Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Legally-Armed Father Kills Masked Gunman Who Shot Up Alabama McDonald's

Birmingham, Ala., McDonald's attacked by masked gunman. (Screenshot)
A legally-armed father protected his two sons and store employees at a Birmingham, Alabama McDonald’s restaurant Saturday night when a masked gunman entered and opened fire.
When the gunman began shooting, the father drew his gun, shooting and killing the unidentified masked gunman, who had wounded him and one of his sons, reports:
“The shooting happened about 10:45 p.m. at the Lomb Avenue restaurant. Birmingham police spokesman Sgt. Bryan Shelton said one juvenile and two adults were injured. All three were transported to area hospitals where one of the adult victims was later pronounced dead.”
"Right now it appears the victim made a decision that cost his life and the father made a decision that preserved his and children’s' life,'' Sgt. Shelton said.
“He’s my hero,” said Markus Washington, one of two McDonald’s employees working at the time, WAFF 48 reports. “Because I can only imagine how it would’ve went if he wasn’t armed. We might not be here having this interview.” Washington and a fellow employee hid out in the store’s freezer during the shooting.
The father is not expected to be charged with any crime, Shelton added.

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