Monday, May 28, 2007

Mississippi: Feisty store clerk kills robber: "It happened just before 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning at the Super Seven gas station located at 4564 Bullard Street. According to police, the four suspects entered the store. Two were carrying shotguns and the other two were carrying pistols. Two of the suspects began tussling with the clerk. Eventually, the clerk pulled out his own handgun and began shooting at the suspects. 17-year-old Deonta Thomas was shot in the chest. He died on the scene. 16-year-old Ryaneal Campbell was shot in the leg. He is recovering at U.M.C. and will eventually be charged with armed robbery. The store clerk does not face any charges. The other two suspects fled the scene on foot. They were wearing masks to partially conceal their faces."

IN: No guns allowed, if you're a visitor: "Pistol-packing tourists at the Statehouse soon will have to leave their guns at home. Lawmakers and judges, however, will be exempt from new Statehouse security restrictions that go into effect June 4. The Statehouse -- which includes the governor's and lieutenant governor's offices, the legislature and the Indiana Supreme Court -- has been wide open, with no metal detectors and numerous entrances. Under the new policy, guns will be banned, and visitors will have to pass through metal detectors. ... the new rules do not apply to legislators or judges who, as members of separate branches of government, set their own rules."

Observant Florida mayor catches dumb crooks: "After a customer wrestled a gun away from a convenience store robber, an unlikely figure foiled the getaway: North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns. The gunman, wearing a dark blue bandanna over his face, walked into the market at Northeast 14th Avenue and 129th Street about 4 p.m., police say. After a customer tackled and disarmed him, he ran outside and jumped into a waiting gray Chrysler or Dodge with two other men. Burns, reelected last week, was driving to City Hall when he saw the scene unfold. For 10 minutes, he followed the car, trying unsuccessfully to dial 911. The robbers, aware they were being followed by his Secret Service-esque black SUV, abandoned their car behind North Miami's Jewish Community Center, 735 NE 125th St. Meanwhile, North Miami's new Strike Team, a group of detectives who target gangs and fugitives, were cruising the streets. One detective, John Mayato, happened upon Burns at the parking lot. Later, as the two guarded the abandoned car, another car cruised through the alleyway -- and Burns said he recognized the dreadlocked man as a passenger in the car he'd followed earlier. Mayato radioed fellow detectives, who pulled the car over. The dreadlocked man, whose name was not released, had called friends to pick him up, police believe. ''The amazing thing is he came back to the scene of the crime where they dumped the car,'' Burns said. Another man, Kendrick Jolly, 19, was found loitering in the area. His bandanna -- and ID -- were found inside the abandoned rental car, police said. Jolly has been charged with armed robbery. Detectives found another gun inside the car."

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