Thursday, November 29, 2012

VA:The Fake Beard Bandit is foiled by a gun-toting store clerk

The Fake Beard Bandit has struck again, although this time he was foiled by a quick-thinking, gun-totin' store clerk.

The man - who has used a fake beard as a disguise in more than 30 robberies in Newport News, Hampton and York County - hit AutoZone in York County recently, but he dropped the cash and ran out the door when the clerk pulled a gun on him.

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windblownwoman said...

I was a customer in a credit union a few years ago when a "fake beard bandit" wearing the exact style of hat who looked very much like this suspect held up the credit union. At that hold-up, I was the only customer in the credit union. He pointed his automatic weapon at me several times ordering me to stop looking at him. I got a pretty good look at his profile and it was on tape. The police in York County need to talk with the Charlotte, NC, police about the possibility that this is the same individual.