Thursday, September 08, 2005

Good advice from Canada: "Who does Police Chief Bill Blair think he is? Advising legitimate firearms owners to consider whether they are representing a danger to society by owning guns is insulting at best. Firearms owners and businesses are investigated, licensed, inspected and registered to death. All firearms have to be safely stored to the letter of the law. Handguns have been registered since 1934 and the Feds sold Bill C-68 to the Canadian public as the means of preventing gun crime. Two-billion dollars later, drug- and gang-related gun crimes sweep Toronto and once again, law-biding owners are the problem? Enough, Chief Blair! Quit playing politics. Do your job, go out and catch some crooks".

Hey! Aren't guns banned in Britain? So how come these guys could act the way they did? "Two schoolboy members of a vicious gang of teenage muggers who posed with guns on a sickening website and bragged about their love of street crime were today jailed for a total of six-and-a-half years. Inspired by rap lyrics, the wannabe gangsters brought a 'reign of terror' to a south London school with a spate of violent muggings. Masked members of the street gang - called Man Dem Crew - posed nonchalantly with a pump action shotgun on their own website. Police believe that two of the teenage tearaways - Falco Moludi and Ipaon Mosengo - racked up a staggering 35 offences between them, including possession of an imitation firearm, in a matter of months. Today the brutal duo, both just 15, were under lock and key after admitting their mugging spree. As they were led to the cells the swaggering young yobs, who smirked and giggled throughout their sentencing hearing, shouted at the investigating police officer "Two bullets. Bang! Bang! You're dead!" Inner London Crown Court heard how the nasty duo preyed on their peers in and around playgrounds wearing face masks and balaclavas. They attacked so many children from the Bishop Thomas Grant School in Streatham, south London, that police had to send a minibus to transport their victims to an identification parade."

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