Saturday, October 29, 2022

NV: Intruder Threatened to "Kill you all" before being shot

A man who broke into a west Las Vegas Valley home and was telling the residents, “Let me in, I will kill you all” was shot in the leg by a resident of the home, according to a police arrest report.

And the aftermath of the shooting was caught on video, with a neighbor recording footage of the wounded man writhing in pain on the lawn after being brought out of the house by police.

“I think everybody’s kind of shocked about what happened,” said Heath Horvat, 50, the next-door neighbor who recorded the video, speaking of the bizarre incident in the usually quiet, tight-knit neighborhood near West Sahara Avenue and South Hualapai Way.

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Anonymous said...

When the threat is made is the time to act. Never give the coward the chance to pick the time they actually carry out the threat. As far as I know I have never killed any one, BUT for the rest of their life they will never forget the time they tangled with me. I'm too old to fight like I used to but I have always been an excellent shot.