Saturday, May 31, 2008

TX: 14-year-old shoots 13-year-old assailant: "Police say a 14-year-old boy who was stabbed about 20 times by a 13-year-old friend in his south Fort Worth home shot and killed the assailant on Wednesday. Investigators said the 14-year-old told police Danny Allen, 13, was visiting his house on Buffalo Springs Drive near Interstate 35 when an argument ensued and Allen began stabbing him at about 5:30 p.m. According to police, the two teenagers struggled before the 14-year-old grabbed his father's handgun and shot Allen several times."

SC: Homeowner wounds burglar: "A homeowner told deputies that when he saw a burglar breaking into his outbuilding Tuesday morning, he grabbed his shotgun and fired a couple rounds. Deputies said the wounded suspect was found a couple miles away. Spartanburg sheriff's Maj. Dan Johnson said the man lives on Bellew Carver Road off Blackstock Road. He said he saw the burglar trying to break into the building at about 6:30 a.m. Johnson said the wounded suspect ran about two miles to a Chevron Gas Station on New Cut Road off Interstate 26, where deputies found him about 40 minutes later."

Canada: Mayor seeks to ban guns with bylaw: "Mayor David Miller wants guns out of Toronto -- and he's backing a tough new bylaw that would ban the manufacture and warehousing of guns in the city. And while Miller says handguns are the particular target of the proposed bylaw, a staff report doesn't distinguish between handguns and rifles and shotguns used in hunting. The bylaw, proposed in a staff report, would give the city zoning powers to restrict or ban the manufacture and warehousing of firearms. Miller said he wants to add ammunition to the bylaw as well."

Preparation, not fear: "People who are not 'firearms enthusiasts' often react predictably when the notion of carrying a handgun enters the discussion. ... One such predictable reaction is 'what are you afraid of? I can't imagine being so fearful all the time that you feel like you need to carry a gun. Why do you feel you need to have a gun all the time? Are you really that paranoid?' Or other words to that effect. ...Owning a gun is not at all about being 'fearful' or paranoid. It is about being prepared. If someone has fire insurance or a fire extinguisher, it's not because he or she is afraid his or her house is going to burn down, it is so that he or she is prepared to deal with the (hopefully) unlikely event of a fire."

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ohio: Young intruder shot during robbery: "A 17-year-old boy shot during a failed robbery attempt is in stable condition and facing possible arrest by Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies. The juvenile allegedly entered an apartment at 5121 Northcutt Place in Northland Village Apartment Complex at about 3:10 p.m. Monday, May 26, in an attempt to rob the place, according to sheriff's Capt. Jeff PaPanek. The apartment is undergoing renovation, and a construction worker living in the building was asleep inside when the boy entered. When the man awoke, the juvenile brandished a gun and a struggle ensued. The construction worker wrestled the gun away from the juvenile and then shot him in the upper chest, PaPanek said. The juvenile fled the scene but was later picked up by Dayton police and transported to Miami Valley Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Investigators are waiting until the boy recovers from his injuries enough to speak before pursuing any charges, sheriff's Chief Phil Plummer said. The man in the apartment suffered a minor cut on his hand."

Texas: Guard shoots man at grocery store: "A man suspected of stealing may have been fatally shot outside a Fort Worth grocery store after he was followed to his car. The incident began after a Sack 'n Save manager became suspicious of a man exiting the store who he believed was carrying stolen merchandise at around 8:25 p.m., authorities said. The manager followed the man into the store's parking lot in the 3400 block of Altamesa Boulevard and confronted him as he got into a white truck. As the manager attempted to detain the man, the suspect began to drive off. A security guard, who had walked outside to check on the manager, said the truck drove straight towards him, which was when he fired a shot at the vehicle. The truck fled the scene. Authorities later discovered a man was admitted with a gunshot wound to the Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth. The man, who police believe may have been the driver of the white truck, was pronounced dead at the hospital."

South Carolina: Store Owner Shoots Robbers with birdshot: "Deputies say that early Saturday morning, two teenagers broke in to Dixon's Grocery on Highway 261 in Rembert. Authorities say that the owner of the store arrived and was able to shoot two of the suspects with bird shots, who were attempting to steal alcohol. When Sumter County deputies arrived at Dixon's, the suspects had taken off. An incident report says that Sumter dispatch received a call from 17-year-old Philip Steinle, who said he was on his way to the hospital with two people who had been shot in a neighborhood behind Wal-Mart on Broad Street. Steinle was pulled over by a city police officer, who discovered that the two passengers had apparently been shot by a shotgun with a bird shot. The city officer was then notified by a Sumter County deputy of the incident at Dixon's Grocery. One of the teens, a 16-year-old from Hopkins, is at Sumter's Tuomey Hospital in fair condition, while the other, 17-year-old Dontrell Jenkins, was airlifted to Palmetto Richland. Steinle admitted to authorities that he waited in a car while Jenkins and the 16-year-old attempted to break in to Dixon's. Steinle said that both teens ran back to the car, injured. Steinle was taken to the Sumter County jail, where he is being charged with burglary and larceny."

AZ Governor vetoes bill on lifelong weapons permits: "Gov. Janet Napolitano on Tuesday vetoed a pair of proposals to expand gun rights in Arizona, arguing the measures would have needlessly put law enforcement and the public at risk. Senate Bill 1106, sponsored by Sen. Chuck Gray, R-Mesa, would have created a state-issued, concealed-weapon permit valid for a lifetime. Under current law, a gun owner must renew the permit every five years, and each time undergo a new criminal background check. "The concept of lifetime validity for a concealed-weapons permit is unwise public policy," Napolitano, a Democrat, wrote in a letter that accompanied her veto".

Names and details for the fourth story from yesterday:

FL: Man shoots intruder: "David Hadden, 50, told police he heard a noise around midnight and went to investigate. When he tried to go one of his back patio doors, he found that it wouldn't open. When he tried the second door he ran into 35-year old Michael Anderson. Hadden said he pulled his gun and fired on Anderson to stop him from breaking into his home. One of the bullets grazed Anderson in the leg, he collapsed in a backyard area as he tried to make an escape. He was taken to hospital where he was treated for his wound. Late Monday morning he was transported to the main jail in Broward County.No one inside the home at the time of the shooting was injured. Police have not said if Hadden will face any charges. "

Thursday, May 29, 2008

FL: Store owner kills robber: "Vigil said her husband had been working alone about 6:45 p.m. Monday, when he was attacked at the CNK Beverage Pit, 12002 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. She said her husband was waiting for a customer's truck to pull farther into the drive-through bay when a masked man ran in through the exit of the drive-through beverage business. The driver took off, she said. Vigil said the would-be robber swung at her husband, striking him in the head. Deputies now say the attacker, identified as Kenneth Charles Heidkamp, 19, of Seffner, struck Cres Vigil in the head with a can of French-cut green beans in a sock. Vigil said her husband shot the attacker and didn't know the man had died until this morning. She said the couple have kept the gun at the business because she was held up at gunpoint a year ago. In that incident, the robber obtained no money because Vigil screamed, and homeless people hanging around the retention pond behind the business chased him away."

Florida: Pawn shop thief shot: "Detectives say David Gardner did what he had to do. When a robber barged into his pawnshop with a baseball bat, smashing glass display cases and stealing whatever he could, Gardner grabbed a gun and opened fire. The 51-year-old storeowner shot the suspect as he ran out the door. Investigators followed the suspect's blood trail through the parking lot, down the street and into the neighborhood nearby. Detectives scoured the scene and the neighborhood searching for the suspect, but they didn't have to go far. Within a few hours, detectives say the suspect, 20-year-old Willie Clarkson, turned up right across the street. They say he was bleeding from at least two gunshot wounds at the Briar Hill Apartments. Clarkson's 16-year old girlfriend found him in her apartment, called his sisters, and then called 911. Paramedics rushed Clarkson to the hospital where deputies arrested him. He's charged with armed robbery. Detectives say he'll remain in the hospital until he's well enough to be transported to jail."

Nevada: Three Men Killed in Shooting: "Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office are investigating a shooting in Winnemucca early Sunday morning that left three people dead and others injured. The shooting happened at the Player's Bar & Grill on South Grass Valley Road. Investigators say a feud between two local families is behind the early-morning shooting inside the bar. Three men from Winnemucca died from gunshot wounds, and two others are in critical condition at the hospital. Deputies say about 2:25 a.m., 30-year-old Ernesto Villa Gomez walked into the bar and starting shooting. 20-year-old Jose Torres and his 19-year-old brother Margarito Torres were killed. When Villa Gomez was reloading his semi-automatic gun, a man from Reno took out a gun and shot Villa Gomez. That man has a concealed weapons permit. The unidentified man who shot Villa Gomez is not expected to be charged in this incident; law enforcement call it a justifiable homicide. The Player's Bar & Grill was full of about 300 people, because a local biker event "Runnemucca" is going on this holiday weekend."

Florida Man Shoots Intruder: "A Ft. Lauderdale man shot a man who he claimed was trying to break into his home. The shooting occurred just after midnight in the 100 block of Southwest 31st Avenue. The homeowner reportedly told police he charged the would be robber with gun his after noticing that a door to his home which had been broken into. One of the bullets grazed the suspected thief in the leg, he collapsed in a backyard area as he tried to make an escape. He was taken to hospital where he was treated for his wound. Late Monday morning he was transported to the main jail in Broward County. No one inside the home at the time of the shooting was injured. Police have not said if the homeowner will face any charges."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Taser can be GOOD for your heart!

Bad in theory, good in practice? Electroshock has long had recognized therapeutic uses

A man's irregular heartbeat returned to normal after he was shot with a Taser gun in a hospital emergency room, according to a medical report. The man had been taken to hospital experiencing atrial fibrillation after jumping into an icy lake while trying to escape police in April. "I don't know exactly what he had done but he fled capture from them and he hid in a lake," said Dr Kyle Richards, a cardiologist at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut.

After treatment, the patient was eager to leave and became aggressive. "He got very combative and started yelling in my face and that's when I left the room and got security," Dr Richards said. Police and security used a Taser stun gun, which shoots out a lead connected to two barbs that can deliver up to 50,000 volts, to subdue the man. They used a low-voltage charge meant to cause pain rather than a longer, higher-voltage jolt meant to incapacitate.

The patient calmed down and another electrocardiogram showed his heart rhythm was normal. Dr Richards and others said the incident was evidence that the stun guns may affect the heart, as critics allege.....

This case provided a controlled situation, with almost continuous monitoring of the patient's heart. Dr Richards noted that the patient was not hooked up to the electrocardiogram at the precise moment of being shocked. "People can spontaneously go from atrial fibrillation into a normal rhythm without any intervention at all. You cannot conclusively say that the Taser did it," he said. But Dr Richards said he believed the weapon was responsible. "It's just one more thing that says, hey, Tasers can actually affect the heart."


Texas: Burglar Shot By Homeowner: "Two Wichita Falls men are charged with burglary of building. One of those men was shot in the process of the alleged crime. Police say 22-year-old Scott Alan Michael and 21-year-old Dustin Logan were caught trying to steal from a residence on Taft Boulevard about 2:30 yesterday morning. The homeowner fired at them and Michael was hit in the chest. Michael made it to the Stripes Convenience Sstore at Kemp and Southwest Parkway, where the clerk called 911. He was taken to United Regional, treated, and released into police custody. Officers say the men had stolen property in their vehicle from a garage on Devon Street. That's the crime they are charged with, but more charges are expected. No one is charged in the shooting as the case will be handed over to the Wichita County Grand Jury."

North Carolina: Men Attempt Robbery, Woman Shoots One Dead: "A woman who was awakened Friday morning to two men trying to ram a van through the front door of her business shot and killed one of the men, Montgomery County deputies said. Deputies said the two men had robbed a motel in Troy earlier before driving to a Mount Gilead coffee shop and attempting to rob it. That's when deputies said Bouaphan Chanthunom, 51, opened fire with an assault rifle, instantly killing Joseph Murphy McRae, 36, of Mount Gilead. The other suspect, Jeffery Ray Liles, 36, fled from the scene but was later arrested at his residence. He was not injured and is being held in the Montgomery County Jail on charges of first-degree burglary, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and injury to real property. Deputies said Chanthunom and her family own the coffee shop and also use it as a residence. Liles and McRae had been under investigation for other crimes in the area. No charges will be filed against Chanthunom"

Tennessee: Burglar Shot by Memphis Homeowner: "Memphis Police say a man broke into another man's home and was shot. The accused burglar is charged with aggravated burglary. Police say Nakia Bohannon broke into a home in the 2000 block of Rile on Thursday, May 22, 2008. Investigators say the homeowner confronted Bohannon and shot him; Bohannon ran from the home, but was quickly picked up by police nearby. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Police believe Bohannon is also responsible for a burglary at a home in the 200 block of First Avenue. Police say WIC voucher checks, shoes, food, and hygiene products were taken from the house. Bohannon was also charged with possession of burglary tools and drug paraphernalia."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Texas roofer shoots robber: "A roofer fatally shot a suspected robber Sunday, only minutes after the man shoved a pistol in his back in the parking lot of a southeast Houston town house complex. Identified by his employer as Juan Ibarra, the roofer was hitching a trailer to his pickup about 9 a.m. when the suspected robber moved up behind him, police said. Ibarra "was ordered to go around to the cab of the truck and give him his money," said Ramon Cervantes, a Houston police homicide detective. The man grabbed Ibarra's wallet and cell phone, then began walking away. Police said he stopped after noticing that some cash had fallen to the pavement. That's when Ibarra pulled out his revolver and fired at least three times, police said. The man was struck in the left chest area and fell to the ground, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said Ibarra has a license to carry a concealed handgun. The suspected robber, 21, lived in the area, police said... Ibarra was not charged in the fatal shooting."

Tennessee man shoots and kills would-be burglar: "A Mount Vernon man shot and killed a would-be burglar when two men allegedly broke into his 517 Old State Road home about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Madisonville Detective Jennifer Bledsoe said. Mark Fryer called 911 to say he had shot a burglar. When Monroe County sheriff's deputies arrived, they found 19-year-old Bristin Self dead from a 9 mm gunshot wound, according to Detective Travis Jones, who investigated the shooting. Jones said Self was unarmed. Bledsoe said Self and another man apparently borrowed a van from a friend and loaded a washer into the van before going back into the Fryer home. Fryer gave authorities a description of a second alleged burglar, and officers began canvassing the area with a police dog. They captured James Cheek, 31, who was charged with aggravated burglary. Bledsoe said Cheek admitted being involved in the burglary. Records indicate that, in 2005, Fryer held at bay with a pistol two men who were burglarizing his home."

Texas Homeowner Shoots Teenage Burglar: "Police say a homeowner took the law into his own hands Tuesday and defended his property from a burglar. Police believe the burglar is responsible for other crimes in the area. Investigators say 17-year-old Alexander Aguilar broke into a home on the 2300 block of Larry Drive in Dallas Tuesday afternoon. The 64-year-old homeowner said he was awakened by a noise. Police say the suspected burglar had broken a window and was able to enter into the back door. The homeowner confronted Aguilar, who then allegedly charged at him and threw a backpack at him. The homeowner shot him in the arm and held him until police arrived. "The homeowner won't face any charges. You have a right to defend yourself and your home," said Dallas Police Sgt. Steven Shaw. "This burglar is actually someone who has active warrants out. We've been trying to catch him for the last two weeks." Police say the suspect was skipping school at the time of the crime."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Brandishing leads to conviction

There are conflicting versions of how Tillory, a sweet-natured construction worker, came to have his first serious run-in with the law at age 52. But everyone agrees that it began with a quinceanera - and a dispute over the most common of neighborhood problems, loud music. The celebration of Imelda Barragan's 15th birthday was held on a Saturday, the day before Mother's Day 2007, outside her family's two-bedroom apartment in Mountain View. A carport had been emptied so a DJ could set up his equipment. The Latin music reverberated off its stuccoed walls and boomed into the neighborhood where, a short walk away, Tillory's 87-year-old mother was in bed trying to rest.

Tillory, an accomplished jazz musician, said the music had an underlying "base boom" similar to what's emitted by cars with outsize stereo systems, where you feel the music before you hear it. "It pierced right into the house, so you couldn't enjoy your television or get any peace at all," he told me.

About 7 p.m., Tillory walked over to complain, crossing an alley where street gangs tag even the abandoned couches. He spoke to the DJ, who agreed to lower the volume. Tillory was told not to return, but to call the police if he thought a noise law was being violated. Ignoring that advice, he returned a few hours later with what sounds to me like a do-it-yourself noise-busting kit: a bottle of water in his hand and a gun hidden in his pocket.

Somehow the water ended up splashing onto the DJ's computer. Tillory claims it was an accidental spill. The partygoers claim he was laughing as he poured out the water. As you might imagine, this led to a ruckus.

Accounts differ. Tillory said he was jumped, knocked down and choked. Partygoers said he shoved a woman and was pushed down as a result. Everyone agrees the ruckus ended once Tillory showed them the handgun. The piece was never fired, but the crowd backed off and Tillory took off.

I later asked Tillory why he brought a gun. In my neighborhood, he said, I often carry a gun for protection. I also asked him why he hadn't just called the police. Force of habit, he said, from growing up in a neighborhood where calling the police on anyone had severe repercussions.

When police did arrive, they believed the Barragans' account of a crazy neighbor disrupting the party and brandishing a gun, not Tillory's account of an accidental spill and a weapon drawn in self-defense. It didn't help Tillory's case that he was not especially cooperative, or that paramedics had to treat a young child in shock.

The jury that heard the case believed the Barragans, too. Wednesday Tillory was back before Superior Court Judge Bradford L. Andrews for sentencing. The sentencing guidelines called for seven years. The prosecution argued for one. And the Probation Department, like Tillory's attorney, recommended probation.

Judge Andrews, while sounding perplexed by Tillory's behavior, placed him on probation and ordered him to pay restitution to the Barragans. After a month in jail, Tillory went home. That's where I found him Friday, still remorseless and convinced he was the victim of a travesty of justice. "I just wanted them to turn the music down," he told me. "In this age of modern equipment, there has to be some restrictions. This is not stereo equipment. This is a band and public-address equipment."

More here

TX: Clerk shoots robber: "According to police, a man was killed Friday night after he was shot by a clerk during an armed robbery of a convenience store in the 1400 block of Brunswick Boulevard. Police Chief William McManus said the robber came in, pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded cash. The clerk then gave the robber the cash, police said, but the clerk then shot the man before he could run out of the store. Police said the robber then jumped into a getaway car, but was found dead inside the car a few blocks away. The cash was also inside. Police are still looking for the getaway driver. The clerk has not been charged in the death, police said, citing self defense."

AZ: Truck thief shot: "A vehicle theft suspect was shot and killed by a homeowner as the suspect drove his vehicle at him Thursday morning. Cody Geneha, 22, told police he was inside his home, near 31st and Glendale avenues, when he heard his truck being started at around 12:30 a.m. Geneha picked up a gun and went outside where he saw a man driving away in his truck. The vehicle thief made a U-turn and accelerated toward the homeowner, who was standing on the sidwalk, according to police. The homeowner fired several shots at the man in the truck. The vehicle crashed into a wall and when police arrived they found the suspect slumped over the wheel. The suspect had been shot in the head and died at the scene. Phoenix Police Homicide detectives are investigating, along with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. The homeowner was not arrested".

Sunday, May 25, 2008

SC: No charges expected in fatal shooting: "Authorities say they don't plan to charge a man who shot another man who tried to hit his estranged wife with his truck. The coroner's office told WSPA-TV that 36-year-old Kenneth Ross Jr. of Greer was shot several times early Saturday morning and died at the hospital. Deputies say Ross confronted his estranged wife and a male friend at her Spartanburg home and tried to hit the woman with his truck, but struck her car instead. Authorities say Ross then started coming toward his estranged wife. The man got his gun and ordered Ross to stop. Deputies say Ross kept getting closer, so the man fired. Investigators say they consulted with prosecutors and decided not to charge the shooter because he was acting in self defense."

SC: Mini mart shooting was self-defense: "Richland County deputies say 40-year-old Willis Brown, the victim in a shooting Friday at the Mini Mart on Percival road, has died. Authorities say Brown entered the Mini Mart Friday and began verbally and physically assaulting 63-year-old store clerk Edward Kent. Lt. Chris Cowan said the situation came to ahead when Brown punched Kent, who pulled out a handgun in retaliation and shot the victim three times. Cowan says the shots were clearly in self-defense. Richland County deputies say Kent won't face charges. Bystanders identified the shooter as Kent, also known as "Pops." "He's like an old guy the whole neighborhood know. You know he knows everybody in the neighborhood. All the girls and stuff like that. He's just like an old man of the neighborhood," says Gregory Hill."

WA: Robber got off free, then got killed : "A 34-year-old man shot and killed by four bail bond agents Thursday in Lakewood was no stranger to his hunters. Seven weeks ago, he robbed the Tacoma bond company that hired the agents, confessed to the crime in front of the company owner and Tacoma police, and walked away without a legal scratch, according to documents filed in Pierce County Superior Court. He also saddled the company with tens of thousands of dollars in debt to the court. Whether those circumstances played a role in the man’s death was unclear Friday. The man was facing charges in three criminal cases filed earlier this year when agents for Liberty Bail Bonds Inc. tracked him down in Lakewood. The crimes were drug and weapon offenses; the man was a convicted felon and a self-proclaimed meth dealer who often carried guns and wads of cash. Agents told Lakewood police they shot him in self-defense. When they cornered him outside an auto shop on Pacific Highway Southwest at 4:40 p.m. Thursday, he quickly backed up his car, hit one of the agent’s cars and then drove forward, they said. Two agents fired their guns, striking and killing the man, Lakewood police Lt. Dave Guttu said. The man died a short time later. No one else was injured. A search of the car turned up two guns.... The agents involved in the shooting were interviewed but not arrested Thursday night, Guttu said. Bail bond agents in Washington can and do use firearms, handcuffs, batons and stun guns to apprehend suspects out on bail who fail to show up in court."

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Car dealer offering free guns 'did it for Obama'

A US car dealer says sales have soared since he started offering a free handgun or a petrol card with every purchase. Max Motors, a small Butler, Missouri dealership that has as its logo a grimacing cowboy wielding a pistol, has sold more than 30 cars and trucks in the past three days, far more than its normal volume. And owner Mark Muller credits his decision to start offering buyers their choice of a petrol card or a credit at a gun shop.

"This thing has taken off. Sales have quadrupled," said Muller. The store sells both used and new vehicles including General Motors and Ford products. Every buyer so far "except one guy from Canada and one old guy" has elected to take the gun, Muller said. Muller recommends his customers select a Kel-Tec .380 pistol. "It's a nice little handgun that fits in your pocket," he said.

Muller said the promotion was inspired by presidential hopeful Barack Obama. "We did it because of Barack Obama. He said all those people in the Midwest, you've got to have compassion for them because they're clinging to their guns and their Bibles. I found that quite offensive." "We all go to church on Sunday and we all carry guns," said Muller. "I've got a gun in my pocket right now. I have a rifle in my truck. "We've got to shoot the coyotes out here, they're attacking our cows, our chickens."

"We're not clinging to nothing. We're just damn glad to live in a free country where you can have a gun if you want. This is the way it ought to be."


What? Obamessiah now sells himself to rural Pennsylvania as the pro-gun candidate?

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The gall of this man. Here's a clip from my post from Thursday, where's he's talking tough on guns for urban Democrats in Philly and Pittsburgh:
"I am not in favor of concealed weapons," Obama said. "I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations.

But then Politico looked at Obama's strategy to woo blue-collar pro-gun voters in rural PA:
Barack Obama did not hunt or fish as a child. He lives in a big city. And as an Illinois state legislator and a U.S. senator, he consistently backed gun control legislation. But he is nevertheless making a play for pro-gun voters in rural Pennsylvania. By highlighting his background in constitutional law and downplaying his voting record, Obama is engaging in a quiet but targeted drive to win over an important constituency that on the surface might seem hostile to his views.

You know, sometimes I start to suspect that liberals think we're stupid. `Yeah, I'm tough on guns, and.a great fan of the Second Amendment! Hope! Change! Arugula!' Alas, apparently, we're not:
Melody Zullinger, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs who received the Obama campaign e-mail on his gun record, said Obama sounds like he is "speaking out of both sides of his mouth." "I was at one of our county meetings last night and I mentioned this to [federation members]," Zullinger said Friday of the Obama outreach. "Everyone basically blew it off and weren't buying it."

They also quote a pro-gun Democratic state legislator who's all ga-ga for Obama and trying to tell everyone who'll listen what a great Second Amendment advocate Obama is. His name's Dan Surra, and I'll bet this really hurts his credibility. His constituents now know that his long commitment to gun rights is for sale when the Obamessiah turns on the charm.

Conn. Man Found Not Guilty In Boxer's Killing: "A jury acquitted Juan Antonio Pena Thursday of the murder of an up-and-coming boxer. He was charged in the shooting death of Gregory Cuyler, 23, who was killed outside a Hartford nightclub in April 2005. Ballistics experts testified that three guns were fired at the scene but none of them was ever found. Pena was convicted on weapons charges. Pena was arrested about two months after the shooting when he was featured on the TV program "America's Most Wanted." When testimony began earlier in May, a prosecution witness said Cuyler, who had a chance to train for the Olympics, was killed during a dispute over a drug deal. However, the defense claimed that Cuyler was an active participant in a shootout that left him dead. Pena's lawyer said the shooting was self-defense." [More details here]

Friday, May 23, 2008

"Down here we all believe in God, guts and guns"

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A Missouri car dealer has launched a special giveaway: $250 worth of gas…or a free semi-automatic handgun.

Incoming bitter/clingy attack in 3, 2, 1…

Via the Kansas City Star:
Need a new car? How about a new handgun, too? You can get both at the Max Motors car dealership in Butler, Mo. And the gun is free… Buyers can choose either the $250 gun coupon or one of equal value for gasoline… Moore knows a "Free Handgun" ad would probably draw protests in some places, but not in Butler, about an hour south of Kansas City on U.S. 71. "Down here we all believe in God, guts and guns," Moore said.

That’s in one of those “states in the middle,” Barack.


Vid from KMBC spotlights the Max Motors deal:

OH: Burglar shot: "Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins on Thursday called Deputy Anthony Diehl's actions last December ``a textbook example of justifiable homicide by a police officer responding to a call and doing his duty while at the same time risking his own safety and life to protect us all." John Wade McGrath Jr., 48, 7818 Saddler Krohler Road, Gustavus, died Dec. 22 of a gunshot wound to the chest after a bullet from Diehl's weapon entered near the armpit, Watkins said. McGrath was pronounced dead just before 3 a.m. at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown. McGrath Jr. was shot after pulling a gun on the deputy while intoxicated. An autopsy showed McGrath's blood-alcohol content was 0.23. The legal limit in Ohio to be considered driving under the influence is 0.08. The autopsy also showed the presence of cocaethylene, which is formed in the body when cocaine and alcohol are taken at the same time - according to the report - as well as cocaine, the sedatives diazepam and nordiazepam, and the opiates hydrocodone and oxycodone".

AL: Charges dropped in car-wash killing: "Jaheem Jordan was accused of shooting and killing 35-year-old Thomas Briggs at a Mobile car wash on Saturday, April 26. Attorneys on both sides of the case now say Jordan acted in self defense. A Mobile County judge agreed, so all charges against Jordan have been dropped and he is a free man. On the request of prosecutors who normally fight to prove guilt, Mobile County Judge George Hardesty dropped the murder charge against Jordan. Authorities agree, Jordan killed in self defense after two men, strangers, approached him at Bebo's and threatened him. "He actually pleaded with them to leave him alone, backed away from them, said, 'Please, don't do this,'" says Jordan's attorney, L.D. Holt."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Widow kills murder suspect: "Police said a man shot and killed by a South Florida widow was actually a suspect in her husband's slaying. The North Miami Crime Scene Unit was back at the scene of the home on Northwest 12th Street on Tuesday. Police said Janepsy Mesa shot and killed Ilam Nissim. Detectives said on Wednesday that Nissim was possibly a suspect in her husband's death last month. Police said Janepsy Mesa had suspicions that Nissim had been involved in her husband's shooting. "He was a friend of the family's," North Miami Police Department Lt. Neal Cuevas said. "She did indicate to the detectives on a prior occasion that she suspected that he might have had something to do with the murder of her husband." Police said it's unclear why Nissim was at the house, but police said he walked in, opened the door and that's when something went wrong. "There was an exchange of conversation between the two of them," Cuevas said. "For whatever reason, she apparently felt threatened and shot and killed him." Police said Nissim didn't have a weapon and that he was shot multiple times. Janepsy Mesa is not being charged because police said she acted in self-defense."

Texas home invader shot: "A man watching TV grabbed a pistol and wounded one of two armed men who forced their way into the house in an apparent robbery attempt, police said. The wounded man, Darrall E. Houston, a 41-year-old ex-convict, collapsed across the street from the one-story home in the 1600 block of Grand Park near Quail Feather. He was taken to Memorial Hermann-The Texas Medical Center, and his wound does not appear to be life-threatening, said Missouri City police Capt. John Bailey. The other intruder fled and is being sought.... "It was very clear that the suspects illegally entered the residence," he said. "It is very obvious the shooting occurred inside the residence. There is no question about that." Bailey said Quentin Durisseau, 27, was in the living room about 11 p.m. Tuesday when two men kicked in the back door. "There was an exchange of gunfire from the suspects and the resident," Bailey said. Durisseau declined to comment about the shooting. Meanwhile, public records show the wounded man, a resident of Houston, was convicted of aggravated robbery in Harris County in 1987 and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was paroled in 1992. Bailey said that before the ambulance arrived, witnesses saw the wounded man put something into the storm sewer. "We looked, and we found a gun; we found a black ski mask, and we found gloves," Bailey said. Officers found that the .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol had been stolen in Houston. Durisseau told police he did not know the intruders."

MA: Boston residents ignore the anti-gun "Safe Homes Initiative": "The Boston metropolitan area totals 3,406,829 people. As of April 30, it looks like 3 of them have taken advantage of the city's controversial anti-gun program billed as the 'Safe Homes Initiative.' The Boston Herald is reporting that two mothers have called the police to report guns owned by their teenage sons. Apparently desperate to cite more than two incidents of 'success' ... the police 'were also touting a May 1 call from a concerned Roxbury citizen who saw teens place a suspicious object in a neighbor's back yard that turned out to be a shotgun hidden among rocks.' A .22 pistol, a 9mm pistol, and a shotgun someone left in their backyard underneath some rocks -- I bet the streets of Boston are safe now."

Journalist's guide to gun violence coverage: "Guns are a sad fact of life in American culture and are a major topic in modern journalism. A good Journalist has a duty to get involved and make a difference in this important societal debate. By following certain guidelines, the concerned Journalist can be assured of having the maximum impact on this shameful problem. The first principle to remember is that subtle use of terminology can covertly influence the reader. Adjectives should be chosen for maximum anti-gun effect." [Satire]

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TX: Homeowner Shoots Teen Burglar: "A homeowner on Tuesday morning shot a 17-year-old burglary suspect who police said broke into the man's home while he was sleeping. Police said the incident happened in the 2300 block of Larry Drive in east Dallas when the teen, who they said was skipping school, forced his way into the house through the back door. The homeowner awoke and confronted the teen, eventually shooting the boy when he charged the man, police said. Sgt. Steven Shaw said the homeowner had been a recent crime victim and that he was quite startled during the burglary. "He was scared ," Shaw said. "Walked in the living room in his underwear and [the] burglar charged him, and fired one shot." Shaw said the man was on the phone with a police dispatcher as he held the burglar at bay, including when he opened fire. The suspect, whom investigators said has a history of burglarizing homes, was struck in the arm. He was being treated at Baylor Medical Center."

FL: Unexpected support for self-defense claim frees confused drunk: "On Jan. 19, Wierer called police to report a suspicious vehicle at his home. When deputies arrived, they found him standing in his doorway wearing only underwear, holding a gun and partly covered in blood. Furniture was overturned. A claw hammer laid near a pool of blood on the living room floor. Johnson, shot multiple times, was found in a car in the driveway. She told police Wierer shot her. She later died at the hospital. Wierer, who police and prosecutors said appeared intoxicated and had scratches on his arms, first claimed self-defense when attacked during an attempted robbery. He then said he shot Johnson as she was crawling away and cowering on the floor, and fired again as she fled outside. A prosecutor on the scene believed enough of the latter story to arrest him on a murder charge. Another complication arose by mid-summer: Prosecutors had to contend with an autopsy report that they said didn't match Wierer's story about shooting Johnson as she tried to hide or flee. The report showed that Johnson was shot in the front of her body, indicating to prosecutors that she was coming at Wierer. Wierer's intoxicated state at the time of his arrest, his previous documented fear of Johnson, the autopsy and other evidence led prosecutors to drop the case.

NRA opposing Philadelphia city on gun laws: "A Common Pleas Court judge will consider legal arguments from the city and the National Rifle Association today on whether five local gun-control laws passed last month should be enforced. Judge Jane Cutler Greenspan, who last month issued a temporary restraining order to keep the city from enforcing the laws, is considering whether to make the order permanent. The NRA, pointing to a state Supreme Court ruling from 1996, insists that only the state can regulate firearms. The city concedes that the state regulates lawful firearm ownership, but says the local laws are meant to control the illegal possession of firearms by criminals. "We have a responsibility to the citizens of this city to take whatever steps are lawful to try to address the gun violence in this city," City Solicitor Shelley Smith said after a hearing on the issue yesterday. Greenspan ordered the city and the NRA to condense their positions into writing"

A Democrat rival to the NRA: "The AHSA was started two years ago by Ricker, a former NRA assistant general counsel and longtime gun industry lobbyist, and Ray Schoenke, an avid hunter and former Washington Redskins lineman who ran unsuccessfully in 1998 for the Democratic nomination to be governor of Maryland. "There wouldn't be a need for the American Hunters & Shooters Association if the NRA was doing its job," Ricker said in an interview. "We really feel like the vast majority of sportsmen are under-represented." The AHSA wants to preserve the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns for recreation and self-defense. But it also wants to curb gun violence and gun crime. Ricker said the NRA's focus on absolute gun-ownership rights has made communities less safe and led that organization to support some politicians who have bad records on environmental conservation, which is important to hunters. The AHSA supports what Ricker called "common-sense" proposals such as the assault-weapons ban and requiring people who buy guns at gun shows to have the same criminal background checks required at gun stores....Ricker said the AHSA endorsed Obama after reviewing all of the major candidates' positions."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tennessee Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder: "A weekend home invasion has the TBI investigating the dramatic chain of events that led to the shooting of a would-be burglar. The incident happened in the Hamptons Crossroads area in White County. Police said would-be burglar, 32-year-old Brian Cook from Crossville, was interrupted by the homeowner. The homeowner said he received a phone call from his daughter about a strange man in the neighborhood banging on windows. The homeowner returned to find Cook coming out of his house. When the homeowner confronted Cook, the intruder reached for his gun, but the homeowner shot first - killing Cook. The White County Sheriff said the homeowner did have a permit to carry a gun and was within his right to protect himself."

This sounds like a tall story but strange things do happen: "on Jan. 29, Hampshire slipped out of their home without telling Sipple where she was going. He eventually got a call from her outside a Brooksville feed store and Sipple went to pick her up. Back home, Hampshire pulled a pistol on him and Sipple rushed her with a pillow in his hand. The gun went off. Hampshire was struck in the pinkie and the thigh. She collapsed on the floor, then picked up the gun and pointed it at Sipple again. A struggle ensued. The gun went off again, this time striking her somewhere between the chest and stomach. Hampshire limped off to the bedroom, laid down in a recliner and died. Sipple covered her completely with a blanket. He never called 911 or got help and spent the next two days at home with the body, according to the affidavit." [Forensic science might have tested the story but it seems that no such investigation was done]

KY: No guns allowed at NRA gathering : "A small but startling sign welcomed the gun lovers who arrived at the National Rifle Association's annual gathering Friday."Firearms WILL NOT be allowed in Hall A during the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum."Beyond this sign at the Kentucky Exposition Center was a row of 10 metal detectors. They were manned by uniformed Secret Service officers deployed because the scheduled speakers included presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. The Secret Service sets the rules in such circumstances, and even NRA big shots had to go through the screening."

Officer shoots pitbull in self defense : "A dog was shot and killed last week by an officer who was investigating an open door complaint. Pasadena Police Department Public Information Officer Vance Mitchell said officers were dispatched to the 1500 block of Lawrence in reference to an open door on May 6 at 7 a.m. "Upon arrival, the officer noted that the front door of the residence was wide open," he said. "The officer could see into the home that appeared to be vacant. As he approached the front door to inspect the home closer, he got within eight feet of the door and the adult female pit bull dog, growling viciously, ran straight out of the front door of the home to attack the police officer." Mitchell said the dog was at a full charge approximately 12 feet from the door and three feet from the officer. "He shot the dog," he said. "The officer then found another pit bull dog in the residence as well. Animal control was contacted and they took possession of the other pit bull as well as the one deceased." A witness to the shooting was a man who lived across the street. "He said he was coming out his front door when he saw the officer approach the front door and he saw the white dog trying to attack the officer," said Mitchell. "The witness said the officer had no choice but the shoot the dog. He said he knew the dog to be vicious and especially toward other dogs." The officers later learned that the residents had moved out of the house one week prior to the incident and had left the two dogs behind."

Monday, May 19, 2008

"If Obama wins, you lose," says gun law expert John M. Snyder.

"America's 80 million law-abiding, gun-owning voters will face serious threats to their individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms should Illinois' junior Senator be elected President," Snyder continued.

"Although Barack Hussein Obama now professes support for Second Amendment values in an obvious attempt to cynically and hypocritically garner as many votes as he can, his public record shows he is a die-hard opponent of law-abiding Americans' gun rights," Snyder added. "This record shows that he opposes the right of law-abiding citizens to use firearms to defend themselves and their loved ones from predatory, murderous criminals, that he opposes their right to defend life, the very right to life itself."

Snyder said that, "Obama's record in this regard is at least as bad as if not worse than the records of other statist-oriented Democrat Senators, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, his competitor for the Democrat presidential nomination, Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein, Edward Kennedy, Frank Lautenberg and Chuck Schumer. This guy Obama is bad news, real bad news.

"On the other hand, his march toward the White House can serve as a potent rallying point around which patriotic, freedom-loving Americans can coalesce in a battle for the soul of America in a political struggle to prevent the flag of liberty from being buried beneath the feet of the gun grabbers."

Snyder noted that Obama's anti-gun owner positions run counter to those of United States Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs, who indicated in a recent survey of American law enforcement command officers conducted by the National Association of Chiefs of Police that over 93 percent support the right of any law-abiding citizen to be able to purchase a firearm for sport or self-defense.

Snyder pointed out that, within the last 12 years, Obama has supported legislation to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns, to ban most of the privately held shotguns, target rifles and black powder rifles in Illinois, to allow law enforcement officials to forcibly enter private homes to confiscate banned firearms, and to ban shotguns with a bore of .50 caliber or more.

Obama has voted four times against legislation to protect homeowners from prosecution in cases where they used a firearm to halt a home invasion. He has called for federal legislation to prevent states from enacting laws enabling qualified, law-abiding citizens within their jurisdictions to carry concealed firearms, and in fact has spoken out generally against concealed carry laws. He even helped defeat an Illinois bill that would have allowed an individual to carry a concealed firearm when he or she had a valid order of protection against another person.

Obama voted twice in the U.S. Senate to hold firearm manufacturers, distributors, dealers and importers liable for the acts of criminals when he opposed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. He has called for a ban on the sale or transfer of all forms of semiautomatic rifles, shotguns and handguns.

Neither Obama nor Clinton signed the congressional amici brief supporting opposition to the Washington, D.C. statute banning the possession of a handgun in one's home in the currently considered Supreme Court case of District of Columbia v Heller, even though Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, did.

Snyder indicated that while Obama and many of the more well-known Democrat politicians are on the anti-gun bandwagon, this is not necessarily true of all Democrat politicians. "In fact," he said, "many of the Democrats are solid on the issue of gun rights. In time, let us hope they will be able to take command of their party and throw Obama and Clinton and the others into political oblivion where they belong."


Sniper vents his feelings: "A US sniper has been thrown out of Iraq for using a copy of the Koran for target practice, the Associated Press reports. A US commander had to hold a formal ceremony apologising to Sunni tribal leaders after the incident came to light. Iraqi police found the bullet-riddled Koran with graffiti inside the cover on a firing range near a police station in Radwaniyah, AP said. The ceremony of apology reportedly included a US officer kissing a new copy of Islam's holy book before giving it to the tribal leaders."

VA: Gun rights activists protest sign in Boones Mill: "Wearing blaze orange stickers that read `GUNS SAVE LIVES,' nearly 40 members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League came from as far away as Bristol, Virginia Beach, Richmond and Northern Virginia to protest a sign at the tiny Boones Mill town hall requesting that guns not be brought into the building. Several people at the town council meeting also carried guns in hip holsters, and others said they had concealed weapons. They told Mayor Ben Flora and town council members that the sign violated their rights, was discriminatory and was potentially dangerous."

CA: Angry crowd confronts cops after man shot dead: "A man shot and killed by officers Saturday had been harassing residents and threatening to commit suicide in the final minutes of his life, police said Sunday. Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Officer identified the victim as Roketi Mosesue, a 46-year-old Long Beach man of Samoan decent. Mosesue was killed following a scuffle with two police officers .. After the shooting, an angry mob of about 40 people surrounded the officers, threatening them and forcing cops to call for backup. . The crowd dispersed when backup arrived, however, and officers were not injured. . Police got into a fight with the man in the street moments after arriving, even using their batons to control him, but were ineffective, [Long Beach Police Spokeswoman Nancy] Pratt said. When the battle spiraled out-of-control, an officer shot the man several times to `protect himself and the life of his partner,' Pratt said."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Florida: This old guy was clearly in immediate danger from an aggressive young guy. How come he got convicted of anything?

A jury on Friday evening convicted Jose Tapanes of manslaughter, despite his contention he acted in self-defense in the predawn shotgunning of a neighbor in The Acreage. Tapanes, 63, faces a maximum of 30 years in prison when he is sentenced June 9. The jury returned the verdict after six hours of deliberation, which followed a five-day trial.

Tapanes, seated at the defense table, shook his head after the verdict was read. His attorney, Public Defender Carey Haughwout, slipped an arm around his shoulders. Haughwout said she planned to appeal.

"I think the family is pleased with the verdict," Assistant State Attorney Andy Slater said.

Christopher Cote, 19, had moved in with his family across the street from Tapanes in September 2006 when the two argued as Cote walked his dog after 3 a.m. Cote then got in his Jeep, drove up Tapanes' driveway, got out and knocked on his door. When Tapanes opened the door, he fired twice into Cote's gut with a pistol grip pump shotgun, killing him.

Cote's mother, Janet Murphy, wiped at tears after the verdict was read. She left the courtroom without a word.

Tapanes faced a first-degree murder charge, which could have sent him to prison for life. But he was convicted only of manslaughter with a firearm. Neighbors said shortly after the shooting that Tapanes lived an eccentric life - he went through their trash religiously - and lived in a falling-down house with five dogs and several chickens. But he never seemed violent.

"The problem could have been resolved by a simple call to 911," Slater said in closing arguments. "This isn't a case of self-defense. It's a case of an angry man ... territorial in nature." Slater didn't dispute that Cote was foolish for resuming the confrontation on Tapanes' property. "Because we do something foolish, doesn't mean we deserve to legally die for that," he said.

But Haughwout pointed out that Cote's family didn't call 911 either. Instead, they ran after him, futilely shouting for him to come back. Tapanes, she said, had good reason to fear for his life. "He did what he had a right to do," she said. "He armed himself."

Slater and co-prosecutor Adam McMichael argued at trial that Tapanes' first shot knocked Cote down, but was not fatal. At that point, they said, Tapanes could have retreated inside his home, because any perceived danger had passed. Instead, he fired a blast to Cote's abdomen that severed his aorta.

Haughwout defended the second shot. "You don't stop until you know the threat is eliminated," she said. Slater countered, "If you're afraid, you don't open the door."


Pa.: Trespasser shot: "Timothy Louis Morrison, Jr., of 966 Chestnut St., Freeland, was arraigned Thursday on charges of robbery and burglary and two counts of criminal trespass. Police say he entered the back door of Antoinette Blacer's home at 968 Chestnut St. on Tuesday. Blacer shot Morrison in the upper body with her semi-automatic pistol in self-defense, and he required hospital treatment, police said. According to the affidavit, Blacer heard yelling, then a sound of banging from her back door. Her daughter, Laurie Harper, was screaming to let her in. But as Blacer let Harper inside, Morrison was holding onto her arm, trying to pull her back. Blacer told police he was yelling, "I want my money!" As he began shoving, Blacer screamed, "Get out of my house! Get out of my house!" During the shoving match, Blacer grabbed a small black pistol from a cabinet and hit Morrison with it several times. The gun went off, Blacer told police, and Morrison was hit. He fled the house."

Ma.: Crackhead shot: "Before firing the shots that killed a knife-wielding suspect, two city police officers tried to subdue the man with pepper spray, but he charged up a stairway toward them, police said. "He makes the choice that determines their response," Police Chief Ronald Teachman said. Mr. Tierney of 5 Ellen St. was shot to death after he reportedly ran at the officers while armed with two knives. Chief Teachman said police believe Mr. Tierney was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time. "His behavior might have been consistent with smoking crack cocaine," the chief said... According to police, the incident occurred around 4:50 p.m. when officers responded to a report of a knife-wielding man threatening a neighbor on Ellen Street, located off Brock Avenue. The neighbor told police he was turning on his lawn sprinklers when Mr. Tierney, armed with two large kitchen knives, unexpectedly assaulted him. The neighbor told police he was chased onto his front porch and ran inside his house, where he called 911. The neighbor told police he did not know Mr. Tierney and said he had not done anything to provoke him. "The victim described the assailant as acting crazy and that his eyes were bugging out," Chief Teachman said. "The victim was terrified." Police said a coffee table close to the spot where Mr. Tierney was at the bottom of the stairway had a dozen or more beer cans on it and paraphernalia consistent with the use of crack cocaine. Police said Mr. Tierney's actions were consistent with someone under the influence of crack, and also noted his extensive criminal record that recently included a five-year jail sentence for unarmed robbery."

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stupid Massachusetts law: "The racket came from the dark kitchen area, and it startled David Crest as he slept in the office of his Hanover catering business. He suspected he was being burglarized again, and as he crept toward the noise, he grabbed the Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun he had kept by his side. "Freeze," he screamed. Crest believed he had finally caught the culprit who had taken thousands of dollars in meats, alcohol, and equipment from the shop. But when he flicked on the lights, still aiming his shotgun, and saw the intruder, he felt betrayed like never before: It was, he said, his head chef. "How many times have you broken in here before?" Crest demanded. The man ran out the door, and Crest fired several warning shots. He was determined, he said, to protect his property. But police say he went too far by trying to take the law into his own hands. Now there are two defendants. Crest, 39, of Marshfield will be arraigned next week before the same court that arraigned John F. O'Connor, 43, the man accused of stealing from him. Crest is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling."

IA: Des Moines homeowner corners burglar in garage: "A Des Moines homeowner fired a gun during a burglary this morning but it was only a warning shot. Randy Owens, 42, said he fired a shot into an old furnace so the burglar would know he wasn't holding a BB gun. He said he did not shoot at the burglar. A police report earlier indicated that Owens fired at the intruder but he said this afternoon that he intentionally fired away from the burglar. Owens heard a garage alarm about 5:30 a.m. and went to investigate. A side door had been kicked open; it had the outline of a large footprint on it. The lock was broken. When he entered his shop, Owens said he noticed someone under one of his tables. Police said in a report: "He told the suspect to come out and a verbal argument ensued. As they argued Randy stated that he drew his 9 mm handgun. The suspect lunged forward, striking Randy in the forearm with a cane." Owens said the man pleaded with him to let him go. Owens tried to hold him in the garage until police arrived but the man kept coming at him and Owens allowed him to get away. The man ran off in the dark and police arrived a few minutes later."

Wal-Mart to Videotape Gun Buyers: "Is America's largest retailer getting out of the hunting and fishing business? If not, it certainly seems to be cutting back. Earlier this year, Wal-Mart told fishing tackle suppliers that their gear -- like fabrics and other "rural products" -- might be removed from some stores altogether, or at least be stocked only seasonally. That doesn't mean Wal-Mart is getting out of the fishing business, company executives said. Nor is the company turning its back on hunters, they added. But recently, Wal-Mart joined New York mayor Michael Bloomberg at a gathering of his group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, to announce a series of changes to the way the company handles firearm transactions. In the future, firearm purchases at Wal-Mart will involve a video record of the sale, which the store will keep on file as a database of gun buyers. Employees also will be given the discretion to deny firearms sales to anyone who's had a firearm traced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for any reason. It's unclear whether the cost of the new video system will be pushed, at least partially, onto arms and ammunition makers or consumers. In the meantime, the National Rifle Association is urging hunters and shooters to contact Wal-Mart to show displeasure with the change. Wal-Mart can be reached at 800-925-6278 or"

Nice shot! Court kills NYC gun law: "The media have been telling us to watch the gun-control case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, where we await a decision about Americans' Second Amendment rights. But the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals just handed down an equally important gun decision that has additional implications against judicial supremacy. The court, which convenes in New York City, shot down the longtime liberal dream of achieving gun control by suing gun manufacturers for crimes committed by firearms. In a remarkable decision, this federal appellate court dismissed City of New York v. Beretta U.S.A. Corp. and protected gun corporations against frivolous lawsuits in state and federal courts. The lawsuit was brought by the City of New York in order to seek control over gun suppliers. At stake was not merely money but also whether liberals would obtain from judicial activists the gun control they could not get from legislatures. This decision provides a road map for how Congress should withdraw jurisdiction from judicial supremacists in other fields, too. The decision is a sweeping affirmation of Congress' power to stop future and pending lawsuits in federal and state courts."

Friday, May 16, 2008

GA: Teen killed by homeowner had previous burglary arrest: "The teenage boy who was shot to death last week while trying to break into a northwest Atlanta home has been identified as Merterries Burton, authorities said. Merterries, 15, was a student at Forrest Hills Academy, an alternative school for middle and high school students with discipline problems, according to an Atlanta police report. Friday afternoon, Merterries and two other boys were trying to kick in the back door of a home on Hawkins Street when the resident, 26-year-old Jeff Fraser, grabbed a gun and fired at least eight shots at the intruders, police said. The others fled when Merterries was shot and remained at large Wednesday. Homicide investigator J. Thorpe Jr. said Wednesday the shooting appeared to be in self-defense, but he is still investigating. Fraser's home had been burglarized twice earlier this month, on May 2 and May 4, Thorpe said. In April, Atlanta police arrested Merterries in another burglary case in the same area, Thorpe said. Thorpe said he didn't know why burglars were targeting Fraser's house, but said it is one of the nicer homes in the neighborhood. In the shooting, Merterries suffered gunshot wounds to his face and neck and died at the scene, authorities said. According to the police report, he lived in an apartment on Chappell Road, less than a half-mile from the Hawkins Street home."

No compromise: An interview with Aaron Zelman: "Aaron Zelman is executive director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, a pro-Second Amendment group based in Milwaukee.THE NEW AMERICAN: What is your organization's main goal? Aaron Zelman: Our main goal is to destroy gun control. We are an organization that believes we have the moral authority to point out to the rest of the world the evils that have come from gun control and how humanity has suffered because of gun-control schemes."

Bill Would Renew Federal Assault Weapons Ban: "With gun control looming as a potential critical issue in the 2008 election cycle, pressure is building on Congress to pass legislation reenacting the federal assault weapons ban. The original federal ban on assault weapons expired on Sept. 13, 2004, when Congress failed to reenact it. One bill to revive the assault weapons ban has already been introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D, New York, 4th). McCarthy's Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007, (H.R. 1022), would reenact the ban for ten years. Along with reinstating federal criminal penalties involving possession or transfer of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices, H.R. 1022 would expand the definition of "semiautomatic assault weapon" to include semiautomatic-to-fully-automatic conversion kits and any semiautomatic rifle or pistol that accepts a detachable magazine and that has other characteristics of assault weapons, including telescoping stocks, threaded barrels and pistol grips"

Czech it out: My favorite handgun: "My favorite pistol is the CZ B SA in .40 S&W. The first time I fired it at the range it was like I had been shooting with it for years. It happens to fit my hand extraordinarily well, and the grip angle and three-dot sights make sighting fast and easy. The all-steel construction gives it considerable heft, reducing recoil quite a lot compared with polymer guns (I also have a Glock 22). These features let me bring it back on target quickly after each round. "

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oregon man draws gun in self-defense: "The Brookings Police Department hasn't gotten much sleep in the past 24 hours, as a Brookings man drew a gun on multiple individuals on Monday. In a series of recent incidents, Brookings Police Officers have arrested twelve individuals in multiple cases. On 05-12-08 at about 7:25 p.m., Officers were dispatched to McDonald's restaurant, 815 Chetco Avenue in Brookings, Oregon for a report of a fight between multiple subjects. While in-route to the call, officers were notified one of the individuals involved in the fight was waving a gun. Police officers arrived on the scene less than one minute later and found Kerry Von Pohle pointing a revolver towards Kevin Eber and Jacob Shelton. Officers drew their firearms and commanded Von Pohle to put his weapon down. Von Pohle complied with these commands. An investigation revealed Von Pohle had drawn his gun in self-defense. Kevin Eber had thrown a partially full beer can, striking Von Pohle's car. Von Pohle asked Eber why and Eber became violent, telling Von Pohle he was going to kill him. During that exchange, Shelton attacked Von Pohle, striking him with closed fists and slamming his head into a parked car. Von Pohle attempted to fend off the attack but realized Eber was closing in on him as well. Von Pohle drew his concealed 9mm revolver (for which he had a weapon permit) and pointed it at both subjects telling them if they came any closer he would shoot. The suspects stopped their advance. Von Pohle also had called 911 to notify police. Eber was arrested within minutes and lodged; Shelton had left the scene and was later arrested."

Florida Business Owner Shoots At Suspects After Walking In On Robbery: "Orange County deputies are searching for one of two armed suspects who got into a shootout with a man when he caught them burglarizing his business and it happened next to a daycare full of children. The shootout happened at the All Family Chiropractic Center in Pine Hills and, with bullets flying into a busy street, investigators said it's amazing no one was hit. The suspects never got to fill their U-Haul with any loot. They ditched it a short distance from the office where witnesses heard the owner exchange gunfire with two men who broke into his business. Investigators said the owner was checking out a burglar alarm at his office when he caught two men in the act. "When they see him, they are armed, and they open fire on him. He also was armed and he returns fire on them," said Jeff Williamson, Orange County Sheriff's Office. Deputies caught one of the men soon after they parked the U-Haul between two houses."

Australian police tired of their old-fashioned revolvers: "The police union will seek legal advice about whether force command has been negligent by failing to issue them with semi-automatic weapons. The move follows the wounding of an officer Tuesday night's deadly shootout, and union calls for Victorian police to be armed with semi-automatic pistols. Senior Constable David McHenry, 27, of Prahran police, was shot by violent criminal Samir Ograzden during a foot pursuit in South Melbourne when police seized drugs and a gun from a car Ograzden was in. Snr Sgt Mullett yesterday said he believed Snr Const McHenry was re-loading his gun when he was shot in the leg but police media today said the injured officer denied that... Ms Nixon said Victoria Police was allocated $10 million in the 2007-08 state budget to consider firearms the force would use in future. An external advisory committee had recommended the force move to semi-automatic weapons, she said. It currently issues .38 calibre Smith and Wesson revolvers."

Georgia Governor Permits Guns In Restaurants, MARTA: "Governor Sonny Perdue on Wednesday signed legislation allowing guns in restaurants, on public transportation and in parks. A number of groups and had urged Perdue to veto the measure saying it could lead to increased violence. Among them were the Georgia Restaurant Association, MARTA and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin also opposes the bill. It was backed by the National Rifle Association. The new law would only apply to the roughly 300,000 Georgians that have concealed weapons permits. Those permit holders have passed criminal background checks."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Arizona Store Owner Shoots Robber With Robber's Gun: "A store owner wrestled a gun away from an armed robber and shot the man three times Monday, Phoenix police said. The would-be robber entered Soccer City shortly before 6 p.m., pointed a gun at owner Lionel Sanchez and demanded money, according to police. Sanchez told police the robber was talking to someone on the phone and indicated he planned to shoot. When the robber momentarily let his guard down, police said, Sanchez lunged for the gun and wrestled it away, then shot the intruder. The robber was taken to a hospital in stable condition. Police did not release his identity, but said he would be jailed upon his release from the hospital. Sanchez will not face charges. "Right now, initially, it looks like it's a case of self-defense," said Sgt. Phil Roberts. When asked why he was bold enough to go after the gun, Sanchez revealed he has studied karate for the past five years.

GA: Law protects armed homeowners: "In Georgia and more than 18 other states, you would be in no legal troubles, because those states have similar versions of a 'defense of habitation' law, sometimes known as the Castle Doctrine or, by its pejorative, the 'Make My Day' law. Modeled after a law passed in 1987 by the Oklahoma Legislature, and a similar one in Florida years later, the Georgia version has been tweaked and amended in recent years. Instead of justifying the use of deadly force only when the intruder makes a 'violent and tumultuous' entrance that causes the resident to expect to be assaulted, or causing the resident to believe that the intruder is about to commit a felony, Georgia in 2001 added a section to its defense of habitation law authorizing use of deadly force against any intruder -- not a family member -- who forcibly enters a residence. 'It does give (a resident) a little more leeway to defend himself without having to ask so many questions,' said University of Georgia Law Professor Donald E. Wilkins Jr. 'You shouldn't have to ask questions of intruders and then shoot to protect yourself. You ought not to have to interview them.'"

Lautenberg's travesty goes to the Supreme Court: "For many years the United States Government could not deprive you of your rights, without due process of law and a felony conviction. However, since the passage of the Lautenberg Amendment in 1996 tens of thousands of Americans have been deprived of their right to keep and bear arms for mere misdemeanors. Lautenberg's logic is if you commit any violent act then you should be deprived the use of firearms. The law enacted in 1996 was retroactive, meaning it not only affected future action but past actions as well. ... This law has irritated me for twelve years, as it clearly is unconstitutional. Finally, the legality of this act will face the scrutiny of the United States Supreme Court."

The Old Grey Mare : "Some handguns have long and illustrious histories. Some are beautiful, handsome or "fine", and there are even awe-inspiring movie stars like the custom long-barrel AutoMag used by Dirty Harry. I have a work horse. It's not pretty, shoots a half-assed round, isn't fast, isn't special in any way. But it's mine. The S&W 669. One of the alloy-frame "wonder 9s", 12 rounds in the magazine but fits the 15 round magazines of the "full sized" S&W pistols, as well as the 30 round magazines I kept seeing in the catalogs during the 10-round-limit high-cap magazine ban. Talk about an insane law, all it did was sell more of them. Over time I've found out that it's roughly based upon the 1911 action, but without the figure-8 cam. There is a "slap" when the gun is fired where the 1911 has more of a "push", maybe the extra moving parts in the 1911 are there for a reason. Colonel Cooper dubbed the basic design a "crunch-ticker", since the gun can be fired with the hammer down, but the hammer remains back after the action cycles so that subsequent shots have single-action ease. It may not be able to put the first two shots into the same hole (is there an echo in here?), but it is carried with the hammer down even when the safety is off, which is a comfort when carrying concealed. It also means there is no protruding hammer cocking surface. Someone who owned it before me also rounded over the front sight. It's very smooth overall, and doesn't catch on clothing at all when being drawn".

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


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There's an upcoming trial in New York City involving a gun shop owner who was sued by the city. But in this trial, lawyers for Mayor Bloomberg are asking the judge to ban any reference to the Second Amendment during the trial.

What the hell? We're supposed to be a nation of laws, and these LAWyers want any mention of the supreme law of the land barred from a legal proceeding?

The trial is set to start May 27. It actually involved a gun shop here in our home state of Georgia called Adventure Outdoors. New York City is claiming that this store is responsible for a disproportionate number of firearms recovered from New York City criminals. This isn't the only gun shop New York City is taking to task ... this is just one of 27 out-of-state gun shops being sued by New York City.

In this case a motion has been filed for Judge Jack Weinstein not to allow the store's lawyers to argue that the suit infringes on any Second Amendment rights of the gun store or its customers. Bloomberg's lawyer who filed the motion is seeking a ban on "any references" to the amendment. The brief says, "Any references by counsel to the Second Amendment or analogous state constitutional provisions are likewise irrelevant."

Irrelevant. Gotta love it. Our Constitution is irrelevant.

CA: Muslim shooter escapes with his life -- so far: "Abdullah ran away from his family in New York in July 2001 to join an Islamic camp in the Tulare County foothills. A month later, he ran off and broke into an unoccupied home near Dunlap in rural Fresno County. When Fresno County sheriff's deputy Erik Telen, 26, and his partner entered the house to investigate, Abdullah shot and killed Telen. Abdullah, who suffers from schizophrenia, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. If convicted of first-degree murder and found to be sane, he faces the death penalty. During Abdullah's trial in March and April, defense attorneys acknowledged that Abdullah shot and killed Telen, but said Abdullah was delusional at the time of the crime. Jones told jurors that Abdullah should be found guilty of second-degree murder because he thought he was acting in self-defense. Prosecutor Dennis Peterson, however, said Abdullah should be convicted of first-degree murder because there was no evidence Abdullah was delusional when he shot Telen. Peterson said Abdullah's true motive is a mystery. After a week of deliberations, all but one of the 12 jurors wanted to find Abdullah guilty of first-degree murder. The lone holdout never budged, and the jury announced it was hopelessly deadlocked."

Pa: Thug pleads guilty over death of fellow gunman: "More than three years ago, someone shot 17-year-old Deon Johnson to death during a fierce gun battle in the now-closed Griffith Heights housing complex in Aliquippa. Cotman, 31, of Ambridge, pleaded guilty to a single count of involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced by Beaver County Judge Richard Mancini to between 21 and 42 months in state prison for the April 14, 2005, killing of Johnson. Cotman was never accused of shooting Johnson. Instead, prosecutors said that Cotman put Johnson in harm's way, setting off a chain of events that led to the shooting. Aliquippa police said that Cotman drove Johnson into Griffith Heights, where the two jumped out of their car, ducked behind doors and begin firing at people standing nearby. Someone in the crowd fired back, hitting Johnson once in the head. Police said that Cotman threw Johnson back into his car, drove off and then dumped Johnson along Monaca Road. Under questioning by defense attorney Stephen Colafella, Cotman responded, "Yes, we had a gunfight." Cotman wasn't in Beaver County Court Monday. Instead, he appeared in court through a video feed. In March, Cotman was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after his guilty pleas on federal crack cocaine possession charges. Berosh said the person who fired the fatal shot that killed Johnson has never been identified. Even if he or she were, Berosh said, it could be argued successfully that that person was acting in self-defense, since Cotman and Johnson fired first."

Monday, May 12, 2008

States consider limiting toy guns: "Concerns that realistic-looking toy weapons are confusing police and threatening safety have led 15 states to try going beyond gun control and cracking down on fake firearms. Officer Micheal Hoover knows a fair amount about guns as a sniper instructor for a Tennessee SWAT team. He recalls the night two years ago when a car pulled up beside him on a highway and the passenger waved what looked like an Uzi. "It scared me," he said. "If anyone is in their right mind, I don't see how it wouldn't." Hoover was off duty and called for police help. A 20-year-old man was charged with aggravated assault after police found a black plastic Uzi submachine gun under the car's passenger seat, but he was acquitted because jurors felt the officer should have been able to tell it was only a toy."

Guns in restaurants draw stares but little outcry: "In Virginia, gun owners are allowed to carry firearms in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, as long as the restaurant permits it and they carry their weapon openly. Legislation to allow concealed weapons in restaurants serving alcohol passed the General Assembly this year, but was vetoed by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine. The patrons at Champps, an upscale restaurant and bar chain, were eating ribs and drinking beer on a recent Saturday when customer Bruce Jackson stood up and made an announcement: He was armed, and so were dozens of other patrons. The armed customers stood up in unison, showing off holstered pistols and revolvers. Jackson said a word or two about the rights of gun owners to carry firearms in Virginia, then thanked everyone for their attention and sat down. And the diners returned to their burgers and Budweisers. The Virginia Citizens Defense League organized the dinner at Champps to prove a point: that the presence of armed customers in northern Virginia restaurants would elicit little more than shrugs. The dinner - and several other restaurant visits throughout northern Virginia last month - were a response to comments from the majority leader in the state Senate, Democrat Richard Saslaw, who said during a legislative debate that armed patrons would be unwelcome in northern Virginia restaurants."

MD cops shoot madwoman: "Howard police officers shot an erratic 62-year-old Columbia woman armed with a knife at her senior citizen apartment complex in self-defense, the county police chief said Thursday. "Preliminarily, it looks like our officers acted appropriately," said Howard County Police Chief William McMahon at police headquarters Thursday. "They were faced with a woman threatening them with a very large knife." Police said Pearl Harris went into her bedroom and returned waving a large knife at Officer Matthew Mehrer on Wednesday. A second officer, Pfc. Mark Baxter, ordered Harris to drop the knife, but she instead lunged at Mehrer. Baxter fired once, striking Harris in the hip, police said. Harris was expected to be released Thursday from the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore City and transported to a psychiatric facility, police said."

Fool Shot After Police Chase: "A Milwaukee police officer shot and wounded a man during the weekend, authorities said. Department spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said officers responding to a report of shots being fired found about 20 men getting ready to fight at a gas station parking lot Friday just before midnight. She said in a news release that a 20-year-old man reached into his waistband during a subsequent chase, crouched down and turned toward an officer, who then shot the man. The man, who is a known gang member, sustained what were believed to be non-life threatening injuries, Schwartz said. The 30-year-old officer who fired the shot was placed on administrative duty pending completion of the investigation, the department spokeswoman said."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nevada: New Details in Deadly Home Burglary: "Police are investigating a shooting at a Las Vegas home that left two people dead Thursday night. Police say a man told them that he and his wife came home and were met by a burglar in their house. According to officers, the burglar shot and killed the woman and the husband then shot and killed the burglar. Some neighbors were crying as they learned of their neighbor's tragic death. Police say the couple returned to their home on Friday night around 9 p.m. and surprised a burglar. Police say the burglar was someone the couple knew and had hired in the past to do work at the home. The female victim, Sharon Randolph, had lived in the neighborhood for 12 years. According to police, a handyman the couple had hired broke into the house and was burglarizing it when they came home. Police say the suspect shot and killed the Randolph. Police say that new husband struggled with the burglar and ended up shooting the man to death in the garage."

New York: Suspect shot during home invasion: "City Police officers early today were called to the scene of a home invasion in southeast Rochester residence. According to Monroe County emergency dispatchers, officers were called to 120 Laburnum Crescent, just before 1 a.m. A 20-year-old man at the residence told police he answered a knock on his front door and found a 25-year-old male pointing a weapon at him, said Rochester Police Officer Deidre Taccone. Officers did not release the name of either man. The intruder allegedly ordered man into the house and told him to get other residents together in the house, Taccone said. The 20-year-old man, while gathering others in the house, went into another room and retrieved a shotgun. A struggle between the two men ensued and the 20-year-old man shot the intruder in the back. The injured man ran from the home, leaving his weapon at the scene, and walked into Highland Hospital for assistance. He was reportedly taken to Strong Memorial Hospital within injuries that were not considered life-threatening, according to Monroe County emergency dispatchers. No other injuries were reported."

Texas: Neighbor Shoots, Kills Donut Shop Robber: "A Fort Worth businesswoman was almost robbed at her shop, but a neighbor comes to her rescue. In the end, the man suspected of the crime is shot and killed. Chong Im Randle, who friends call Angel, described her conversation with the would-be robber. "I say you not to shoot. Okay, you kill me I'm going to heaven. You go to jail." Randal says 45-year-old Richard Lane wore a mask when he broke into Happy Donuts around 1:30 a.m., with what looked like a rifle. He stole money from the cash drawer, beat Randal up and tried to steal her car. "I grabbed my telephone," Randal explained. "He said, don't call police. I say I gotta do something." Meanwhile her neighbor, 54-year-old Stanley Livingston, heard the commotion next door, grabbed his shotgun and ran over to help. That's when Lane allegedly pointed his gun at Livingston, who fired one shot killing the robber. Fort Worth defense attorney Trey Loftin told CBS 11 News, "We're a gun toting state. We have a lot of John Wayne in our blood. We're gonna shoot first and ask questions later." Loftin says Livingston will most likely not be charged. Randal, who says this morning's robbery was the second in two weeks, is grateful her neighbor was there. "If my neighbor no come, what is gone happen? I might die." According to Fort Worth police Lane was armed with a BB gun rifle during the robbery. State records indicate Lane had an extensive criminal history, including aggravated assault and aggravated robbery."

Arizona: Man shoots, kills robbery suspect in truck: "A Phoenix man shot and killed a suspected robber Thursday, claiming it was a case of self-defense, police said. The man heard his truck start up in his driveway on the 3000 block of West Flynn Lane at around 12:45 a.m. When he went outside with a gun to investigate, he saw his truck had just been stolen and a man was driving away in it, police said. The suspect then made a U-turn and drove toward the man who was standing on the sidewalk, police said. He fired several shots at the suspect in the truck, hitting him fatally, police said. The suspect lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a wall. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Phoenix police detectives are investigating the death and working with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. The man has not been arrested in the shooting, police said."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tennessee: Car Burglar Shot by Vehicle's Owner and Held at Gunpoint: "Memphis Police say a man caught stealing from a car was shot by the owner of the vehicle and held at gunpoint until police arrived. Police say the incident happened around 3:00 a.m., Friday, May 9, 2008, on Parakeet Drive in the Westwood area of Memphis. The owner of the burglarized SUV says he and his wife woke up to the sound of a big crash and his dogs barking. The man went outside to find out what was going on, and discovered a crook dangling from his SUV trying to steal items from inside. According to the vehicle's owner, he repeatedly told the accused car burglar to get out of the SUV. He says he was not able to see the burglar's hands and did not know if the suspect had a weapon, so he shot the crook in the buttocks. Investigators say the man then walked the accused burglar to the front porch of the house and held him there at gunpoint until police and an ambulance arrived. The accused burglar was taken to the Med in non-critical condition. Police say the SUV owner will not be charged.

Georiga teen killed breaking into home: "A 24-year-old man shot and killed a teenage intruder Friday after the youth and some other juveniles tried to break into the his northwest Atlanta home, police said. The shooting occurred around 1:15 p.m. at 1426 Hawkins St., off Chappell Road, police said. The victim was 16 years old, said Lt. Keith Meadows, commander of the Atlanta Police Department homicide unit. His name was not made public Friday afternoon. Meadows said several juveniles tried break in through a back door. They had broken a glass window pane and were trying to kick in the door, said Sgt. Lisa Keyes, a police spokeswoman. It was not clear if the suspects got the door open before the resident, who was home alone, grabbed a handgun from his back bedroom and shot fired at least eight shots, hitting the 16-year-old at least once in the face, Meadows said. Several of the bullets struck the door, police said. The other suspects ran away. Meadows said it appears that the man acted in self defense. His home had been burglarized two other times this week, and detectives were trying to determine if all the burglaries are linked. Meadows also said the teenage boy who was shot might have been arrested recently by Atlanta police on an unrelated burglary charge."

My new normal: "The state of Ohio says that I am now allowed to carry a concealed handgun. The license itself is a little plastic thing, similar to my drivers license. I keep looking at it, somewhat bemused. It bears a photo of me looking grim, some personal information, and a number that I can only assume represents my place in the line of people who have applied and been accepted before me, and those that will come after. Such a simple thing, and yet. ... As we pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street, Mike said, 'There. It's official. You are a now free person, no longer a subject.' I looked over at him and started laughing. I felt my world change. It's a wild feeling -- enormous freedom and enormous responsibility all at once."

Ohio Senate votes to strengthen self defense rights: "Ohioans should have the ability to use force and, if necessary, deadly force to defend themselves and their family against a violent intruder in their home. That belief is the genesis behind an important bill passed by the Senate in recent weeks. Senate Bill 184, legislation I am proud to cosponsor, would establish Ohio's "Castle Doctrine." For centuries, people have respected the idea that a man's home is his castle, and he should have the right to defend it and those inside from harm. This age-old adage has initiated a push for stronger self defense laws in several states over the years, including Ohio. While Ohio recognizes a person's right to self defense, current state law places the criminal and civil burden on a victim, not their attacker, to prove in court that they were truly acting to defend themselves from serious harm. For example, if a burglar wielding a gun breaks into your home and you choose to defend your family by shooting that person, you would be forced to defend your actions in front of a jury. No innocent Ohioan, who has just been through such a traumatic experience, should be put in that difficult position. SB 184 works to eliminate this unfair burden"