Monday, May 07, 2007

Oklahoma: Pistol packin' grandma stops robbery attempt at her liquor store: "Criminals listen up. You might want to think twice before messing with one pistol-packin' grandma. A couple of would-be-robbers found out the hard way when they tried to hold up a west Lawton liquor store. What they didn't know was that the owner, 75-year-old Rosemarie O'Keeffe, was waiting for them-- armed with a gun and ready to pull the trigger. It seems they changed their minds pretty quickly when they realized they were staring down the barrel of her pistol. O'Keeffe says she just did what she had to do to protect herself and her business. She was behind the register at her liquor store this week, when she saw something that didn't look right. Two men wearing hoodies, with gauze bandages over their faces walking up to her store. "It really made me think an ancient mummy, the way he was covered up, so you know he wasn't doing anything good." O'Keeffe says it happened very quick. She could see out of the window from her register, saw the two guys walk by, and by the time they got to the door, she had a surprise for them. "I said, 'Oh my God he's going to rob me. What do I do?' I get up. I grab my gun and I point it at the door. He came in and I said, 'Get out or I'll shoot'." She wasn't joking. That was all the two masked men needed to see. O'Keeffe says they immediately high-tailed it out the door and ran away through the alley."

Tennessee: Tables turned on dumb robber: "A Jackson man who tried to rob a convenience store early Saturday found himself on the other end of his rifle after the clerk grabbed it and held him at gunpoint until police arrived, said Lt. Rick Holt. Police have charged Ontrell James, 29, with aggravated robbery and resisting arrest. He is being held on $200,000 bond at the Criminal Justice Complex and will be arraigned at 8 a.m. Monday in City Court. The incident happened about 4:40 a.m. at the Superway at 795 Airways Blvd., Holt said. James fought the officers as they were taking him into custody, leading to the charge of resisting arrest, Holt said."

North Carolina man is shot at, later charged in theft: "The owner of a pizza parlor shot at a man who he believed had broken into his business yesterday, Winston-Salem police said. The owner, James Daniel Moury, went to Upper Crust Pizza on Silas Creek Parkway after the store's burglar alarm went off about 4:25 a.m. Moury confronted a man just outside Upper Crust and, believing that the man had a gun, shot at him, police said. Moury missed. The man ran, but officers caught him in the parking lot, police said. They have charged Curtis L. Barnett II, 25, with possession of stolen property. A warrant lists an address on Southdale Avenue for Barnett, but his family said he hasn't lived there in months. He was in the Forsyth County Jail last night, with bond set at $3,000."

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