Friday, July 03, 2015

Leftmedia: Say, There Are Too Many Guns Out There

A new survey asserts that nearly a third of American adults own a gun. Who knew? Frankly, we wish that number were higher. But as it is, the study’s author and the Leftmedia couldn’t be more concerned. “Considering the presence of deeply rooted gun culture and the estimated number of guns in the U.S. to be 310 million, we (suspected) that social gun culture is associated with gun ownership,” said vexed lead author Bindu Kalesan of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York.

The researchers' math depended on a 2013 online survey of 4,000 people from all 50 states and DC, so it’s hardly a conclusive measure. Undeterred, however, researchers and their accomplices in the press insist that more guns lead to more accidents, injuries and homicides.

Lefty journalist Ed Kilgore, for one, is downright petrified, and he identifies the problem: conservatives. “[T]here is something fundamentally disquieting about the fact that the Americans most likely to own guns are also the Americans most likely to embrace a political rationale for gun ownership and most likely to believe they’re getting outvoted by people who don’t share their values,” he frets.

“Somewhere in these overlapping circles is a hard core of dangerous folks who are being told constantly by Republican politicians that they are losing or have already lost their most fundamental rights. And this is why political extremism is a bad thing even if its devotees lose most elections.” That dreaded “gun culture” may concern leftists, but we prefer to call it Liberty.


Anonymous said...

The base article discloses a bias factor, not noted in the press coverage:

Competing interests BK is an unpaid Vice-President of Gun Violence Survivors Foundation, a non-profit organisation and an employee of PPD. SG has received speaking fees from Universities.

and her twitter feed:


recites it is for:

"Prevent Gun Violence" --

C. S. P. Schofield said...

Posted below Mr. Kilgore's little article;

"Congratulations, Mr. Kilgore! You get it! Or almost, anyway. Now, take the next step. There are creatures in human garments talking in public about taking the tax exempt status away from Churches that won't change their belief that same sex marriage is wrong. That is a clear violation of the right of free exercise of religion. There is a vast movement abroad in the land to punish people for exercising their freedom of speech in ways that the Collective disproves of (as if a First Amendment would exist to protect only popular speech).

Wake up, man. These people ARE losing their fundamental rights. And seeing how extensively they are armed, you and your fellow Collectivist twits are going to have to decide just how far you really want to push your little Socialist/Fascist "nobody gets to do anything I don't like" paradise. And don't come looking to me for support; I don't own a gun or go to a church, but I'm not willing to get shot at for your buttinskiism. Ending slavery and preserving the Union were worth fighting a Civil War for. You and your fellow Liberal Intellectuals, and your government heal care and bans on trans fat? Not so much.

These people may be wrong, but they have a right to be wrong. One you trample on at your peril. Not everybody in the world thinks as you and your friends do, and telling the State to go and make them is a bad idea. A really, REALLY bad idea. On any NUMBER of levels."