Monday, November 05, 2012

(NY)Self Defense advice and Video of Mugging During Sandy

The disgusting, lynch mob mentality that has arisen from the Trayvon Martin shooting case places us several notches towards race riots this summer. To the balanced observer, Zimmerman really does appear to have likely shot Martin in self defense. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Barack Hussein Obama started babbling before all the facts were in. These collectivist droids seldom retreat from any lie ... they simply magnify it further.

If George Zimmerman is acquitted the fuse will light. Remember Rodney King? If you live in an urban environment, don't be stupid. Pay attention!

EXTRA - 10/31/12 watch the video clip below which shows, during the Sandy Storm of 10/29/12 in Crown Heights, a group of gangsters attacking and robbing an innocent man in the street - reputedly he was Jewish. It just might have been different had he had a means of adequate self defense.

Video and more here

If the man had been armed, did he have opportunities to defend himself? It appears to me that he was aware that he was in danger, so he might well have been able to use a firearm if he was able to have one.

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