Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Glock w/optical site base Popular at Shot Show Industry Day at the Range

The new Glock 40 10mm with factory optical site mount.  A long slide version with a 6 inch barrel is available.  This could be important in some states, such as Wisconsin, which requires a minimum 5 inch barrel for hunting big game with a handgun.  I saw the pistol at the industry day at the range for the Shot Show in Las Vegas on Monday.

I asked if Glock had entered this pistol in the Army competition for a new, more powerful handgun.  The representative did not know.

The line to try out the new Glock was fairly long; I did not shoot it, but a close friend had obtained one.   He is an accomplished shooter.  He said that the big difference that he noticed was the speed with which 50 yard hits could be made.    Hits on man sized targets should be easily made out to 100 yards, if a supported position, such as kneeling, sitting, or from a rest, were used.

He also stated that some shooters were co-indexing the iron sites so that the dot on the optical site sat on top of the iron sights.  Then the transition from iron to optical would be easy and seamless.

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