Monday, October 04, 2021

TX: Armed Teen from Wisconsin Attempts to Save Hostages, is Shot, Killed

It was shortly before 10 p.m. Monday when Houston police say Al Vernon Brown, 47, walked into a convenience store in Houston's Sunnyside neighborhood.

"Our initial investigation our suspect entered the store with two firearms, started yelling and screaming at the patrons and store employee," said Lt. Christopher Bruce, Houston PD.

The man ordered the door locked and five customers and three employees to the ground, threatening to shoot anyone who left. Police say several people outside saw what was happening, and that's when Whitelow entered with a pistol of his own, demanding Brown release the hostages.

"That resulted in the victim being shot," said Lt. Bruce.

"He still didn’t deserve that, though," said Phylicia Wright, Whitelow's aunt. "He shouldn’t been trying to go save nobody else."

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Anonymous said...

Well we all make mistakes, if you come on a situation like that and decide to get involved first take the shot to disarmed the criminal. and he is still mi9ing you can talk or shoot again.