Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Louisiana:Maine man arms self, bicycles to safety: "Mike Stanford armed himself with a .45-caliber handgun and rode his bicycle through the filthy flooded streets of New Orleans last week before finding safety 175 miles away and flying to Maine. By last Wednesday, as the nation got its first good look at the devastation across the region and the sewers backed up into the city streets of the city, Stanford decided to pack up and get out. He strapped on a backpack, took his handgun and he and a friend pedaled their bikes through sewage-soiled water, two feet deep in places. He soon lost track of his friend and continued alone toward the interstate in 100-degree heat."

Kansas: Not guilty verdict in murder case: "Joe Sutton is not guilty of murder. A jury acquitted Sutton in the Dec. 5 shooting of Tyrone 'Anthony' Lewis this afternoon. Sutton had argued that he shot Lewis in self-defense. The jury of seven women and five men deliberated about eight hours, beginning Tuesday morning, to reach their verdict. ... Sutton had testified that he went to Lewis' apartment in the 5300 block of south Lincoln that Sunday afternoon. Lewis had beaten his girlfriend, Sutton's cousin, and the woman had left behind her baby son. Sutton went to retrieve the 6-month-old.When Sutton arrived, he testified, Lewis entered the apartment with a gun. Sutton said he had taken his own gun because of Lewis' gang affiliations. Lewis died of two gunshot wounds to the back."

India: Target practice -- they mean business: "Rising instances of crime against the business community has industrialists getting their aim right at a shooting camp. They are not just aiming for the annual profits this time, but have set targets to hone their shooting skills at a training camp organised by the Indian Industries Association (IIA), UP, in collaboration with the police department. Organised from August 1 to September 30, the camp elicited an enthusiastic response from the traders. 'One month back a trader in Dalmandi was shot by two robbers when he tried to resist their attempt to snatch the bag he was carrying. Had the trader been trained to use the pistol, which he was carrying, he would have saved himself,' says Tarun Khetarpal, president IIA, UP."

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