Sunday, October 15, 2017

Indiana Lawmaker Turns Tables on Professional Journalists

An Indiana Representative is forcing the establishment media to look in the mirror and face their hypocrisy. He is proposing the First Amendment in Indiana be treated the same as the Second Amendment. His proposal is that journalists be required to apply for a license before they are allowed to publish. If they have felony convictions, they might not be allowed to publish. From
Lucas, from Seymour, has been critical of the media’s coverage of his efforts to repeal a state law that requires a permit to carry a handgun.

He has stated reporters, columnists and editorial boards mischaracterize his idea, which is sometimes referred to as “constitutional carry.”

“If I was as irresponsible with my handgun as the media has been with their keyboard, I’d probably be in jail,” Lucas said.

The proposal would require professional journalists to submit an application with Indiana State Police. They would be fingerprinted and would have to pay $75 for a lifetime license.
Lenin, the famous Communist, was reported to have made a similar point, as recorded in Lord Riddell's Diary of the Peace Conference, published in 1934. The entry was written in 1920
  “Why should a Government which is doing what it believes to be right allow itself to be criticised? It would not allow opposition by lethal weapons. Ideas are much more fatal things than guns. And as to the freedom of the Press, why should any man be allowed to buy a printing press and disseminate pernicious opinions calculated to embarrass the Government?”
Lenin's point that ideas are far more dangerous than guns is a good one. Lucas is highlighting journalists' hypocrisy. They use the freedom of the First Amendment to attack the Second Amendment. They insist on First Amendment protections while promoting the denial of Second Amendment protections.

Jim Lucas has a leadership position in the Indiana House of Representatives. He is the Assistant Majority Whip.  From
Prior to being elected to the General Assembly, Rep. Lucas served on the Seymour City Council. He also owns a local small business, The Awning Guy, Inc.
Rep. Lucas is active in the community. He is a memberof Immanuel Lutheran Church, the American Legion, the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America National Association for Gun Rights, Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association and the NFIB.

As a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a small business owner, Rep. Lucas brings valuable experience to policy discussions. His biggest priorities at the Statehouse are jobs, fiscal integrity, education and protecting the right to bear arms.
Representatives in Indiana are not separated from the people by much. A district in Indiana has a population of about 65 thousand people. A representatives salary, alone, would put them near the poverty level. They have to be able to support themselves.

Lucas is a citizen politician. He knows he will have to live under the rules he crafts. He is part of the Republican revolution in the states, a grass roots revolution that is pushing out the "progressive" Republicans who have more loyalty to the establishment elite than to the people they represent. It is difficult to say if this Marine could keep his integrity after 20 years in public office. Many have not.

At the moment, this former Army officer gives a "Well done Marine!" to Representative Jim Lucas.

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ScienceABC123 said...

Strictly from a teaching point of view I like this idea!!!

Anonymous said...

All rights are equal. This is why I helped a friend write a civics course for tenth graders. get people educated on what is in the constitution and why. Opinions are not laws what is written is all that is enforceable. the constitution is a contract between the people and the government. neither side can change the contract without the approval of the other. we the citizens can not ad words or make up our own laws. the government can not change, ad, ignore or substitute words without our approval. the tenth amendment created a separation of powers between the federal government and the states. the states are required to enforce federal laws and the federal constitution above their own. there is too much confusion caused by people ignorant of the constitution and how it works. too damn many of the ignorant get elected. Many state officials are bordering on the crime of sedition. many in Congress are close to treason. Studying the constitution may be boring to some but necessary for all that want to stay free. we fought a war to get the constitution and we may have to fight a war to keep it.