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VA:Resident Shoots & Kills Intruder, No Charges Filed

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Police say they will not file charges right now against a resident who shot and killed a person who tried to break inside a home.

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This is an interesting video that shows one anti-Second Amendment promoter vs a crowd of Second Amendment supporters.  I am surprised that they put it on the local news.  Unfortunately, I am having trouble embedding the YouTube video, so here is the link:


TX:Armed Homeowner Acts, Five Suspected Burglars Arrested

Quick action by this homeowner led to the arrest of all five suspected burglars.

“According to preliminary reports, the homeowner arrived at his residence and discovered five men in his home who were in the process of burglarizing it,” said John Moore, public information officer for the Smith County Sheriff's Office.


 He told KETK that he immediately grabbed his shotgun, and several of the burglars got into an SUV and left.

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NC:Robbery Suspect Shot Dead, Another Shot 5 Years Ago

The recent criminal may have been too young to pay attention to the previous criminal being shot at this store.  These incidents should be highly publicised, to prevent future problems.  Criminals are capable of making somewhat rational decisions.  They seldom rob gun shops or police bars.

A 21-year-old man killed by a north Charlotte convenience store employee Thursday night is the second alleged robber shot to death at the store in the past six years.


A fatal shooting also took place at the Fast Mart on July 23, 2007. In that case, police said a man entered the store about 10:30 a.m. and was shot to death by the owner. The owner was not charged.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

MD:Intruder Shot Dead, Accomplice Wounded

SANFORD — A would-be robber was fatally shot Wednesday and an accomplice was hospitalized after a homeowner returned gunfire during a home invasion on Marsh Market Road in northwestern Accomack County.

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NM:Homeowner Hides, is Discovered, Shoots Intruder

A man roused from his sleep by an intruder hid in a bathroom and called police before confronting the intruder and shooting him in his home in west Albuquerque on Thursday afternoon, police said.

The wounded intruder was able to make his way to the resident’s backyard, where he collapsed on the homeowner’s lawn, Albuquerque police spokesman Simon Drobik said.

FL:Resident Fires Shots, Drives off Intruders

According to Lake Mary police Officer Zach Hudson, the burglars broke into the Webster Street house by smashing a sliding glass door about 9:25 a.m. Wednesday.


A resident, who was awoken by the break-in and armed himself with a semi-automatic handgun, fired two shots at the intruders, one of whom was armed, Hudson said.

Police have identified one person of interest in the attempted burglary. A man who was admitted into a Titusville hospital with a gunshot wound Wednesday afternoon was questioned by police.

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Mississippi Supreme Court Rules that Gun Law Means What it Says(Open Carry Protected)

Open carry at a rally protesting IRS abuse in Arizona

This is a blow for reason and the rule of law in Mississippi.  The injunction against House Bill 2 should never have occurred.   You can read some background here.  From

The judge ruled the bill was unconstitutionally vague.

The Supreme Court decided that decision was incorrect.

House Bill 2 would allow people without a permit to carry firearms as long as they are within sight. Concealed weapons still require a permit.

 Here is some history of the Mississippi Constitution and how it has been gutted in the past.

©2013 by Dean Weingarten Permission to share granted as long as this notice is included.

Clarification: The ruling means that the Mississippi Constitutional protection of the right to keep and bear arms will now have the force of law in Mississippi.  People will not need a permit to carry a firearm openly, that is, not concealed.

FL:Cheap Gun Opportunity Ft. Lauderdale, 7 September, 2013

Long Guns Recently Turned In at Phoenix event in May, 2013

There will be a gun turn in event on 7 September, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While these events are commonly labeled with the propaganda term "buyback" the guns were never owned by the people attempting to buy them.

The location for the event will be at the New Mount Olive Baptist Church at 400 NW 9th Avenue from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

The event offers an unusual range of incentives for turning in guns.   The Sun Sentinal shows these:

Depending upon condition, donors of .22 to .38 caliber pistols or inoperable or rusted firearms will receive gift cards worth $25; revolvers are worth $50; handguns and semi-automatic pistols .9 mm to .45 caliber will get the donors $75 gift cards. 

Shotguns and rifles are worth $100 cards.
Airsoft or pellet guns may be turned in but donors will not receive gift cards, Fort Lauderdale Police said.

These events offer Second Amendment activists the potential for picking up some firearms for reasonable prices.  The gift cards offered for firearms generally undervalue a significant number of the firearms turned in.

Police usually check firearms to determine if they are stolen, but no statement to that effect has  been found for this event. 

Across the country, communities, police departments and churches are sponsoring gun turn-ins to get "guns off the street". At many of these events, private buyers are showing up, offering cash for the more valuable guns. These private additions to the public turn-in are effective, no doubt, in getting more guns off the street, because they add to the resources that are available to those who want to get rid of guns for something of value, be it a grocery card or a number of twenty dollar bills.

You can help make the turn-in in your area more effective by standing on the curb with your "Cash for Guns" sign, or at a folding table, willing to offer more than the gift card for firearms that are more valuable. It would be best if numerous private parties were available, as more good guns could then be transferred into responsible hands.

This action serves many useful purposes. It stretches the turn-in budget so that more guns can be taken off the street. It helps keep fearful widows from being defrauded of most of the market value of the gun they are turning in. It prevents valuable assets from being destroyed by bureaucratic inflexibility. It is a win-win-win situation.

It also dispels the pernicious message that guns are bad and should be destroyed.

Private sales are legal in Florida. Open carry of firearms is generally not legal, but it appears that brief displays of a firearm are accepted, if the display is not in a threatening manner.

Link to article with numerous examples of private sales at gun turn in events
Link to most recent article about private buyers at Detroit event

Link to Phoenix Article: pictures of private buyers

First hand accounts of this turn-in would be appreciated, as would any pictures.

©2013 by Dean Weingarten Permission to share granted as long as this notice is included.

FL:73-year-old Shoots Burglar who Attacked Neighbor

A 73-year-old Oakland Park man stood his ground Wednesday and now a burglary suspect is in the hospital recovering from several gunshot wounds, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.


After loading up the car, the burglar attacked the woman to get her phone and that's when the 73-year-old man fired shots at the intruder, wounding him several times, he said.

"It appears this was a justifiable shooting," Jachles said. "Every indication is that the homeowner was defending himself, his property and his neighbor from being attacked by the intruder."

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

MI:Attempt to Carjack ends in Death

There appear to have been two armed suspects, one was killed by the off duty officer.  From

The officer drew his own handgun and fired, striking a suspect, later identified as a 17-year-old man, who died from his wound. The other suspect fled on foot but was later arrested with another suspect, both 16 years old.

Carjacking used to be much more common, before most states wrote shall issue concealed carry laws, and millions of citizens started arming themselves on a regular basis.    Jusifiable homicides are up in Detroit.  It is hard to be certain exactly how many of Detroit's homicides are justifiable, but the Detroit Police Department recorded 19 in 2010, 34 in 2011, and 25 in 2012. 

As the City has an unsolved homicide rate of 50% to 80%, depending on who is doing the counting,  there is plenty of room for many unsolved justifiable homicides.

Dean Weingarten

GA:Liquor Store Owner Shoots One of Two Robbers

This woman is one of the increasing numbers of women who are arming themselves for their protection.

Helena Police Officer Robert Johnson says around 4pm Monday two men attempted to rob the Helena Package Store, and at least one of them was armed.

The store owner shot one suspect with a handgun, but the other one got away. The injured suspect is in stable condition at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

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TX: Homeowners Hold Suspect at Gunpoint for Police

Lubbock police arrested two men suspected of vehicle burglary early Monday morning, Aug. 26, in west Lubbock with the help of armed homeowners.


He said went back inside and told his wife to arm herself with her handgun while he checked the backyard.

The man found Sandoval crouched in a corner behind the fireplace and told his wife to hold the suspect while police arrived.

“She told him ‘don’t move,’” he said.

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Colorado's Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers

While most Americans will be chillin' out, maxin' and relaxin' this Labor Day weekend, dedicated patriots in Colorado are hard at work preparing for a groundbreaking special election day with nationwide repercussions. George Washington would be proud.

On September 10, Democratic legislator and state Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs faces a citizen recall for his sellout to New York anti-gun special interests, for his betrayal of transparency and accountability to constituents, and for his destructive economic policies that are driving thousands of jobs away. Also up for recall: Democratic legislator Angela Giron of Pueblo.

In March, Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper signed his left-wing colleagues' sweeping package of gun- and ammo-control measures -- pushed not by Coloradans, but by gun-grabbing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the anti-Second Amendment Brady bunch and the White House. Vice President Joe Biden inserted himself into my adopted home state's legislative process, phoning up swing Democratic legislators to lobby for the bills personally.

These radically expanded background checks on every individual gun sale and ammunitions restrictions banning the purchase or transfer of magazines with more than 15 cartridges will do little to nothing to prevent the next Newtown or Aurora or Columbine. "Moderate" Hickenlooper publicly admitted their ineffectiveness before surrendering to the gun-control zealots.

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TX:Teen fatally shoots burglary suspect in grandma’s Baytown home

BAYTOWN, Texas – One burglary suspect was killed and another was listed in critical condition after a teen watching over his grandmother’s Baytown home opened fire on them, police said.


The teen told police he ordered the two men to put their hands up, but they didn’t listen. He shot both men with the shotgun. One collapsed and died at the scene. He was later identified as 40-year-old Charles Allen Dixon.

The other suspect, identified as 26-year-old Michael McDaniel, stumbled around and ran away. He later turned up at the hospital in critical condition, police said.

Detectives have no doubt that this was a case of self-defense.

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MS:U.S. District Judge Suspends 4th Amendment for Olive Branch, MS

Recently U.S. District Court Justice Michael Mills issued a summary judgment that caught my attention because it hit on several issues that are very close to me personally.

The incident occured in Olive Branch, MS, it involved a pilot and thirdly it involved a “staunch supporter of the second amendment”.  The combination of those three details made this a very personal incident.

The 4th Amendment states: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Below is the summary of the case as outlined in the Summary Judgement issued by Judge Mills on August 14, 2013.

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CA:Rival campers who opened fire turn out to be sheriff's deputies

Are police a "protected group" with special privileges?  It appears so from the following incident in California.  I do not think that the fact that the people involved were law enforcement officers was noted in early reporting, though I may be confusing this story with another:

An apparent booze-fueled dispute over loud music between two groups at a Chino campground over the weekend escalated to the point where men from both sides drew guns and opened fire.

No one was hurt, but the two alleged gunmen have plenty to explain.

It turns out that the rival gun-toting campers were both Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.


Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said both deputies have been relieved of duty with pay. He said the men brandished their guns in a "threatening manner."

They did not fire at each other, he said, but into the air.

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CA:News of Possible Serial Rapist; Women Want Guns

 The first I recall of this phenomena was in 1966, when a rapist terrorized the Orlando, Florida area.  As I recall the Sheriff department organized gun training for women, and rapes fell by 86% and stayed that way for a few years afterward.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - In the midst of the sexual assault investigations in east Bakersfield, many residents remain on high alert, especially woman.


Lately many women like Lisa Dewaal have spent more time at the shooting range. Dewaal, who works at Second Amendment Sports, had never picked up a gun until a few weeks ago, but says with the recent news about a possible serial rapist, she decided to take matter in her own hands.

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WI: Milwaukee Sheriff: ‘Return firearms within 48 hours when cleared for self-defense’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. told a gathering of about 100 people on Sunday that citizens who use their firearms in self-defense should have their guns returned to them within 48 hours of being cleared of criminal charges.

Clarke was a guest speaker at a free concealed-carry class held at Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall, located on the city’s south side, an establishment that made headlines last week after the owner of the tavern, Andy Kochanski, fatally shot a would-be robber.

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MI:More Armed Citizens, Less Crime, Less Police

As more and more citizens obtain permits to carry guns, crime continues to drop, even as police numbers drop in Michigan.  From MLive,
one explanation offered is more guns, less crime:

People don’t get robbed as much, or assaulted, or raped. Cars thefts are rarer by half. Your wallets and purses are less likely to be taken. At the same time, there are fewer police in your neighborhood.


More guns, less crime

Another factor must be considered. Michigan adults have more guns.
In 2001, Michigan made it much easier for residents to carry concealed handguns. Permits have risen ever since.

Last month, 405,408 adults could lawfully carry concealed handguns. That’s up from 53,000 after the first year of Michigan’s shall-issue law.
That means one in 17 adults 21 or older is licensed to carry. Countless more people have guns for sport and protection in their homes.
John Lott, an economist and national pro-firearms commenter, authored the book, “More Guns, Less Crime.”

”When you see the percent of the population with permits rising, and how Michigan has seen a very substantial increase over almost the same period of time (studied by MLive), you are looking at the fact that victims can defend themselves and also deter criminals, just as police can deter criminals,” Lott said.

John Lott's findings are nothing new.  He did the first study on this nearly 20 years ago.   While there is some dispute about  whether more guns actually reduces crime, there is no longer any serious contention that more guns cause more crime.

Dean Weingarten

NV:Burglar Shot by Homeowner, Critical Condition

According to police, a man broke into a home in the 3600 block of Marmalade Lane at about 3:30 p.m. Monday.

The homeowner was in the home at the time and shot the burglary in the chest, police said.

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PA:Homeowner Fights, then Shoots 18-year-old Intruder

"They end up getting into a physical altercation," described Boehm. "The homeowner then shoots the young man." 
Officers tell us multiple shots were fired, and Foster died at the scene. Stein had minor injuries from the fight. 
 Investigators say Foster broke into the home. It's unclear if he was armed. 
"It would appear that the rear door in the basement area was kicked in or forced open," Boehm added

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"They end up getting into a physical altercation," described Boehm. "The homeowner then shoots the young man." Officers tell us multiple shots were fired, and Foster died at the scene. Stein had minor injuries from the fight. Investigators say Foster broke into the home. It's unclear if he was armed. "It would appear that the rear door in the basement area was kicked in or forced open," Boehm added.

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"They end up getting into a physical altercation," described Boehm. "The homeowner then shoots the young man." Officers tell us multiple shots were fired, and Foster died at the scene. Stein had minor injuries from the fight. Investigators say Foster broke into the home. It's unclear if he was armed. "It would appear that the rear door in the basement area was kicked in or forced open," Boehm added.

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EAST BRUNSWICK TWP., Pa. - An investigation into a deadly shooting in Schuylkill County is now in the hands of the district attorney.

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EAST BRUNSWICK TWP., Pa. - An investigation into a deadly shooting in Schuylkill County is now in the hands of the district attorney.

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EAST BRUNSWICK TWP., Pa. - An investigation into a deadly shooting in Schuylkill County is now in the hands of the district attorney.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WV:Assault weapon-wielding supporters rally for suspended Gilberton chief

This is an interesting story.  I doubt that a West Virginia town council is going to listen to an ultra liberal gun control organization to decide policy.  It appears that Cheif Kessler has quite a bit of local support, and they are not shy about it.

Photo by Chris Knight

An anti-gun organization doesn't believe a 30-day suspension is adequate punishment for Gilberton police Chief Mark Kessler, so it invested in a "Fire Kessler" billboard near Route 61.
But on Saturday, less than a week after the Washington, D.C.-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence paid for the billboard, a group of about 40 gun-toting Kessler supporters, some wielding assault weapons, rallied in front of the billboard.

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MI:'Point 'em out, knock 'em out': Brutal game ends when assault victim fires his concealed handgun

The game was called "point 'em out, knock 'em out," and it was as random as it was brutal.

The object: Target an innocent victim for no other reason than they are there, then sucker punch him or her.

But on this day in Lansing, there would be no punch. The teen-age attacker had a stun gun. He did not know his would-be victim was carrying a legally concealed pistol.

The teen lost the game.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

WI: Packed house for Sunday concealed carry class at Concertina Beer Hall

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It has been nine days since Concertina Beer Hall owner Andy Kochanski shot and killed an armed robber at his bar, on Milwaukee’s near south side. On Sunday, August 25th, that action brought dozens of people to his bar for a concealed carry training class.

Police say three men walked into the Concertina Beer Hall early Friday, August 16th — two of whom were armed, and tried robbing the owner at gunpoint.
Kochanski pulled his own gun.

A 23-year-old man was shot and killed, another man was injured, and a third man was on the run.

“What are you going to do? You`re going to protect yourself and your customers. I have no regrets of doing it and I`ll do it again,” Kochanski said.
Since the incident, Kochanski says he has seen an outpouring of support.

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AR:Successful legal open carry march held in Fort Smith

August 25, 2013
The gun rights group Arkansas Carry held the first-ever legal open carry march in Fort Smith on Saturday, August 24th. This historic walk, consisting of people of all walks of life from various areas of Arkansas, was made possible by the passage of Act 746, which took effect on August 16th.
Much ado has been made by media outlets (both local and national) that open carry had been deemed illegal by an opinion by Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel in July; however, that opinion had no bearing at all upon the legality of carrying handguns in plain view in this walk, according to Arkansas Carry. Arkansas Carry has claimed that the new definition of the "offense of carrying a weapon" allowed them to bear arms either openly or concealed without a license. This new definition, they say, makes the carrying of handguns illegal only when a person has intent to commit or is committing a crime.
The newly-worded "offense of carrying a weapon reads as follows:
5-73-120. Carrying a weapon.
(a) A person commits the offense of carrying a weapon if he or she possesses a handgun, knife, or club on or about his or her person, in a vehicle occupied by him or her, or otherwise readily available for use with a purpose to attempt to unlawfully employ the handgun, knife, or club as a weapon against a person.

The walk received tremendous support during the walk from citizens passing by in cars; some honking, some waving and some doing both. One man from Fayetteville observed the march, and while not knowing why people were carrying handguns in the open (because he had not heard of the walk in the media) he parked his vehicle and joined in. He told the organizers he saw the armed walkers and knew something good was happening, so he decided he wanted to be a part of it.
Sixteen Arkansas Carry members were invited, but many more uninvited armed persons also joined in with the walk, not knowing it was invitation-only. The walk eventually ballooned to almost 40 marchers.
Although the Arkansas State Police have threatened arrests for anyone open carrying, no arrests were made. A State Police car even rolled past the group at the beginning of the celebration walk.
Arkansas Carry plans future walk in other Arkansas cities soon, as they believe Constitutional Carry is now the law in Arkansas.

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ME:71 Year Old Homeowner Fights, loses Revolver

A .44 magnum was discharged in the struggle.  Strange that they grabbed clothes.  One wonders if the drugs were pain medicine for cancer?  Not much detail.  I am surprised to see two of these situations, where the thieves ran off with the homeowners gun, twice in one month.  Very unusual, indeed.

A 71-year-old Poland man grabbed his handgun and tried to fight off two men who broke into his mobile home early Saturday morning, police say, but he was overpowered and the intruders took off with the gun, clothes, drugs and other items.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

OH:Homeowner Shoots Invader who Attacked Him with a Hammer

Swetnam is accused of trying to harm the 56-year-old resident, who then shot Swetnam in the abdomen with a .45 caliber handgun, according to the Knox County Prosecutor's Office.

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LA:Neighbor Holds Burglar at Gunpoint

A man who spotted a suspect breaking into a neighbor's house Saturday morning called the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office and held the suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived, according to a release.

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OH:Homeowner Shoots and Kills Attacker who Stabbed Him Multiple Times

CINCINNATI -- Police said a man was shot to death and another was stabbed Thursday night during a home invasion in Hamilton.

When officers arrived at the home in the 1800 block of Parrish Avenue, they found 38-year-old Robert D. Shoemaker with multiple stab wounds to his neck on his front porch.

Inside, they found 44-year-old Chad Gabbard dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

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WA:Armed Citizens Defuse Hostage Situation

 Three brave pawn shop employees take risks to rescue their friends and innocent customers.     A mentally disturbed man jumped the counter in the store, grabbed a shotgun, loaded it, and shot wildly.  From

Double Eagle employees, however, helped free some of those who didn’t make it out when Johnson began shooting. 


Several Double Eagle workers left the building armed with guns and gathered on the east end of the building. “They counted bodies and realized two workers were not accounted for,” said Brian Wegner, a company manager who was not at the Sprague store at the time.

In addition to the two employees, two customers were still inside, including Spokane resident Justin Roberson.


Within a few minutes the three armed employees walked toward the front door of the building. One of the three, whom Wegner would not identify, entered and confronted Johnson.

“He told the guy, ‘Don’t make me use this,’ and told him he wanted the two co-workers and store customers to leave safely,” Wegner said.

Wegner said the gunman said nothing and let the group leave by the front door.
While not clear from the article, it appears that the employees' actions took place well before the police arrived.

Responding police arrived some time later with an armored personal carrier, an airplane, and such a large number of officers that police response to a significant area was officially limited.

The event illustrates that armed citizens are often on the scene at the moment of the crime, can act effectively, and can save lives.

No one was physically injured at the crime scene.  The subject was talked out in about a half an hour.

Armed citizens and police reinforce and complement each other.

WI:Followup Polka Bar Robbers were Armed with BB guns

Andrew J. Kochanski and Carmelo L. Matos-Arzola, from facebook

A nicely detailed write up that gives much more information than the original story.

 Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, police identified Carmelo L. Matos-Arzola, 23, originally from Bronx, New York as one of the robbers killed by Andrew "Andy" J. Kochanski, 43, owner of the Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall while protecting his patrons. A second suspect was reported wounded in his left leg and buttocks during an attempted armed robbery with BB guns around 12:07 a.m. on early Friday, August 16, the criminal complaint states.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

FL:Pizza Driver Shoots, Kills, Knifeman

That’s when investigators said a man approached him with a knife, demanding money and threatening to kill him.

“At that point the delivery man, who had a weapon in his vehicle, pulled his firearm, shooting the robber one time and at this point the robber is deceased and we’re continuing our investigation,” said Maj. Tod Goodyear from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

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AL:3 burglary suspects thwarted by gun-packing homeowner in Jefferson County

According to Christian, deputies responded to a burglary-in-progress call around 6 p.m. at a home in the 6000 block of Blue Creek Road. Upon arriving, authorities learned that trio had broken into three storage buildings and three vehicles before the gun-toting property owner confronted the suspects, holding them at gunpoint until the authorities arrived to investigate.

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TX:Come and Take It means to Restore Open Carry Protections

Some people may not know that the Texas revolution for independence against dictatorial rule, like the American revolution, started with an attempt to disarm the citizens.

When the upstart government of Santa Anna, who had taken over the Mexican state in a coup, tried to take a small cannon that the citizens of Gonzales, Texas had for defense against hostile indians, the citizens put into English the famous Greek phrase of the Spartans,  Molon Labe, and said:

Come and take it!

One of the flags at the recent open carry demonstration in Kingwood, a Houston suburb

It has been taken as the moniker in Kingwood, Texas by an open carry group determined to restore and defend their rights under the Second Amendment and the Texas Constitution.  The original Texas declaration of rights of 1836 and the constitution of 1845 had strong right to keep and bear arms protections.  From the 1836 declaration of rights:

"Every citizen shall have the right to bear arms in defence of himself and the republic."
 and the 1845 Texas Constitution:
 "Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defence of himself and the State."

Texas sided with the Confederacy in the War between the States, or Civil War, if you prefer.  They lost, and the carpetbagger government created a new Texas Constitution in 1869.    That Constitution gutted the right to keep and bear arms.

 "Every person shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the state, under such regulations as the legislature may prescribe."

 In 1872  and 1873, Texas voted out the carpetbagger government.  The governor begged the federal government for troops to keep him in power, but none were sent.  He fled the governor's mansion as an impromptu militia of armed citizens advanced on it.

The post reconstruction Texas approved of a new Constitution in 1876.  It had stronger protection of the right to keep and bear arms , but left in a crucial loophole for the legislature.  It provided that the legislature could regulate the wearing of arms with respect to fighting crime.
"Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defence of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have power by law to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime."
The legislature did not repeal the reconstruction ban on the carrying of arms, and the courts refused to invalidate the law under the 1876 Constitution.   The law was widely used to disarm former slaves and others out of favor with the local authorities.   Democrats would control Texas for over a century.

With the Republican revolution of 1994, after decades of abuse of the prohibition on bearing arms on the person, the legislature passed a restrictive shall issue concealed carry law, which has been incrementally improved.

In 2007 Texas codified "travel" to mean any time you were in your vehicle.  Texans could now carry a handgun in their vehicles without a permit, but the handgun had to be concealed.

Texas is one of only six states that forbids the open carry of handguns.

The open carry movement in Texas, wishing to have the freedoms that 44 other states enjoy, has started to demonstrate the open carry of rifles and shotguns, because they are not allowed to open carry handguns.

Notice the "Come and Take It" flag in black and white, and the banner

Oklahoma has recently restored the right to carry handguns openly to "shall issue" permit holders.  An open carry demonstration is  scheduled for  Arkansas to enforce a change in the law.    Numerous settlements have been gained from police departments who abuse open carry rights in Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, VirginiaPennsylvania, and others.

California is the only fish to be swimming against this tide.   It banned open carry of even unloaded handguns in 2011 and rifles and shotguns in 2012.  The laws are being challenged in the courts.

More demonstrations are being planned for Texas in the coming months.  Many Texas legislators are sympathetic.
What will happen in the next legislative session remains to be seen.

 ©2013 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

Friday, August 23, 2013

TX:Man Stops Pit Bull Attack with Gunfire

The man ended up in the hospital for treatment of his wounds.
HOUSTON -– A man opened fire on a pit bull after he said he was bit while walking to his apartment in southwest Houston on Wednesday night.


According to police, the dog somehow got out of a tenant’s apartment and allegedly attacked the victim as he walked by. Police said the man pulled a gun and shot the dog.

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Mexican Women Arm Themselves Against Cartels

Women in Mexico have had enough and are doing something about their communities being overrun with cartels, criminals and drug lords.

More than 100 women in the southern Mexican town of Xaltianguis have taken up arms to protect their community from organized crime groups, a local self-defense force official said Monday.

The women signed up over the past four days with the Union of Peoples and Organizations of Guerrero State, or UPOEG, Xaltianguis community self-defense force commander Miguel Angel Jimenez told reporters.

"We have an average of nine groups" of community police, with each one made up of 12 women who will work in the daytime in the neighborhoods of Xaltianguis, located about 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the resort city of Acapulco, Jimenez said.

The women will be trained in the use of firearms and carry the same weapons as men, Jimenez said.

The vigilante group has only about 80 firearms and the weapons are rotated among members, Jimenez said.

"I trust that the people, once they know that the women are participating," will provide more weapons, Jimenez said.
South of the border it is illegal for civilians to own firearms, despite having a version of the Second Amendment. The only people who have firearms are the police and dangerous criminals. More from cartel expert Sylvia Longmire: 

 More at here

MI:Detroit Police to Mayor Candidate: Get a Gun

Photo by Oleg Volk

Most police support armed citizens, but that is not true of all police, especially politically appointed administrators in large cities.   As the reality arrives, after shall issue concealed carry laws are passed, most administrators come to see that they have been mislead by citizen disarmament ideologues, and admit, even grudgingly, that they were wrong.

The big cities in Michigan fought hard against allowing citizens to carry guns.  Now many opponents cannot seem to remember why.  From

Michigan's prosecuting attorneys association led the push against changing the law in 2001. Today, Ionia County Prosecutor Ronald Schafer, president of the group, says it's hard to remember what the fuss was about.
Sometimes, it takes a dose of reality to change a persons mind.  From

Former mayoral candidate Lisa Howze is recovering from an apparent break-in while she was inside her home on a day she made a controversial political decision.


The first patrol car arrived in about 20 minutes, she said. And then another showed up and, finally, an investigative team.


“The officer told me it’s time to get my CPL license,” Howze said. “I had resisted for a long time, saying, no, I’m not getting a gun, I’m not getting a gun. Now I’m not resisting.”
Fortunately, Ms Howze was not hurt.  The transformation is interesting.   Ms. Howze has been against allowing people with concealed carry permits into former defenseless victim zones.  From

"I think that when you begin to bring weapons into those types of areas, into schools and churches, I think it kind of takes away from the purpose of those buildings."

 Now a police officer has advised her to obtain her own concealed pistol license, after she suffered from a home invasion by hiding under her bed with her cell phone as protection.   It has been the final straw to a change in attitude.  Perhaps she will rethink the advisability of having numerous areas where she is forbidden from being legally armed.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

One Year Later: The Long Range Peach House Gunfight


When I first heard the reports of a pistolero making a long shot, stopping a mass murder and saving the life of a police officer a year ago, I knew that I would work to find the details if the possibility were offered. I found that opportunity and was able  to answer many of the questions that came to mind at the time. After I had interviewed Vic Stacy, I told him that I would wait until the Grand Jury  delivered a no bill before writing about what happened. This is the story of the Peach House Gunfight . . .

Vic Stacy heard the shots while he was watching a movie on the Sunday afternoon of July 29, 2012. He thought someone was shooting at the nearby small reservoir or “tank” as they’re called in Texas. Then the phone rang. It was his neighbor and friend who needed help. Armed help. There was a dead woman only feet from his doorstep and he asked Vic to bring a gun.

Early is a town of about 3,000 in the middle of Texas. The Peach House RV park is located five miles outside of town. It’s a small park with only a dozen spaces. When Charles Conner decided to go on a murder rampage, only six of the spaces were occupied. Conner was known for his irrational bursts of temper over minor events.

On the 29th that temper boiled over into murder over a dispute about dog droppings. Conner had been arguing with David Michael House, 58 and Valentina Martinez Calaci, 53. The couple owned two dogs and had arrived from Arizona a few weeks earlier. Conner left the two, went back to his fifth wheel trailer, procured a 9mm pistol and returned to the couple’s RV. There he shot House, who fell within 20 feet of the RV.

Space where the victim’s RV was parked

Valentina fled, but was pursued by Conner who shot her, too. She fell to the ground only feet away from the RV of the friend who called Stacy. Valentina had a cell phone in her hand, and had not yet died when Conner approached and fired another shot, execution style.

Valentina fled toward this RV, which Vic Stacy’s friend 
occupied. She fell about 15 feet past the front of the RV.

Conner then went back to the couple’s RV, shot and killed the two dogs and returned to his fifth wheel. That’s when Stacy received the call for help, grabbed a .357 stainless Colt Python with a six inch barrel and headed toward his friend’s RV.

Stacy pushed the pistol contained in a leather holster of his own making under his shirt so as not to draw attention to himself and went to his friend’s aid. As Stacy went out the door of his trailer, he passed a scoped Bushmaster AR-15 with a loaded 30-round magazine. He later reflected on that fact and said that maybe he should have grabbed the rifle, but said that as it turned out, the pistol was sufficient.

Bushmaster rifle that Vic Stacy passed as he headed out to help

Stacy arrived at his friend’s RV. He had seen Conner come out of his fifth wheel with a scoped lever action rifle. His friend told him that he thought that Conner had done the shooting. They saw Conner, rifle in hand, put a tree between himself and the park entrance as they heard an approaching siren. It was Seargent Steven Means of the Early Police Department. He turned into the Peach House RV park and stopped, little more than 50 feet from from where Conner stood behind a ten inch diameter elm tree.

Vic Stacy stands about where Charles Conner stood behind the elm. The 5th wheel rig behind him was Charles Conner’s.

Seargent Means’ car had barely come to a halt when Conner started shooting at him. Seargent Means took cover behind his squad car with an AR-15 variant and returned fire. The .223 bullets couldn’t penetrate the elm tree. At that point, Stacy decided to take direct action.

Approximate view that Seargent Means had of the scene. Conner would have been behind the elm. You can see that the truck tire is flat. It was hit by a .223 round.

A number of .223 rounds hit the elm, but did not penetrate.

While Conner had cover from Seargent Means’ AR-15, his flank was exposed to Stacy. Stacy rested the Python on the hood of his friend’s RV, cocked the hammer, and fired his first shot.

Stacy could clearly see Conner, framed on the left by the Elm and on the right by a utility pedestal. The elm was between Conner and Seargent Means. Valencia’s body was only 15 feet to Stacy’s right, the RV whose hood he was resting on was mostly to his left.

Vic Stacy’s view of the scene. You can make out the electrical pedestal, center to the right of the elm tree midway to Conner’s RV. The elm that Conner was to the left of, from this view, is framed between the electrical pedestal and the midway elm.

This view shows the situation through a telephoto lens. Conner was to the left to the elm that is framed by the electrical pedestal and the elm on the left.

Stacy had killed deer with the Python. It’s known as a very accurate handgun. He squeezed the trigger, and Conner went down with a solid hit to the thigh. Now on the ground, Conner worked the lever on his rifle and turned the scoped firearm toward Stacy. Seeing the threat, Stacy took cover behind the front wheel of his friends RV. The shot hit the ground, sending rock fragments flying, causing a minor cut on Stacy’s leg. He was wearing shorts.

Conner turned his attention back to Seargent Means, who was continuing to fire.

Stacy came back up over the RV hood and cocking the Python, fired four more times at the prone Conner, single action. Stacy counted his shots, as he didn’t want to run the revolver dry and didn’t have spare ammunition with him. He stopped with one round remaining. Seargent Means was also still firing. After Stacy fired the four shots, there was no more movement from Conner. One of Stacy’s shots had hit the framing elm tree dead center. Stacy thinks the other three shots hit Conner in the abdomen.

Stacy’s .357 round that hit the elm tree

In less than a minute, another officer with an AR had come up behind Stacy. Stacy placed his Python on the ground, and was handcuffed while the officers sorted out what happened. Stacy’s friend was also required to lie face down on the gravel, but wasn’t handcuffed. In about 15 minutes, Stacy was released, his Python was impounded and multiple officers and agencies were on the scene investigating.

The dark blood stain shows where Valentina’s body lay, only feet from where Stacy fired at Conner.

How far was the famous shot that put Conner on the ground? Vic Stacy had a 100 foot tape measure and he and I measured the shot. One hundred and sixty-nine feet, just over 56 yards. While this is only a third of the much-reported media figure of 165 yards, it’s still an impressive shot. Stacy still thinks he connected with three of the following four shots, but he wasn’t allowed near Conner’s body to find out. I haven’t seen the coroner’s report, so we don’t know for sure. With the Python and its remaining cartridge impounded, Stacy couldn’t say for certain at the time what brand of ammunition he was using.

Vic Stacy is a retired welder who currently works making leather products. He said that if people are interested in his leather products, he can be reached at (325) 998-1034. I asked if being a welder helped him as a shooter. He replied that both required care, planning and good control of your hands. He said that while he was raised a Christian, he hadn’t been going to church much lately but might start going more regularly now.

I was impressed with Stacy. He’s been a lifelong hunter and said that he picked up his shooting skills growing up on a farm near Gorman, Texas. He told me he started shooting at age seven or eight, with a .22. He has also participated in club-level competitions. He said that he’s as good a shot with a rifle as he is with a pistol, and that he regularly practices with his AR-15. He has no police or military experience in his 66 years, though he did say that he had often thought of enlisting in the Marine Corps. If I were the Marine Corps Commandant, I would enlist Vic Stacy as an honorary Marine. He showed the kind of judgement and cool consideration under fire that would be a credit to any Marine.

Some people have wondered about the possibility of collateral damage. The Peach House RV park isn’t exactly near the Empire State Building. Both Vic Stacy and Seargent Means had thick woods and/or Conner’s truck and fifth wheel trailer as their backstops. And neither the .223 nor the .357 rounds were able to penetrate through the common elm trees in the area.

Stacy’s 6-inch stainless Colt Python, similar to this one, was returned to him.

Vic Stacy and Seargent Means were subsequently “no billed” by the Grand Jury. When I talked to Vic on the phone a year after the shooting, he said that he was given an award by the Brownwood county Sheriff. He was also given an award by Governor Rick Perry.  That award was a little more substantial:  A custom made, LaRue OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle) and a case of ammunition.  From
Vic Stacy visited sheriff’s officials and showed them the LaRue OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle), often referred to as a “sniper rifle,” Stacy received in Austin. Gov. Rick Perry presented the 7.62 mm rifle to Perry in recognition of Stacy’s action at the July 29 triple-fatality shooting at an RV park.

The OBR runs over $3,000. A case of ammo for it might run $2,000.
This is the sort of story that legends are made of. It rivals many in the old west. I was privileged to talk to Vic and record the details and shed some light on what happened a year ago. I wonder how a mere blogger could have scooped the national media on a story like this.

Update: Here is part of  Sgt. Steven Means account.  From
Means' observations of the shooter lining up his sights directly at him had led the officer to conclude that the suspect had been responsible for those first rounds of the engagement. They were, however, the rounds of a guardian angel—Vic Stacy.

Stacy—a fellow Texan and proud gun owner—had retrieved his own handgun after 58-year-old Charles Conner's initial volley had been brought to his attention by another neighbor. From a trailer, Stacy watched as Conner lined up his rifle sights on Officer Means.

"I thought, 'He's fixin' to kill that boy'," Stacy told the Brownwood Bulletin afterward. "And that's why I squared off and hit him in the leg and knocked him down."

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AZ:Followup: Deputies who Demanded Man in Desert Disarm, Refused to ID, Acted like Drug Runners

More details emerge about the case in Arizona where deputies refused to ID themselves and demanded that a citizen disarm.

Several questions were brought up on Gun Watch that seemed deliberately ignored in the original stories.  Now we have some of the answers.

First question, was the vehicle a marked sheriff department vehicle or was it unmarked?

From an AP story on Yahoo:

According to court records, the deputy and his partner stopped their vehicle, then flashed their headlights and honked their horn, a common practice used by law enforcement to trick drug smugglers into thinking the car is there to transfer their narcotics load and lure them out of hiding.
I doubt that the deputies were trying to act like drug runners in a marked squad car.

The deputies then got out, also dressed in camouflage but clearly marked with sheriff's patches on their clothing, and began to track what appeared to be fresh footprints, authorities said.

Second  question, what did the deputies do to identify themselves?

 They were wearing camouflage, not regular uniforms.  Almost certainly, they did not have badges pinned to their camouflage, as it rather defeats the whole purpose of camouflage.

When another man challenges them, they say... We are deputies, not drug runners!  And they point to a patch on their camouflage outfits, and to the word Sheriff in camouflage.

At night.  In the dark.  Illuminated by flashlight.  But, they refuse to produce I.D.

They call for backup, and everybody waits until the backup arrives.  At that point, Mr. Malley cooperates and is taken into custody, and charged with aggravated assault.

It was a bad situation.  I think both sides handled it pretty well.   That is, up until they arrested Mr. Malley, who was only acting much as they would have done had the situations been reversed, only with more restraint.

One wonders how many times this scenario has occurred, where both parties apologized, said, "we need better coordination" and left without any arrests or news stories.

It was almost certainly an unmarked vehicle.  We know that the deputies were in camouflage instead of regular uniforms.  It is unlikely  that they were wearing badges.   They were deliberately acting like drug runners.  They refused to show ID.

I think all charges against Mr. Malley should be dropped.

Arizona has a defensive display law that allows a citizen to display a firearm if he has legitimate reason to fear for his safety.

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MI: Pawnshop Owner Drives off two Armed Robbers

Police were called to Dave's Pawnshop on Saginaw Street near Rex Avenue for an attempted armed robbery. The owner said two armed men came into his business and he shot at them.

More Here

IA:Homeowner Shoots Escaped Prisoner After Being Held Hostage

Authorities say an escaped inmate suspected of shooting a southwest Iowa sheriff's deputy has been killed by a homeowner who said the armed man broke into his house.

Rodney Long was shot to death after he broke into a retired farm couple's home in Bedford about 10:15 p.m. Monday, awakening them. Long, who was armed with a handgun, cut their telephone lines and used their cell phone, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Mitch Mortvedt said.

AZ:Man in Desert Arrested for not Surrendering Rifle to Deputies who Refused to show ID

Richard Malley helps patrol the sparsely populated Arizona desert to spot Illegal aliens.  He has been arrested for refusing to surrender his rifle to deputies who refused to show their ID.  The story says that Richard Malley is accused of aggravated assault for allegedly pointing his rifle at a deputy.   From

GILA BEND, AZ - Authorities arrested an Arizona Minuteman for allegedly pointing a rifle at a deputy over the weekend.

According to court paperwork, 49-year-old Richard Malley and two other men who are part of the Minuteman militia were patrolling the desert just east of Gila Bend, along Interstate 8, Saturday night.

Two Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies were checking nearby mile posts often used for drug trafficking when they came across mile post 140, court papers said.

When the deputies pulled up to the area, they reportedly flashed their high beams and honked their horn.

Court papers say Malley thought a crime was occurring when the deputies showed up, so he felt the right to flash his rifle and a flashlight at one of the deputies.

The deputy verbally identified himself as law enforcement, but Malley continued to point his rifle and asked the deputy to show identification, court documents said.

Crucial details that seem to be glossed over in the story, are these:

Arizona has a "defensive display" law that allows citizens to show that they are armed if they are in fear of attack.

Numerous crimes have been facilitated by criminals wearing police uniforms and claiming to be police.

Nowhere in the story does it say that the deputies turned on their police lights or siren.  Such a display would have helped to identify them.   It is never mentioned whether or not the vehicle had any official markings.

Merely flashing high beams and honking does not indicate a police presence.

All of the above occurred in darkness, as shown by the use of vehicle lights and the flashlight, making positive identification even more difficult.

When the additional units arrived, Malley apparently cooperated fully, because there are no charges of resisting arrest or of obstruction of justice.

I find it less than credible that Malley actually pointed the rifle at a deputy.  Deputies are trained to react violently to such a direct threat.  More details will come out as the case unfolds.

 I hope that there is some video of the event.

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Update: The deputies were in camouflauge, not regular uniforms.  The car was unmarked, and they were playacting as drug dealers.  

Open Carry Texas Holds Rally at McAllen Police Department; Updates to the Horton Arrest

Open Carry Texas Members and Supporters Rally at the McAllen Police Department
Open Carry Texas Members and Supporters Rally at the McAllen Police Department

Open Carry Texas member and supporters rallied at the McAllen Police Department Saturday where member Zach Horton was arrested earlier in the week for what appears to be doing nothing more than following the law.

The rally, dubbed “Come and Take It McAllen,” brought a crowd of 75-100 people at it’s peak, many of whom were legally openly carrying rifles in accordance with state law. The event was peaceful and drew Open Carry Texas members from across the state as well as local members and supporters in the Rio Grande Valley. There was also a noted lack of police presence at the peaceful event. Mr. Horton was in attendance himself as well.

Attendees later noted that they were carrying their firearms in accordance with the law and were doing so in the same parking lot in which Zach Horton had been arrested, and he never even took his rifle out from where it was secured behind the seat of his regular cab pickup.

Between 75-100 people gathered to protest the arrest of Zack Horton at the McAllen Police Department. Open Carry Texas members indicate it is likely all charges will be dropped in the case in which they believe showcases McAllen PD overstepping their authority.
Between 75-100 people gathered at  it’s peak to protest the arrest of Zach Horton at the McAllen Police Department.

 Open Carry Texas members indicate it is likely all charges will be dropped in the case in which they believe showcases McAllen PD overstepping their authority.

Members organized the rally after the Arrest of Member Zach Horton on Thursday August 8th. Mr. Horton had entered the police department to inform the officers that he planned to legally carry his long arm in front of the building to take some pictures.

Mr. Horton was travelling in the area and has been openly carrying in front of many police stations in an effort to raise awareness that the practice is legal in the state, and to advocate for further legislation that relaxes restrictions on openly carrying firearms. Openly carrying a handgun is currently illegal under Texas law, and Open Carry Texas members and others are advocating to reduce and eliminate some of these restrictions.

Second Amendment Supporters at the Come And Take It McAllen Rally on Saturday August 10, 2013.
Second Amendment Supporters at the Come And Take It McAllen Rally on Saturday August 10, 2013.

Mr. Horton was told by McAllen Police Department officers that he would not be allowed to display his weapon outside the building and was asked to leave. After leaving, Mr. Horton returned, in his words to file a formal complaint. Upon arriving back at the police station, he was confronted by McAllen officers who ordered away from his truck and was quickly placed under arrest. His truck and his person were searched as well. He had a legal knife on his person and a semi-automatic rifle secured behind the seats of a regular cab pickup truck.

 More at nogreatercause here

WI: Followup to Polka Bar Shooting of Armed Robber

Mr. Kochanski is receiving considerable community support.  It has been reported that this was not the first time he defended himself and others with a firearm.  From  WITI :

MILWAUKEE (WITI) – Milwaukee Police are investigating the death of a 23-year-old Milwaukee man who was shot during a robbery attempt at a tavern in the 1900 block of S. 37th Street around 12 a.m. on August 16th.

Andy Kochanski, owner of Concertina Beer Hall, says three armed suspects attempted to rob him at gunpoint. That’s when Kochanski produced a handgun and shot one of the suspects.


 “There was another attempted robbery during my Christmas party which I dealt with pretty much the same way. I have no regrets doing it and I would do it again,” said Kochanski.
 Wisconsin has come a long way in restoring Second Amendment rights in the last few years.    The biggest turning point was in 1998, when Wisconsin passed Art. 1, Section 25, which reads:
The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation, or any other lawful purpose. (Art. 1, § 25)
 The amendment was passed through one of the most difficult processes to amend a state constitution in the United States.    The amendment must first be passed by the State legislature.   Then, in the next legislative session, it must be passed again, without amendment.  Finally, it is sent to the people in a referendum, and must be passed by them.   The Wisconsin amendment passed the referendum with an amazing 74% of the vote, 1,205,873 to 425,052.

A second point came in 2011, when Wisconsin became the 49th state to allow people to carry concealed weapons in public for their defense.  The shall issue law that passed is one of the most protective of individual rights in the nation.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FL:Judge orders Daytona Beach PD to return Veteran's illegally withheld guns

August 18, 2013
Daytona Beach, FL - A Florida court on Tuesday ordered the Daytona Beach Police Department to return all property it seized from A.B., Florida Carry, Inc.'s co-plaintiff in the lawsuit against the City of Daytona Beach, its mayor and chief of police. A.B., an honorably discharged combat vet, called a veteran’s assistance hotline for someone to talk to. While the VA hotline worker did the right thing by having the police come out and check the situation, the police went too far. After he was taken in to custody and separated from his firearms, the police officers searched his home without a warrant or any exigent circumstance and illegally seized $20,000 worth of his firearms, bows, arrows, ammo, and first aid and protective equipment. Included was the Japanese Arisaka rifle that his grandfather brought back from WWII and the medical shears that this patriot used to cut two fellow Infantrymen from a HMMWV during an IED attack.

Unfortunately several of the firearms, including the irreplaceable Japanese Arisaka heirloom war trophy, were damaged due to careless storage. The wood stocks were gouged and scratched, metal surfaces were marred, and the guns developed significant rusting. Some even had parts missing. In fact, the Arisaka brought back by the combat vet's grandfather was ruined. Unlike firearms taken as evidence which are carefully and individually packaged to preserve them for use in court, these firearms were simply tossed on a shelf and ignored, left to be ravaged by humidity. The department also seized a plate carrier with a pouch originally containing an iPod Touch which mysteriously went missing.

During the hearing, the city failed to offer any evidence of unsound mind, which was their alleged basis for seizing the property, ironically for "safekeeping." Furthermore the city ignored that Sec. 790.17, Florida Statutes, does not grant them any authority to seize or keep property in these circumstances, as affirmed in an opinion published by the Florida Attorney General and courts statewide. The city also ignored the language of the Baker Act itself which prohibits any loss of constitutional rights by individuals who are examined under the Baker Act. The city however claimed that veterans who are suspected of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder should not have their firearms returned to them, deeming them to be of unsound mind, assuming the role of competent medical authority and snubbing the opinion of professionals who actually perform Baker Act evaluations.

More here at the Orlando Gun Rights Examiner

WA:McGinn, CeaseFire ‘gun free zones’ effort could backfire

Even before their morning press event on Capitol Hill to push their “gun free” businesses idea, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Washington CeaseFire were being heavily panned by a majority of people commenting at the Seattle Times, KOMO, Seattle and KING websites, and lurking in the background are some questions.

Does this have anything to do with recent Open Carry activism in Seattle? If this effort began as a reaction to Open Carry – singling that practice out for harassment – it is looking more and more like a public relations debacle.

Who paid for the decals? CeaseFire's Ralph Fascitelli told Examiner via e-mail that his group paid for the design, but he is "not sure" who paid for the printing.

The Bellevue-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms issued a press statement about 30 minutes before the media event Monday morning, in which Chairman Alan Gottlieb said the move is aimed at “political theater rather than public safety.”

If McGinn was looking for a campaign issue in an effort to win a second term against State Sen. Ed Murray, who beat him in the primary earlier this month, a ploy that essentially promotes discrimination based on lifestyle choice – exercising a fundamental, constitutionally-protected civil right – may have been the wrong horse for the mayor and CeaseFire to climb aboard.

On the Open Carry forum, one observer stated, “At least crooks will know which places to rob. This is Seattle. Where it's better to wrap yourself in a warm blanket of utopian ideas instead of dealing with the harshness of reality.” The reaction over on the Washington Arms Collectors' Facebook page is just as interesting.

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