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Chicago Illinois State Representative works for Concealed Carry Permits in his Community

On 14 July, 2019, there was one of the frequent shootings on Chicago's West Side, in the Austin Neighborhood. A 22-year-old was killed. Bullets also hit State Representative La Shawn Ford's car. Representative Ford (D-Chicago), has been ambivalent about concealed carry in the City. He has been a representative for the past 12 years. He ran for mayor in 2019, but lost the election. In 2011, he was ambivalent about a concealed carry permit bill. He eventually voted present rather than vote against it.

Representative Ford sponsored and passed a bill creating a Violence Prevention Task Force in 2013.

La Shawn Ford is a liberal democrat in Chicago. He favors more tax money going to Chicago from the State of Illinois, and from the Federal government. He thinks there are plenty of police in Chicago, and they should have more controls on what they do.

On the Mancow Show, on WLS, he said he is encouraging people in his neighborhood to obtain concealed carry licenses so they can defend themselves. From

Ford tells The Mancow Show on WLS-AM 890 that he is encouraging his residents to arm themselves against the violence.

“I think about it all the time,” Ford said of the shootings that plague his community. “That’s why I’m working with a concealed carry instructor and we’re going to go through the neighborhood and we’re going to encourage people to get their concealed carry license because it makes no sense for people not to have the protections that they need.”
John Lott has written that minorities in high crime urban neighborhoods benefit the most from an increase in concealed carry permits. Maybe Representative Ford has read some of John Lott's research. Maybe it is a classic case of a liberal changing their view when confronted with reality.

Welcome to the party, Representative Ford. One of the healthiest things for law abiding black people to do is to obtain a concealed carry permit. It is proof they are no longer considered second class citizens. Free men have the right to arms. It shows the system works, because they were not excluded from being armed because of their skin color.

For many years, black people were kept from exercising their right to arms. An entire class of gun laws were written and enforced to keep them disarmed.

The Civil Rights movement and its red-headed step child, the concealed carry movement changed all that. Black Americans are applying for and obtaining concealed carry permits in greater and greater numbers.

 Illinois was dragged into recognizing the right to arms by federal courts. It was Otis McDonald, a Chicago resident, in the seminal McDonald v. City of Chicago, that incorporated the Second Amendment as applying against state and local governments, as well as the federal government.  Otis McDonald was an black resident of Chicago.

I continually monitor the Internet for reported self defense events. More and more of those cases involve black people who have concealed carry permits. This is not surprising; the highest concentration of violent crime occurs in black populations.

The way to prevent criminal violence in black population is to instill the rule of law and a respect for the criminal justice system. When a black person applies for a concealed carry permit, their legal rights are respected and another small brick is placed in the foundational respect for the rule of law.

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Anonymous said...

Where in the constitution does it require a license to exercise a guaranteed right???. Only morons do not learn safety first. but any experienced fire arms owner can teach safety for free. It is legal for any one to by a fire arm if they want to say they own one and then they can bury it in a block of cement if they want to Drop the block of cement on the head of an attacker and he is just as dead as if you shot him. So don't go out with out your license to own a block of cement. and don't forget to get your training to carry a block of cement. It took a bullet hole in that jerks car to make him change his mind. If he was not a coward he would have been carrying and shot back. believe me cops are far more dangerous that the average citizen. Trigger happy cowards pinned on a badge. Not all but a very large number of them are. Evidence an armed security guard hides while kids are being shot. badged cop shots a six year old with a chrome ray gun, Five cops shoot one man with a blood alcohol count of 4.0 Highway patrolman shoots a guy sitting in his car with both hands on the steering wheel 14 times. Tell me is shooting a woman in the chest with an M-16 several times and once in the head after she is down self defense or murder. the words license , permit and training do not appear in the second amendment. Under the tenth amendment states have no authority to amend the second amendment. And the U.S. Congress has no authority to pass an act to amend the constitution or the secfond amendment.