Thursday, January 29, 2015

FL: Student saves Herself and Boyfriend with Revolver given by Father

Sable Nehme shows how she turned from the closet and pointed the revolver.

In this case in Florida, a young woman stops a potential tragedy by quickly retrieving a gun that had been given to her by her father.  A second later would have been too late.  From
Channel 9 talked with a University of Central Florida student who pulled a gun on two violent intruders who attacked her boyfriend and threatened her life.
The neighborhood, the Village of Alafaya Club, in Orlando, may be sketchy, as are many neighborhoods around universities.  Perhaps local readers will be able to tell us if that surmise is true.  The boyfriend, Nour Skargee, checked the peephole before opening the door.  He only saw one of the intruders.  As he cracked the door open, the intruder pushed his way in, grabbed him and pushed him inside.  A second intruder in a hoody quickly followed, placed a gun in his face, and ordered him to the floor.

That is when the intruders threatened his girlfriend:
"They said they were going to kill (her), and that's when I really lost hope, you know?" Skargee said.
Fortunately, Sable Nehme's father had given her a revolver.  She was in her bedroom, and the revolver was in the closet of her bedroom.  She quickly locked the door and retrieved the revolver, slipping off the holster that it was in.  By this time one of the invaders had broken through the door and was rapidly approaching.  By the time she had turned, he was within a couple of feet of her.  As she turned and pointed the gun at him, he slammed to a halt and ran from the room and out the apartment.

Link to video:

Sable's gun was real.  It later turned out that the invader's gun was a pellet gun.   Even without the threat of the invader's gun, she would have been justified in shooting the criminals.  As Nehme said:
"I am so thankful I had that gun in my room. Like, I don't know what would have happened,"
Skargee added his opinion, from
If we didn't have a gun, it would have been game over. They were bigger than me, bigger than both of us," Skargee said. "We had no way of stopping them. The gun was the one thing that made them run."
But what if Sable had not been in her bedroom?  What if she had kept the gun unloaded and locked up, as many disarmists suggest?  What if the invader had been a second faster or a step quicker?

Of course, better security at the door would have helped a lot.  If Nour had a gun on him, or had retrieved one before answering the door, those questions would likely have been moot.

What did not happen is also important.  The disarmists claim that college students are too irresponsible to have guns.  They claim that they will indiscriminately shoot themselves and others.   It did not happen in this case, and seldom happens at all.  This case is one of many hundreds of thousands each year that do not result in shootings and are therefore unrecorded.   There will be no official record of this defensive gun use.

Sable Nehme is a lucky young woman whose father thought enough of her to realize that she was responsible enough to protect herself.  If he had not, she would likely be just another statistic, beaten, raped, or killed.

Could this be the wise father who supplied Sable with her revolver?  The caption says "Beautiful day on the beach with my family :) "  He appears in several other photos of Sable on photobucket.

Sable, from social media, is 22 years old.  She is eligible for a Florida concealed carry license.I hope that she takes some self defense courses and obtains a concealed carry license.  Many people do after having a close call such as this one.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Don't tell me, I can tell from the photo.
The cops can, took her gun away and left her defenseless.

Wireless.Phil said...

Today, the school teacher wanted kids to bring "8-ounce" cans to through at an attacking gunman.


Psychologists say defense measures could traumatize kids
Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walton learned of the plan in an email from the school principal, and she was irate. Her 14-year old son attends the middle school, and her two young daughters go to one of the elementary schools. “I don't want him throwing cans at some deranged person, antagonizing them. I want him to try to hide and get out,” Walton said. “If the schools start implementing this, I will pull them out for home schooling.”