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KY: Louiseville Mass Murderer: Killing was to Promote Gun Control Agenda

 While mass murderers are as likely to be mentally deranged environmentalists as they are to be Muslims (most do not show political affiliation), some have made clear they favored keeping guns from the general public. It is the ultimate in logic-defying irrationality of those who promote disarmament.

From the Daily Mail:

[the mass murderer] made three key points in the manifesto, which is in the hands of the police: he wanted to kill himself, he wanted to prove how easy it was to buy a gun in Kentucky and he wanted to highlight a mental health crisis in America.

The mass-murderer legally purchased an AR-15 assault rifle on April 4, six days before he entered the bank at 8:33am where he was met by a friendly woman colleague at the entrance. He told her 'you need to get out of here' before he tried to shoot her.

But the weapon was unloaded and the safety catch was on. He then loaded the rifle, flicked off the safety and blasted the fleeing woman in the back.

Two things stand out from the paragraph above.

First, The murderer could see the way to media fame was to promote gun control by murdering many people with an AR15 type rifle..

Second, if they bank employee had been armed, she could have stopped the mass murder before it happened, because of the incompetence of the murderer.

From the Crime Prevention Research Center, about Columbine:

 The Majority leader of the state House at the time, Doug Dean, told John Lott that Klebold had written his state legislators opposing the legislation.  The bill would have allowed people to carry permitted concealed handguns on school property.  The killers timed their attack for the very day that final passage of the law was planned for in the legislature.

It is not surprising that mass murderers favor keeping potential victims unarmed. Many of them made clear in their writings they go to considerable lengths to conduct the attacks where the potential victims are required by law to be disarmed. This brings the second point above into question. If the bank in Louisville had allowed people to have the means to defend themselves, he would likely have chosen a different target.  From the CPRC:

Updated March 28, 2023: At some point, you would think that the empirical evidence would be overwhelming. When the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie theater shooter attacked, there were seven movie theaters showing “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 20th within 20 minutes of the killer’s apartment at 1690 Paris St, Aurora, Colorado, but the killer picked the only theater that had signs posted that it was a gun-free zone. His first target had been an airport but he worried about their “substantial security.” Similar stories have occurred at malls such as in Omaha and Salt Lake City or the Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater. Despite teachers carrying guns in schools in 20 states, all the shooting attacks at schools have occurred in schools that ban teachers from having guns.

Many mass murderers have mental problems. They also take considerable time and effort to plan their attacks and to chose targets. They are subject to deterrence. The Old National Bank specifically banned employees from being armed. From the Team Member Handbook:

•Possession of dangerous or unauthorized materials, such as explosives, firearms, or any type of weapons inside the workplace or on company premises. In some states, there are additional laws about this subject; when applicable, state law takes precedence over these guidelines.


Mass public murder can be reduced in at least two ways which would cost very little. Both are opposed by America's de-facto ruling class in the Media, bureaucracies, intelligence services, academia. They are:

Reduce the incentive for mass public murder by reducing the payoff of media fame. The mass media did this with celebrity suicides. They have chosen not to do it with mass public murder.

Increase the deterrence to mass public murder by allowing the public to defend itself with armed force.

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