Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Amendment to be Filed for 2A Case in Northern Mariana Islands

The Second Amendment case of the Radich family in the Northern Mariana Islands suffered an unexpected setback earlier this month.  A judge in the U.S. District Court dismissed the case.  From stripes.com:
Earlier this month, a U.S. District Court judge dismissed the case because the Department of Public Safety commissioner does not have jurisdiction over importation of handguns into the Northern Marianas. The judge gave the Radiches the option to continue their suit by filing an amended complaint that includes the import ban and names the Customs Service as a defendant.

The amended complaint is expected to be filed before Tuesday.
The ruling was unexpected, because there are alternate methods to obtain handguns other than by importing them.  Handguns could be made in the Islands, they may already exist there, but not be capable of being registered legally.  Michel and Associates, the firms that is representing the Radiches, has not yet filed an amended complaint.

A second lawsuit filed by another veteran is proceeding separately.

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