Thursday, November 30, 2017

OH: Dayton Phone Store Owner uses AK47 for Self Defense

Dayton Ohio cell phone store owner Adam Seaton used an AK-47 clone to defend himself and his store. It happened about five a.m. on Sunday, 19 November, 2017.

Store video shows the thieves breaking the window at the front of the store, then trying various strategies to get through the security gate. Seaton was alerted on his cell phone by the security system. He was only a block and a half away.

The store has been open since December last year. This was the fourth robbery attempt, the first that has been stopped. From
DAYTON — A 22-year-old Dayton business owner fired an AK-47 at burglars breaking into his cell phone store early Sunday morning.

Dayton police were dispatched to Fix or Cell Now at 619 Watervliet Street around 5:09 a.m. after the business owner called to report the attempted robbery.

According to a police report, owner Adam Seaton was blocks away when he received a notification on his phone from the store's security system.

As he arrived to the store, Seaton told Dayton police he saw two men running from the store. Seaton said one of the men then stopped, pulled out a gun, and pointed it in his direction.

According to police, Seaton then grabbed an AK-47 from his passenger seat and fired at the men. Seaton told our breaking news team he believes one of his bullets hit a suspect, but he cannot be sure.
The thieves fled in a silver truck.  Seaton pursued them. He was on the phone to the dispatcher, who urged him, repeatedly, to pull back and let them go.

It is discouraging to listen to the 911 call. Seaton is hyped up about the potential to catch the suspects. He expects immediate reinforcements from the police. Instead, he gets disbelief, discouragement, and not much of an immediate response.

 Link to audio 911 call of chase.

Sometime during the chase, a suspect shoots at him again. He backs off. In one interview, he says it became too dangerous to continue the pursuit.  The police have not caught any suspects as of the latest reports.
A modern sporting rifle was used for self-defense. Semi-automatic rifles are rarely used in crimes. They are large and hard for criminals to conceal and to dispose of. 

The defensive uses of modern sporting rifles are under reported in the media.  Most reporters do not know the technical aspects of firearms. In addition, details of defensive shootings may not be released until long after the event was considered news.

Those who desire a disarmed population repeatedly claim that semi-automatic rifles like Seaton's AK, and other types of modern sporting rifles, are not useful for self defense.

Adam Seaton thought he might have hit one of the suspects. If so, it is likely they will turn up at an area hospital. Wounded suspects almost always result in solved crimes.

Modern sporting rifles are easy to use. They fire cartridges of adequate power that are easy to control. They offer sufficient magazine capacity to handle multiple suspects in a variety of situations.

They are excellent tools for defense of self and property.

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Anonymous said...

I think everyone who has a rifle or pistol should train themselves to shoot accurately.
A bad aim self-defender is as dangerous as an armed criminal. I always tell myself that If I can't hit a torso size target at 50 ft with pistol, I might as well not carry.

Anonymous said...

If you are chas8ng some one in a vehicle shoot the vehicle makes it easy to identify. explain bullet holes in your vehicle to your insurance agent. If the police find a silver pickup full of holes and the owner has bullet wounds maybe that is the guy they are looking for

Anonymous said...

If you can not hit a Tea cup at 50 feet you need lots of practice. I'm older now but I used to be able to hit a silver dollar at 50 feet fast draw. It took 25,000 rounds to get that good. I have several witnesses that saw me put two bullets in the same hole at 75 feet with my pistol.