Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Father Pfleger does not Trust Black People with Guns

This is where racism leads.  Father Pfleger of Chicago and other disarmists have filed a lawsuit against three municipalities outside of Chicago.  In essence, that lawsuit says that black people cannot stop themselves from murdering and stealing, so people outside of Chicago have to keep strict controls on the sale of guns.  Too understand the lawsuit, it claims that lack of strict gun controls has a disproportionate effect on black people.  From the lawsuit(pdf):
Plaintiff Coalition for Safe Chicago Communities and the individual plaintiffs Reverend Robin Hood, Father Michael Pfleger, Louvenia Hood, Annette Nance-Holt and Pamela Montgomery-Bosley, who are members of the Coalition and residents of the Chicago neighborhoods most afflicted by illegal gun use bring this action under the Illinois Civil Rights Act of 2003 (ICRA) against the defendant local governments for allowing gun shops in their respective jurisdictions to sell guns in a manner that disproportionately jeopardizes the lives of African Americans, causes mental anguish and distress and diminishes the value of their homes  and other property.
All of the bad things that are mentioned, lives jeopardised, mental anguish and distress, and diminished property values, come about because of black people committing crimes against other black people in Chicago.   There is virtually no white on black crime in Chicago's black neighborhoods.  

If the crime in areas surrounding Chicago were as great, there would be no disproportionate effect.  The lawsuit acknowledges that in areas where guns are more easily obtained than in Chicago, the crime rate is much lower.

It would make more sense to sue Chicago for having strict controls on guns and preventing black people from defending themselves.   Gun control has a long racist history of disarming black people.   But the lawsuit claims, in essence, that black people cannot be trusted with guns.

Police Chief James Craig of Detroit, is taking the opposite tact.  He encourages black people to be armed and to defend themselves.  Detroit's crime rate is falling.  We are seeing these different approaches in real time.  Chicago's elite, including Father Pfleger, believe that the best way to protect people is to disarm them.  Police Chief Craig of Detroit thinks the best way to protect them is to empower them to protect themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Dean, is there any way the plaintiffs can be counter-suited? There needs to be a stiff personal and financial penalty for bringing these kinds of baseless lawsuits and wasting court time. I would like to see father Pfleger (lower case "f" intentional) fined at least a couple of hundred thousand for his part in this publicity stunt (to come out of his own pocket). Same with the rest of the groups and people behind this suit. Make it sting!

Marshall from Upstate SC

Anonymous said...

That would be disproportionate Effect, not affect.

Anonymous said...

I hope they pull his collar. according to his point of view there should no criminals in any other race. Parents must teach children responsibility before the child is 7 years old or they will never have it, makes no difference what race you are. It is also the parents responsibility to teach children there are penalties for bad behavior. One poorly understood concept is spanking. appropriate spanking prevents bullies and excessive spanking creates bullies. The destruction of the family unit is what is responsible for most of our social ills. You don't get bad kids from a loving stable intact family. It is also the parents duty to watch who their kids hang out with. cant do that if both parents are working. someone has to supervise and baby sitter are not that person.

Anonymous said...

Kinda follows the Bloomberg claim that young blacks must be disarmed, huh? Gee, might his money be behind this suit?

Watch as there is a quiet "settlement" made.....unless it is dismissed out of hand, I can see a settlement done as a means of establishing precedent in how to handle these "types" of suits. Hopefully the judiciary makes a quality stand here and tosses it WITH a full explanation of its contained idiocy.