Saturday, April 22, 2006

Few New Orleans residents getting back stolen guns: "A handful of people showed up Monday to try to get back guns confiscated by the New Orleans Police Department after Hurricane Katrina -- and not many of those walked away with a weapon. 'They told me the police took them the first two weeks after the hurricane, after that it was the ATF,' said Charles Clark, 62, a retired law officer, who had an antique gun taken from his house after the Aug. 29 storm. 'It's very frustrating. I know we had a storm and all, but there should be a way to find out who has your property.' ... Percy Taplet, 73, said the national guard and state police confiscated his shotgun from his house when they evacuated him. He said he kept it for protection at his house and adjoining business. Police told him he would have to contact state police about the weapon. 'I won't ever see that gun again believe me,' Taplet said. 'It's gone like everything else in that storm.'"

The purists and New Orleans gun confiscation: "New Orleans balked and stalled. The City was found in contempt and was then ordered again to return them, at which time they agreed to do so through a process which included new background checks. This is, of course, harassment of lawful owners. As usual, officials like to abuse the law abiding with acts of power which never touch the criminals.Now, not only do the rightful owners have to jump through hoops, but some of the weapons are turning up lost according to early reports. ... This is where the Purists come in. The Purists of the liberty movement in America have been characterized as extremist, but let's look at them for a moment. They have warned America of social disaster to come, they have courageously spoken out with details, not vague predictions, and they have been most accurate in their report of history and in making a most reasonable connection to modern current events in worrying about the safety of the nation. The Purists have observed social trends that sound horribly familiar to the known historical fates of doomed nations and show just where we're headed. I'm going to join them in reporting this milestone on that road."

NE: Gun group urges lawmakers to close "Omaha loophole": "Passage of a concealed carry statute in Nebraska was a good first step toward insuring the safety of Cornhusker State citizens, but the new law has a gaping loophole that apparently allows cities like Omaha to continue denying their residents the right of personal protection. The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) is encouraging residents of Omaha, Lincoln and other communities to start contacting their city councils, demanding that they reject any attempt to prohibit concealed carry as the City of Omaha is apparently planning to do, based on a 70-year-old ordinance. 'A report in the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper pretty much said it all,' noted CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron. 'Anti-public safety lawmakers in Omaha are against the new law, and are defending a local ordinance that bans concealed firearms, even when the majority of Omaha legislators voted for it.'"

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