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Second Amendment Activist Jailed on Hearsay Evidence, claim of "obstruction"

Richard Hubbard, aka Picture Perfect on an open carry walk in Lafortune Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma,  2019. 

Second Amendment Activist Richard Hubbard has been arrested by Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Police.  The arrest occurred on 8 April at Neinhuis Park. The police were called about an armed man in the Park. It is not illegal to carry a pistol in Neinhus Park. Hubbard reportedly was carrying an AR15 type pistol, which may look like a rifle to people who are not knowledgeable about firearms.  It was slung over his back. It is currently illegal to carry a rifle openly in the park, but will become legal as of 1 November, 2019.  From
Broken Arrow police are defending the arrest of a Second Amendment activist in the face of accusations that officers overreacted and violated the man’s rights.

Police arrested Richard Hubbard, 37, at Neinhuis Park off Lynn Lane Road near 51st Street on Monday evening, according to a news release. The department reportedly had received several calls about an armed person, later identified as Hubbard, in the park.

Officers eventually used a pepperball launcher on Hubbard after he reportedly ignored commands from officers. Officers then arrested him on complaints of felony pointing of a firearm and obstruction. He was later posted a $15,500 bond and was released.
Constitutional Activist Richard Hubbard is known online as Perfect Picture. He has a Youtube channel with over 7,600 subscribers and dozens of videos.  Hubbard does what is known as First and Second Amendment Auditor.  He is openly carries firearms in places where it is legal to do so, and records his activities. The purpose of the action is to establish the right to bear arms and to record it. The presumption is that rights which are not exercised are degraded and lost over time.

A few weeks ago a First Amendment Auditor who routinely provokes authorities in Los Angeles, Zhoie Perez, was shot by a security guard as she pushed the envelope of what is lawful.  The Californian security guard has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

The police that arrested Richard Hubbard did not video his arrest. They did not wear body cameras. They claim he did not follow commands fast enough. He is said to have been recording on his phone.

Hubbard is a experienced auditor who has complied with police demands in the past.  He is reported to have been arrested and released several times in the past, without charges. He has been careful to comply with the law in past videos.

Link to video

Here is the aftermath of an arrest the police did not complete in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 23 November, 2018.

It is unclear what charges will be made against Richard. Assault (for allegedly pointing a gun at someone) and obstruction have been mentioned. He was released on a $15,000 bond. Part of the bond is that he turn over all his guns to the police until the court proceedings are completed.

No video of the arrest in Broken Arrow has been made available to the public. So far, there have been no claims by police that they observed Richard pointing a gun at anyone. Given Hubbards non-violent actions in the past, and the questionable nature of the charges, the requirement to turn over all his privately owned firearms shows the fragility of Second Amendment rights in some areas.

The police reaction to Hubbard's legal actions are cited by Second Amendment activists as justification for his activism.

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