Thursday, April 06, 2006

AL: Supporters try again to pass deadly force bill in House: "One of the most vigorously debated issues in the Alabama Legislature this session will be back on the agenda Tuesday as the House attempts to give final passage to a bill to expand the instances where a person can kill someone to protect a home or vehicle. The Alabama House and Senate have previously passed different versions of the legislation that removes language from current law that says a resident should not use deadly force during a break-in if he or she can 'avoid using force with complete safety.' The legislation was recommended by the National Rifle Association. It gives a person who uses deadly force while protecting his home immunity from lawsuits, but it does say a person must feel threatened before using deadly force."

South Africa: Gun licence wait triggers anger: "While police publicly destroyed thousands of firearms on Wednesday, furious gun owners said police were giving them the 'runaround' when they tried to hand in firearms for destruction or have their gun licences renewed. Friday is the deadline for millions of panicky gun owners, who have already had a three-month extension of the deadline, to renew their firearm licences. Many have complained the process of renewing their licences was taking a long time, with applicants standing in queues at police stations for many hours. One Durban resident, who did not want to be named, said that when he went to hand in a licensed gun at a police station they refused to accept it."

NE: Concealed carry adopted : "On a 33-12 vote, Nebraska lawmakers have passed a measure to allow Nebraskans to carry concealed weapons. The measure is expected to be signed by Gov. Dave Heineman, which would make Nebraska the 48th state that allows people to pack hidden guns in some fashion. It would take effect on Jan. 1, 2007. Residents would have to complete training, pass a background check and pay a $100 permit fee. Concealed weapons will still be prohibited in schools, athletic events, churches, hospitals, bars, banks and anywhere else business owners don't want them."

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