Monday, March 30, 2015

GA: Iconic Picture of Modern Crime Prevention

In Cobb County, Georgia, a passerby took this iconic picture of modern crime prevention.  In it, a bank robbery suspect, a black male millennial, is being held at gun point by a white haired and fit member of what appears to be the boomer generation.  It is clear that the armed boomer knows what he is doing and has the situation well in hand.  The iconic nature of the picture is enhanced in that it was taken by an ordinary citizen turned reporter/photographer on the instant.

While not certain, the pistol used to stop the crime may well be the pistol of the new millennium, the ubiquitous and reliable Glock.  From
Police say 25-year-old Mark Katchem walked into the bank, and slipped a note to the teller demanding money. A customer, who was inside, noticed what was going on, followed the alleged crook out the door, then ran to his car and grabbed his gun.

Police say the customer ordered Katchem to the ground and held him there at gunpoint until police arrived. Nick Daley was driving by and took a photo of what was happening.
Recording devices and phone cameras are likely doing as much to reduce crime rates as armed citizens are doing to stop it.  As the number of armed citizens and recording devices have both increased by huge numbers in the last 30 years, the crime rate has dropped precipitously.

What has become clear is that guns do not cause crime; widespread ownership of guns may help reduce crime; and the carry of guns by responsible people can often result in crimes being stopped.

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Buzzg said...

Wow! Imagine that, more guns less crime. If guns cause crime, then forks and spoons made Hillary Clinton fat, and obnoxious. By the way, I've owned guns ever since I was about 12. I am now 77. Since my guns have never caused or been involved in a crime, can I sue the manufacturers? Just wonderin'.

Wireless.Phil said...

Look close. Does Glock make black frames with lighter-colored slides?

I've never paid much attention to Glock, I prefer old steel style steel frames.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't it Cobb County, GA, that once had a law requiring its citizens to own guns?

Unknown said...

Didn't Cobb County, GA, once require its citizens to have a gun?