Wednesday, July 01, 2015

IL: Black man Shoots two Unarmed White Men; no Charges expected

The headline is incendiary.  It is meant to be to show the double standard that has been inculcated in this country, and to show that black people are routinely treated fairly under the law.    There is a myth that has been built and supported by the old media that only white people can use guns in self defense.  The mythology erroneously states that if black people use guns in self defense, they will be jailed.  In fact, black people are using guns in self defense more and more, and they are finding that the law applies to them the same as to other people in society.   Reported on 29 June, 2015,  from
Paula, who is black, said he encountered the two men — who are white — at a party earlier in the evening, according to Wayne County Sheriff's report. He said the two had made racial remarks, and he had asked them to stop. The men later confronted Paula on Mount Vernon Road near the Fairfield airport.

Statements to police indicate the two men got out of their car, approached Paula and demanded to fight. Paula told the men he didn't want to fight and that he had a concealed-carry licensed and was armed.

When the two men demanded Paula give up his weapon and engage in a fist fight, he pulled his .22 caliber gun and fired 10 rounds at the two, emptying the gun's clip, according to the report. Paula told police the two men were about a foot from him when he opened fire.


Paula drove to the Wayne County Sheriff's Department to report the incident. While the investigation is open, Wayne County Sheriff's deputies say they don't expect any charges will be filed against Paula. They described the shooting as self-defense.
Why isn't this nationwide news on all the channels, especially as this is one of the fruits of the Illinois shall issue concealed carry law?   A black man defends himself against a beating by two white men who made racist remarks.  It sounds like a heck of a news story to me.

It goes against the Democrat President's agenda, who is pushing for more restrictive gun laws.  Examples of black men who defend themselves with guns, and who are respected by the law, do not fit the narrative. 

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Anonymous said...

Ok, first off, where the heck did this cat get 22lr?? But more importantly, how does one MISS with an entire "clip" (oh jeeez) from ONE FOOT AWAY?!?!?!

He told them he had a carry license? He told his supposed aggressors he "has a concealed carry license"??

So sorry, but there is just too much here that doesn't pass the smell test. Who carries a 22 after spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get their permission slip to carry?

I wonder, might the whole thing be a bunch of made up lies? Someone KNEW gunshots had been fired and this story was concocted to "explain" it all away? To me, that sounds more plausible then the nonsense put together in this story. Honestly, it reads like a Bloomberg television commercial written and produced by people who know exactly zip about guns.

C. S. P. Schofield said...

Not only does it go against the Gun Control narrative, it violates one of the basic tenants of the Unspoken Racial Narrative. You know the one; that Black Men cannot possibly be expected to act responsibly and make important decisions on their own behalf, and thus are natural permanent wards of the State (which stands in for the lamentably long gone Plantations that used to care for the Nigg*, I mean African-Americans).

Some day, the dark skinned poor of this country are going to wake up to how thoroughly and despicably they have been used buy the Liberal Intellectual Radical Progressive left, and then Hell is going to go for a walk with the sleeves rolled up.

Randall said...

Is there anything showing that the headline was changed from the source in this article? Screenshot, perhaps?

Dean Weingarten said...

He did not miss. Both attackers were hit multiple times, and ended up in the hospital.

The source of the excerpt in the article is linked.

The headline, as stated, was sensationalized to make a point about media coverage.

Anonymous said...

White lives matter! This was assault.they were unarmed. Black privilege