Friday, September 29, 2017

TN: More on Church Shooting stopped by Armed Usher

At some point, the gunman also pistol-whipped a church usher, causing “significant injuries” to the man, Aaron said. The usher, 22-year-old Robert “Caleb” Engle, confronted the gunman, police said, and during a struggle, Samson was wounded by a shot from his own gun. The usher then ran to his car and retrieved a handgun, police said.

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Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly support frequent church attendance. Intelligent people should consider the best place for terrorists to make the highest body counts are important to terrorist. un armed large groups of people in church are a perfect ready made target. any congregation too ignorant to arm themselves deserves every thing that happens to them. Don't even try to claim that would be un Christian. Read your Bible the way it was written God demands you protect your right to worship and your right to life. the second amendment is based on the God given right of self defense. Joshua led 600,000 Jews into battle at the command of God and God helped them win the battle. they were not carrying rubber swords. If I remember the story correctly the Jews were seriously out numbered and eliminated every bit of the enemy. There are times you should turn the other cheek. If any one knows how many cheeks we have it would be God. I have physically turned my cheek on numerous occasions And I have never had to worry about a rematch. Once seemed to be enough. I let them have all they asked for and enough to make sure they had their fill. I have always been generous. The best thing you can do for a terrorist is give him his wish to meet Allah. How many people know enough history to know who Allah is or who it was that wrote the Quran? Check it out, the great, great grandson of Abraham from the hand maid Hagar. Long story.