Sunday, November 26, 2017

Houston Marine Veteran Knocks Aside Gun, Shoots 1 of 4 Attackers

 Link to Youtube video

 Here is the most important parts of the transcript from the video. From
Harris County deputies said the homeowner was approached from behind by four young men. One of them held a gun to the back of his head and tried to get him to go inside his home.

They said the homeowner spun around, knocked the suspect's handgun away, pulled out his own gun and shot the teen robber several times.

The suspect was taken to the hospital. There is no word on his condition.

Two of the teens involved were caught running from the scene and taken into custody.

Investigators said the homeowner will not face charges.

A Private security guard detained two of the attackers as they ran away. He got their information, which he gave to deputies who then arrested them.

Dean Weingarten


C. S. P. Schofield said...

I have a word for the would-be thief's condition; Collander

mobius said...

Good man.
Ask yourself, "Could I do that?"
Why not? Get to work. ;)

Anonymous said...

Any one that gets past my deadbolt door lock I can consider uninvited, they can consider themselves dead.