Saturday, June 30, 2018

OH: Dog Bites Man, gets Shot

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- A man on a walk with his wife shot and killed a dog Tuesday night after it attacked him and bit him twice in the leg, according to reports.
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Anonymous said...

dumb-a** mfkrs who let their "poor doggies" get off-leash can expect them to get shot up when they attack, same as 2-legged "offenders"

Wireless.Phil said...

TV video, wound dripping infection!
Canton, Ohio south of Cleveland

Man mistakenly
attacked by K-9
wants answers

Wireless.Phil said...

Back in the 60's, we'd let our dog free at night, always showed up the next morning.
Only complaint we got was from the owner of brown dog, a female on the corner, our dog kept her knocked-up.