Tuesday, July 14, 2015

KS: Constitutional Carry Foils Robbery Attempt

When Governor Brownback signed the constitutional carry bill on the second of April this year, the disarmists predicted blood in the streets, just like a broken record.  Fortunately, those predictions have proved wrong, as they have, time and time again.   The law went into effect two weeks ago on July first.  Now we have one of he first fruits of the law.   A young man, carrying a pistol without a permit, foiled the robbery attempt of an Academy sporting goods store.   Many would say that robbing a gun shop is a really stupid idea, and it shows in this attempt.  From wiby.com:
Tapley followed the three suspects described only as white males ages 16 or 17, after they stole several rifles and an undisclosed amount of cash. Once outside, Tapley pulled out his own weapon.

"I told him drop the gun man, mine is loaded , just drop the gun. We made eye contact for a second or two and he dropped two guns and ran," said Tapley.

Joey had more to say.  He is clearly a member of gun culture 2.0, where the members are more concerned with crime fighting and protecting the Constitution than in hunting and protecting livestock.  Those activities have not gone away, but they were more prominent in gun culture 1.0.  Joey has obviously followed the debate on constitutional carry, and at 23, is politically informed:
Tapley who carries his gun without a concealed carry permit says his heroics wouldn't have been possible without Governor Brownback's approval of the law that took effect just under 2 weeks ago on July 1.

"Thats why Kansas made the law. So citizens can carry and protect themselves and others. I guess my instincts just took over," said Tapley
Here are the two teen criminals in the performance of their poorly thought out robbery.

Kansas was the sixth state to join the constitutional carry club, along with Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Wyoming, and Vermont.   Maine recently passed legislation to join the club, but it will not go into effect for 90 days.  

Three other states, Montana, New Hampshire, and West Virginia, passed constitutional carry laws by large margins, but the bills were vetoed by Democrat governors.

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Anonymous said...

That will make seven. we should be able to pick up three more after the next elections. Hopefully we can start adding them much faster. Barring any unforeseen idiots going wild west, I think we are making good progress. If the trend will continue for just a couple more years I think we will get national right to carry. The second amendment is a national issue for sovereign citizens that can travel freely anywhere in the country and their second amendment rights travel with them just as their first amendment does. Some cops may be great but no cop can be all things to all people. when cops can prove there are no more criminals, they will have to explain why we still have politicians and a border.