Saturday, June 29, 2024

IN: Homeowner Shoots Armed Invader Trying to break in (His Cousin)

Three armed and masked men had been trying to kick in Gibbs’ back door.

”A busted door jamb where they kept trying to kick it in,” said Gibbs as he surveyed the damage. “It held long enough to hold ‘em back. But I got bullet holes to the windows and the door window and to the door itself and the wall inside.”

Gibbs said his son told him that he traded gunfire with a man in the backyard.

“I see the intruder laying here on the ground, and he wanted me to make a call for him, and ‘You know me, you know me,’” Gibbs said of what the wounded man told him. “You don’t come knocking in somebody’s back door … and he lost his gun on this side of the ground over by the fire pit, and he was laying there in the weeds there.”


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