehow seem to be guesswork on the part of non-gun owner students and trustees. I say this because anti-liberty reasoning sounds like good faith dealings at first, but when assumptions are corrected and excuses run out, trustees play the one card which vexes adults: No guns on campus. This disturbing final maneuver gives credence to the claims of abuses of power as it continues to avoid the practical solution to violence, and that is recognizing the adult student’s authority over the violent situation.”

MI: Gun safety not part of many parents’ conversations with kids: "‘When more than half of non-gun owning parents have never discussed gun safety with their children and nearly 1 in 5 gun-owning parents have never discussed gun safety with their children, many children may be unprepared to understand and follow the basics of gun safety,’ Davis says. ‘Parents need to learn how to talk to their children about gun safety whether they own a gun or not, to be sure their children are prepared should they ever encounter a situation where a gun is present.’ … Regardless of gun ownership, parents who have talked to their children about gun safety guidelines are more confident that their kids will practice gun safety than parents who have not talked with their children.”

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

UT: Homeowner shoots young intruder: "Police say Poulton was killed as he and 18-year-old Derek Sego tried to break into the home near 5600 South and 5100 West. Lt. Don Hutson of the Unified Police Department says the homeowner was unaware of another burglar, but investigators were able to track Sego down after talking with acquaintances of the young men. Around 3 a.m., police say the Kearns homeowner heard noise and saw a person trying to break in the rear glass door. Earlier, a mysterious ring of the doorbell had awakened the family. The homeowner told police at that time, he went outside to look around; so when he later heard the noise out back, fearing an intruder, he armed himself with a handgun. "He fired one round through the glass," Hutson said. "The person ran away, and he immediately called 911." Police found Poulton dead in the street. A local attorney and author believes the homeowner will not be charged with a crime".

NYC gun registry challenged in state’s top court: "The New York Police Department’s four-year-old registry of gun-toting criminals, meant to curb city violence, faces a legal challenge in the state’s highest court. … ‘This court should not allow New York City or any other local government to act without authority in fashioning their own rules to deal with convicted felons in their communities and then argue that these local schemes are beyond review of this court,’ attorney Bruce Austern argued in his brief on behalf of Sean Smith.”

Monday, November 08, 2010

TX: Deadly home invasion suspects had history of breaking law: "A homeowner on Creath Place said he had no choice but to shoot at the men early Wednesday morning when they kicked in the door to his home. According to the homeowner, he had argued with the men earlier that evening, and he feared the two would return. They did, and were allegedly carrying a knife. Zapata died at the scene from a gunshot wound. Sosa was shot by the homeowner, and he remains in the hospital.”

TX: Vengeful invader killed: "A man was shot and killed between midnight and 1 a.m. Sunday morning in New Fairview. Marcus Lee Little, 50, was shot in the head after he broke into a home just off Farm Road 2264. According to Sheriff David Walker, Little confronted his ex-girlfriend in the home and was looking for the man she is now dating. Occupants of the home told officers that Little “had a knife and a gun,” and he was making threats. Walker said a man who is a brother to the ex-girlfriend shot Little, but no arrests have been made at this time because it appears to be self-defense."

Sunday, November 07, 2010

WA: Intruder shot and killed: "The Pierce County sheriff’s office says an intruder was shot and killed during a home invasion robbery near Puyallup early Wednesday morning and police are searching for a second suspect involved in the invasion robbery. Sheriff spokesman Ed Troyer said two masked men broke into the home about 6:30 in the morning and pistol-whipped a man who was home with his girlfriend, demanding to know where “the jewelry” was. The invaders did obtain some jewelry and one of the masked men walked outside to load some things into his car, which is when the girlfriend of the man who was pistol whipped grabbed a shotgun from under a bed and handed it to her boyfriend and gunfire erupted between the homeowner and the robbers. Each fired several shots at the other and one of the robbers was hit but police later learned the robber was hit by a bullet fired from his accomplice’s gun."

WA: Resident shoots back: "A man who returned fire against an intruder was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to a Vancouver Police Department news bulletin. The suspect was shot “multiple times,” police said. He suffered life-threatening injuries in the shootout at a home in the 1400 block of Northeast 131st Avenue.... at about 4 a.m., an unknown male came to the door displaying a gun and shot at the resident, according to police. The resident grabbed a nearby gun and fired back, hitting the suspect multiple times."

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Huge Victory for Pro Gun Candidates in Iowa: "Tuesday was a huge victory for pro-gun candidates across the state of Iowa! Gun owners across the state, and Iowa Gun Owners members and supporters in particular, have dealt a telling blow to the anti-gunners in the State of Iowa. In a nutshell though, pro-gun candidates that IGO ran our election program for picked up 14 additional seats in the House! These are candidates that have answered perfectly on our candidate survey. 2 additional seats were picked up by marginally pro-gun candidates that will likely support us when the time comes. In the Senate, pro-gun candidates that IGO ran our election program for picked up an additional 6 seats!"

British police admit that stricter laws would not have stopped shooting rampage: "Firearms laws should be strengthened in the wake of the murderous rampage in Cumbria by Derrick Bird, an independent report said yesterday. But only "far more fundamental changes" on private ownership of guns could have prevented the tragedy, the UK's senior firearms licensing specialist concluded. Neither measure would have stopped Bird, who had few dealings with the health service and gave relatives no sign of the apparent breakdown which overwhelmed him – probably because of an impending tax inquiry. Whiting told a press conference at Penrith yesterday: "I do not think there are any immediate changes that could be implemented urgently that would have prevented these appalling offences."

Friday, November 05, 2010

CA: Homeowner dies but shoots robber: "Emilio Franco, the 54 year old movie actor who also owned two night clubs in Los Angeles, was shot dead in his own home by two suspects in what appears to be a robbery attempt. A businessman and actor, Franco who took part in several Mexican movies died in the wee hours of the morning when he tried to confront two suspects as they were trying to rob his house in Downey. Reports indicate that Franco was attacked by two people- one was wounded in a gun battle and left injured on the spot while the other ran away... Relatives have confirmed that Franco’s wife and daughter were inside the house when the shooting took place"

PA: Federal Court rejects suit filed by woman who carried gun at soccer game: "A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Lebanon woman who openly carried a loaded handgun to a child’s soccer game in December 2008. The lawsuit brought by Meleanie Hain and her husband Scott sought $1 million in damages after Lebanon County Sheriff Michael DeLeo revoked her permit to carry a concealed firearm. A county judge later overturned the revocation and reinstated Hain’s permit.”

Was election a victory for gun owners?: "Republicans have taken the House. While Democrats retained the Senate, the balance of power is too close for them to steamroll anything through. Add to this mix "pro-gun" Democrats and Second Amendment-friendly leadership in both chambers (assuming Sen. Reid still feels he needs to be), and yesterday appears to have been a good day for gun owners. At the federal and state levels."

WA: Arizona Man Arrested After Guns Found in Truck: "U.S. Park Police say an Arizona man has been arrested after guns and ammunition were found inside a truck hauling a camper parked along the National Mall. The truck was parked along the National Mall near the National Air and Space Museum Wednesday afternoon, when an officer noticed something suspicious inside. A bomb disposal unit was called in. Sgt. David Schlosser says no explosives were found, but a handgun and more than one rifle were found inside. Schlosser says the unidentified man would be charged with unregistered ammunition and firearms offenses." ["unregistered" ammo?? And have the goons forgotten that guns are now allowed in National Parks?]

Thursday, November 04, 2010

CA: Magnum-toting woman kills robber: "One Sacramento man is dead and three others are in custody following an apparent home invasion robbery attempt in Laytonville Saturday morning. When deputies responded to the Laytonville residence following the 7:21 a.m. 9-1-1 call, they found the masked body of Timothy Burger, 21, of Sacramento, lying just outside. Jill Cahill, of Laytonville, who lives at the residence, had two friends visiting at the time of the robbery. She told deputies the three masked men broke into her home, sprayed them with pepper spray, and then shot one of her visitors in the leg, sparking the ensuing firefight. She told deputies she fired at the three masked robbers with her .357 magnum pistol and believed she killed one. The other two masked men fled on foot."

OH: Pill dealer shoots robber: "Ford was killed at 11:26 p.m. on Oct. 21 at Dayton's home at 70 Wisconsin Ave. Dayton said he shot Ford after he answered a young woman's knock on his door. His gun in a pocket, he opened the door. "She had stepped up to block the screen door from being closed," he said. Dayton said he didn't see Ford until he moved in and struck Dayton on the head with a handgun. The two struggled for several seconds before Dayton shot Ford. "I wasn't trying to kill the guy," he said. "I feel bad about what happened." Because Dayton said he acted in self-defense, police said the case will be presented to a grand jury that will determine whether any charges should be filed."

IN: Self-defense shooter released: "Cooper and his cousin, Doug, were driving down Pulliam Road on Sunday night to go spotlighting for deer, the illegal practice of shining bright lights at night to watch the activity of deer for hunting. They were stopped by Cherry, according to a news release from the Clark County Sheriff’s Department. Cherry told investigators that Cooper was sitting in the driver’s seat and pulled out a long rifle and threatened to kill him. However, police questioned his story when they did not find any weapon in Cooper’s vehicle. Police found the shotgun that Cherry had alleged Cooper was holding at another person’s house. Mull said the cousins drove by a friend’s house and threw the shotgun in a field while on the way to the hospital. The person at a nearby residence apparently picked up the weapon and brought it inside the house... Cooper has had numerous legal issues in the past."

DE: Woman shoots ex: "New Castle County police say a woman shot and killed her ex-husband after he broke into her home and beat her. Fifty-seven-year-old Gregory Thompson of New Castle was found dead at the unidentified woman’s home. It happened Thursday about 11:30 p.m., when police received a 911 call from the woman. Police say Thompson, who was wanted for violating a protective order his ex-wife had against him, used a ladder to get into the victim’s third-floor bedroom. Police say Thompson entered the home through a window and began punching the woman in the head … in her bed. The woman got a gun and shot Thompson.”

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

FL: Homeowner shot would-be teen burglar: "Miami-Dade police say the homeowner confronted a potential burglar Monday afternoon by shooting him twice sending the juvenile to the hospital. The teen was shot in the leg and was taken to Miami Children's Hospital. The teen is expected to survive. Police say the events that led to the shooting began shortly before 2 p.m. on the 26200 block of Southwest 128th Court in Cutler Bay. That's when the homeowner heard a noise and armed himself with a gun. He was confronted by two juveniles and told police that he feared for his life and opened fire twice, striking one of the two male teens. Police say they were able to arrest all three suspected burglars. One of the juveniles, police said, was not within earshot of the homeowner because he was serving as a lookout."

SAF Sues Eric Holder, FBI Over Misdemeanor Gun Rights Denial: "Acting on behalf of a Georgia resident and honorably discharged Vietnam War veteran, the Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Eric Holder and the Federal Bureau of Investigation over enforcement of a federal statute that can deny gun rights to someone with a simple misdemeanor conviction on his record. In July 1968, Schrader, then 21, was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and battery relating to a fight involving a man who had previously assaulted him in Annapolis, MD. The altercation was observed by a police officer, who arrested Schrader, then an enlisted man in the Navy, stationed in Annapolis. The man he fought with was in a street gang that had attacked him for entering their "territory," according to the complaint."

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

One dead in botched North Philadelphia robbery attempt: "Police said an employee of the Super Pro shoe store, at 22d Street and Indiana Avenue in Swampoodle, fatally shot a man who entered shortly before 1 p.m. Police said the man told the store employee he wanted to buy a pair of sneakers, but then brandished the handle of a gun and demanded money from the register. According to Lt. Raymond Evers, a police spokesman, the store employee gave the man money from the register and a "struggle" ensued. Evers said the store employee then fired at the man, striking him at least one time in the torso. The alleged robber was pronounced dead at Temple University Hospital. The gun, the handle of which he displayed, was a BB gun, according to Evers."

VA: Shooter claims self-defense: "A Hampton man, suspected of shooting a Newport New resident on Sunday night, has turned himself in to police and says that he fired in self-defense. A 20-year-old Newport News man was shot in the arm just after 9 p.m. at a location on Madison Avenue. The suspect, a 28-year-old Hampton man, called police moments after the shooting and said that he had fired only after the Newport News man had pulled a gun on him. The suspect surrendered to police near the intersection of 16th Street and Roanoke Avenue. He told police that he took the victim's gun after shooting him. The suspect was found to have two guns in his possession. The suspect has been questioned, but Thurston said no charges have been filed."

ME: Police officer with gun denied ballot by petty official: "A Bangor police officer says he wasn’t allowed to cast his ballot when an election warden refused to let him vote while wearing his service revolver. James Dearing said he was patrolling his beat Friday when he stopped to vote at the Bangor Civic Center. He said that’s where warden Wayne Mallar said he couldn’t vote unless he turned over his weapon. Dearing refused, and then wrote a letter to Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap. Dunlap told the Bangor Daily News yesterday there is no state law prohibiting officers from carrying firearms while voting.”

Monday, November 01, 2010

AL: Man shot, killed while burglarizing home: "Mobile police say a man who was burglarizing a home off Dauphin Island Parkway was shot and killed Thursday night. A resident of the home on the 1300 block of Driftwood Drive North shot and killed 19-year-old Marcus Steele as he was trying to enter the home, said Mobile Police Officer Chris Levy. Police arrived to the scene around 9:48 p.m. and found Steele lying in a driveway. Steel was taken to the University of South Alabama Medical Center, and he died later from his injuries. At this point, no charges are being filed against the shooter, whom police would not identify. "We’re going to continue the investigation. If we determine that there should be charges, then there will be," Levy said. "Right now, we know Marcus Steele was committing a burglary and during his committing of that, he got shot."

Framed: The campaign to portray gun dealers as criminals: "The Washington Post has, over the course of this week, run what they’re calling an ‘investigation’ — a multi-part hit piece on gun dealers, blaming them for ‘gun crime.’ The series starts with Sunday’s five-page article about Realco guns, in Forestville, Maryland, which has, according to the article, sold more than 2,500 ‘crime guns’ over the last eighteen years. What the article does not do, however, is present any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the owners/operators of Realco — just the opposite …”