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Brazil Still Looking to Reform Ultra Strict Gun Laws Because of High Murder Rate

Small Shop Brazilian Sub Machine Gun and Machine Pistol

Brazil has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. It has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Some Brazilian legislators think they should respect the right of law abiding Brazilians to defend themselves.

Most of the people murdered in Brazil are murdered with illegally possessed guns. Restrictions on gun ownership in Brazil are so strict, there is a thriving black market in the construction and sale of illegal sub-machine guns and pistols.  Submachine guns are one of the easiest of repeating firearms to construct with small shop technology. These illegal small shop guns show up all over the world where there are extreme restrictions on gun ownership.

With the failure of extreme gun restrictions in Brazil, a group of legislators have been elected on a platform of reforms. They are pushing to make it easier for law abiding Brazilians to possess firearms and to use them for self defense. They are called the "bullets, beef and Bible" caucus.  From
Congressman Edson Moreira, who is part of the religiously conservative congress group, known by many as the "bullets, beef and Bible" sect, told NPR on Monday that he is an advocate of U.S. style gun laws that say if the “bad guys" have guns, the "good guys" should be allowed to have them as well to protect themselves.

"Brazil doesn't have a gun problem. It has a problem of illegal guns in the hands of criminals, especially drug traffickers," he said. "The idea is to return to the public the right to own a gun or not."

"The U.S.A. has the perfect legislation in the Second Amendment, which guarantees the population the right to bear arms," he added.
Reforms have been proposed ever since the gun controls were severely increased in 2003.

The currently proposed reforms in Brazil are fairly modest. Remove the ability of police to prevent any applicant from being able to purchase a gun by arbitrary dictat.

The reforms would lower the minimum age for gun ownership from 25 to 21.

The reforms would allow legal gun owners to protect themselves in their own home, and to be able to buy 100 cartridges a year.

When it seems possible that the reforms might be passed, the international authoritarian writers start heating up the Internet with the usual false arguments.

In an article in, Robert Muggah and Daniel Cerqueira make the usual claims, without any real evidence. From
One out of 10 homicide victims around the world each year is a Brazilian. Most of the roughly 60,000 Brazilian citizens violently killed each year die from gunshot wounds. And the majority of the guns doing the killing were made in Brazil. The country is the fourth-largest firearms and ammunition manufacturer on the planet.

These facts — soaring gun deaths and gun production — are not coincidental.
Their statement that a majority of guns used to murder in Brazil are made in Brazil, is true. Small shop guns made in Brazil are made in Brazil.  The authors do not differentiate between criminally made guns and state sanctioned industrially made guns.

Sweden, for example, has less strict gun controls than Brazil, and produces more official weaponry per person than Brazil does. But Sweden has a much, much lower murder rate, less than 4% of Brazil's rate (1.1 per 100,000 vs 30 per 100,000) (correction made). That may be changing with the importation of large numbers of hostile immigrants, but Sweden has far less homicide than Brazil. Switzerland also produces lots of guns, and has a homicide rate as low as Sweden. Gun controls in Switzerland are less strict than in many U.S. states.  There is no link between industrial gun production and murder rates.

Anti-freedom writers do not like to talk about homemade, black market guns. The Small Arms Survey calls the practice "craft production". From
Several countries have long traditions of artisans producing rudimentary firearms. The practice is widespread in many countries in West Africa where blacksmiths produce a range of small arms including pistols and shotguns. The artisanal firearm industry is especially developed in Ghana, with some gunsmiths reportedly able to produce assault rifles. The Peshawar district in Pakistan is reportedly home to some 200 workshops producing a wide range of inexpensive small arms. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) produce copies of Italian semi-automatic pistols and US sub-machine guns.
They love to cite discredited studies that cherry pick results.

The Brazilian reformers have a difficult time ahead, with most of the authoritarians in the world working against them. When murders dropped a little, the statists said gun control was working, if ever so slightly.  When murders went up, the statist writers claim it is because gun control, no matter how strict, is just not strict enough. When murder rates in the United States drop by half, while laws preventing people from carrying guns have been reformed, the statists stay silent or cherry pick individual states and brief time periods to discredit the overall evidence.

To the statists, freedom and responsibility are never the answer.

Brazil is just emerging from numerous scandals involving the ruling statist parties. It is one of the reasons that reformers have a chance to pass legislation. Will Brazil move toward responsibility and freedom, and away from ever increasing government control and irresponsibility? They have a shot, but most of the world is working against them.

Will more guns in private hands reduce the murder rate? Probably a little. But it will increase the belief in the rule of law. When a government trusts the people with weapons, it has started to earn some trust in return. When Brazilians believe the rule of law is mostly enforced, most of the the time, the murder rate will drop like a rock.

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FL: Man Shoots Intruder

An Orlando man said he gave an intruder two warnings to get out of his house Tuesday morning before he shot the intruder in the hip.

Juan Delgado, 65, said he was trained how to fire a gun in the Army, but always hoped he would never have to use one in his home.

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CA: More on Azteca Market Shooting

A man was shot near Weedpatch Highway and Choate Street on Monday after allegedly trying to steal from a convenience store.

A spokesperson for the Kern County Sheriff's Office said the man was shot by the clerk at the Azteca Market. He then fled the scene in his car.
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CA: Employee Wounds Robber at Azteca Market

LAMONT, Calif. - A suspect was shot by a Lamont market employee and taken to the hospital Monday afternoon.

The incident happened Monday afternoon at the Azteca Market in the 2800 block of Weedpatch Highway, near Muller Road.

The suspect entered the store, got involved in a confrontation with a store employee, and the employee shot the suspect.
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SC: Domestic Defense, Sister Shoots Brother

An Anderson County woman fatally shot her brother Monday during a confrontation after he threatened her with an ax, according to the coroner.

The shooting happened at 12:20 p.m.on Cloverhill Drive, part of a rural, residential area near Airline Road.Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore said Otto Thomas Mahsetky Jr., 23, had recently lost his job and had become mentally unstable and violent. Shore said Mahsetky had also struggled with the loss of his father, who died five years ago. Mahsetky, his mother and sister moved to Anderson County from Florida after his father's death.

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NC: Homeowner Shoots Home Invader, Four More Teens Arrested

LENOIR COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Five Greenville teens have been charged with Monday's home break-in where one of them was shot by the homeowner.

Two of those arrested are athletes at J.H. Rose High School.

Lenoir County Sheriff Ronnie Ingram says the five have all been charged with breaking & entering, larceny after B&E, possession of stolen goods and felony conspiracy.

They are 17-year-old Nasym Harris, 17-year-old Darryl Blunt, Jr., 18-year-old Nyshiem Cantley, 17-year-old Tzyire Cantley, and 17-year-old Corey Jones, Jr.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

OK: Son Uses AR-15 Clone to Shoot, Kill 3 Home Invaders in Self Defense

Wagoner County deputies said at about 12:30 p.m., three masked intruders entered the home, which was occupied by a father and his 23-year-old son.

Deputies said the son shot and killed the three intruders with an AR-15. Police said two of the intruders were juveniles and another was an adult.

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Followup PA: No Charges for Laundromat Owner who Shot Robber and Bystander

NORTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia police say the owner of a laundromat who shot both the man who robbed his store, and an innocent bystander, will not be charged.

They called the shooting of the robber self-defense, and the shooting of the bystander an accident.
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TX: Armed, Retired, Homeowner Shoots Masked Neighbor who Threatened him with a Machete

The retired HPD officer, 58, was working in his yard when he was approached by his neighbor, Harris County Sheriff's Office said.

His 20-year-old neighbor was wearing a ski mask and holding a machete. He told the retired officer that he was there to kill him, authorities reported.

The officer discharged his weapon, hitting the neighbor in the stomach. The neighbor was transported by Life Flight.

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Few Gun Free Signs at Old Denton Shopping Center

My daughter needed to renew her drivers license in Texas.  The most convenient place was at the Old Denton Shopping Mall. When we arrived at about 9:15 a.m., the line was already 20 yards long outside the doors.  As I waited, I surveyed the shops to see how many had 30.06 or 30.07 signs.  The shopping center consisted of about four large blocks of shops. The method was simple: Walk around each block, count the shops, and note how many had 30.06 or 30.07 signs. Each block had about 20 establishments.

Care was taken not to count multiple entrances as multiple establishments. A total of 86 establishments were surveyed.  Six had proper 30.06 and 30.07 signs. Four had non-binding signs of one kind or another. one of those had a proper 30.07 sign and a quarter sized 30.06 sign.  Three shops had small, non-compliant no guns signs.

Of the six shops that had proper signs, one was a bank, one a bakery, and there were three restaurants.

Of the non-compliant signs, one was a general merchandise type of store with the compliant 30.07 sign and the quarter sized 30.06 sign, one a bank, and two were restaurants.

The shopping center had a definite Asian theme. Most of the shops had Asian themed names and many had Hanzi or Kanji or Hanja characters on the signs as well. I do not know enough to differentiate them. It appeared that there were more Korean themed shops than others; I did not survey how many of the numerous Asian cultures were represented.

Less than 7% had proper 30.06 and 30.07 signs.  Less than 5% had improper signs.  A large majority had no signs.

I doubt if any general conclusions can be reached by this bit of impromptu research.  Asia is a big place, and there are many cultural differences. People with Japanese ancestry have told me that Americans with Japanese ancestry love guns. I have read that there is a surge in Americans with Chinese ancestry arming themselves. Koreans are famous for defending their shops and homes during the LA Rodney King riots.

I have not found any good research that differentiates gun ownership by Asian ethnic ancestry.  It is good that we do not have those sort of records.

I found the paucity of "Gun Free Zone" signs a positive sign for the future of the Second Amendment.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

AL: Victim Wounded, Robber Killed in Gunfight

While investigating, police found another man in the back of the apartment, lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. Darius Chatman, 26, was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to police, the detained man said an exchange of gunfire occurred after Chatman attempted to rob him at gunpoint.
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LA: Armed Victim Shoots, Kills, Armed Robber


A man accused of an attempted armed robbery Thursday night was shot in the process and died early Friday morning, according to investigators.
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TN: Homeowner Wounded in Gunfight with Home Invaders

Springfield police reported three young men entered the residence with guns drawn and began demanding money from the homeowner.

The homeowner pulled out his 9mm semi-automatic handgun and fired one round at the suspects, according to police.

The suspects fled from the home and one of them fired a return shot at the homeowner, striking him in the hand.
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TX: Two Suspects Shot; Girlfriend hit accidentally

At least three suspects broke into the residence shortly after 8 p.m. in the 7000 block of Katy Freeway, police said.

Two males and one female entered the apartment where three people were home, and at some point, gunfire was exchanged between the two parties.

A couple of suspects and one female homeowner were transported to the hospital. Everyone is in stable condition.
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PA: Man shot While Attempting Home Invasion

A 29-year-old man was shot in the head by a man he was trying to rob during a home invasion in Wissinoming on Friday, according to police.

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First Responders look to Carry with New Bills in TX and South Carolina

Emergency responders in most states are prevented from carrying defensive firearms. This is a result of governmental employee rules and regulations, or, in some cases, private employment rules. In two states, lawmakers are seeking to reform those rules. In Texas, a reform bill, HB 435, would allow first responders to carry defensive arms if they have a concealed carry permit. From
Currently, there is no state law that addresses this issue, policies are set at the local level and vary by location.

“You need to be able to exercise your Second Amendment right,” Flynn said. The legislation looks to give first responders the authority to exercise that right, Flynn said. “To protect themselves because they do go into harm’s way often.”

House Bill 435 would also allow volunteers for emergency services to be armed.

The statewide proposals do not require any additional training for first responders who are licensed to carry.“You have to assume it’s like a drivers’ license,” Flynn said. “You know how to drive before you get a license, you know how to shoot a gun before you get a license.”
A similar bill is being considered in South Carolina. Emergency responders often find themselves in dangerous and unexpected situations. They are trained to deal with difficult people, but are not allowed to carry weapons at present.  They rely on police officials to respond, but that can take time.  From

Currently it is illegal for emergency responders other than law enforcement to carry firearms, but the bill would change that for "emergency medical services providers, firefighters, or other first responders who are engaged in examining, treating or directing persons during an emergency and who are authorized to carry a concealed weapon..."

The bill, sponsored in part by Rep. Steven Long of Boiling Springs, said it is another way for first responders to stay safe on calls.

The amendment requires that firefighters and emergency workers who carry go through rigorous training before doing so.
Kansas enacted a law in 2016, that allows all state workers to carry on the job.
Public employees in Kansas can now carry concealed guns "on the job". Knasas lawmakers recently passed the bill, which means anyone working for the state, such as paramedics and firefighters, can carry a gun.

Some public employees asked lawmakers for the right to carry a concealed weapon because of the dangerous and violent situations they experience on the job, and lawmakers listened.

The new gun law means firefighters, paramedics or anyone working for the state can now carry a concealed weapon.
These legislative moves are reflective of the cultural shift back to the understanding that self defense is a right, and that weapons empower individuals. The understanding that ordinary people can and do use weapons responsibly. Emergency responders, as a group, have a large of percentage of members with concealed carry permits. They deal with violence and the necessity of taking immediate action as a part of their job.

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FL: James Taylor found Justified in Ryan Modell Shooting

The story claims this was a "stand your ground" defense.  Instead, it appears to be a castle doctrine defense.

The State Attorney's Office said Thursday that James Taylor was justified in shooting 33-year-old Ryan Modell last March because Taylor was defending his home.The State Attorney's Office said Thursday that James Taylor was justified in shooting 33-year-old Ryan Modell last March because Taylor was defending his home.

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IA: Man uses Birdshot to Defend Against St. Bernard

The man told police he attempted to scare the dogs off, but a St. Bernard growled at him and lunged at his face.

Police say the man put his left arm in front of his face, as one of the dogs bit him.

He then pulled a gun from his pocket and shot at the lunging dog, which did not sustain any visible injuries.

The man told police the rounds from his revolver were "birdshot," or very small shotgun shells.
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VA: Unrestrained Dog Shot on Private Property

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (NEWSPLEX) -- An investigation into the shooting of a dog in Louisa County is underway. It's an incident that pits animal rights against property rights, and the dog's owner says he wants to see the shooter held accountable.

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CO: Shot fired in Possible Home Invasion

The situation, which is being investigated as a possible home invasion, happened at around 1 a.m. Thursday in the Sioux Village housing area.

The person who lives in the home fired at least one shot. That person was injured and is in stable condition at Evans Army Hospital. It's unclear how that person was injured.
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Monday, March 27, 2017

Ammunition Maker Reduces Staff in Idaho, Minnesota

Vista is the corporation that owns CCI and Federal brands. They have been increasing production of .22 rimfire ammunition. It was expected to be ramped up 20% this year.

Following the election of President Trump, demand for ammunition has dropped. According to an article from Lewiston, Idaho, Vista has laid off employees in both the Lewiston and the Anoka, Minnesota ammunition plant locations.  From the
The number of people who work at Vista Outdoor’s ammunition-making operations has been shifting since February. A month-long voluntary, temporary furlough for about 100 Lewiston employees ends Thursday and will bring the number of employees at the operation to 1,465.

Vista’s Lewiston operations also shed about 10 positions through attrition in February.

The measures Vista has taken in Minnesota were more sizeable. That plant permanently lost 130 employees in early March. It had about 1,430 employees prior to the cuts.
Lewiston laid off 15 salaried employees.  The Anoka facility laid off about 10% of its 1,430 employees. The presumption is that it is not employees at the rimfire production facilities that are being laid off.

Centerfire ammunition shelves tend to be well stocked. But that is not the case with rimfire ammunition, especially .22 Long Rifle cartridges. The .22 LR continues to be the most popular cartridge in the world. Annual production for the U.S. market is estimated at 5 billion rounds.

There are many stores that have little to no .22 rimfire ammunition on their shelves.  Prices are high compared to the historical average.

Only five years ago, .22 ammunition could be found at 3 cents per round in bulk packs.  Now it is unusual to find .22 Long Rifle at less than 5 cents a round.  A Dallas WalMart had 22 boxes of Federal Champion 40 grain loads at $2.47 last week. That is slightly less than 5 cents a round.

Is is unlikely that Vista would be laying off employees involved in .22 Long Rifle production. Demand for rimfire ammunition is far from saturated.


 I expect that .22 long rifle prices will drop, but there is significant pent up demand. People who would not buy at 10 cents a round for .22 Long Rifle Ammunition would buy it at 9 cents a round. People who would not buy it at 6 cents a round will buy it at 5 cents a round. At each point in the price curve the demand increases and has to be filled as purchasers want to stock up on a desired ammunition.  This is keeping the price from falling precipitously.

Eventually the price will drop back to where it is close to the cost of production, marketing, shipping, and retail sale. I expect the price to fall to 4 cents a round by October of 2017.  The price is down slightly below 5 cents a round in some stores now; but there are still limits on purchase.  WalMart limits purchase to three boxes a day, per customer, in most stores.

Supply will have to satisfy demand enough for those limits to come off, for the price to drop below 4 cents a round. It has not happened yet, but the process is ongoing.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Followup CO: Man Indicted for Second Degree Murder after Shooting Intruder

A Colorado Springs man who allegedly gave an intruder he found sleeping in the basement of his downtown apartment building five seconds to leave before fatally shooting him about two months ago was indicted Tuesday on a second-degree murder charge.
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MA: Man's Permit, Gun Impounded by Police in Self Defense Case

On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at approx. 7:36pm, Officers responded to Kendrick Ave on a call of shots fired. Upon arrival, Officers spoke to the reporting party. She stated she heard a male's voice in her yard, followed by what she believed to be gun shots. Quincy Police also spoke to a male party who stated he was the victim of a road rage incident. The male party (whose identification is not being released) stated a passenger in the suspect vehicle exited the car and charged at him with a large knife. The male party stated that he fired two shots.

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TX: Woman Uses 12 Gauge to Stop Theft, Hold Men for Police

“After I noticed they started to load up stuff into their truck, that’s when I drove over there and confronted them. That’s when they tried to leave,” Mrs. Farmer said.

As the men attempted to leave the property, Mrs. Farmer pulled a 12-gauge shotgun from her vehicle and held the two men at gunpoint as she called 911.
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WV: House Passes Bill to Reform Bans on Guns in Parks

West Virginia is continuing its reform of archaic weapons laws. On Friday, the 24th of March, the House passed HB 2679, a reform of gun bans in parks. From
The House also approved House Bill 2679 by a vote of 94-4. The measure would allow firearms to be carried in state and county parks for self-defense, and it would prohibit county parks from banning guns.

Coonskin Park in Kanawha County is apparently the only county park in the state to prohibit guns. Delegate Mike Pushkin, D-Kanawha, argued that county officials should be allowed to restrict guns in the park because it is next to Yeager Airport and state National Guard facilities, but the park was home to a skeet range for several years.
In 2016, West Virgina reformed its weapons carry laws to a form of Constitutional Carry. No permit is required for either open or concealed carry. As with all the states that have moved from a shall issue law to Constitutional Carry, West Virginia maintained their carry permit for the convenience of legal gun owners. HB 2679 removes bans on the exercise of Second Amendment rights in state or local parks and recreation areas.  Here is the summation from HB 2679:   

A BILL to amend and reenact §7-11-5 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; and to amend and reenact §20-2-5 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, all relating to the possession of firearms in parks and park facilities generally; prohibiting county parks and recreation commissions from promulgating or enforcing rules which prohibit possession of firearms; providing magistrate courts with concurrent jurisdiction; carrying a firearm for self-defense in state parks and state forests; providing exceptions; and clarifying that nothing in the section authorizes counties or municipalities to limit a person’s ability to possess, transfer over, carry or transport a firearm or ammunition in a state park, state forest, or recreational areas in state wildlife management areas under the Division of Natural Resources, provided that such person is not otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms.
The bill still has to be heard and passed in the Senate, then either be signed or vetoed by Governor (D) Jim Justice. Former Governor (D) Ray Tomblin vetoed the Constitutional Carry bill, but the veto was overridden.

Update: The bill passed the Senate on 1 April. Some language was changed but the intent seems mostly the same. It passed the Senate 30-3, and has been sent back to the House for concurrence. It looks likely to be signed by the governor. 

The reform follows a trend in the United States to reduce and eliminate "gun free" zones. President Trump made reduction and elimination of gun free zones one of his campaign promises in 2016.

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Florida Senator Steube to Hold Hearing on Open Carry Decriminalization

Gun owners expected positive things when Greg Steube was elected to the state senate last year. Senator Steube introduced a number of gun law reform measures.  The measures have received large majority support in the House, but were stymied in the Senate. They were bottled up in the Judiciary Committee. The former Chair of that committee lost his primary last year.

Senator Steube is now the Chair of the Judiciary Committee. In a weird twist, Senator Anitere Flores (R) Miami, who has been a staunch Second Amendment supporter, reversed positions and is not the blocking the reform measures from passing the Committee. The Committee has 5 Republicans and 4 Democrats. One swing vote determines if a measure will pass, if Committee members vote on party lines.

Senator Steube hopes that he will be able to pass some reforms. From
Judiciary Chairman Greg Steube, a Sarasota Republican who has been among the leading proponents of Second Amendment rights since joining the Legislature in 2010, said he will eventually take up a major gun bill in his committee.

That could be a proposal (SB 644) that would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to openly carry firearms; a proposal (SB 622) that would allow them to carry weapons on college or university campuses; or an even more wide-ranging measure by Sen. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala.
SB-646 is scheduled to be heard in the Judiciary Committee on March 28th. The bill does not legalize open carry, but it removes criminal penalties and provides for the payment of a civil fine of $25 instead.  It allows for temporary open display of a firearm by people who are carrying concealed weapons. From the bill(pdf):
A bill to be entitled An act relating to weapons and firearms; amending s.790.053, F.S.; deleting a statement of applicability relating to violations of carrying a concealed weapon or firearm; reducing the penalty for a violation of specified provisions relating to openly carrying weapons; making a fine payable to the clerk of the court; amending s. 790.06, F.S.; providing that a person licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm who is lawfully carrying a firearm does not violate certain provisions if the firearm is temporarily and openly displayed; 
It is unclear how Senator Flores will vote on this mild reform. The NRA is urging members to contact their State Senator to vote in favor of SB-646.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

MI: Domestic Defense, Brother Shoots Sister's Ex

Police sources say a 21-year-old man broke into his ex-girlfriend's home by kicking in the door. He was armed. The 31-year-old woman's 32-year-old brother was at the apartment and shot the intruder multiple times in the chest.

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FL: Man Returns Fire at Man armed with Rifle

"He was waving his rifle around, and saying something to my neighbors, who were over by the van and his children, and he started walking towards her and that's when I looked toward him and said, 'Not in this neighborhood. There ain't going to be no shootings in this neighborhood," Ballard told News4Jax.

According to Ballard, the man started shooting at him, and he fired back, hitting the man's vehicle as the man drove away.
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Utah Expands Concealed Carry Permits to Adults 18-20 Years old

Governor Herbert has signed H.B. 198 into law. The bill provides for adults aged 18-20 to obtain a Utah concealed carry permit. The bill requires that permit holders meet minimum age requirements of other states when in those states. From
This bill:

▸ establishes a provisional permit to carry a concealed firearm;

▸ stipulates that individuals must be at least 18 years of age, but no more than 20 years of age, to obtain the permit;

▸ stipulates that the holder of a provisional permit issued by the state must meet eligibility requirements, including minimum age requirements, to carry a concealed firearm in another state; and

▸ prohibits a provisional permit holder from carrying a concealed firearm on or about an elementary or secondary school premises.
There are a number of states that provide for adults aged 18 to 20 to obtain concealed carry permit or who may legally carry firearms for self defense.

That number is likely to increase. It makes no sense to trust people aged 18-20 to vote, which is much more dangerous than carrying a defensive weapon, but not trust them with the full responsibilities of adulthood.

H.B. 198 passed the House 63-12, and the Senate 23-6. It was signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert on 23 March, 2017.
Herbert, in his monthly KUED press conference held before he signed the bill, said he had heard the arguments for and against the change.
"I understand the arguments again on both sides of that," he said. "Are you mature enough in fact to have a concealed weapon at 18 to 21? You juxtapose that over we have people we put in the military that carry M16s and other weapons with the intent of defending our freedoms and killing people. If they are old enough to do that, they are probably old enough to get some training and carry a weapon."
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Nebraska Introduces Constitutional Carry

Col. (retired)  Tom Brewer, Nebraska State Senator

Nebraska has a Constitutional Carry bill that has been introduced in 2017. It is Legislative Bill 502(pdf). The bill was introduced by Senator Brewer, and was heard in committee on March 23rd. No action was taken at that time.  From
The committee took no action Thursday on Legislative Bill 502. Because the bill does not have a priority designation, it likely would not be scheduled for debate this year even if the committee decides to advance it to the floor.

State Sen. Tom Brewer of Gordon introduced the bill, saying he believes that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. He cited federal court decisions that recognized the rights of individuals to keep firearms for self-defense.

“How is it that the government thinks it can give permission to somebody for a right that’s already guaranteed under the Constitution?” Brewer asked.
Nebraska joins several other states have legislation introduced or in process.  Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, South Carolina,Texas, Virgina, Utah, and Wisconsin are all considering Constitutional carry. That list may increase as the year progresses. A bill in Kentucky appears to be dead for this year.

Montana passed a "permitless" carry bill for the third time this year. The bill would have extended "permitless" carry to the 1% of the state where a permit is required, but it was vetoed for a second time by Governor Bullock. A Constitutional Carry bill was vetoed for the second time by South Dakota Governor Daugaard.

New Hampshire and North Dakota have passed Constitutional Carry bills in 2017.

 The Nebraska legislature is unique in that it is unicameral and nonpartisan. Members do not run on party tickets.

The current governor of Nebraska is Pet Ricketts, a Republican. Governor Ricketts is on the record as strongly supporting the Second Amendment and the right to carry concealed guns.  Governor Ricketts criticized President Obama's gun control efforts in 2016.

It seems likely that Governor Ricketts would sign a Constitutional Carry bill if it passed Nebraska's unicameral legislature.

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North Dakota Joins the Constitutional Carry Club

North Dakota passed a resident's Constitutional Carry law on Thursday, 23 March, 2017.  The bill was passed in the House on 21 February, 83-9, then in the Senate on 21 March, 34 to 13. It was sent to Governor  Dick Burgum on 23 March, and signed into law the same day.

From HB 1169:
1. An individual , other than a law enforcement officer, may not carry any a firearm or dangerous weapon concealed unless the individual is licensed to do so or exempted under this chapter.

2. An individual who is not otherwise precluded from possessing a class 2 firearm and dangerous weapon license under this chapter and who has possessed for at least one year a valid driver's license or nondriver identification card issued by the department of transportation may carry a firearm concealed under this chapter.
The point is that you have to obtain a North Dakota Drivers license or non-driver identification card in order to carry without a concealed carry permit in North Dakota. If you have been a North Dakota resident for a year, you do not need a permit. North Dakota requires that a person be a resident for 90 consecutive days to obtain a non-driver identification card. The fee is $8.

There are now three states that limit Constitutional Carry to residents. Those are Idaho, Wyoming, and North Dakota. Most Courts have ruled that non-residents cannot be discriminated against under the equal protection clause.

I have not heard of any court cases involving Constitutional Carry. They are unlikely because open carry is legal without any permit in all three states; most people who want to carry concealed legally, and who are non-residents will have a concealed carry permit from another state; and all three states recognize permits from most other states. North Dakota recognizes permits from 39 states.  Wyoming recognizes permits from 35 states. Idaho recognizes permits from all other states that issue permits.

Finally, people who can legally posess firearms, but who wish to carry concealed without a permit are unlikely arrested and be charged in the courts. That would be required to make a test case.

I do not think we will be seeing a test case any time soon, unless one is deliberately created. It is not so easy to do.

Now that North Dakota has joined the Constitutional Carry Club, the members number 13.  The other twelve are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Cheap Gun Opportunity? Romeoville IL April 8th at the PD

Two years ago, Romeoville Illinois held a gun "buy back. They took in 73 guns, pictured above. Some of those firearms are very nice indeed, and worth much more than the $60 that police were paying people for them. Third from the left of the middle row of long guns appears to be an M1 carbine and sling. Two over on the left is a classic .22 target rifle, two over to the right a classic hunting tool, a pump action .22 rifle, probably a Winchester 1906.  In the center of that row are two Stevens Crackshot .22 rifles, highly desired. There are numerous pump shotguns, probably a .22 levergun in the back row.  On the right of the middle row it looks like a Carcano in full military gear.

All the ammunition was turned in for free.

Most of the pistols were inexpensive, but there was a Ruger convertible single six with the extra cylinder, a P38, a Glock long slide and a number of older top break revolvers.  Several of the guns were worth several hundred dollars. There might be a couple not worth the $60 given for them.

Setting up to purchase the guns that will come in to the turn in would be a bit of a challenge. The "buy back" will be held at the Police Department. From
ROMEOVILLE, IL -- Romeoville police will host a Gun Buy Back program from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 8, at the police department, 1050 W. Romeo Road.

Residents can turn in weapons, no questions asked and without penalty -- even if they don't have a FOID card -- and get $60 in return. "Cash will be paid on the spot for each weapon turned in," police said. "Ammunition may be turned in as well; however, there will be no payment to individuals turning in ammunition only."
Illinois residents are not allowed to buy or sell guns without a Firearms Owners Identification Card (FOID), yet the police are giving people without cards amnesty. 

The amnesty is  only to transport the firearms to the drop off point. It is likely that some of the best and most collectible firearms will be turned in by widows and other inheritors who do not have a FOID card.

It would be illegal to purchase a .416 Rigby double rifle or a classic Colt Single Action from them. In addition, people with FOID cards are required to wait 24 hours to transfer a rifle or shotgun, and 72 hours to transfer a pistol.  During this period the seller is to contact the State Police and insure that the FOID card is valid.

It is easy to understand why so many valuable firearms are turned in to police at these events in Illinois. The bureaucracy required for private sales becomes extremely cumbersome and burdensome.

It is in the few states that have such burdensome requirements on private sales that gun "buybacks" continue to exist. In states with free market private sales, private sellers organize and purchase the desirable guns before they are turned in to police to be destroyed.

But private purchasers are not allowed to offer amnesty in Illinois. If a widow has her former husband's $30,000 dollar collection of hunting rifles, she cannot legally sell it, even to a dealer, until she obtains an FOID card.

It is a form of confiscation by bureaucratic regulation. A bill was filed in Illinois this year for police to actively track down people who had not renewed FOID cards, to confiscate their guns. Fortunately for widows and other inheritors, it did not pass.

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Arkansas Passes Expanded Campus Carry Bill

Arkansas' campus carry bill HB 1249, has expanded into an enhanced carry permit bill. It has become law, and goes into full effect on 1 January, 2018.

Originally, the bill was to allow staff at institutes of higher learning, who had a concealed carry license, to carry on campus. Staff would have been required to notify the administration that they were carrying.

The higher education lobby worked hard to stop this bill. One of the talking points was that people were not trained enough. It seemed as if Governor Hutchinson might veto the bill. It all backfired on the anti-Second Amendment lobbyists. A much expanded bill was approved in the Senate. Then it was re-approved in the House, and signed by Governor Hutchinson on 22 March.

The Senate amended the bill to require up to 8 hours of additional training to obtain an endorsement on existing concealed carry permits. The training will not need to be renewed. That endorsement allows concealed carry permit holders, and not just university staff, to carry on campus and a number of other former gun free zones. Here is a list from the NRA-ILA:
  • Public college and university campuses
  • Public buildings other than courtrooms, K-12 schools, and correction facilities
  • Any meeting place of the governing body of any governmental entity
  • Any meeting of the General Assembly or a committee of the General Assembly
  • Any state office
  • Any athletic event not related to firearms
  • Any portion of an establishment, except a restaurant as defined in § 3-5-1202, licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises
  • Any portion of an establishment, except a restaurant as defined in § 3-5-1202, where beer or light wine is consumed on the premises
  • Inside the passenger terminal of any airport
  • Any church or other place of worship
  • Any place where a parade or demonstration requiring a permit is being held, and the licensee is a participant in the parade or demonstration
Restaurants that serve alcohol, churches, and private institutes of higher learning may exercise their private property rights to prohibit armed people. They are allowed to do so with the placement of proper signage.  The signage must be clearly readable at a distance of 10 feet.

The enhanced carry endorsement will be available in 2018, and will require from four to eight hours of training.  The Arkansas State Police are charged with developing the training, which shall:
(i) Not be required to be renewed;

(ii) Consist of a course of up to eight (8) hours;

(iii) Be offered by all training instructors and at
all concealed carry training courses; and

(iv) Cost no more than a nominal amount.
 The training should be available as of 1 January, 2018.

Chris Cox of the NRA lobbied hard for this bill. At the press conference, he said that the bill is a step in the right direction. From
"This is an effort to remove roadblocks between law abiding people and their ability to exercise a fundamental right," Cox said. "We believe that if you have a legal right to be somewhere, and you’re a law-abiding person, you ought to have a legal right to defend yourself. … This is a step in the right direction toward that recognition. Is it a full recognition? No, but it’s a step in the right direction."
The NRA has come a long way from the days when they merely tried to limit the damage done by bad bills. Many people fought hard for this bill, and the NRA did its part.

Update: A bill is in the Arkansas Legislature to undo part of the reforms achieved above. The NRA is calling for opposition.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

MO: Homeowner Shoots Suspect who Confronted Him While Breaking into Car

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • Police believe a homeowner who saw a man who may have been trying to break into a car and acting suspiciously, fatally shot him after confronting him just before 4 a.m.

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TX: Stabbing Victim Claims He shot Robber in Self Defense

GROVES - Police are still trying to piece together what led to a stabbing and shooting on south drive in Groves this morning.

One man was shot and one man was stabbed during the altercation. A driver in the 3100 block of East Street reported hearing shots fired just after 7:30 a.m. and when Groves Police officers arrived they found a man in his 40's who had been stabbed according to Groves City Marshall Norman Reynolds.
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LA: Attempted Home Invasion Stopped by Armed Victim: 2 Wounded

BATON ROUGE – Deputies say two men wanted for a Monday night shooting in Baton Rouge are in critical condition after trying to rob another person in Breaux Bridge Tuesday morning.
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Michigan Automatic Knife Ban up for Reform

Michigan is considering reform of its archaic ban on automatic knives. Michigan's ban was the first in the nation. It was passed into law in September, 1952.

The impetus for the ban is believed to have come from a November, 1950 article  by Jack Harrison Pollack. The Toy That Kills was published in  the Woman's Home Companion. Call it propaganda, yellow journalism, muckraking; it has little to do with fact, and everything to do with pushing legislation through emotion. Here is one of the passages.
“Designed for violence, deadly as a revolver — that’s the switchblade, the ‘toy’ youngsters all over the country are taking up as a fad. Press the button on this new version of the pocketknife and the blade darts out like a snake’s tongue. Action against this killer should be taken now. It’s only a short step from carrying a switchblade to gang warfare.”
There is a deeper message as well. It is the message that boys should not be encouraged to be responsible and self controlled. Rather, boys are to be discouraged from the public carry of knives entirely.
If your son has a pocketknife for scouting, or fishing, discourage his taking it to school, the movies, or other public places. Don't let him be smart-alecky about it. De-glamorize knife-carrying to him.
Pollack's political push was wildly successful. From Michigan, bans spread across the nation. The next state to fall was New York, in 1954. The propaganda was copied and multiplied in the media. From
What began with “The Toy That Kills” led to a raft of newspaper and tabloid stories, all vilifying the switchblade, then Hollywood got in on the act with Rebel Without A Cause, Crime In The Streets, 12 Angry Men, The Delinquents, High School Confidential, etc, of course culminating with the smash hit broadway musical, West Side Story. That debuted in 1957. It’s no coincidence that the federal Switchblade Knife Act was passed the next year. 
 60 years later, those ill-considered laws are being rolled back. SB 245 simply repeals the offending section. From SB 245:
Enacting section 1. Section 226a of the Michigan penal code, 26 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.226a, is repealed.
What is Section 226a? Here it is from the Michigan statutes:
Sec. 226a.
Any person who shall sell or offer to sell, or any person who shall have in his possession any knife having the appearance of a pocket knife, the blade or blades of which can be opened by the flick of a button, pressure on a handle or other mechanical contrivance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for not to exceed 1 year or by a fine of not to exceed $300.00, or both.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to any one-armed person carrying a knife on his person in connection with his living requirements.

History: Add. 1952, Act 233, Eff. Sept. 18, 1952
What was in the water in Michigan? Michigan is the same state where the ban on short barreled rifles and shotguns got started in 1927. That ban was reformed in 2014. Reforms that eliminate the needless and antique bans on automatic knives have been passed in New Hampshire, Maine, Missouri, Kansas, Alaska, Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, and Wisconsin. The organization, Knife Rights, has lobbied for these reforms.

The automatic knife reform is scheduled to come before the Judiciary committee in the Senate on 28 March, 2017.

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SC: Constitutional Carry Advances, Passes House Committee 15-7

H. 3930, a Constitutional Carry bill is on the move in South Carolina. On March 9th, it passed the Judiciary Constitutional Laws Subcommittee. On 21 March, it passed the full committee with a vote of 15 to 7.  Now it will advance to a vote before the full House. Last year a similar bill passed the House, but died in the Senate. From
The bill by state Rep. Mike Pitts, R-Laurens, calls for what is often referred to as “constitutional carry” by allowing people who are legally permitted to own a firearm to carry one – concealed or in the open – without having to obtain a permit from the government.

A House panel sent the proposed law to the floor on a 15-7 vote Tuesday, over the concerns of several legislators – including Richland Democratic Rep. James Smith – who argued the bill has too many gray areas.

“The right to carry is a constitutional amendment in the Bill of Rights,” Pitts said. “It is a constitutionally protected right, and that’s why I don’t think the government should (issue a) permit” for the carrying of a gun.

Pitts introduced a similar bill in 2016. But this year’s bill also would allow for “open carry,” which means a person can carry a firearm without having to conceal it.

The proposal does not change where firearm owners can carry their weapons. They would still be barred from carrying into schools and other already prohibited locations. And private businesses could still bar firearms from their establishments.

Here is a relevant section of the proposed legislation. The convention is that a strikethrough indicates text to be removed. Underlined text is text that is to be added.  From
SECTION 2. Section 16-23-20 of the 1976 Code is amended to read:

"Section 16-23-20. (A) It is unlawful for anyone to carry about the person any handgun, whether concealed or not, except as follows, unless otherwise specifically prohibited by law: with the intent to use the handgun unlawfully against another person. The intent to use a handgun unlawfully against another person must not be inferred from the mere possession, carrying, or concealment of the handgun, whether it is loaded or unloaded.
Here is how it looks when the strikethru and underlining purposes are put into effect:
SECTION 2. Section 16-23-20 of the 1976 Code is amended to read: 

"Section 16-23-20. (A) It is unlawful for anyone to carry about the person any handgun, whether concealed or not, , except as follows, with the intent to use the handgun unlawfully against another person. The intent to use a handgun unlawfully against another person must not be inferred from the mere possession, carrying, or concealment of the handgun, whether it is loaded or unloaded.
The requirement for an unlawful intent to prosecute the carry of a weapon is similar to Constitutional Carry law in Vermont and Arkansas. Self defense is lawful. Carrying a weapon for self defense would not be a violation of the law.

The bill has a chance of passage. If it becomes law, South Caroling would join the Constitutional Carry club, increasing the number of states with Constitutional Carry to 13. The law would simultaneously decrease the states that routinely ban the open carry of holstered handguns from five to four, leaving only Florida, California, New York, and Illinois in that group. Florida is currently considering an open carry law, but the bill is bottled up in committee.

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Read more here:
SECTION    2.    Section 16-23-20 of the 1976 Code is amended to read:
"Section 16-23-20.    (A)    It is unlawful for anyone to carry about the person any handgun, whether concealed or not, except as follows, unless otherwise specifically prohibited by law: with the intent to use the handgun unlawfully against another person. The intent to use a handgun unlawfully against another person must not be inferred from the mere possession, carrying, or concealment of the handgun, whether it is loaded or unloaded.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

KY: Teen Uses Shotgun to Wound 1 of 2 Intruders

An Edmonson County teenager confronted by two men who unlawfully entered his residence shot and critically wounded one of them early Sunday, according to police.

The Kentucky State Police Post 3 received a request for assistance from the Edmonson County Sheriff's Office around 4:16 a.m. Sunday regarding a man who had been shot after entering a home.
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NM: Manager Shoots at "Tires", Wounds Woman Suspect

According to police, the 35-year-old Gonzales and a male accomplice walked into a Metro PCS near Broadway and Cesar Chavez about a week and a half ago and committed a robbery. The criminal complaint says the male suspect was "armed with a knife" as he led the store clerk to a safe while Gonzales took accessories off the wall.

As Gonzales and the man were getting away, the store's district manager arrived. He told police when the suspects started to flee and their "vehicle almost struck him, so he fired three shots at the tires, but missed."
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AK: Burglar Disarms Woman, Flees, Caught in High Speed Chase

A man who threatened a woman with her own gun during a Wasilla home invasion early Monday was arrested after a high-speed pursuit in the area, troopers said.

Alaska State Troopers first received a report of the incident involving 28-year-old Jacob Gearing, who had forced his way into a home off Scatters Way, at about 2 a.m., according to an online dispatch.

"When the homeowner retrieved a firearm, (Gearing) disarmed her, then pointed the weapon at the homeowner and another occupant," troopers wrote.
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CA: Off Duty CHP Officer Shoots Suspect Attempting Break-In at his Home

An off-duty California Highway Patrol officer shot and killed an intruder who was trying to break into his home early Sunday morning in Redding.

Just after 3 a.m. Sunday police went to a home in the 800 block of Country Oak Drive in north Redding after they received a call that someone tried to break into the home.
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TX: Open Carriers Stop Armed Robbery?

There are two accounts recorded of the incident pictured above. It happened on 12 March, in Tyler, Texas.  One account is from the eye witness who captured the video.  Audio is included with the video. On the audio, someone joins the videographer. The videographer explains what has happened. From the audio in the video:
He tried to knife em, and rob em, and we had two open carrys, and the open carrys took him down.


And that is what an open carry state is all about.
Link to video

In Texas, one license is required for both concealed and open carry of modern handguns.  The Tyler Police Department had a somewhat different view of the event. From
According to a press release by the Tyler Police Department, 34-year-old Chad Boening approached a man and woman in the parking lot between FD's Grill House and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Police say he brought out a knife and threatened the woman saying "do you want to see her die."

Police say that a father and a son saw the incident from their vehicle and confronted the man. Both men brought out their concealed handguns to subdue Boening.
There is no mention of open carry in the police press release. Clearly, the handguns were out in the open when the police arrived.  If the Good Samaritans were in a vehicle when they witnessed the assault, their handguns would not have been visible.

I do not know what knowledge the videographer had of the participants. He considered them to be open carriers.

Unless we can identify the participants, it is unlikely that we can resolve the question of whether the good Samaritans were openly or concealed carrying their handguns.  Clearly, they had licenses to carry.  In Texas, that means that both open and concealed carry are legal.

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GA: Omnibus Gun Law Reform Moves Forward with Knife Law Reform

HB 292 is the Georgia omnibus gun law reform bill for 2017.  It is very similar to the reform bill HB 1060, that passed the legislature last year. That bill was vetoed by Governor Deal.

HB 292 has a couple of differences. Church carry is not addressed in the 2017 bill, and knife reform has been added as an amendment.

Here are some of the features of HB 292, from
  • Will allow for a person moving into GA who has a valid firearms license or permit to carry on that permit for 90 days or upon person attaining a GWL;
  • Allow for certain law enforcement officers to carry when in performance of their official duties;
  • Provides for Probate Judge and the DNR to offer Gun Safety Information to applicants for GWL;
  • Gives law enforcement 10 days to report to the Probate Judge any findings that may bear upon the issuance of a GWL;
  • The judge of the probate court shall not suspend the processing of the application or extend, delay, or avoid any time requirements
  • Provides a path to repeal the GWL upon adjudication of a matter that would effect the maintenance of a GWL;
  • Provides for a name change due to marriage or divorce or an address change if the GWL’s expiration date is over 90 days out.  The fee for such replacement is determined by Code Section 15-9-60 (k)(13) and is currently $6.00
  • Makes changes to Code Section 16-11-130
  • Defines the term commercial service airport;
  • Defines the term major airline carrier;
  • Provides a path for a person who has been involuntarily hospitalized to apply for restoration of rights.
  • Provides that any instructor who lawfully instructs, educates, or trains a person in the safe, proper, or technical use of a firearm shall be immune from civil liability for any injuries caused by the failure of such person to use such firearm properly or lawfully.
The knife reform that has been added changes the definition of "knife" from those with a blade of more than five inches, to those with a blade of more than 12 inches. This means that knives with blades of less than 12 inches are not regulated by the law.  If the reform passes, there will be "Constitutional Carry" for blades of less than 12 inches.

A blade of more than 12 inches is encroaching on short sword status. Added: Knife rights lobbied for the inclusion of the knife law reform.

Another amendment has been to include language to prohibit financial institutions from discriminating against people or trade associations solely because of their engagement in the lawful commerce of firearms or ammunition.

Update and ammended:

HB 292 has passed the House with a vote of  127 to 48 on March 3rd, 2017. It has passed Senate committee on March 20th. It passed the full Senate on March 28th, 37-16 with 2 not voting. It was sent back to the House (because of the Senate amendment) and was approved as amended by the Senate on March 28, 110-49 with 7 not voting and 14 excused. It has not  been sent to Governor Deal at this time.

It seems likely that Governor Deal will sign this omnibus gun law reform. The incremental reforms in this bill are not a difficult sell. But Governor Deal has vetoed gun law reform bills in the past.

Once the bill is sent to the Governor, if the legislature is in session, the Governor has six days to sign or veto the bill.  More commonly, the Governor is sent the bill after the legislature ends the session. Then the Governor has 40 days to sign or veto the bill. If the bill is vetoed, the legislature has an opportunity to override the veto at the next legislative session.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

NV: Domestic Defense Brother Shoots Brother

LAS VEGAS - An 18-year-old man is shot and killed by his older brother following a family fight in the northwest valley.

The deadly shooting happened around 3:00 p.m. on Friday, March 17th in the area of Hualapai Way and Farm Road.

The 18-year-old was armed with a large knife during a physical altercation with his father when his 22-year-old brother opened fire, hitting the young man in the chest, according to homicide detectives with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
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MO: Robber with Fake Gun Shot for Real

According to police, he was shot in the stomach after attempting to rob Galaxy Balloon Store in the 4300 Block of W. Florissant, which is near O'Fallon Park in north St. Louis.

The 16-year-old pulled out what appeared to be a weapon, the store owner was armed and shot him.
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UT: Theives Threaten to Call Police, Armed Man Already Called

“A homeowner was awakened by a noise in his driveway, walked out and saw two guys burglarizing his vehicle, confronted them with his weapon, and held them at bay," said Chief Robby Russo with Cottonwood Heights Police. "The bad guys threatened to call the police on him, and he said, 'That’s great, I already called them' and just then the officer is driving down the street--they take off running."
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Followup AZ: Man that Saved Wounded Trooper is Former Felon, Christian

"I knew if he got my gun it'd be all over right then," he said.

Then, Andersson heard a voice. And gunshots.

It was over. The attacker lay dead in front of him; Andersson was alive.
But who saved him?

A former felon, he would later learn. A man who turned his life around and found God. A lifelong hunter who begged a judge to reinstate his rights, allowing him to carry a gun again -- the one he just fired.
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Followup OH: Police ID Dead Burglary Suspect

A next-door neighbor said she heard a gunshot and looked out her window to see a man lying in the front yard.

“They started doing CPR on him and they did that all the way to the ambulance,” Marlene Smith said.

Police say Tyrone Frazier, 34, was killed after possibly attempting to break into the home.

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TX: Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Two 3-Year-Olds Wounded in Fort Worth

Image from

In one of those rare accidental discharges, where a young child shoots himself or another, a three year old boy, pictured above, found a loaded .380 pistol in the white SUV.  It happened about 5:30 p.m. on 17 March, 2017. A police officer stated that the pistol was apparently in the side pocket of the SUV, when the two boys, running ahead of the parents, accessed the vehicle before the parents arrived. One boy found the pistol and began manipulating it. He managed to fire it.

The bullet went through his left hand. The bandaged hand can be seen above. The projectile then hit his three-year-old friend in the back and exited the front of the abdomen.

One of the responding officers had a quick clot pad as part of his first aid kit, and applied it to the body wound. His action may have saved the boy's life.  Both children were transported to the hospital and are expected to survive.

It is unknown if any charges will be filed.

Three year old children would not normally be transported in the front seat. But children are very inquisitive and explore everywhere. It would have been better for the pistol owner to have taken the gun with them, keeping it under their control.  No 30.06 or 30.07 signs were visible in the images of the Chuck E. Cheese's where the family had been customers.

Everyone involved in this incident is wishing that they had altered their actions in some way to prevent the shooting.

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CT: Gun "Buy Back", Claims Classics, Antiques, Homemade, and Modern

On  March 18, 2017, Hartford, Connecticut held a gun "buy back". The guns are turned in for various premiums, usually gift cards. In Hartford, the amounts varied. The "buy back" had 26 guns turned in to the police. From the
Working firearms can be exchanged for Stop & Shop gift cards in varying denominations: $200 for assault rifles, $100 for pistols and revolvers; and $25 for shotguns or rifles.
The $100 for the homemade derringer may have been a good deal for the seller. $25 for the classic Marlin 39A lever action .22, or for the antique pump shotgun, is robbery, probably of an unsuspecting widow.

The photograph isn't as clear as I would like. The shotgun may be a rare Winchester model 93. The Model 39A is considered a classic and highly valued sporting rifle. They bring several hundred dollars in used condition.

This is the same police department that collected the rare STG 44 WWII trophy bringback in 2012. It was valued at about $30,000.

In the middle row, on the right, you can see the homemade derringer. It could be a .22 or a .25.  The circular plate looks like a handmade swinging breech-block.

Perhaps a sharp eyed reader can identify the antique revolver in the center of the image. The humpbacked grip and spur trigger are good clues. It reminds me of a Liberty pocket revolver, if they were made with a bird's head grip.  It is almost certainly a .22.

The "Assault rifle" or, more accurately, modern sporting rifle, is an interesting variant of the AK, with a dust cover mounted rear sight. It is worth several hundred dollars.

The Courant had this quote from David Shapiro, vice chairman of surgery for St . Francis Hospital and Medical Center, trying to justify this misuse of police resources.  The hospital contributed to the "buyback" scheme.
"The challenge with gun buybacks is that there's very little evidence that they reduce crimes. But, then again, there's little evidence that any gun violence program does what it's supposed to do," Shapiro said. "As public health providers, our job is to go to any avenue we can to reduce the risk of injury, and this is one that benefits everyone who's involved."
David, there is this conceptual concept called the cost to benefit ratio. When costs are high, and benefits are low, the activity is often counterproductive.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

CO: Knife Law Reforn is on Governor Hickenlooper's Desk

Colorado is working hard to reform its antiquated knife bans.  In the late 1950's and early 1960's, a wave of bans on knives swept the nation. The were propelled by emotional tirades of a New York Congressman, and fueled by allegations of widespread use by gangs, in spite of a lack of data. There was no wave of knife violence. But the fake media of the day was able to sweep bans on "gravity" and "switchblade" knives through legislatures across the country.  A federal ban in the interstate shipping of automatic knives was enacted into law in 1958, and is still in effect. Colorado passed its ban on "gravity" and "switchblade" knives in 1963.  During the last 50 plus years, unknown numbers of people have had their property taken, their lives disrupted, and their reputations ruined through unknowing violation of these obscure and technical knife ban. As knives tend to be less expensive than firearms, knife bans tens to be enforced more strongly against less prosperous members of society.

According to Colorado law, an automatic knife with a three inch blade is a prohibited weapon; a bowie knife with a 12 inch blade is not. Either one may be  carried concealed. The three inch automatic knife would be illegal, the bowie would not, so long as it was carried without the intent to use it as a weapon.

Legislatures all across the country have been reforming these ill conceived laws and restoring the law to a more reasonable condition. It is practical for automatic knives to be treated the same as other knives, whether fixed blades or folding pocket knives. Reforms that eliminate the needless and antique bans on automatic knives and gravity knives have been passed in New Hampshire, Maine, Missouri, Kansas, Alaska, Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Knives are arms protected by the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Knives have been carried in conflicts as long as humanity has existed.

The reform bill passed the House on March 9th with a vote of 56-6.  It passed the Senate on 1 February with a vote of 32-2.  SB 17-008 was sent to the governor on 15 March.

The reform is a bipartisan measure supported by both parties. The Democrats have a majority in the House and the Republicans have a majority in the Senate. The Governor, John Hickenlooper (D) is in his second term, and may not run for a third consecutive term. 

Once the bill has been sent to Governor Hickenlooper, he has three choices.  He can sign it, and it becomes law; he can ignore it, and it becomes law; or he can veto it. If he vetoes the bill, the legislature can override with two thirds votes in both the House and the Senate.  In the case of SB 17-008, the bill was sent to the Governor while the House is in session. Governor Hickenlooper has 10 days to veto it or it will become law.  By my count, that would be the 26th of March, 2017.

If you wish to ask the governor to sign or veto the law, Knife Rights explains the process at this link

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

NV: Domestic Defense, Woman Shoots, Kills Ex

A woman who shot and killed her ex-boyfriend today at her northwest valley home told a 911 operator she was being attacked, according to Metro Police.
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TX: Man Shoots at Shattered Door, Burglary Suspect Shows at Hospital

A Killeen resident opened fire on a burglar during a late-night burglary on Tuesday, police said.

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CO: Son Shoots Man to Protect Mother

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A 19-year-old may have shot and killed a man to protect his mother, a police spokesperson tells 11 News.

The shooting, which happened early Thursday morning at a townhouse in southeast Colorado Springs, remains under investigation, but Lt. Howard Black said they are looking at it as a possible case of self-defense.
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SD: Governor Daugaard Vetoes Gun Law Reform

On Friday, March 17, 2017, Governor Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota vetoed HB 1072, known as the Constitutional Carry bill, and HB 1156, which would have allowed a small number of South Dakota holders of Enhanced Concealed Carry permits to carry inside of the state Capitol. His veto letters reproduced below, sans headers and signature block.

I herewith return to you House Bill 1072 with my VETO. 

House Bill 1072 is an Act to repeal and revise certain provisions relating to permits to carry a concealed pistol.

The proponents of House Bill 1072 did not testify about problems that exist with our current permitting laws in the bill’s hearings.  I am unaware of a single instance in which a person who could lawfully possess a gun was denied a permit to carry a concealed pistol.  Our permit laws are effective in screening people who are not eligible to carry a concealed weapon.  Over the last three years, Minnehaha and Pennington Counties have turned down nearly 600 permit applicants who were disqualified due to mental illness or due to violent or drug-related crimes.  It is for this reason the South Dakota Sheriffs Association, the South Dakota Police Chiefs Association, the South Dakota State’s Attorneys Association, and the South Dakota Fraternal Order of Police all opposed House Bill 1072.

Proponents of this bill argued that our state concealed carry laws infringe on the Second Amendment right to bear arms.  I respectfully disagree with that notion.  As Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in his majority opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller:  “There seems to us no doubt, on the basis of both text and history, that the Second Amendment conferred an individual right to keep and bear arms. Of course the right was not unlimited, just as the First Amendment's right of free speech was not.”  As an example of a lawful limitation Justice Scalia states that “prohibitions on carrying concealed weapons were lawful under the Second Amendment….”

As a longtime member of the NRA, I support the right to bear arms.  South Dakota's current permit process is simple and straightforward, and permits can be obtained in a matter of minutes.  It is paramount that our state protect the rights of our citizens while at the same time protecting the lives of our citizens.  I believe our current laws appropriately protect both interests, and I ask that you sustain my veto.

I respectfully return to you House Bill 1156, with my VETO.

House Bill 1156 is an Act to allow a concealed pistol in the Capitol with an enhanced concealed pistol permit.

On any given day, the array of people found in our historic State Capitol building includes elected officials, tourists, state employees, and school children.  The protection we have in the building, from law enforcement officers in uniform or plain clothes, provides a secure environment.  I am satisfied that our Highway Patrol is doing its job, and their important work would be made more difficult if others are allowed to carry weapons into the Capitol.

The law enforcement officers who protect our Capitol building have specialized training which is repeated on a regular basis.  This ensures when called upon, they are ready to make split-second and life-saving decisions.  They prepare themselves mentally at the beginning of each shift, so they are ready to react appropriately should the need arise. 

In contrast, the 1,878 South Dakotans who hold an enhanced concealed pistol permit were required to undertake approximately eight hours of instruction, just once.  This training includes South Dakota law relating to the use of force, the safe and responsible use of handguns, self-defense principles, and live fire training.  There is no training requirement for renewal, even after five years have passed. 

During the legislative session, meaningful debates among the public and legislators are frequent and oftentimes passionate.  Where emotions can run high, it is important to be protected by people who are routinely trained to manage dangerous situations.  Law enforcement training focuses on knowing when to pull the trigger—and when not to.  Our law enforcement officers are uniquely able to protect the public, and I believe this bill would complicate that work.

For these reasons, I ask that you sustain my veto.
 Supporters of the two bills have said that they will work to override the Governor's vetoes. That possibility seems unlikely, because the necessary two thirds votes were not there when the bills were passed this year.

Governor Daugaard vetoed another Constitutional Carry bill in 2012.

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