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Report on El Paso Gun Turn in October 28, 2023


Gun turn-in events are labeled with the Orwellian term "buyback". They are not "buybacks". You cannot "buyback" items you never owned before.

The El Paso gun turn-in event was held on October 28, 2023. It was scheduled to start at 8:00 a.m. It started about 10 minutes early in Ascarate park. The money for the event came from the American Rescue Plan, where the Biden administration created 1.5 trillion dollars out of totally recyclable electrons. The politicians who received the money have to find a way to spend it. Gun turn-in events are a way to expend money. reported significant money had been handed out by 10 a.m. From

According to El Paso County Commissioner Carlos Leon, $60,000 worth of gift cards were made available by the county to be exchanged for firearms, and by 10 a.m., $51,000 worth had already been handed out.

That amount equated to roughly three hundred guns, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, assault style rifles, as well as antique firearms.

Of the $300,000 allocated for these events in El Paso, $120,000 will be used for advertising and administrative costs.

El Paso was not as gun friendly as Dallas. The city is a Democratic stronghold. Private buyers were asked by the police to set up across the street from the entrance to the event. El Paso needed an advocate like CJ Grisham.

There were five private buyers at the El Paso event. Police were not as friendly as at the Dallas event. They asked the participants for identification and insinuated the private buyers were doing something illegal. When the participants politely refused, the police officers told them to have a good day, and left. The private buyers were dressed in casual attire.


This minty HK VP9 was purchased for cash at the El Paso event. The event organizers were offering $150 for handguns.


An acquaintance of a participant in El Paso said he would have considered the private buyers to have been federal agents doing a sting operations, because of they way they looked and dressed.

Opportunities to obtain guns for little money picked up after the gift cards ran out. The cards ran out at about 11 a.m., an hour before the event was scheduled to end.

An officer at the event told a participant the police would not destroy "historical" guns. Historical is a flexible term. It is hoped many valuable and collectable firearms were preserved.  One private buyer obtained a Remington 24 or 241, a near copy of the Browning .22 autoloader.

Remington model 241, image from Rock Island Auction, with permission.

Another private buyer paid $100 for this Oxford Arms Co. double barrel. Oxford Arms Co. was a store brand. The hammerless shotguns made for Oxford Arms in the 1920s and 30s were solid guns, a variation of the Stevens 311. It is common for older rubber recoil pads to deteriorate after 50 or 60 years.

 Oxford Arms double barreled shotgun.

A private buyer obtained this Ruger P94 in .40 caliber at the El Paso event. The Ruger P94 pistols have an excellent reputation as solid, reliable, accurate pistols.

Ruger P94 in .40 caliber.

El Paso will be holding additional gun turn-in "buyback" events. Dates for the additional events have not been released at this time. If $60,000 is allocated to each event, two more events are budgeted.

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NC: Domestic Defense, Father Shoots, Kills Daughter, Armed Samaritan Shoots, Kills Father

BLADEN COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - An investigation into a double fatal shooting is underway in Bladen County, according to a release from the sheriff’s office.

The victims have been identified as 57-year-old Enrique Sanchez Rodriquez Sr. and his daughter, 35-year-old Sandra Sanchez, who both lived in the Elizabethtown area.

According to a representative with the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office, units responded just after 4 a.m. to Governors Estate Drive, near Dublin.

During a family gathering, Rodriquez allegedly shot his daughter, Sanchez. Another person stepped in, and Rodriquez ended up also being shot.

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TX: Amarillo Homeowner Shoots, Kills, man who Kicked in Door

The Homicide Unit determined Gutierrez-Torres tried to break into a home by kicking in the front door.

"The homeowner, in an act of self-defense, shot Gutierrez-Torres." police said,

The homeowner was interviewed by homicide detectives before being released.

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September, 2005, Washington State Black Bear, .45 Long Colt

Cinnamon Bear shot with Taurus Tracker in .45 Long Colt, 250 gr Jacketed Hollow point bullets.


In 2005, Travis Newman was archery hunting in Washington state. He had drawn a archery elk tag for the Blue Mountains near Walla Walla. Late in the evening of the 20th of September, he was on a familiar elk trail. As he came around a corner, he thought: "I don't remember seeing that stump before".  The "stump" transformed itself into a big bear coming at him full bore, furiously chomping its jaws. Travis thought the bear would bluff, took a step back, and speed drew his Taurus Tracker .45 Colt from a cross body holster made by Uncle Mike. The revolver was loaded with Remington 250 grain jacketed hollow points.

 Taurus Tracker 5-shot revolver , courtesy Rock Island Auction


As Travis pulled the hammer back, he thought: this is real. His first shot was fired at ten feet, and went over the top of the bear. He fired the second shot at 4 1/2 feet. When he fired the third shot, the bear was right under his arm. The third shot broke the bears back, far down, disabling the hind legs.  As the bear was passing, he stepped back and fired the last two shots in the revolver's cylinder, double action, pow!, pow! and hit the bear two more times in the back end. The entire action took less than three or four seconds.

The bear went over the edge of a ravine, just to Travis' right. It is the upper end of the Wolf Fork Creek, which flows into Dayton, WA. Travis was left with an empty revolver. He dumped the empties into a coat pocket and grabbed in his other pocket, finding four spare cartridges. He loaded the four into the cylinder of the five shot revolver, with the empty chamber under the hammer.

The bear was making an incredible racket down below. Travis half expected the bear to come boiling up the slope at him, as he peered over the edge. The bear was sitting on its backside against the far hillside, about 15 yards away. It looked at Travis, grabbed one of its disabled rear legs in its front paws. The bear put the hind foot in its mouth and chomped twice. Then it throught the not working foot down, and barks Bleth! The bear started moving, rolling and twisting as Travis fired three shots. All three shots missed.

The bear took off down the ravine, sort of skiing with its hind legs dragging behind it. It tried to crawl under a downed tree, but got stuck. It could not go forward or backward. Travis had one shot left. He ran up to the bear, put one foot on the trunk of the tree, and fired his last shot between the shoulder blades, angled toward the front of the bear.

The log moved, and the bear slipped out the other side , flipping and rolling. It piled up further down the ravine. Travis holstered his pistol, drew his knife and followed. Then he thought, I don't want to get into a knife to bear conflict!  He stopped and watched the bear from about 30 yards away. The bear was badly hurt. It seemed to be fighting to stay conscious, sitting on its backside. Travis watched the bear for a long time, probably many minutes. Travis tried a low whistle. The bear raised its head, and let out a loud Wuff! Travis decided to get help and more ammunition.

When Travis and a taxidermist friend with a rifle arrived the next morning, Travis had a full belt of cartridges. If the bear had not expired during the night, he wanted to finish the job with his revolver.  It had rained and snowed all night. The bear was not where he had left it.

They started a classic tracking/search pattern. Start where you last had sign. Search around in a small circle. If no sign, make  a larger circle. They found the bear, only just visible, in the bottom of an elk wallow, buried in the mud.  There was only the top of the head, a nostril, an eye, an ear, the side of mouth and its shoulder blade were showing.  Every now and then, a small bubble would break the surface of the mud. The elk wallow was in a depression. Travis scrambled down to examine the situation. He thought the bear was dead or comatose.

His friend stayed above the depression, and yelled at him: "Hey stupid, what you are doing!", as Travis stepped on the bear's shoulder, with his Taurus revolver cocked, to cross to the other side of the wallow. Travis looked up and was talking to his friend. He saw his friend's eyes grow white. Travis was about two feet from the bear's head. He heard a "pliisht"  when the bear's head erupted from the wallow and gave one last, loud "chomp" with its teeth. Travis shot the bear just behind the head, as the finishing shot.

As Travis and his friend laboriously dragged the bear out of the mud, it kept getting bigger and bigger.  After two and a half hours, most of the mud was off and the bear was skinned. It was late. They left to get Travis' old buckskin horse to bring the remains back to civilization.

When Travis returned to the spot where he had first seen the bear, He realized what had happened. Travis was wearing a black ball hat, black sweatshirt, and black wrangler jeans. The light was fading. The bear was feeding on a mule deer doe carcass. There wasn't any wind to bring Travis' scent to the bear. The bear probably thought Travis was a competing bear, attempting to steal the deer.

A case of mistaken identity can cause a damaging mauling. Travis did not have to worry about justifying himself. Travis had the proper license to legally take a bear. Some people have hesitated to shoot threatening bears, because they worry about the legal aftermath.

On the trail, as he came out, he took a break with his old buckskin horse. There, 500 yards across the drainage, was another cinnamon bear, as big as the one he had killed.  The bear Travis had shot was a big bear for the area. It was in excellent condition. It had been a good berry year, and a good elk calf year. It was before wolves were brought back into the area. The bear squared over 6 feet.

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OH: Resident Calls Police at 4 A.M. to Report Shooting of Man who had a Knife

MANSFIELD, OH - Mansfield Police are investigating an early Saturday morning shooting death that occurred at 29 Minerva Avenue in Mansfield.

Officers responded at about 4:11 a.m. Saturday after a male subject called the police to advise he had just shot another male who was wielding a knife. 

Jervon King, 30, was located inside a bedroom and pronounced deceased at 4:26 a.m. by the Richland County Coroner's Office.

A resident on Minerva, a short street that runs between South Main Street and Hammond Avenue in the heart of Mansfield, said his son was awoken around 4:00 a.m. possibly by a gunshot.

The Richland County Coroner's Office will be sending the victim for an autopsy as this is an ongoing investigation.


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WI: Archery Hunter Kills Mountain Lion in Self Defense. No prosecution.

Lion shot in Wisconsin by Ben Karash, Photo Courtesy Wisconsin DNR via 


On November 11, at about 3:45 in the afternoon, Ben Karash shot a mountain lion which was stalking him in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. Karash was belted into his tree stand, hunting deer.  He saw the lion coming closer, from about 40 yards out. He shouted. He waved his arms. The lion knew he was there. The lion knew he was not a deer. The lion kept moving closer.

Have you ever watched a house cat stalk a bird? Mountain lions stalk their prey in a similar fashion.

This correspondent was able to talk to Tom Bilski, the District Attorney of Buffalo County. Tom was wonderfully open and transparent about what had happened. In current years, people think the purpose of a prosecutor is to prosecute crimes. No. The purpose of a prosecutor is to see justice done. It is equally important to decide not to prosecute people as it is to prosecute them.

Buffalo County Wisconsin in red.

Tom said the local game warden, representing the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) asked him if he wished to prosecute the hunter who shot the lion. The local game warden, Bob Jumbeck, had investigated the incident after Ben Karasch called it in on the DNR hotline.

Karash had seen the big cat stalking him. It had come closer and closer, no matter what he did. He was in a vulnerable position, strapped to the tree, on his tree stand, with limited movement. As the cat neared the base of the tree, he drew his bow and fired an arrow into the upper body of the cat. The distance was later measured at 13 yards from him.

Tom Bilsky stated he was told the arrow passed completely through the body of the mountain lion, which was measured at 128 lbs.  The mountain lion ran about 120 yards after being shot, before it expired.  It was discovered the next day by the investigative team from the DNR, accompanied by Ben Karash. This lion was the first mountain lion recorded as being shot in Wisconsin in 115 years.  David Zeug wrote a good article about the incident.

Tom Bilsky, Barron County District Attorney, was asked by the DNR if he wanted to prosecute the hunter. Bilsky recalled this from his conversation with Warden Jumbeck.

This cougar was stalking the hunter. The cougar knew he was in the tree. The hunter yelled at the cougar to go away. The cougar kept on coming to the tree stand. Now logic would suggest that the cougar was coming to the tree stand to kill him. 

When the game warden told me, when Bob Jumbeck told me, what had happened, my first thoughts are we should be putting a medal on this person, not worrying about charging him. 

In my opinion this cougar would have killed somebody.

Tom asked Warden Jumbeck: Did Jumbeck want to charge the hunter who killed the lion?

Jumbek said no. In the investigation, all the physical evidence confirmed what had been said by the hunter.

Tom said he had been contacted by someone who wanted the hunter prosecuted. The person demanded information Tom did not have. Tom told them to contact the DNR for the information they sought.

Tom told the person he might have a different opinion if he saw the mountain lion stalking him. If he saw the lion kept getting closer, and closer, and the lion would not be deterred by yelling and arm waving, he might think differently.

Tom said if a person would not shoot the mountain lion under those circumstances, he was "dumber than a box of rocks."

Opinion: Tom Bilski is the sort of level-headed district attorney this correspondent wants to see in office around the country. Human access to and expertise with weapons are what keep more humans from becoming the prey of large predators.


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ME: Knife Weilding Man shot After Confrontation with Food Truck Owner

SANFORD (WGME) -- The Sanford Police Department says a male with a knife was shot Friday after a confrontation with a food truck owner.

Police say the shooting happened around 3:52 p.m. near the intersection of Main Street and Lebanon Street.

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NC: Knightdale Homeowner Shoots Suspect Attempting to Break into Home

Juan Acevedo, 35, of Knightdale, was transported to WakeMed with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. 

Investigators said the homeowner shot Acevedo, who according to police was trying to break inside the home. According to police, the homeowner is a legal gun owner and gave "repeated verbal warnings" before firing his weapon at Acevedo.

No charges have been filed against the homeowner.


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Marxist Ideology and the Push Against Militia Weapons in the USA

These semi-auto hunting rifles are excellent militia weapons.

Under the ideological of cultural Marxism and the framework of Marxist "Woke" ideologies, power must be taken from a majority population. Firearms, as noted by the Marxist and Chinese mass murderer Mao, are a form of political power. Mao wrote:

Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

What Mao meant was only the Communist party should be allowed to have guns. For a Marxist revolution to succeed, the people must be disarmed.  The left in the United States has long pushed for the disarmament of the population. Recently, the left has primarily pushed for the banning of those arms which are commonly available and most suitable for militia use. These are modern semi-automatic rifles with standard capacity magazines of 30 rounds.  These type of rifles are admirably suited to the defense of homes and neighborhoods, in part, because they are understood to be extremely effective, and as such, have great deterrent value.

The American founding fathers understood the political power of firearms as well. They had just won a war with the superpower of the age, England. The English king had repeatedly attempted to disarm first, the colonists, then the revolutionaries. The founders wished to make sure no future American government would be able to disarm the American people. Thus, they included the guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms in the Bill of Rights. The founders understood the right to keep and bear arms included defense against all threats, from animals, criminals, other nations and domestic tyrants.

Many infringements on the right to keep and bear arms have been tolerated by the people of the United States, as long as the infringements were applied to disfavored minorities. 

During the existence of the United States, the vast majority of people could easily purchase a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, with little difficulty in all states. Disfavored minorities, particularly black people, had a difficult time purchasing handguns in some places. Disfavored minorities were seldom prohibited from buying rifles and shotguns. Most of those infringements were in states dominated by the Democratic party.  Even in states who were most hostile to the Second Amendment, rifles and shotguns were easy to get. The greatest push was to ban handguns, because handguns were commonly used in crime. Rifles and shotguns are rarely used in crime. Many political commentators made the claim restricting handguns did not affect the Second Amendment, because there was easy access to rifles and shotguns.

As Americans perceived the growth of the political bureaucracy, and the disfavor with which the Constitution was held by the political class, resistance to disarmament grew. The push to ban handguns failed.  As a way to revive the failing fortunes of those pushing for population disarmament, Josh Sugermann advocated for a ban on "Assault Weapons" in 1988. From

Josh Sugarmann, founder and executive director of the Violence Policy Center, laid out this strategy of misdirection and obfuscation in a 1988 report on "Assault Weapons and Accessories in America." Sugarmann observed that "the weapons' menacing looks, coupled with the public's confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons."

He added that because "few people can envision a practical use for these guns," the public should be more inclined to support a ban on "assault weapons" than a ban on handguns. While handguns are by far the most common kind of firearm used to commit crimes, they are also the most popular choice for self-defense. Proscribing "assault weapons" therefore sounds more reasonable.

Sugarmann's predictions fell flat. The market for semi-automatic rifles grew and grew. The more the left attempted to ban them, the more popular they became. Much of the popularity came from a growing resistance to the "Deep State" as the people became dissatisfied with the disconnect between what politicians did and what they said. The Second Amendment gained vocal and organized supporters. A ten-year failed federal "Assault Weapon" ban was not renewed. A super majority of states reformed their gun laws, removing more and more infringements. The Supreme Court affirmed the Second Amendment meant what it said. At present, over half of the United States do not require a permit to carry a loaded handgun, openly or concealed.

A minority of historically repressive states with hard-left governments are resisting this trend. They include California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois,, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. Colorado, and Washington State are recent additions. They are working to ban the most effective militia weapons commonly available in the United States. Weapons which are seldom used in crime. Their laughable "reason" is semi-automatic rifles with standard capacity magazines are used in the rare mass murder, when, in fact, pistols are used more commonly in mass murder.  Judge Benitez, in his classic opinion on the California ban on "Assault Weapons" says it very well:

Like the Swiss Army Knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment. Good for both home and battle, the AR-15 is the kind of versatile gun that lies at the intersection of the kinds of firearms protected under District of Columbia v. Heller,  554 U.S. 570 (2008) and United States v Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939).

Leftist politicians in a few states insist on banning the most effective militia weapons.  Activists openly state they do not trust the people with "military" weapons. The Shade of Chairman Mao would approve.

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TN: Gunfight, Armed Samaritan Shoots at 3 Armed Robbery Suspects, Killing 1

Police say three armed people entered the business in a robbery attempt.

During the robbery, a bystander fired a gun at the three suspects.

The bullet hit one of them, and the man later died at the hospital.

Police have detained a second suspect at the scene, while the third person remains at large.


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IN: Homeowner Shoots, Wounds Man he says Attacked Him

According to Vanderburgh County Sheriff Noah Robinson, a homeowner shot a man he says attacked him at the end of his driveway.

The call originally came in just after 8 p.m. Monday night when a man says he shot a trespasser in front of his house.

According to a release, deputies arrived on scene and found a man shot in the leg.


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Judge Bruce Schroeder (Rittenhouse Trial) to Retire on November 27, 2023

Kenosha Judge Bruce Schroeder (Photo by Kevin Mathewson, Kenosha County Eye)


Judge Schroeder came into the national spotlight as the judge which presided over the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle Rittenhouse had to kill two people in self defense, and wound another, during the Kenosha riots in

Kenosha Wisconsin Superior Court Judge Bruce Schroeder has decided to retire as of November 27, 2023. Judge Schroeder served for 40 years, six months, and two days as a circuit court judge. The State of Wisconsin and the United States were served well by this dedicated and respected judge.

This correspondent covered the Rittenhouse case extensively. The case had been grievously misrepresented in the old media. In particular, the old media had believed the false narrative of the politically motivated prosecution in the case. A law that did not exist was used to charge Rittenhouse with a weapons offense. Eventually, Judge Schroeder threw out the bogus charge. Charges were brought against Rittenhouse before the evidence was even examined. What made the case compelling was video of all the important events. There was no serious contention about what happened. The only controversy was about what was in Kyle Rittenhouse's mind when he was attacked. Kyle's testimony was very credible.

Judge Schroeder, quite correctly, did not follow the case in the media. This proved critical because he did not have pre-conceived notions of who did what to whom. For example, Judge Schroeder refused to allow anyone in the case to be called a "victim". To do so would prejudice the jury. Much the trial was to determine who was the real victim. The jury concluded the real victim was Kyle Rittenhouse.

It would not have happened with a judge who tilted with the political winds. The pressure on Judge Schroeder to allow the prosecutors to convict Kyle Rittenhouse in a political trial, was immense. The full force of the Left and the national media were focused on the trial, and they had a very hard time believing what the evidence showed them to be the facts.

Those who had actually researched the case and looked at the evidence were not surprised.

Judge Schroeder showed what an ethical and competent judge should do in these cases. Some in the media were horrified to see Judge Schroeder refuse to allow the prosecutors to run roughshod over the Constitution and witnesses.

The case should never have been brought for prosecution. The Jury unanimously found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges. Some commentators said Judge Schroeder should have declared a mistrial because of the misconduct of the prosecutors. Judge Schroeder trusted the jury to do the right thing. The prosecutors attempted to create a political show trial, but Judge Schroeder would not stand for it. Judge Schroeder, from the beginning, stated he would not allow the trial to become a political trial.

In the end, Judge Schroeder did what his long experience and training in the law required. He acted as the impartial referee between adversaries, which is how our adversarial trial system is supposed to work. Judge Schroeder upheld the law as written.  The jury did the right thing. Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man, and the right to defend yourself has been reinforced.

Thank you, Judge Schroeder. You are a great example of an ethical judge, who should be emulated all over the United States of America.


©2023 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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CA: Disarm Attempt Fails, Intruder on Roof, Shot, Killed

He got up, told his wife to call 911, armed himself with a revolver and went up the roof where he found a man, the lieutenant said. He detained the man at gunpoint and asked what he was doing there.

The man told the resident, “I’m armed and I’m here for the money,” according to Reynaga.

The two struggled over the revolver. One round was fired, hitting the man in the chest who then let go of the gun, Reynaga said.

Both men stood up. Fearing there would be another struggle over the gun, he said the resident fired a warning shot in the air.


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SC: Woman Shoots, Kills Man who Followed her and Attacked her

On Sunday, deputies responded to a shooting at the 200 block of Wynn Way where they found a man with a gunshot wound to the torso. According to investigators, the man died at the scene.

Following the shooting a woman was detained.

The man was identified by Richland County Coroner Naida Rutherford as Antwan Ashley, 41, of Columbia.

On Monday, deputies said the woman shot Ashley in self-defense after he followed her to her residence and aggressively approached her. Deputies said Ashley then began swinging at her in an attempt to strike her.


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US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit Strikes Down Infringement of Second Amendment Rights

Maryland state flag 

On November 21, 2023, a three judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit found the State of Maryland had violated the Constitution with their recent handgun purchase law. The law requires considerable delay and process before a person can legally purchase a handgun. The opinion specifically states the recent add on law enacted in 2016, infringes on the Second Amendment by hindering the right to acquire a handgun. From the opinion:

But—for handguns specifically—before you do any of that, there is an additional, preliminary step: You must also obtain a “handgun qualification license.” See § 5-117.1. Getting that license requires, among other things, submitting fingerprints to undergo a background “investigation” and taking a four-hour-long “firearms safety training course” in which you must fire at least one live round. Then, after submitting your application for this extra license, you must wait up to thirty days for approval before you can start the rest of the process.

Plaintiffs seek to enjoin the state from enforcing only this additional, preliminary handgun-licensure requirement. And Plaintiffs’ challenge must succeed. The challenged law restricts the ability of law-abiding adult citizens to possess handguns, and the state has not presented a historical analogue that justifies its restriction; indeed, it has seemingly admitted that it couldn’t find one. Under the Supreme Court’s new burden-shifting test for these claims, Maryland’s law thus fails, and we must enjoin its enforcement. So we reverse the district court’s contrary decision.

The three judge panel was split. Two judges voted for the majority opinion. One judge wrote a dissent against it. The dissenting judge, Barbara Milano Keenan, is a senior judge, which means she is a semi-retired judge who helps out.  She was born in Austria, but schooled in the United States. She was appointed by President Barack Obama. One of the arguments put forward by Judge Keenan, in the dissent, is to claim "infringe" means to totally destroy. It is an exceedingly weak argument. Judge Richardson, in the opinion, comments on the argument in footnote 8, on page 11 of the opinion. He stresses the dictionary meaning from the contemporary Samuel Johnson Dictionary. From footnote 8, page 11, commenting on the dissent.

Compare Samuel Johnson, 1 Dictionary of the English Language 1101 (4th ed. 1773) (“Johnson”) (defining “infringe” as “[t]o destroy; to hinder” (emphasis added)), and Noah Webster, American Dictionary of the English Language (1828) (“Webster”) (defining “infringe” as “[t]o destroy or hinder” (emphasis added)), with Johnson at 1007 (defining “to hinder” as “to cause impediment”), and Webster(defining “hinder” as “to obstruct for a time” and “[t]o interpose obstacles or impediments”). So too do other sources that the Supreme Court has used to interpret the right. See1 St. George Tucker, Blackstone’s Commentaries 143 n.40 (1803) (“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed . . . and this without any qualification as to their condition or degree. . . .” (emphasis added)); Nunn v. State, 1 Ga. 243, 251 (1846) (“The right of the whole people . . . to keep and bear arms. . . shall not be infringed, curtailed, or broken in upon, in the smallest degree.” (third emphasis added));

You can see Judge Keenan uses the same definition from the Johnson dictionary, but puts forward exactly the opposite meaning.  Hinder is far from destroy, yet Judge Keenan would have us believe they are the same thing. From the dissent by Judge Barbara Milano Keenan in footnote 9, page 36:

 9 Notably, some definitions from the Founding era of the term “infringe” support the construction that the Supreme Court appeared to endorse in its discussion of shall-issue regimes, namely, that a particular provision will “infringe” an individual’s rights under the plain text of the Second Amendment only if the statutory condition is so burdensome that it ultimately prevents law-abiding, responsible individuals from possessing or bearing a handgun. Samuel Johnson, 1 Dictionary of the English Language 1101 (4th ed. 1773) (hereinafter Johnson) (defining “infringe” as “[t]o violate; to break laws or contracts” or “[t]o destroy; to hinder”);

Judge Keenan would have us believe the word "infringed" in the Second Amendment is a synonym for "destroyed". This is a word game Progressives love to play. Change the clear meaning of words to achieve political objectives.

The next step in the  Maryland Shall Issue v. Moore case will be up to the State of Maryland. They, as defendants, could ask a for the case to be considered by the Fourth Circuit, en banc (by the whole Court). Such a request may or may not be granted.

It is likely this case will be appealed to the Supreme Court.  Whether the Supreme Court will decide to hear the case is uncertain.

Analysis: Many Second Amendment supporters focus on the phrase "shall not be infringed". Judge Barbara Milano Keenan argues the phase simply means "shall not be destroyed". When you change the meaning of words to win an argument, you are not arguing in good faith.  Progressives have never argued in good faith about the Constitution and the rule of law. They believe both are impediments to unfettered power, wielded by the government. As such, gun control is in the DNA of the Progressive movement.

Progressive judges work exactly the opposite of what the founders believed the role of the Judiciary should be. Instead of a check on governmental power, Progressive judges work to increase governmental power.

©2023 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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TX: Homeowner Shoots, Wounds Suspect attempting to Break In

FRISCO, Texas — An 18-year-old burglary suspect was shot and wounded by a homeowner during a break-in attempt, according to the Frisco Police Department. The suspect, identified as Clinton Montgomery of North Richland Hills, was later arrested and remains in custody.

On Sunday, November 26, 2023, at approximately 8:06 p.m., Frisco police officers responded to a suspicious activity call in the 10400-block of Belfort Drive. The resident reported an unknown individual breaking into their backyard, detaching a ladder from the house, and using it to shatter a window. As officers neared the scene, they reported hearing gunshots.


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VA: Armed Victim Shoots Carjack Suspect

Police said Kenneth Maddox Jr., 22, of York County, approached a 29-year-old man who was sitting in his vehicle in the 200 block of Marcella Road, not far from Cooper Elementary School, just after 5 a.m.

Maddox then showed a gun and ordered the man out of his car, according to police.

But the two men began fighting, with the victim pulling out his own handgun and shooting Maddox during the altercation. Maddox still managed to drive off with the car, with the vehicle later found abandoned on North Armistead Avenue.


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Friday, December 01, 2023

Polls Reflect Majority Acceptance of Second Amendment and Gun Ownership

Armed woman in desert near Yuma

Recent polls have shown a significant increase in the percentage of gun owners, amount of gun ownership, and acceptance of the utility of firearms for self defense. Some of the increase comes from record and sustained high levels of firearms sales. Some of the higher numbers are from gun owners who are "coming out of the closet".  They are examples of a changed attitude and increased acceptance of admitting of firearms ownership in public. 

In the United States, gun ownership is the most widespread of any country on the earth. Guns owned in the United States are seldom registered. The few states with laws requiring registration have large populations of resistors who refuse to comply with new registration requirements. Registration requirements are a recent phenomena. For these reasons, the number of guns in the United States and the number of gun owners are impossible to know with precision. A reasonable estimate of the total number of privately owned guns is about a half a billion,  1 and 1/2 guns for every person in the United States, nearly two guns for every adult in the United States.

There are plenty of guns in the United States for every adult to have at least one. The question of how many adults own guns, and how many adults have easy access to guns, is not the same. A gun in a household is likely to be accessible to all adults in the household. Because of the nature of surveys, a common question is: Do any of the members of your household own a gun?

A recent NBC poll shows a dramatic increase in gun ownership in the last decade. The poll was of American voters. The numbers are of direct political significance. According to NBC, the number of voters who would admit someone owned a gun in their household increased a whopping 24% in the last decade, from 42% to 52% of the adult population (10% of the adult population is 24% of the original 42%). Much of this increase may result because more people are willing to admit they own a firearm. The poll in 2013 was taken in February, when the propaganda push against gun ownership was at a fever pitch, less than two months after the Sandy Hook mass murder. In contrast, the 2023 poll was taken a month after the Hamas raid/massacre into Israel, where 1400 mostly unarmed Israelis were killed.

In the debate about public disarmament, one of the major issues is whether widespread ownership of firearms increases or decreases public safety.  As with many issues, where a person stands on the issue is intertwined with their personal interests and actions. People who own guns are much more likely to favor the general ownership of guns than people who do not. People who own guns are much more likely to believe the general ownership of guns improves public safety.  The more people know about guns, the more likely they are to own them and approve of their ownership.

A poll done in late November of 2023 shows 63% of voters consider a firearm necessary for self defense.  The question asked was:

 Do you think you need to have a gun today in case you are attacked by criminals, or do you think owning a gun is unnecessary? 

Public acceptance of the utility of gun ownership is boosted, in part, because of increasing respect shown for the Second Amendment by the Supreme Court and inferior courts.  Opinions which many people were hesitant  to voice publicly have been validated by the Heller, McDonald, Caetano, and Bruen decisions. Inferior courts around the country are starting to enforce those decision, albeit reluctantly in deep blue states.  A recent Marquette University poll shows 2/3 of the respondents are in favor of the Bruen decision, the most explicit and far reaching of the Courts decisions on the scope and reach of the Second Amendment thus far. The number compares favorably with the 63% who believe owning a gun is necessary for defense against criminals. The question about the Bruen decision was: 

Question: In 2022, the Supreme Court ruled that, subject to some restrictions, the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home. How much do you favor or oppose this decision?

A Study done in 2023, exploring the numbers of people who may not be willing to publicly admit they own guns indicated the number of gun owners could be as high as 64% of adults. This number correlates well with those who think a gun is necessary for defense against criminals, and those who favor the Supreme Court Bruen decision. 

If about 2/3 of adults in the United States own guns, politicians who openly oppose gun ownership are unlikely to find it a winning proposition.  Most politicians who oppose gun ownership will claim they would never inconvenience "legitimate" gun owners. Politicians tend to be very good liars.


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MI: Store Clerk Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect

After reviewing the case, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said a warrant was denied as the evidence in the case showed that the 28-year-old store clerk believed his life was in imminent danger and lawfully defended himself when he shot the teen.

The Detroit Police Department said officers responded to a Citgo gas station located at 9126 Dearborn Street on the city's southwest side just after 1 a.m. on Saturday Nov. 25 after receiving reports of shots fired.

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AZ: Domestic Defense, 1 man Killed

Officers at the scene gathered witnesses and detained a possible suspect, who was identified as a 23-year-old male. Detectives from TPD’s Homicide Unit responded to the scene and took over the investigation. Detectives learned that the male victim had been in a verbal altercation with a female, who he had previously been in a relationship with. The male victim showed up to her residence and shortly after, several other people, including the 23-year-old arrived as well. The male proceeded to engage them all in a verbal altercation, to include making threats to them and implying he had a firearm. Statements and evidence at the scene indicated that the male instigated the confrontation. All parties left the area in vehicles and the male victim followed after them. While they were mobile, the male continued to make threats and swerved his vehicle towards them through the streets of Midtown Tucson. The involved parties were able to get away from the male near the 2500 block of E. 21st Street. The male soon arrived in his truck and another altercation ensued. The male, identified as 30-year-old Rudy Ochoa, approached the 23-year-old and his female acquaintance as they sat in their vehicle. Mr. Ochoa continued the confrontation and was subsequently shot. 

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TN: 1 Suspect Wounded, 1 killed, Self Defense Claimed

Chattanooga Fire and Hamilton County EMS responded to the scene. The 27-year-old was treated at the scene and did not want to be transported to a hospital.

A short time later, officers were advised a second person arrived at a local hospital.

When officers arrived, they found the 30-year-old man suffering from life-threatening injuries. He died at the hospital.

A self-defense claim by a third person is under investigation in relation to this incident. Investigators are working to learn the exact circumstances of the incident.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

NY: Chain Snatching Mugger makes Fatal Choice of Victim

The 48-year-old would-be chain snatcher, who lives above the Macombs Place store near W. 152nd St., was inside the bodega at 11:45 p.m. Thursday when a man wearing a chain came in, a store worker told the Daily News.

Surveillance video reviewed by The News shows the petty criminal, wearing a yellow jacket, leaving the store just before his target.

When the suspect stepped out into the street, the mugger stormed over and ripped the chain off the man’s neck, cops said.

The stunned mark walked forward a few steps, then whirled around, pulled a gun and shot the chain-snatcher in the back, the video shows.

The gunshot victim fell to the sidewalk on his chest as the gunman walked over to the victim’s body, retrieved his chain, and ran off.

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OK: Armed Samaritan Shoots Suspect who was Driving Vehicle which was Dragging Officer

When the officer approached the male in his vehicle, the male attempted to drive away. The officer allegedly tried to get the suspect out of the car, but he drove away and pulled the officer with him, according to Hunter McKee with the OSBI.

McKee says a bystander, not an officer, then shot the suspect and he died.

Crime scene tape was seen surrounding a truck in the parking lot and the medical examiner was also at the scene.

Investigators have not released the names of anyone involved.


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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

LA: Disarm, Robbery Suspect Shot, Killed, in Struggle over Gun

Following an initial investigation and interviews at the scene, Lopinto said investigators believe the boy was shot during a fight over a gun with another juvenile.

According to the JPSO, another juvenile that was in the room during the shooting “alleges that the decedent brandished a firearm and attempted to rob him, which is what led to the struggle over the firearm.”

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FL: Apartment Resident Shoots, Kills Armed Man Attempting to Break In

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — A person inside their apartment home shot and killed a man Tuesday morning, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

The shooting happened around 10:15 a.m. at the Trinity Palms at Seven Springs apartments just off Seven Springs Boulevard, an agency spokesperson said.

Deputies say a man, who was carrying a weapon, tried to break into the apartment before he was shot by someone inside.


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Monday, November 27, 2023

San Antonio Gun Turn-in (BuyBack): CJ Grisham Schools the Police


 Link to San Antonio Gun "Buyback" video by C.J. Grisham


On Sunday, 19 November, a gun turn-in event, also known by the Orwellian nomenclature of "buyback" was held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio police attempted to move private purchasers away from the line of cars forming for the gun turn-in "buyback" event.  CJ Grisham, of Open Carry Texas and Texas legislative fame, schooled the police. He kept them from overstepping their bounds.  CJ Grisham is now a practicing attorney in Temple, Texas.

This was the first known event of this sort for San Antonio. The temperature was about 65 degrees in San Antonio on Sunday morning, with a light rain/drizzle falling during the event, from about noon to four p.m. It appeared to be overcast most of the day. CJ Grisham live streamed video of the event. That video is available as a Youtube video.

This conversation occurs between CJ Grisham and Captain Earwood before the event really starts. It lasts for two minutes starting about four minutes and 15 seconds into the video. The entire video is two hours and 53 minutes long.

Captain Earwood of the San Antonio Police Department 

Captain Earwood is polite, well spoken, and smart enough to know when to retreat in good order.

Transcript by Dean Weingarten

Captain Earwood of the San Antonio Police Department: Good Morning, How are y'all doing?

CJ: Hey good. How are y'all doing? Mr. Earwood?

Captain Earwood: Captain Earwood, 5013.

CJ: Captain Earwood, nice to meet you.

Captain Earwood: 5013.

CJ: 5013. Doing well.

Captain Earwood: So, We have confirmed that the sidewalk is part of the Alamodome property.

CJ: Nope. You haven't confirmed that. 'Cause I already looked at the GIS survey. This is a public sidewalk.

Captain Earwood: Ok.

CJ: Guess who maintains the sidewalk? And, you know how I know? Because the easement, see this telephone pole right here (pointing)? Who owns that?

Captain Earwood: Public Works.

CJ: Yeah. Public Works. Thats because there is an easement right here because this is a public sidewalk. This sign right here, no parking, towaway zone? Because this is a public sidewalk.

So. You might want to go and look at your GIS service,

Captain Earwood: Ok.

CJ: And tell them, no, you're wrong, this is a public sidewalk. When this breaks, guess who fixes it?

Captain Earwood: Public Works.

CJ: Public Works does. Not the Alamodome. Public Works does. That sewage pipe right there? Guess what that is on? Its on a public easement, a sidewalk.

Captain Earwood: Ok.

CJ: So.

Captain Earwood: I will have my GIS check.

CJ: Yes, please do.

My information is from the Alamodome manager.

CJ: The Alamodome manager is not very smart on this.

Captain Earwood: Ok, fair enough.

If you have never been to a gun turn-in event, also known by the Orwellian term "buyback", this is an exceptionally good depiction of what they are like. The video is from a private buyer's point of view. CJ Grisham attended the event with his father. both are featured in the video, along with several other private purchasers.  Grisham recorded the event with a body camera, including audio.

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OR: Domestic Defense? Homeowner Shoots, Kills Home Invader

"JCSO detectives are investigating claims of self-defense during the home-invasion burglary," the Sheriff's Office stated. "An occupant of the home held a valid protection order against the suspect. There have been no arrests, and all parties are cooperating with the investigation."

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AZ: Gunfight, Road Rage? Shots exchanged between Vehicles

The man told Mesa police he was shot at by a group people in another vehicle and he returned fire with his own weapon. Police are checking the surrounding area for additional victims and the other involved vehicle has not been located.

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Saturday, November 25, 2023

TX: Gunfight, Victim Injured in Home Invasion

CROCKETT, Texas (KTRE) - Police responded to a shooting on Sunday after two suspects broke into a home.

Around 7:34 p.m., 911 dispatchers received multiple calls reporting shots fired in the 700 block of East Runnells Avenue, according to a statement from the Crockett Police Department.

Officers learned there was one gunshot victim who had already been taken to a medical center by personal vehicle. Police said the victim received treatment at the hospital and was later released.


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Friday, November 24, 2023

CA v ND Newsome v Noem, Statistics and Disinformation

 Newsome image cropped from Wikipedia 


A recent invitation by Governor Noem of South Dakota, followed by a response from Governor Newsome of California illustrates how people use numbers to lie with statistics.

The Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, invited more gun manufacturers and gun owners to come to South Dakota and take up residence. From

PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem invited California gun manufacturers and law-abiding gun owners to move to South Dakota to escape California’s gun and ammunition tax , which Governor Gavin Newsom signed as the first such tax in the country.

“Why would anyone want to live in a state where your Second Amendment rights are infringed?” said Governor Noem. “South Dakota has been setting the standard as the most Second-Amendment friendly state in the nation for years. Our firearms industry is thriving. Unlike Governor Newsom, South Dakota respects our God-riven rights. So if you are a California gun manufacturer or law-abiding gun owner, we are ready to help you make the move!”

On X, formerly Twitter, Governor Gavin Newsom replied:

South Dakota has a 59% higher gun death rate than California.

California, as of 2020, the last year of available records, had a 33% higher homicide rate than South Dakota.

The two numbers are not contradictory.  "Gun deaths" is a propaganda term which lumps together murders, self-defense shootings, suicides, and a small number of fatal accidents, all of which have disparate causes and cures, for the purposes of promoting government restrictions on gun ownership and use.

Legal or illegal gun ownership rates are not correlated to homicide or suicide rates, because other instruments are easily substituted. It only takes a tiny number of firearms in society to supply criminal needs. 

Those who push for more restrictions on the ownership and use of firearms focus on homicides or suicides committed with guns. This is a false paradigm. Restrictions on gun access or use do not reduce overall homicides or suicides. People who want to disarm others focus on firearms because they dislike firearms. In this article on Vox, notice the focus on guns, not on homicide or suicide. No mention is made of the positive contributions of guns to society. From Vox:

Does gun control help reduce gun deaths? It's a crucially important question, but even for PhDs, it's a tough one. There's been a mountain of research on the subject, but these dozens of studies conducted over many years and in many different countries reach a broad and sometimes contradictory range of conclusions. It's hard to know what it really tells us, taken together, about whether gun laws can reduce gun violence.

Why does Vox consider "gun deaths" a crucially important question?

Reducing "gun violence" is unimportant if total homicides and/or suicides remain the same or go up. 

The study was inconclusive about whether overall homicide or suicide rates were reduced. People who were philosophically aligned with preventing people from accessing and using guns tend to produce studies tied to slightly lower rates of homicides and suicides committed with guns when laws are passed restricting access and use of guns.   People philosophically aligned with the freedom of people to access and keep weapons, tend to produce studies tied to slightly higher rates of overall homicides and no change in suicides after laws are passed restricting access and use of guns. The differences are small.  The point of view of the observer may skew the results more than what can be measured.

The philosophical difference is: Do people make their own decisions, or does the environment people are in control them? The left inverts the arrow of causation, and believes the trigger pulls the finger. Supporters of the Second Amendment believe people make decisions and should be responsible for them.

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IL: Chicago, Person with Pistol Permit Returns Fire

A man, 27, was shot in the abdomen while driving around 12:50 a.m. on Sunday in the 1900 block of West Congress Parkway, police said. The victim, a concealed carry license holder, fired shots back with his handgun. He was taken to Stroger Hospital in fair condition.


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OK: Gunfight: Two Killed, Three Injured as Armed Teens Refuse to Leave Party

Adam Ballance, a 40-year-old resident of the home, told the boys, "You aren't the only one with guns here," and retrieved his AR15.

The argument moved to the front yard, where Tyrell Junior, 16, pointed his gun at Ballance. Ballance then shot at Junior. Junior and Michael Thomas, 15, allegedly returned gunfire.

Ballance was shot in the head, chest, and elbow and died from his injuries. Junior was also hit multiple times and died from his injuries.

After Ballance fell, one of his sons picked up his AR and shot at Thomas.

Thomas allegedly ran from the scene but realized he left his cell phone. He returned and he and Ballance's son shot at each other again, according to court documents.

Thomas was shot in the arm and Ballance's son was shot in the leg. Thomas ran again but officers found him not far from the home.

An 18-year-old inside the house during the gunfire was also struck and at last check is in critical condition.


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Thursday, November 23, 2023

TX: Gunfight, Suspect and Victim both Wounded

Security guards reported that a group of men had tried to get into a club but were denied entry, police say. As they were walking back to their pickup truck, the suspect reportedly walked up from Rankin and tried to rob them, police say.

Police say the suspect and one of the men in the group both shot at each other. The suspect and one of the men in the group were struck by the gunfire.

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SC: Car v Gun, Security Guard shoots, Wounds 15-Year-Old

He said the car then accelerated forward, hitting the guard, causing him to land on the hood. The guard says he then fired a shot into the windshield. The driver made a sharp turn, throwing him off.

The vehicle traveled out of the lot and into the middle of Elm Street between 4th and 5th Avenue South. All three occupants got out and ran.

A 15-year-old suspect was located in a nearby alley with a gunshot wound. He was taken to Vanderbilt Pediatrics and is expected to recover.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

DC Court of Appeals: Lawful Self Defense Includes Time to Responsibly Disarm


 The rule of law and due process applies to everyone, even people with long criminal histories.  Even people who have bad reputations in dangerous, gang infested, drug dealing dystopias. In 2016, Saeve Evans was involved in a gunfight. A 16-year-old girl was killed.  Saeve Evans legal defense was self defense.

Saeve Evans has had many interactions with DC police.  There was the D.C. kidnapping and murder case. Saeve has prior felony convictions. The video says Saeve has "more bodies than I have toes".

Here is a youtubevideo about one of the recent incidents Saeve Evans was involved in. Saeve must have been released pending the appeal of the 2016 case, because the video incident happened on August 1, 2023.


Saeve Evans is still a citizen of the United States. He is protected by the Constitution.

On November 25, 2016, Saeve Evans was in a gunfight during which a 16-year-old girl was killed. During the gunfight, he was briefly caught on surveillance video with a gun in his hand. The defense argued Saeve Evans had fired the mini-Uzi in self-defense. Evans is a convicted felon who had been shot multiple times before this incident. Evans was about 30-years-old at the time.  Saeve Evans surrendered to police on November 29. Evans demanded a jury trial. The jury found Evans not guilty of everything but the illegal possession of a gun.

DC law allows even violent felons to use guns for self defense, as an exception to their more general ban on possessing guns. The video shows Evans had the pistol in his possession for at least three seconds after the gunfight was over. The police were not able to prove Evans had the pistol in his possession before he could legitimately use self defense.  The people on the other side of the gunfight were never identified. The judge ruled the three seconds were long enough to convict Evans of illegal gun possession.

Evans was convicted. Evans appealed to the DC Court of appeals. The opinion was rendered on November 16 of 2023. It was a split decision on basic self-defense rights.  From

DEAHL, Associate Judge: The otherwise illegal possession of a firearm may be justified, so as not to be criminal, if the weapon is held in lawful self-defense. This case presents the question of when precisely that legal justification ends—whether it is the instant a person realizes the threat has subsided or if it instead extends to a period allowing the person to reasonably relinquish the weapon. The trial court instructed the jury, as the government now maintains, that the justification ends the moment the person appreciates that the threat animating the right to self-defense has subsided, so that they must effectively drop the gun in that instant or otherwise lose their justification defense. In appealing his conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm, Saeve Evans counters that the justification defense logically extends to a short period after the person realizes the threat has subsided, so that they have a reasonable opportunity to promptly dispossess themselves of the weapon. We agree with Evans and reverse his conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm.

Even convicted felons with long histories of interactions with the police have the right to defend themselves from those with homicidal intent. The DC jury was unclear how long would be acceptable for Evans to hold onto a firearm he had just used to defend his life. The judge in DC said no time at all. Two of three judges on the DC circuit said some time must be allowed for the defendant to reasonably disarm. In this hard case, two judges on the three judge panel came down in favor of self defense.


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SC: Domestic Defense, Father Shoots Son who Attacked Him

Authorities learned that the father and son got into a fight, according to deputies.

Deputies say the son had knocked his father to the ground and began choking him. According to deputies, the son also had a knife in his hand during the time.

The father was able to grab a pistol and fired a shot into his son's stomach, deputies say.

According to deputies, investigators were not able to speak to the son since the incident happened due to his injuries and being under heavy sedation at the hospital.


More Here

TX: Domestic Defense? Woman Shoots Man who Kidnapped Her

A police chase ended when the victim shot the man who took her hostage.

Around 3:40 p.m. Friday, Borger police responded to a "disturbance" in the 1200 block of Indiana Street.

Before they arrived, the 911 caller said the suspect and victim had left the scene and that the female was possibly being held against her will.


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Media Headlines lie About Rahimi Second Amendment Case


The Rahimi case oral arguments have been heard by the Supreme Court. It was bumped to the head of the line by the Biden administration. At its core, the case is not about domestic violence. It is about whether fundamental rights, enumerated in the Bill of Rights, can be nullified by a judge in a civil hearing with almost no due process. No jury trial, no right to a lawyer, no criminal conviction. From the Fifth Circuit decision on the case:

Perhaps most importantly, the Government’s proffered interpretation lacks any true limiting principle. Under the Government’s reading, Congress could remove “unordinary” or “irresponsible” or “non-law abiding” people—however expediently defined—from the scope of the Second Amendment. Could speeders be stripped of their right to keep and bear arms? Political nonconformists? People who do not recycle or drive an electric vehicle? One easily gets the point: Neither Heller nor Bruen countenances such a malleable scope of the Second Amendment’s protections; to the contrary, the Supreme Court has made clear that “the Second Amendment right is exercised individually and belongs to all Americans,” Heller,554 U.S. at 581.Rahimi, while hardly a model citizen,is nonetheless part of the political community entitled to the Second Amendment’s guarantees, all other things equal.

The dominant media headlines ignore the crux of the case. In headline after headline, they claim the case is whether people who commit domestic violence can be disarmed. Nothing in the case challenges the power of the government to disarm people who are convicted of domestic violence. Rahimi was never convicted of domestic violence. Here are some of the gaslighting headlines:

From the BBC US & Canada: 

Should domestic abusers have guns? US Supreme Court will decide in United States v Rahimi



Supreme Court gun case could reverse protections for domestic violence survivors. One woman has a message for the justices.

From USA Today:

Supreme Court poised to support law banning domestic abusers from owning guns


Supreme Court to Decide Whether Some Domestic Abusers Can Have Guns


Supreme Court reviews federal ban on guns for domestic abusers

From the New York Times:

Supreme Court Seems Likely to Uphold Law Disarming Domestic Abusers

From National Public Radio:

Supreme Court to decide if gun bans for domestic abusers are constitutional

The above seven news outlets are some of the most influential major news outlets for the United States and the planet. Their headlines uniformly misstate the Rahimi case in a major way. They all indicate the case is about whether domestic abusers can be disarmed. The case is not about disarming domestic abusers. No one is challenging the federal law which calls for those convicted of domestic abuse to lose the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

This law has nothing to do with those convicted of domestic violence. In the body of most of the articles, the law being challenged is clarified: the question is whether those accused of domestic violence, who are the subject of a court issued restraining order, can have their ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights taken away from them by a single judge without an adversarial hearing, without the right to a lawyer, without the right to a jury trial.

This is not allowed for the  rest of the Bill of Rights. The Rahimi case is a good illustration of why this law is redundant and unconstitutional. Rahimi is accused of multiple felonies. He could easily have been arrested, held without bail, and prosecuted for domestic violence, and aggravated assault, public endangerment, and others felonies. He is accused of committing many of the felonies while he was under the domestic violence restraining order. He was not arrested for the felonies which he is accused of. He was arrested for possessing a firearm while under a restraining order.

A great many people get their news from headlines, and never read the articles.

The law in question is a powerful example of how to undermine the Constitution and the rule of law.  Undermining the Constitution and the rule of law is what the dominant media are cheering for in this case. If your Second Amendment rights can be taken away with a mere accusation, by a judge who faces no consequences for his actions, the entire Bill of Rights is at risk.


©2023 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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WA: Domestic Defense; Woman Shoots, Kills Ex as he Breaks in

Investigators say a man was breaking into his ex-girlfriend's house Friday morning when she shot and killed him.

The shooting happened at 10:25 a.m. at an apartment complex near 2900 NW Steelrake Place in Issaquah.

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PA: Car Wash Employees Shoot at Speeding Car

Police said there was an argument between a 56-year-old man and employees that turned into a fistfight outside of the business.

Soon after the physical altercation, authorities said the man sped away in his vehicle and struck an employee.

Two employees, who have licenses to carry, pulled out their firearms and shot at the vehicle, hitting the man in the arm.

More Here

Monday, November 20, 2023

Book Review: Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America by Gary Kleck, 1991

Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America by Gary Kleck, 1991, 511 pages, published by Aldine De Gruter, New York.  Softcover published by Routledge in 2017. Copies of Point Blank are available at ABEbooks and at Used hardcover copies are the least expensive at about $13.

This correspondent has had Point Blank on my reference shelf for about three decades. It is a valuable resource for all people interested in firearms statistics and legislation. Gary Kleck's book has large amounts of data which is difficult to find with an Internet search. The book was published when the Internet was in its infancy.  He has tables listing firearms manufacture, imports and exports from 1946 to 1987. Those tables are one of many hard to find sources of information which are in the book.

Dr. Kleck recieved the Michael Hindelang award, for Outstanding Book, from the American Society of Criminology in 1993, shortly after Point Blank was published. He is one of the most respected professors studying criminology in the United States. Kleck is a self described liberal. He changed his opinions about what legal restrictions on gun use would be effective because of his academic research.

Here is an example of the objective writing in Point Blank, page 14:

Proponents argue that these weapons are only useful for committing crimes, and sometimes even imply they are never used for any legitimate purposes. (Fields 1979; Shields 1981). Because the guns have no legitimate purposes, it is argued, there can be no valid objection to outlawing them. 

The logical problem with this position is that whatever technical attributes guns have that make them suitable for committing crimes necessarily also  make them useful for a variety of lawful applications. This issue is discussed at length in Chapter 3.

Point Blank is in three parts. The first part details gun control issues, and details information about who owns guns in the United States and how many guns there are in the United States.  This may be the most dated portion of the book, but is valuable for historical reasons.

The second part of the book explains what effect guns have in the United States. This includes Dr. Kleck's research on the number of times guns are used for self defense in the United States.

The third part of the book deals with types of policies which are in effect to regulate guns, and what effect those policies might be having.  Kleck is skeptical of most regulations.

Dr. Kleck is not a Second Amendment advocate. Dr. Kleck advocates universal background checks. He does not consider the implications for the Second Amendment.

I would like to see Dr. Kleck produce an updated version of Point Blank. It has been over three decades since the data was collected for Point Blank. The FBI has changed their online data access. The FBI website makes specific data much harder to find than it was just four years ago.  Part of this is the elimination of the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. It is good to have a hard copy of the data easily available. Online data can easily be changed or eliminated with a few keystrokes.

Dr. Kleck is now the David J. Bordua Professor/Professor Emeritus at the College of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Florida State University.

©2023 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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FL: Homeowner Fatally Shoots Intruder

A Port Orange homeowner fatally shot an intruder trying to force their way into a residence early Thursday morning, according to police.

Port Orange Police stated officers responded at 12:05 a.m. Thursday to the 5900 block of Pelham Drive in reference to a burglary to an occupied dwelling, the release stated.

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ID: Homeowner Confronts Intruder at Gunpoint; Intruder Refuses to Leave

A Boise man tried to rob a home early Thursday morning, only to be thwarted by an armed homeowner who told him to leave before the would-be burglar barricaded himself in the house, according to police. Surveillance video captured a 22-year-old man walking up to a home in the 6000 block of West Cassia Street, opening the door and going inside after 2 a.m. Thursday, a Boise Police Department news release said. The owner of the home confronted him at gunpoint and ordered him to leave, according to police, but the intruder refused and fled to the house’s furnace room, barricading himself inside.

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Cheap Gun Opportunity in San Antonio November 19, 2023



Image courtesy Dean Weingarten, small portion of guns turned in, Phoenix, May, 2013


In San Antonio, Texas, at the Alamodome parking lot, a gun "buyback" is planned from noon to 5 p.m. "Buyback" is an Orwellian term designed to give the impression all guns come from the government. You can not "buy back" what you never owned.  A more correct term would be gun turn-in, because the guns are turned in to the police to be destroyed.  A flurry of the gun turn-in/"buyback" events have been scheduled recently for Dallas, El Paso, and San Antonio in Texas, and for three cities in New Mexico. Much of the money for these events come from the dollars created by the Biden administration.  $100,000 of the funds for the San Antonio event are "rollover funds", funds which were not spent in the last budget. The event in San Antonio is planned to be "semi-anonymous". From

– A North Side councilman hopes to make a dent in San Antonio’s gun violence through a “voluntary weapons exchange,” where people can trade their guns for H.E.B. gift cards with “no questions asked.”

Councilman John Courage is organizing the Nov. 19 event through his District 9 council office, using funds from his district budget and donations.

People can bring as many as 20 unloaded weapons to the Alamodome parking lot that Sunday afternoon and, depending on the condition and type of firearm, receive between $50 and $300 worth of gift cards per weapon.

“Just drive in,” Courage said. “No one’s going to ask your name. No one’s going to ask where you got the weapon. No one’s going to ask where you live. Simple as that.”

The event is semi-anonymous because police will first check to see if the firearm was stolen. If it was stolen, it will be returned to the legitimate owner.  The person turning the gun in will be questioned.  If not stolen, the police will determine what catagory the firearm belongs in, and will issue appropriate gift cards. Few guns at these events are listed as stolen.

Gift cards will vary from $50 to $300 on the following scale. From

  • Non-functioning/Home-manufactured: $50
  • Rifle/Shotgun: $150
  • Handgun: $200
  • Semi-automatic rifle: $300

So far, $126,000 dollars have been pledged to the event. This correspondent expects police overtime would be paid out of that money.  Say 12 officers at 6 hours each, at $100 per hour. Printing 2,600 T-shirts cost about $10,000. Add another $10,000 for "non-profit" "overhead" expenses. It still leaves $100,000 for gift cards. Assume the average gift card for a gun is $150, or about 670 guns. I expect that many to be turned in within about 3-4 hours. The Houston event last year purchased 850 guns in 4 hours. The event will likely run out of gift cards. When they do, this correspondent predicts there will be numerous people in line wanting to get rid of the old .22 rifle, shotgun, military surplus bolt gun or pistol they inherited. Many good deals may turn up for $100.

San Antonio Councilman Courage says, if they prevent one death, it will be worth it. The latest, greatest study on the events show it may cause more than one death. The officers doing the overtime, the T-shirt provider, and the non-profits all have money transferred to them, so they will do just fine.

Councilman Courage acknowledges the crime rate will not be lowered.  Ann Helmke, the city's "faith liaison" admits the major purpose of the event is propaganda. She calls it education. From

The gun exchange and memorial will serve to educate the community while making a statement, said Rev. Ann Helmke, the city’s faith liaison.

“In its basic sense, it’s a protest,” Helmke said. “The memorial is so that the community can see the magnitude of the impact.”

In Texas, private purchases are legal and are not infringed by government requirements. Private buyers who show up at these events send their own message. The message from private buyers is: Guns are Valuable. We pay cash. The message from private buyers neutralizes the Guns are Bad, Turn them in message.

This is the reason gun turn in events are rare in most states. In most states the Second Amendment ability to buy guns, privately, for cash, has not been infringed on. Texas is in the majority with most states. Most gun turn in events happen in states where private purchases are outlawed.

If readers attend the San Antonio event, take lots of pictures, so AmmoLand readers can see what was turned in and what was purchased by private buyers.

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