Tuesday, July 07, 2015

CNN Bites the Bullet, Reports Two Former Employees Saved by Gun

How hard must it have been for CNN to report this story: “A former CNN reporter was wounded three times Tuesday night during a deadly shootout with a man who allegedly tried to rob him and his wife in a New Mexico motel room. Chuck de Caro and his wife, former Headline News anchor and CNN correspondent Lynne Russell, were on a road trip and spending the night at an Albuquerque motel when de Caro killed the man during what Russell called an attempted robbery.”

No charges will be filed against Caro, who clearly acted in self-defense. “I am really proud of him,” Russell said. “I thank him over and over for saving my life. He really is my hero.” Of course, if the network itself had its way with guns, as typified by former anchor and anti-gun zealot Piers Morgan, this pair wouldn’t have been able to defend themselves, and CNN would be reporting about the deaths of two former CNN employees.



Wireless.Phil said...

ABC had it on their news page a last week, I called them out on it.
Headline said it was a former CNN reporter who shot the guy, but the story reads it was her husband and not the former reporter.

The media can't even get their story straight!

Joel said...

As often happens, the first reports were all garbled and it was hard to tell who did what to whom. The first report I saw had Russell as the hero of the tale when it turned out she was just the only one left who could still talk. Russell is a former CNN anchor. De Caro, the husband, is a former CNN reporter. So that part was right either way.

Dean Weingarten said...

I believe the husband was also a reporter for CNN.