Saturday, July 04, 2015

GA: Man Shoots at Masked Burglary Suspect

Masks are becoming more common as burglars fear cameras.

He saw a masked man in one of their cars in the garage, he said he shot at the man four times with his weapon, because he feared for his safety. Nothing indicates that any of the bullets hit him.
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Anonymous said...

I do not feel this should be considered a simple burglary, and should be regarded as (home) invasion.

Most burglars do NOT think ahead, or simply do not care about cameras. Wearing a mask indicates a higher level of planning and premeditation. The goal is to make sure any potential survivors are unable to identify their assailants.

I should know: my wife and I survived an armed home invasion in the middle of the night, just 1 month after we were married. Had it not been for a handgun and a military-style rifle, I would not be writing these words now.

Anonymous said...

SHOOTING FOUR TIMES AND NOT HITTING ANYTHING, I HOPE HIS ROOF LEAKS. if you cant hit something stationary in four shots use a grenade. This guy may have to be told to throw the grenade and not the pin.